Ultimate Review of the Best Folding Chairs in 2023

Best Folding Chairs

One of the famous Winston Churchill quote is: "Never stand up when you can sit, and never sit when you can lie down."

Now, while lying down feels great, it’s not applicable in all situations. For instance, when you’re at the dinner table, around the campfire, or even relaxing in the backyard, sitting is the preferable position.

Of course, you can crash on the ground anytime you want, but sometimes, you might want to sit more comfortably, especially if you’ve back pain.

During such times, nothing is more comforting than a chair.

But how can you carry a chair to the beach?

Well, you can invest in a foldable chair; since these chairs can be compacted to easily fit inside your trunk, you can take them anywhere you want.

While folding chairs were a reserve for social events like parties and weddings, they're fast becoming a sought-after household accessory for many reasons.

Folding chairs are portable and light, specially designed for use in places where permanent seating is unavailable.

They offer the perfect way for you and your guests to enjoy the relaxing comfort of the seated position without cluttering your space with the big, bulky chairs.

When they're not in use, they can be stowed away easily in your closet, garage, or even under your bed.

And contrary to popular beliefs, not all folding chairs are flimsy and uncomfortable.

Some of them look and feel so good to use, that you can use them as part of your everyday furniture.

Now, if you think the idea of purchasing a folding chair sounds great to you, here’s a comprehensive review of the best folding chairs in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick








17 lb

250 lb

25 x 36.5 x 42 in


9 lb

300 lb

35.4 x 26 x 37.4 in


18 lb

264 lb

65 x 25.6 x 44.1 in

Other Great Recommendations


8.82 lb

325 lb

8.1 x 37.6 x 9.1 in


2.1 lb

300 lb

11 x 4.3 x 6 in

Best Top 5 Best Folding Chairs in the Market for the Money 

Best Top 5 Best Folding Chairs in the Market for the Money

Best Choice Products Folding Rocking Chair - Editor’s Choice

Best Choice Products Folding Rocking Chair is more than a folding chair, but it’s also a rocking chair for a more comfortable resting experience.

It’s also a sturdy option, with the steel frame and weatherproof fabric lasting a pretty long time.

But is the chair, alongside its features, the right option for you?

Best Choice Products Folding Rocking Chair

Features and Benefits


If you're tired of lugging the heavy folding chairs, then Best Choice will provide you with rest.

It's a feather-light folding chair, and at 17 pounds, it hardly weighs you down when lifting or transporting.

It’s a great chair for seniors or those with back problems as it doesn’t fatigue users and will allow you to move it wherever you like.

Easy Set-Up and Take Down

Ease of storage is an essential aspect when choosing a folding chair.

Best Choice excels at saving space since it compacts down so easily to fit in the tight and small spaces a normal chair won’t fit into.

If you don’t have much space in your backyard, it’s still perfectly fine since Best Choice compacts further, and so a great option where space is premium.

Storage is also a cinch since you can easily pack and store Best Choice anywhere you like. You could even store the chair under your bed.

At the same time, the fold-down nature enhances the overall portability of the chair, since it fits great when needed to go outdoors.

So, yes, whether it's in your backyard, your car, or even outdoors, this chair is just for you.

Solid, Sturdy and Reliable

Many of the folding chairs have low backs, making it hard to get comfortable, but not in this chair.

A high back ensures your back is fully supported for a comfortable resting experience.

On the other hand, the extra padding on the back of the head offers the ultimate support on your head and neck.

Instead of floppy armrests, this chair has solid steel armrests supporting your arms.

Enjoy the Seat Everywhere

The other great thing with the chair is that it truly lets you enjoy it anywhere, everywhere.

It's a versatile chair, meaning you can take it to the pool on a hot day, use it in your backyard, or even take it with you when camping.

No Assembly Required

We've all struggled to assemble chairs, and honestly, things don't just come easy, especially if the instructions are hard to follow.

With the Best Choice, no need to hassle through set up or understanding the instruction since the chair comes already assembled.

Using the chair is as easy as opening it up, setting it down, and sitting/rocking.

And once you’re done, you just have to fold it for storage.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • High back for full back support
  • Durable
  • Reliable


  • Only available in beige

Check Best Choice Products Folding Rocking Chair Price on Amazon

Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair - Premium option

Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair is our runners up a folding chair.

It’s a robust, user-friendly, and comfortable option that you’ll purchase without hesitation.

Other desirable features on this folding chair include a padded headrest for neck and head comfort, carrying strap for portability and ease of use.

But is this folding chair the right option for you?

Features and Benefits

Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

If you’ve used a folding chair before, you know the lighter the chair, the better.

With the Kijaro, you get an ultra-light folding chair, and at 9 pounds, you can hardly feel the weight of the chair.

With such lightness, it’s easy to think Kijaro is a flimsy folding chair. We also thought so, but to our surprise, the folding chair has a generous weight capacity of 300 pounds, 50 pounds more than what we saw with the weighty Best Choice Chair.


The greatest benefit of a lightweight chair is portability.

And with the Kijaro, you’ll have an easy time moving the chair from one location to the other with little inconvenience.

The portability element makes the folding chair a suitable option for those camping or tailgating.

Another critical feature underlining Kijaro’s portability is the inbuilt carrying strap, which eases the overall portability while making the whole carrying process more user-friendly.


Like the Best Choice, the Kijaro Dual lock is built for durability.

The steel frame construction offers reliable and long-lasting chair support, keeping you rooted in the chair without the fear of Kijaro breaking down on you.


Lightness and sturdiness are always a priority for the folding chairs, while comfort always takes a back seat.

However, Kijaro gives comfort an equal prominence, and this is evident through the overall design.

The chair is positioned erect, but in a relaxed position, offering the perfect posture for napping, book reading, and relaxing.

Additionally, the folding chair has impressive back support.

The taut fabric, alongside the supportive and spacious armrests, offers a comfortable seating position for a more relaxing experience.

Finally, the back weave panel is aerated, a feature that makes the extended lounge sittings in the sun breezy and comfortable.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • Comfy
  • User-friendly


  • Hair is a bit high

Check Kijaro Dual Lock Chair Price on Amazon

KingCamp Zero Gravity Lounge Patio Folding Reclining Chair - Most Heavy-Duty Option

KingCamp Reclining Chair is relatively large compared to other chairs on our list. It’s not a bad thing since its largeness is great for comfort and sturdiness.

It's also a versatile option and can be used on different applications, including indoor, outdoor, and sporting events.

Though it’s not the most affordable folding seat in the market, it’s worth every penny.

KingCamp Zero Gravity Lounge Patio Folding Reclining Chair

Features and Benefits

Adjustable Design

KingCamp Reclining Chair is built with comfort in mind.

It is adjustable, allowing you to customize the chair from different angles, depending on your seating needs.

For instance, the chair comes with a pedal, which adjusts the backrest to suit your preferred sitting angle.

Additionally, the backrest can be locked to your preferred position, allowing you to stay in the chosen angle without the seat becoming wobbly.

The best part of the entire adjustment process is that it’s easy and isn’t technical.


I can’t overemphasize the importance of having a comfortable folding chair.

Fortunately, the KingCamp Reclining Chair is built for user comfort.

For starters, the backrest curve is designed to adapt your backline, and so, you won't feel fatigued, even when chilling on the chair for extended periods.

As we had mentioned earlier, the seat is adjustable, and it's possible to use it as a recliner chair, a position which is also good for your spine.

Removable Pillow

A major selling point for the KingCamp Reclining Chair is the removable pillow attached to the backrest of the chair with an elastic rope.

Using the rope, you can adjust the pillow to different heights based on your preferences-that is, if you need to use it.

I prefer using the pillow since the textile fabric is soft, breathable, and enjoyable to lay my head-on.

Lightweight and Portable

KingCamp Zero Chair might not be the lightest folding chair in its class, but the 18-pound weight is still acceptable.

Even better, the chair folds and folds in second.

The weight, ease of folding, and modest dimension of 65 x 25.6 x 44.1 inches enhance the chair's overall portability.

When folded, it's light enough to be carried like a suitcase. At the same time, it folds enough to fit in the trunk of any car easily.


Like a majority of the chairs on our list, the folks at King Camp have opted for steel frames in the construction.

Steel is robust and durable and not prone to wear and tear.

The steel construction enhances the stability and strength of the chair, allowing KingCamp to accommodate users of up to 264 pounds.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Not the lightest option

Check KingCamp Zero Gravity Chair Price on Amazon

Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair - Best for Camping

Aptly named Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair, this folding chair is built for camping enthusiasts.

It has nothing out of the ordinary, but it includes some nifty accessories and design features that underline its suitability for outdoor activities such as fishing and beach sitting.

At the same time, it doesn't compromise on the basics of the quality folding chairs such as reliability, ease of use, comfort, and foldability.

It will surely offer comfort and good seating.

Also, it’s worth every penny you spend purchasing it.

Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair

Features and Benefits


The steel frame construction on the Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair guarantees longevity of the folding chair.

At the same time, the solid steel ensures Coleman can handle the rugged terrains, drops, and everything you may throw at it.

While we don't recommend leaving the chair outside, the construction is tough, and a day or two won't compromise its build.

Weight and Weight Capacity

It's ironic how Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair has the lightest weight, yet it has the highest weight capacity.

Weighing on 8 pounds, Coleman is among the lightest folding chairs in the market.

However, don’t let the weight trick you into thinking the chair isn’t a performer.

The truth is that Coleman Folding Chair can support users with a weight capacity of 325 pounds.

Sure, while it won’t accommodate everyone, it will accommodate most people, including the obese guts who are worried they might crash the regular chairs.


With such a feather lightweight, Coleman is portable as well.

It's effortless to move the chair, especially when it's packed in a bag with a carrying strap.


It makes no sense to have the lightest bag in the world, yet it’s not comfortable to use.

That’s not the case with Coleman Quad.

For starters, it’s a spacious option, giving you enough seating room.

It also comes with padded back support, offering a comfortable resting place to prevent your bag from getting fatigued.


Coleman Quad provides users with real value for their money, thanks to plenty of accessories.

Notably, the chair comes with a built-in cooler on the armrests, which can hold up to 4 cans. The cooler also offers easy access to the drinks, meaning it's easy to sip on your favorite drinks while relaxing.

And if you need everything hands-free, you simply use side pockets to store your books, magazine, or snacks.


  • Durable steel frame
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Plenty of accessories


  • Cooler is challenging to collapse

Check Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair Price on Amazon

Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair – Budget Option

Despite having a budget tag, Trekology YIZI GO Camping Chair is a highly rated foldable chair, thanks to the wealth of practical features on its ideally compact frame.

Trekology YIZI GO offers a comfortable and relaxing experience, something you would want to have during the warm summer camping trips.

Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

Features and Benefits


Trekology YIZI GO is conveniently lightweight, and you’ll hardly notice you’ve any weight on you,

It tips the scale at just 2 pounds, meaning it won't add to your load when you're carrying it in your backpack.

Despite the lightness, it's an able foldable chair, since it can support a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, which is a credit to the high strength aluminum frame construction.


Speaking of construction, Trekology YIZI GO is built from high-grade 7075 aluminum alloys-the same materials used in aircraft manufacturing.

The frame is not only lightweight, but it's durable, and completely rust and corrosion-resistant, to guarantee long term use.

Unique Leg Design

Trekology YIZI GO is the kind of camp chair you want to relax on and loose as you enjoy the exquisite atmosphere on your trips.

The base of the chair features a unique design consisting of two interchangeable and standard Terragrip feet to keep the chair from sinking into the ground under your weight.

It also means it's easy to set the chair in the sandy and loose surfaces such as those on the beach without sinking.

Additionally, the legs are linked to each other with a shock cord to enhance the overall chair stability.


The durable 600D polyester fabric reinforced with double V-stitch on the seat section of Trekology YIZI GO is flexible and machine washable.

It promotes a comfortable use and offers a cushion to prevent you from feeling fatigued.

On the back, you get a mesh fabric, which enhances the airflow and is quite handy, especially in the summer.

Unfortunately, the back is not high off the floor, meaning the chair can feel a little bit uncomfortable, especially for the heavy-bodied individuals.

Easy to Set Up

Setting up Trekology YIZI GO is pretty straightforward, and it won’t take much of your time.

The aluminum poles feature a guide system, easily connecting with the frame.

Another practical feature is the storage bag, attaching underneath the chair through the Pack Tight straps.

The bag might come handy when you've accessories such as torches, keys, or even a cell phone to store.


  • Budget option
  • Lightweight
  • Stable Feet
  • Breathable mesh


  • Low back

Check Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair Price on Amazon

Folding Chairs Buying Guide

Best Folding Chairs Buying Guide

When purchasing the best folding chairs, there’re a few factors to consider to select the best chair.

But before I share the factors with you, let's look at the different types of folding chairs.

Type of Folding Chairs

  1. Plastic Folding Chairs

Plastic folding chairs are made from a tube-metal with a molded plastic chair.

The tubing behind the hind legs prevents the chairs from sinking into a soft surface.

They’re also easy to store since the “nest” together when folded.

  1. Hammock Folding Chairs

Hammock Chairs have a rope mesh or cloth suspended on a wooden or metallic frame.

They’re perfect for tailgating and camping.

  1. Wooden Folding Chairs

Wooden classic chairs are a bit classier than the metallic options.

They also feature sophisticated designs and will easily add an aesthetic appeal to your room.

  1. Meal Folding Chairs

The metal folding chairs are constructed from metal and are well known for their strength.

They’re normally commercial-grade options, suitable for schools meeting halls, churches, etc.

  1. Bamboo Folding Chairs

The bamboo chairs are suitable options in poolside seating or themed events.

They feature a large curved back and are comfortable.

Unfortunately, they don’t nest and pile together.

  1. Mesh Folding Chairs

Though they’re a bit expensive, they’re great options, especially in the outdoor environment where it can get hot.

Features to consider when Selecting a Folding Chair

  • Size

Size is crucial because the seat is usually folded when it’s not in use.

If the seat is large, then it becomes a challenge to fold. A large chair requires more space for arrangement.

  • Material

Quality material for your chair extends its longevity.

Beyond durability, the choice of material on your chair also depends on the weather.

For instance, some materials aren't suitable for cold weather. Leather usually cracks up after months of usage.

  • Design

Ideally, a folding chair should allow you to amend your seating position easily.

Whether you plan using the chair in a straight or sleeping position, select an option that lets you change your posture with ease.

  • Weight Capacity

When choosing a folding chair, it’s always a good idea to consider the weight capacity.

Here, choose a chair with a weight limit exceeding your total weight.


These are the best folding chairs in the market, and you can never go wrong picking any of the listed items.

We’ve already done our part by sharing the reviews of the best options, and providing you with a handy buying guide so you can make an informed purchase decision.

In the end, however, your purchase decision is based on the specific uses and your needs.


Can the folding chairs break?

Similar to the other chairs, these chairs can break if you don't use them well. Some of the things that will make the chair break include the materials used in the construction, the joints, and the style of folding the chair during storage. If you have the chair without care, then breaking it is not avoidable.

Are folding chairs suitable for home use?

Yes, you can use the folding chair on your patio or under the shade at home. However, they are best when used on your vacation or along the beach. They are lightweight and portable to use on the go.

What are the common materials used to construct the folding chairs?

Plastic and metal, and wood are standard and will work in different environments. Some chairs have a combined plastic and metal construction, while others use the same materials all over. This determines the value of the chair.

What is the weight capacity of a folding chair?

Mostly, the chairs come from different materials, which subjects them to a variety of uses. If you have the chairs for commercial purposes, you'll need chairs with a higher carrying capacity. These come from metal and can withstand a lot of stress. Consumer chairs will hold little weight and are best for light activities.

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