Ultimate Review of the Best Water Gun in 2023

Best Water Gun

Nothing says summer like water fighting in the garden, right?

See, kids love soaking each other, getting swept up in fun, and staying active, and there's no better way to achieve that other than using a water gun.

And contrary to the popular belief, you don’t have to be a kid to embrace the joy of a good water gun- adults too can have some great moments with water guns.

In fact, nothing will make you revert to your childhood quicker than shooting an unsuspecting friend or family member with a water gun.

Whether it's survival for the driest or simply a bit of laugh on a hot day, various brilliant water soakers will suit your dreams.

In the review section below, we look at some of the best water guns in the market, and hopefully, you’ll find the right option for your needs.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

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1.06 lbs

22 oz

34 ft

11.2 lbs

24 oz

26 ft

10.4 oz


70 ft

Other Great Recommendations

1.88 lbs

65 fl oz

20-25 ft

1.1 lbs

15 fl oz

33 ft

11.2 oz

4 oz

32 ft

11.2 oz

38 oz

32 ft

Best Top 5 Water Guns in the Market for the Money 

Best Top 5 Water Guns in the Market for the Money

Nerf Super Soaker Gun - Editor’s Choice

nerf super soaker

Nerf is among the world leaders in the toy manufacturing domain.

It’s a renowned brand, and if you’ve ever used a toy in your childhood, there’s a possibility you’ve used one of the Nerf toys.

And today, we shall look at one of their popular water guns, the Nerf Super Soaker.

It’s quite a playful option, available in several colors. The coloration adds to the water gun's appeal to the kid, especially, and even better, nobody can mistake the water gun for a real gun.

The spraying action is impressive as the water gun features five nozzles, letting you spray five water streams every time you shoot.

The 34 feet spraying range is also quite reasonable, and though not the farthest, it let your kid enjoy an extended reach.

The 22-ounce water capacity is also quite decent, and your kid won't need to constantly refill their gun after use.

It’s an easy to use option, too. For instance, your kids will find firing quite easy as they simply need to pump the conveniently placed green handle.


  • Colorful design
  • Five nozzles
  • Easy to use


  • The sight function isn’t helpful

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Max Squirt Water Guns

Max Squirt Water Guns

Max Squirt Guns-Water Guns is a product of A-PIE, yet another renowned brand in the toy manufacturing domain.

The Max Squirt Guns-Water Guns has a close resemblance to the Nerf water gun we've reviewed above.

It's a colorful option for starters and is available in a multitude of colors to add the overall aesthetics and appeal.

Unlike the pump action of the Nerf, Max Squirt is a pull-water gun, meaning you've to pull a lever for spraying water inside.

However, it lacks a trigger; instead, it simply has a hole right by the handle where the finger rests.

Unfortunately, the gun has a single nozzle, a far cry from the Nerf gun, which came with up to 5 nozzles. While it won't affect performance by any chance, it will limit the amount of water blasted.

The range is also a bit lean, but still decent. With the ability to spray up to 26 feet, your kid can spray for longer and further.

The 24-ounce storage capacity is quite generous and will allow you kid to pump the action lever up to 30 times before refilling.

The gun is large, yet lightweight and won’t fatigue your young one even after prolonged use.

It’s also quite an easy gun to use, and its simplicity makes it a great option for shooting water without a hassle.


  • Variety of colors
  • Lightweight
  • Generous capacity


  • No added accessories

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Stream Machine TL-750

Stream Machine TL-750

So far, the plunger-style soakers are known to thrust water to the farthest distance, and the Stream Machine is no different.

It's an intriguing option for looking for an aquatic-artillery water gun that shoots at the farthest distance.

Though you've to refill after every shot, this gun's 70 feet range is significantly higher than other water guns we've reviewed.

The range isn't the only benefit of this water gun: it has an impressive soaking stream, thanks to the 22-inch single barrel water launcher featuring a 17-inch barrel capable of extending to 36 inches.

It's also to keep the gun loaded and ready for action. You simply need to submerge the barrel in a pool of water and pull back for quick reloads.

The high-quality polymer construction also means the water gun doesn't wear out quickly, and the impregnated colors won't chip or peel off.

Speaking of colors, it's a family-friendly option as it's available in a multitude of colors.

However, it has a downside: typical of plunger-style guns; it requires constant refilling since it depletes all the water in a single shot. So, to use the gun, you need to be near a pool, lake, or water source.


  • Furthest range
  • Family-friendly
  • Easy to load


  • Depletes water in a single shot

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SUPERSOAKER Super Soaker Hydra - Best for Capacity

SUPERSOAKER Super Soaker Hydra

If you need a water gun that you won’t require constant refilling, you can never go wrong with the SUPERSOAKER Super Soaker Hydra.

The water reservoir on this water gun is a whopping 65 fluid ounces, translating to approximately 1.9 liters of uninterrupted action. It’s by far the largest water reservoir on our list.

But away from capacity, it's a reliable water gun, which can be seen right from the design to the performance.

It comes with a blocky design for strength and ease of use.

It similarly has a vibrant coloration consisting of orange, blue and white, making it a colorful option suited for your young ones.

Performance is also quite impressive, and users like the pump-action to fire, allowing users to move its handle back and forth to fire without affecting their aim.

Basically, the water gun will literally drench your targets with the water in canon-blasts.

The range is standard to what we've seen on a majority of the water guns. It offers a reasonable range of 20-25 feet, with a strong pull and a high arc.

The gun is also easy to use, and particularly disassembling because it’s held together with a system of screws.


  • Large water reservoir
  • Reasonable range
  • Easy to disassemble


  • A bit bulky

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SIMREX 528 Water Guns

SIMREX 528 Water Guns

The Simrex 528 is the closest you’ll ever get to a fully functional blaster among the water guns.

Sure, it's visibly a toy going by choice of bright colors, but at the same time, it has an actual working trigger as opposed to a decorative one.

It also includes a scope you can use to target your game enemies with greater precision.

Granted, there’re no optics on the scope, but that's not what we're looking for in a toy, right? See, kids just pretend to aim through the sight because it's fun.

It's easy to see this water gun was designed with convenience in mind from the word go. For example, the model's size and shape are ergonomic and well balanced, meaning it's easy to hold and use, regardless of whether you're running or shooting.

The water stream from the nozzle of this model is ejected with high-pressure, making the water war games even more fun.

The material construction is equally reliable and strong; it has been tested and confirmed safe for use in toys, and can even handle the rough games.

The shooting mechanism on the Simrex 528 is based on a pump your kid can easily build pressure inside before pulling the trigger.

The maximum shooting range for this water pistol is 33 feet, while the water tank can hold 15 fluid ounces.

The water capacity is not the highest, but it is a fairly good volume for a toy of this type.


  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reasonable range


  • Capacity could be better

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FUNTOK Water Gun - Best crossbow water gun

FUNTOK Water Gun

If your kids love adventures like the tales of Robin Hood, they're likely to love this little crossbow water gun.

It's nothing fancy, though, but a highly functional and pragmatic water gun.

However, the bow-string is real-looking, and playing it with your young one will eventually strengthen their arm and coordinate their movements.

It's brightly colored, which adds to the appeal to your little one.

The plastic construction is quite durable and won’t break down easily even when used for the rough plays.

More importantly, however, the non-toxic ABS plastic doesn’t pose any health threat or even an allergic reaction.

The crossbow is quite compact, lightweight, and an ideal option for the kids below three years.

However, despite the size, the water gun can throw water pretty far, up to 10 meters depending on the power applied.

The capacity is a bit on the lower side, and if you feel the 140 ml tank isn't enough for your kid, you can replace it with a soda or water bottle of larger capacity. The screw attaching to the tank can be adjusted to the water pistol with the least effort.

Finally, assembly of this water gun is a cinch, and not even a screwdriver is needed. After purchase, your kids will enjoy the water game within minutes after you unpack the delivery box.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Unique crossbow design
  • Decent range


  • Capacity is low

Check FUNTOK Price on Amazon

Water Blaster Water Gun Soaker - Best for Pool Water

Water Blaster Water Gun Soaker

The final water gun on our list comes from Luba San.

It's a pump-action rifle, and it features a working trigger. To use the water gun, you need to pull the pump-action lever about a dozen times to build pressure for shooting.

Like other water guns on our list, it comes with vibrant coloration, incorporating a white body, with lime green, orange, and royal blue.

The biggest benefit of this water gun is the 38 ounces, which is quite impressive and gives you better control of how much you want to spray.

The 32 feet spraying range is also quite impressive, though not the farthest.

And surprisingly, it’s equally light in weight, too, so it won’t fatigue your young one even after a prolonged gaming session.


  • Lightweight
  • Colorful
  • Large water capacity


  • No extra features

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Best Water Gun Buying Guide

Best Water Gun Buying Guide

With plenty of options in the market, choosing a water gun for your needs might feel a bit intimidating.

However, it doesn’t need to be so.

In the section below, we’ve compiled a definitive guide, outlining the essential factors to consider in the next purchase of the best water guns.

But before we look at the factors, let’s first look at the various types of water guns.

Types of Water Guns

  • Squirt Guns

Squirt guns, also known as water pistols, are small-sized guns featuring a small trigger, which, when pressed, releases a water stream.

They're lightweight, easy, and fun to play with, but they lack power and range.

  • Super Soakers

Super soakers come with a water reservoir attached to the gun to ensure a continuous flow of water.

They often deliver a powerful stream of water capable of drenching a target, which is far.

  • Syringe Pistons

These drenchers consist of a long shaft with an inner rod that is pulled back and forth to create pressure.

The compression of the air ejects water from the nozzle, and the velocity of the water is dependent on the strength of the user.

  • Squeeze Bulb Water Gun

Squeeze bulb water gun is among the oldest water guns introduced.

These guns consist of a rubber bulb that is squeezed or the water to be drawn into the gun, and for the release of water, the same bulb requires more rapid squeezing.

Like the syringe pistols, the amount of water depends on the strength of the user's grip, and it might be tiring.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Water Gun

  • Capacity

Capacity determines how much water a gun can hold, and consequently, the frequency of refill.

The big guns will hold more water than the small gun, thus requiring less frequent refills.

However, it doesn't necessarily mean the big guns are the best; you'll also need to consider the size of the user.

Obviously, for smaller kids, the smaller guns are optimal.

Also, keep in mind that a larger water tank is heavier when filled with water.

  • Spray Distance

Spray distance is a crucial consideration for the serious water fight warriors.

While smaller squirt guns will only shoot a few feet, the large, high-powered guns can go further, with some even going up to 50 feet.

  • Minimum Age Requirement

If you’re purchasing water guns for kids, you need to consider the minimum age requirement.

You can't give a 3-year old kid a large water gun designed for a 10-year old.

A mismatch on the age requirement will fatigue your kid and, at worse, they might even end up hurting themselves.

  • BPA-Free Material

Most of the water guns are built from plastics.

And as we know, some plastics might be a health hazard, and so, you must always check the type of material.

Ideally, the choice of material should be hard and BPA free and thus non-toxic.

BPA free plastics are completely safe, while the hard plastic promises better durability, ensuring your kids don’t break the water gun easily.

  • Budget

The prices of water guns vary quite a lot, with some of the models costing as low as $2 and others $100.

Typically, you get what you pay for with water guns.

High-end options normally have additional accessories such as a motorized or pump-action and are usually more durable.


Water guns provide a fun way for your kids to spend time.

They may also provide the perfect way for you to create bonds with your young one.

However, to get the best from the water guns, always ensure you choose the right model for them.

Choose a water gun that isn't too heavy and let them have fun without getting fatigued.

And if the budget allows, you can even get them the high-end water guns with the fancier accessories.

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