Ultimate Review of the Best Makeup Organizer in 2023

Best Makeup Organizer

Makeup organizers sound like something you really don’t need, but it can save you a good amount of time and space.

I know what you’re thinking; why would I need a makeup organizer when I’ve a makeup bag?

See, makeup bags are great for on-the-go makeup applications, or for those who need a quick touch-up at work.

But when you’ve to rely on your makeup bag to go through your morning routine, you’re likely to get frustrated pretty fast.

On the other hand, makeup organizers can save you time in the morning, and you won't waste any more time rifling through your bag, desperately searching for your skincare products.

Beyond saving time, a good makeup organizer keeps all your products in one place, letting you sort your cosmetics properly and allow easy access to cosmetics you need without much thought.

An organizer condenses your collection, encouraging you to keep the products you actually use and dispose of those you've not used in years and likely expired.

Now, if the idea of a makeup organizer sounds good to you, here is a list of the best makeup organizers in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

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11.81 x 9.49 x 2.01 in

2.09 lb


6.9 x 6 x 12.4 in

2.58 lb


9.4 x 5.3 x 7.5 in

2.7 lb

Other Great Recommendations


7.5 x 5.5 x 9.5 in

3 lb


10.3 x 9.4 x 7 in

3.39 lb

Wall Mounted

14 x 8 x 48 in

31 lb


9.38 x 5.38 x 7.25 in

3.1 lb

Best Top 7 Makeup Organizers in the Market for the Money 

Top 7 Best Makeup Organizer in the market for the money

Jerrybox Makeup Organizer - Editor’s Choice

Jerrybox Makeup Organizer

A good makeup organizer organizes your cosmetics while providing easy access to them, and this is what Jerrybox Makeup Organizer does exactly.

It’s a carousel organizer, keeping all your cosmetics within your hands reach, as opposed to storing them in drawers.

Jerrybox Makeup Organizer features seven layers of adjustable trays, so it’s easy to fit cosmetics of different heights.

Sure, it might not look that big, but it has a generous space and can accommodate at least 30 brushes, 2o bottles of skincare, and other accessories.

And the best part is the 360-degree rotating swivel, letting you simply spin the organizer to access all your products.

As a freestanding option, many users are concerned about the stability of the organizer. Fortunately, Jerrybox Makeup Organizer has a steady base, and durable trays can hold heavy cosmetics.

Unfortunately, the organizer isn't dust-proof since there's no covering. It's not a deal-breaker, though, since it's easy to assemble and disassemble, so occasional cleaning isn't a big issue. If anything, it serves as a wakeup call to go through your collection and dispose of what you don't need.

Jerrybox Makeup Organizer is a versatile option, available in different color shades, hues, and even shapes. So, it's always easy to find an option to complement your existing space.

Even better, it has a modest dimension, so it’ll fit even in the smallest of your rooms, or where space is premium.

As far as the downsides go, they're few and far between.

Besides the lack of dust proofing, some of the reviewers claim Jerrybox Makeup Organizer looks cheap and say it can't hold palettes and cosmetics well.

Nonetheless, the consensus between many users is that the organizer has a functional design and is easy to use.


  • Adjustable shelves
  • Easy access to cosmetic
  • Swivel design


  • Quality of the material isn’t the best

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STORi Premium Quality Clear Plastic Makeup Palette - Best for Big Palettes

STORi Premium Quality Clear Plastic Makeup Palette

Palettes are among the popular items in any makeup collection, but unfortunately, they’re notoriously challenging to tuck and store because of their large and awkward shape. Often, they don’t fit comfortably in drawers, shelves and compartments.

So, rather than cramming them into cramped space, you can opt for Stori Palette Organizer.

It’s a handy organizer built for storing the palettes in an easy-to-reach position.

This organizer features three compartments capable of holding a large number of palettes. It also features two smaller compartments for holding all the other accessories and brushes.

Most of the users are generally impressed with the large holding capacity of this organizer. The large compartments are ideal for large palettes as well as tall bottles.

The palette organizer is big enough that whatever product clutters up the counter at the end can finally have a place to rest and be out of the way.

And for the creative minds, the organizer can go beyond the traditional role of holding cosmetics, but can also hold pens, pencils, and notepads.

The material is equally durable, with the crystal-clear sturdy plastic that doesn't shatter like glass, offering a reliable construction. The plastic is also easy to clean, and a simple wipe with warm water is sufficient to keep the organizer sparkling clean.

Stori Palette Organizer also promotes easy access, with the angled sides encouraging ease placement and retrieval of your cosmetics.


  • Large
  • Stylish
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean


  • Ideal for palettes only

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SONGMICS Makeup Organizer 

SONGMICS Makeup Organizer

Songmics Organizer is a high-end makeup organizer from a reputable brand in the skincare industry.

It comes with a host of desirable features, aiming to promote easy access to your cosmetics and improved organization.

For starters, this makeup organizer comes in three stackable pieces, to suit your organizational preferences.

Your organizational preferences are further given a wild roam, thanks to the removable drawers, which slide out smoothly during use. The six drawers are perfect for storing small accessories such as hairpins, tweezers as well as the cosmetic samples.

Songmics has a generous capacity, capable of holding plenty of items, and the manufacturer claims the organizer can hold 15 brushes, 15 lipsticks, 10 nail polishes, 10 eyeliners and 5 eyeshadow palettes.

Despite the generous space, this makeup organizer occupies little counter space, and you'll hardly notice its presence in the bathroom.


  • Durable
  • Plenty of spaces
  • Plenty of compartments


  • Run a bit expensive

Check SONGMICS Makeup Organizer Price on Amazon

Sodynee Jewelry and Cosmetic Organizer - Premium Option

Sodynee Jewelry and Cosmetic Organizer

The Sodynee Organizer is a premium option, and a bit more expensive than most of the organizers on our list.

However, it offers real value for every penny because it's durable, versatile, and practical.

It comes with a thick and clear acrylic material, strong enough for holding all your cosmetic accessories and a dozen other makeup products ranging from lipsticks, eye shadow, mascara, and wipes to brushes.

Beyond durability, the construction is easy to clean, since a simple wipe with a clean, damp cloth is sufficient to restore its beauty.

Similarly, the black mesh padding is also easy to clean when it gets dirty from dirt, dust, and loose powder.

The Sodynee Organizer set is small, yet big. It has a dimension of 9½" x 5½" x 7¼", and so, it’s a suitable option for a makeup collection which can fit in your bag or a medium-sized drawer. Think of the organizer as the perfect option for those starting to build their collection.

However, as we had mentioned earlier, don’t get fooled by its size. Sodynee Organizer can actually be expanded in size as your cosmetic collection grows. When expanded, it has generous space, capable of holding the more volume.

It is also a sturdy option, and though it comes in two separate pieces, both have an interlocking design, so the upper part sits securely on the drawer. When locked, the organizer doesn't slip or slide but instead stays put, keeping all your accessories safe.

Even better, it's possible to detach the upper piece for other purposes. You can either use the piece as a separate organizer or even stack additional drawers atop the base for your growing makeup collection.


  • Durable
  • Compact design
  • Generous storage space


  • Expensive but worth every penny

Check Sodynee Jewelry and Cosmetic Organizer Price on Amazon

Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer - Most Durable Option

Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Aptly named Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer, this organizer is made from thick clear acrylic, and so, it should withstand years of abuse and use without breaking down.

It offers a safe and convenient place to organize your makeup accessories from lipsticks, lip liners eyeliners to palettes.

It's a suitable option for those with a small to medium-sized collection.

Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer consists of two parts. The upper part comes with multiple slots, while the lower part has four drawers.

The top is detachable, so you can as well use it separately if you desire.

The lower part with the drawers, on the other hand, is suitable for storing the long, yet small items such as lipsticks, mascara tube and lip, and eyeliners.

The good thing with the drawers is they all feature a back lining offering a slip-resistant surface so that your items don’t slip around too much. The black lining also serves to catch the stray debris, including the loose powder for easy cleaning.

Though the acrylic material has numerous benefits, some users complained of minor scratches upon opening the package.

Save from that minor flaw, Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer is a wonderful makeup organizer that stores all your cosmetic accessories and makes it convenient to access all your skincare products.


  • Durable
  • Detachable
  • Solid construction


  • Drawers are deep

Check Crystal Acrylics Acrylic Makeup Organizer Price on Amazon

Mirrotek Deluxe Makeup Organizer - Best Space Saving Organizer

Mirrotek Deluxe Makeup Organizer

If you don’t have counter space to spare for storing your makeup, Mirrotek Deluxe is a godsend option, offering a plethora of makeup storage space.

Mirrotek Deluxe is uniquely designed, and contrary to a majority of the makeup organizers, it doesn't require any counter, dresser, or even cabinet space.

At the same time, it doubles up as a vanity, though it can’t fit in your bedroom.

Finally, Mirrotek Deluxe triples as a full-length mirror, holding many products.

Mirrotek Deluxe is a wall-mounted organizer, hooking right over any door.

It’s spacious, with the interior compartments offering additional space. The compartments are also customizable with easy snap shelving. On the other hand, the cabinet door discretely hides your cosmetics, while doubling as a full-length mirror.

The major benefit of Mirrotek Deluxe is perhaps it's the only organizer that doesn't limit your makeup storage by the size of your cosmetics.

The built-in holes along with the interior, plus the fitted shelves and rods are a cinch to operate and offer the perfect layout to accommodate your entire makeup collection.

The exterior also sports hooks going over the door, so it's always easy to adjust the height of the full-length mirror to meet your storage needs.

Inside the Mirrotek Deluxe cabinet, you'll find multiple undivided shelves, a plastic compartment, deep cups, and a vanity mirror with a fold-down table.

Despite offering ample storage space, the cabinet is ultra-slim, only sticking out eight inches so that it won't gobble much of your space.

Additionally, it's aesthetically pleasing, and it's available in oak, cherry, or white finish, so it's easy to complement your décor.

Overall, the reviews for this makeup organizer are positive, with many users sharing stories of how easy it is to further customize their cabinet.

For instance, some mounted the organizer on a wall, while others added a tiny stick-on light to the top of the organizer.


  • Easy to customize
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Double as a full-length mirror


  • Tad expensive

Check Mirrotek Deluxe Makeup Organizer Price on Amazon

Ikee Design Jewelry Makeup Cosmetic Storage Organizer - Budget Option

Ikee Design Jewelry Makeup Cosmetic Storage Organizer

Like the Mirrotek option we’ve reviewed above, Ikee Design Organizer is also a highly customizable organizer, letting you add as many storage compartments as your space and budget allows.

Even better, the organizer is a budget option, so it’s within the budget range of many.

Back to customization, this option comes in 13 different styles, so it's easy to tailor your setup, depending on your needs.

The different Ikee Design Organizer styles come in different color options, drawer numbers, drawer size, top-shelf design, and an option to add a mirror.

All the boxes on the organizer are crafted from high-quality and shatter-resistant acrylic to prevent damage.

All the styles are easy to use, with each organizer featuring removable drawers that slide in and out for a hassle-free cleaning, which is vital for preventing discoloration.

The ability to customize this organizer is a real game-changer as it doesn't force you to decide how much makeup storage you need.

Customization of the organizer makes it easier to work with your makeup collection than the other way around.


  • Affordable
  • Premium material construction
  • Customizable


  • Small in size

Check Ikee Design Cosmetic Storage Price on Amazon

Best Makeup Organizer Buying Guide

Best Makeup Organizer Buying Guide

With plenty of options in the market, choosing a makeup organizer can feel intimidating.

However, you won’t feel intimidated anymore!

In our buying guide below, we shall highlight the crucial factors to consider when purchasing makeup organizers.

But before I share with you, let's look at the different types of makeup organizers.

Types of Makeup Organizers

  1. Makeup Trays: The makeup trays are typically partitioned into sections, allowing several tiers of storage. They require more room like a counter or drawer space, but they hold more items. However, since they don’t have a cover, cosmetics stored on the tray need regular cleanup.
  2. Makeup bags: These are more like holders as opposed to organizers. They’re ideal for those on the move, or those with few cosmetics.
  3. Makeup Caddies: They're the most popular option, and they come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. However, most of them consist of small boxes/drawers for holding various cosmetics.
  4. Makeup Carousels: They're a fashionable organizer, consisting of bins for holding stacked items. Typically, they feature a tree-like shape and often swivel.
  5. Makeup cases/boxes/trains: They're a lifesaver option for the gurus and professionals who need to hold a lot of cosmetics. They feature shelves for easy storage and access to items.

Important Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Makeup Organizer

A makeup organizer should have few essential features.

Here’s what to consider when selecting the right makeup organizer:

  • Organization Capacity

The best makeup organizer should allow you to arrange and access the various types of cosmetics with ease.

It should have some form of drawers, compartments, or shelves for cosmetic classifications and easy identification.

  • Capacity

The capacity or rather the amount of cosmetics an organizer can hold depends on your skincare needs.

If you normally use large amounts of cosmetics, you should opt for the organizers with a large holding capacity.

  • Dust Protection

If your room is prone to dust, you need an organizer to protect your cosmetics from dust.

Exposing your cosmetics to dust and other elements might affect your skincare product's integrity, and they might even become terrible for your skin.

  • Easy Access

While it’s nice for your cosmetics to get protection from dust and other elements, you still want to be able to use them regularly.

So, the right organizer should allow easy access to your cosmetics. You don’t have to struggle to get to your brushes or nail polish.


We’ve reviewed the best makeup organizers in the market.

All you’ve to do is simply select an option you feel will address your cosmetic storage needs.

In particular, choose an option with sufficient storage space. Even better pick options with customizable shelves and storage options to tailor the entire storage to meet your needs.


Is it advisable to put makeup in the bathroom?

Areas with humidity can turn out destructive to your makeup. With many bacteria growing in humid areas, the makeup can develop mold and bacteria hence spoiling quicker. Additionally, the direct light in your bathroom can damage your makeup, and that is why you'll need to find an adequate storage facility to ensure you prevent your expensive makeup from damage.

Are makeup organizers worth it?

If you've ever damaged your makeup because of an accidental knock, then you'll understand the need for a makeup organizer. When you buy a makeup kit, accessing the different products can be daunting, and you'll need an organizer to help you locate the specific product quicker. Additionally, a well-arranged place gives you peace of mind. 

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