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Horseshoes have been a long-time American classic for a reason- it’s addictive, and once you’re hooked to this game, there’s no stopping. In any case, the classic game of pitching horseshoes is an excellent backyard activity for complementing an upcoming lawn BBQ or picnic on a sunny afternoon

In my opinion, though, I think it’s the simplicity of this game is really what has allowed it to pass the test of time- all you need is the best horseshoe set and a buddy to play against.

Now, while this game is simple to play, finding the right playing set might be complicated than you would expect.

The market is flooded with a variety of horseshoe sets, with each claiming to offer the best gaming experience. So, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Well, we're here to cut through the BS, and we shall help you choose the best horseshoe sets for your gaming needs.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Suited For?


  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2 rubber mats
  • 2 yellow plastic dowels 
  • 2 red plastic dowels
  • Rubber

    Best for kids

  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2 large plastic stakes
  • Carry strap
  • Plastic

    Best for parties

  • 4 horseshoes
  • 2 Stakes
  • Wooden Case

    Forged Steel

    Style-Conscious Players

  • 4 Dual-Colored Horseshoes
  • 2 Steel Stakes
  • Box (Carrying/Storage Case)
  • Official rule book

    Forged Steel


    2 horseshoes

    Forged Steel


    The Best Horse Shoe Sets In The Market For The Money

    play game of horse shoe

    Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set - Best for kids and Indoor Usage

    Topping our list of the awesome horse shoe sets is the Champion Sports Set, which in my opinion, is specifically geared towards the kids, though it`s similarly an incredible option for the adults. 

    Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set


    Champion Sports Set comes with everything you could possibly need to start a rousing game in your backyard, at the beach, or even in your family garage.

    The components on this horseshoe set include;

    • 4 horseshoes
    • 2 rubber mats
    • 2 yellow plastic dowels (for indoor play)
    • 2 red plastic dowels (for outdoor play)

    Material Construction

    The rubberized horseshoes are lightweight and weigh about half the weight of a regular horseshoe, which makes them ideal for use by kids, and even senior citizens.

    But don’t let the “lightness” of this horseshoe trick you into thinking they’re not functional; in any case, I was surprised to find they feel weighted enough to work well and make the good fun.

    Moving forward, the stakes are constructed from plastic, and in my opinion, it’s where most of the users were concerned with the performance of this horseshoe. According to several users, the outdoor plastic dowels are quite flimsy, and they're not strong enough to stay in place when thrown from a proper distance.  

    The good news is, if you’re a DIYer like I am, you can cut an old broomstick and sharpen on one end before hammering it into the ground where your kids want to play. And once they’re done playing, you can pack the stakes and put everything in an old duffle bag. I know this is quite involving, but it works perfectly.

    Indoor Fun

    We live in an apartment complex and are prohibited from putting stakes in the lawn to avoid tearing the grass. Fortunately, the rubberized horseshoes of the Champion Set allow us to play on artificial surfaces since they don't dig the surface as the steel shoes do.

    Even so, I found that the shoes tend to bounce a bit when used on the floor, and though they have some flex, it’s not sufficient enough to try to compensate when tossing them.

    Nonetheless, I must admit I was tickled pink to find out that I could use this horseshoe even in my living room, and I love the idea of playing indoors without causing damage. 


    The reason I consider the Champion an ideal option for the kids is because of the safety aspect. 

    The Champion rubberized horseshoe provides a safety advantage as they won't cause any injury even if your kid accidentally drops them on their feet or even tosses it to another kid.


    Durability at its best, the rubberized horseshoe won't lose their ability to perform their intended purpose. Unlike steel, for instance, rubber won't rust, even when left in the open for extended periods, and even if it's used around rough or rocky surfaces, rubber won't build an edge.

    Vibrant Colors

    I find the bright red and blue horseshoes and yellow pegs quite colourful, and the colour palette similarly appeals to the kids.

    More importantly, however, the vivid array of colours helps to improve greater visibility when playing outdoors and makes it easier for players to know who scored.


    • Easy to set up
    • Colourful
    • Ideal for kids


    • The plastic stakes are flimsy

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    GoSports Giant Horseshoes Set – Party Pick

    Like the Champion set, the GoSports is aimed for the more casual style of play, but why we think it deserves a spot on our list is because it gives an extra fun twist and offers hours on end of fun with family and friends at your next cookout, beach party, or even tailgate. 

    GoSports Giant Horseshoes Set


    GoSports is perfect for recreational usage, and it comes with a complete set for the ultimate partying experience. 

    The components of this model include four giant horseshoes, two wooden stakes, and a carry strap to bring everything with you to your next party.

    Giant Horseshoes

    A striking feature on these sets is the giant horseshoes, which are roughly twice as big as the standard horseshoes.

     The size alone is so much fun, and contrary to the standard horseshoes, it brings something different to the good old-fashioned game. In any case, the 2X size was a reminiscence of what my dad used to play when I was a kid, and once I saw these horseshoes, I knew it was definitely a way of my style.

    Material Construction

    The giant horseshoes are constructed from heavy-duty plastic, and though we usually discourage our readers from purchasing plastic horseshoes, these hold surprisingly well.

    However, I've to admit that they're a tad hefty, but the good news is, I found them easy to throw for both kids and adults to play with. Furthermore, they're plastic and more comfortable to throw than the classic horseshoes.

    Moving on, stakes on the GoSports are constructed from wooden material, and they're long enough to be pounded into the ground and stay put. However, we did find the weight of the horseshoes caused the stakes to lean a bit when they were hit in specific ways, but gladly, it was always easier to strengthen them back to a straight position with a mallet.


    • Fun
    • Ideal for both kids and adults
    • Sturdy


    • Wooden stakes are a tad flimsy

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    Viva Sol Premium Horseshoes - Best for Style and Quality

    Viva Sol is a premium horseshoe that is specifically tailored for the image-conscious players and those that appreciated the attention to detail.

    Viva Sol Premium Horseshoes


    Like a majority of the horseshoes on our list, Viva Sol offers a complete solution to all your horseshoe pitching needs, and it includes everything you need to get started, including four horseshoes, two Stakes, and a wooden Case.


    Viva Sol has a tag line that says their goal is to “take the time-honoured tradition of hand toss games to a higher level of artistry," and they mean it.

    I mean, this horseshoe set comes will an all-impressive wooden case with a beautifully crafted interior that is tailored to hold the spikes as well as the horseshoes for easier transportation.

    Admittedly, however, the Viva Sol might be a more expensive choice than the other basic models, but if you appreciate quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, it’s worth every penny and would even make a perfect gift.

    In a nutshell, I would say that this set creates memorable outdoor experiences by combining quality craftsmanship with gamesmanship.

    Material Construction

    The horseshoes are constructed from forged steel, and the construction quality should not be a concern. In any case, steel is generally more robust than plastic or rubber, and expectedly, the horseshoes should last longer.

    Despite the steel construction, these horseshoes don’t suffer from rusting because they’re crusted with a thick powder coating.

    Even so, I feel the light-blue and teal-green colour coating is a bit feminine, but you can always repaint to your desired colour. But either way, these horseshoes hold particularly well, even when used in a beach setting.

    I also found that the coating offered a greater grip, allowing me to make more accurate shots.

    Moving on, the stakes on the Viva Sol set are equally constructed from metal and don't suffer from rusting.

    But what really impressed me with the metal stake construction is that I could quickly drive them into the ground with a mallet, even on the dry and hard surfaces.

    On the flip side, however, I found the stakes, with a length short of 2 feet, a bit shorter than the standard size, and while they'll function impressively for the casual usage, you might want to replace them if you're looking for more competitive pitching.


    Viva Sol set might not be NHPA-Approved, but the 2.5 lbs steel construction on each of the horseshoes is definitely an option running closer to the professional level.

    If anything, the horseshoes are rather heavy, considering the steel construction, and in my opinion, I consider these set better suited for the professional player as opposed to the casual backyard players since they’re significantly heavier.


    • Durable
    • Aesthetic/Stylish
    • Incredible performance


    • Not suitable for kids

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    St. Pierre American Presidential – For Professionals

    St Pierre American Professional brand has been forging metallic products such as tire irons, and gripping chains since 1902, and which is why when they channelled their expertise to forging horseshoes, they rapidly became the go-to brand.

    Living up to their brand name, Pierre has consistently created quality products, and today, we shall look at one of its offerings; St. Pierre American Presidential.

    St. Pierre American Presidential

    This pick is an excellent choice that combined top-end quality, exceptional performance, and affordability, all the components that professional users would be looking forward to.


    St. Pierre American Professional series is an incredible option for those looking for a complete horseshoe set that includes four horseshoes, a pair of stakes, an official rulebook, and a durable plastic carrying case.

    Build Quality

    For starters, this set is solidly built, and it can be used for both recreational pitching as well as professional competitions. This is backed up by the fact that it's NHPA-approved for the professional tournament plays.

    Material Construction

    Both the stakes and the horseshoes are constructed from forged solid steel for the ultimate durability and strength.

    Sure, there’s nothing unique on the material construction and durability on this set, but the manufacturer elbows competition through the design and performance of the horseshoe.

    The design of the horseshow is heavily refined by word-class pitchers to make them exceptional, with regards to performance. If anything, the St, Pierre horseshoe is chockfull of the premier and essential features including;

    • More substantial tips that help to improve the overall control and balance
    • A tapered leading edge  that allows smooth sliding of the horseshoe into the stake 
    • A finger positioner  that allows anyone to hold the horseshoe-like a pro 
    • A ring breaker for rotating the shoe and lock in ringers

    Combined, these features provide the horseshoe with a nice feel in your hands, and despite the hefty weight, the St. Pierre set feels weighted and balanced.

    Even better, the components are covered with a unique electrostatically applied non-slip finish that is resistant to corrosion, chipping, and weathering. Put simply; this set is going to serve you for years as they're immensely durable dutifully.

    The only downside we had with the stakes and horseshoes is that the colours start fading, and they somewhat look similar, making it a little hard to tell apart. The good news is, it's not a severe issue at all, and once you apply a little paint, the problem is resolved.


    • Durable steel


    • Short stakes

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    Gordon Professional Pitching Horseshoes - Best Value

    The final on our list of the best horseshoe set is the Gordon Professional Horseshoe, which is carefully engineered for use by players of all skill levels and pitching styles.

    Generally speaking, this model is an all-around shoe, equally fit for family reunions as it is for the championship tournaments.

    Gordon Professional Pitching Horseshoes


    Though we've listed this model as the best value option on our list, it lacks accessories, and with the Gordon, you'll strictly get a single pair of horseshoes to play with. So, if you need to play with your friends, you need to purchase an extra pair of horseshoes.

    While you might not be getting an all-in-one package on the Gordon, this set offers a professional-grade experience. Also, in between the high-grade steel construction, and drop-forge process, you can rest be assured that this set will last for years to come even with repeated use. 

    NHPA –Approved

    As we had hinted earlier, Gordon horseshoes are sanctioned by the NHPA, an ideal option for those looking forward to a professional pitching experience.

    Furthermore, the set is designed with all types of players in mind, and whether you're a newbie looking to break into the sport or a seasoned player looking for a new player to compete with, the Gordon Professional is an incredible choice.

    Material Construction

    Typical of the professional horseshoe sets, Gordon uses high strength carbon steel for their horseshoes, and this guarantees durability.

    According to the manufacturer, the horseshoes are manufactured using the Drop-Forge technique, a superior manufacturing process that removes the air pockets and internal voids on the horseshoe for the ultimate strength and prevention of breakage.

    Alongside the robust construction, the horseshoes are further coated with paint that prevents rusting and provides a better grip for pitching.


    • Durable
    • Professional-grade
    • NHPA-Approved


    • Tad expensive

    Check Gordon Professional Price On Amazon

    horseshoe set buying guide comparison

    Best Horseshoe Sets Buying Guide

    Purchasing a horseshoe set that will fulfil your pitching demands is a challenging process, but there's no need to beat about it because, in the section below, we shall provide you with a list of the critical factors you need to consider in your next purchase.


    Ideally, the two critical elements that you would want to have on your horseshoe are the horseshoe itself and the stakes, after all, they’re the components that really complete the set.

    However, you might also want to have some additional components such as a carrying bag, a carry strap, and even an official rule book.


    The first thing you would want to consider is the material construction of the shoe.

    Typically, the material determines the weight and, consequently, the level of play that a shoe is suited for.

    For instance, plastic-based and rubber-based horseshoes are ideal for the kids and amateur players because they're light and easy to handle.

    The metal-based options, such as forged steel or iron, on the other hand, are suitable for the seasoned players, who are looking for a more professional feel in their pitching.

    Casual or Professional

    Are you looking for a horseshoe to for casual play with friends and family, or competitive purposes?

    If it’s the latter, you should choose a model that is NHPA-Approved and built with the gold standard recommendations. 

    Generally, these types of horseshoe sets are durable, forged with metals, and are a tad expensive.

    On the other side of the coin, you have the casual horseshoes, and these are either plastic or rubber-based and aren't quite expensive.


    The final aspect you need to consider is your budget. The cost of the horseshoes varies significantly and is primarily based on quality.

    When selecting one for your needs, choose one that is within your budget range, and more importantly, one that will fulfil your pitching needs.


    1. What are the best horseshoes for pitching? If you are looking for fun play horseshoes, then Champion Sports Setis recommended. If you want to take the game a notch up the complexity level, St Pierre American Professional series helps you master the game.
    2. How many Horseshoes are in a horseshoe set? Usually, all the leading brands come up with four horseshoe sets and a couple of stakes, dowels and mats
    3. How much does a set of horseshoes cost? One set of equipment shouldn't set you back much. They are pretty inexpensive.


    There's a reason why pitching horseshoes has for long a time been an addictive American sport; horseshoe is exciting, easy to learn, and straightforward.

    Now, as you've already seen, there're numerous options in the market, all tailored for the varied pithing needs that you might have, and if you spend a little more time researching the products, you'll find one that will fit your needs.

    My only hope is that this guide will allow you to find a model that fits in your gameplay and one that s within your budget.

    Current Best Selling Horse Shoe Sets!

    Editor Notes:


    The Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set is still our best pick from the reviewed sets. It has maintained the top spot due to the ease of using the set, high-quality construction, and has a lot of components to help you with indoor and outdoor usage. It is designed for kids and adults but kids will find them more exciting due to the vibrant colors making it easy to see the target. 

    The set is quick and easy to set up for use. It is also cost-effective and will fit anywhere. Everything needed for easy setup is included in the package.

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