Ultimate Review Of Best Foot Spa In 2023

Girl Getting A Foot Spa

Most times, our feet suffer what is somehow similar to the wear and tear that machines go through. Even without an incident of complete breakdown, this important part of our body needs constant care. 

And that where the best foot spa massager machines come in. By reading through the foot spa reviews in this buying guide, you are most likely going to find one or two affordable options that suits your current budget. However, there are other important things to think through. 

Probably because of aging, dryness or arthritis, our feet do get swollen and tired sometimes. Just like you do take care of your body with home workout equipment, a great foot massager will help you keep your feet clean and health at all times. 

It doesn’t have to depend on seasons. At least for one thing, this part of our body carries a lot of weight on daily basis. Hence, taking care of your feet shouldn’t be a thing of chance. Interestingly, you must have seen the kind of difference that this simple machine can make for people that use it. There is a chance that you, the reader of this foot spa massager buying guide is an experienced user. 

Beside home users, there are people looking specifically for commercial grade machines to build up their foot spa salon. Regardless of the reason why you want to buy one, the following reviews got you covered. Just a moment to do your comparison. 

As simple as this tool can be to most people, there are some specific features that often make one practically different from the other. This is part of what we’ll be reviewing below. 

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Weight (Pounds)

Dimensions (Inches)





7.8 x 14.8 x 16.9


42 x 37 x 28

Other Great Recommendations


16 x 12 x 9.5




16.8 x 13.4 x 9.6

Benefits of Foot Spa Massage 

Especially for home users, there are people still wondering what the potential benefits of foot spa massage machine could be. Well, if you don’t buy one you won’t experience any of these. Before you read further, here is one thing I want you to note. The core benefits of can be as varying as the machines themselves. It is never the same purchase intent or use cases that brings everyone to market. Good examples include commercial foot spa machine and foot spa for home use. This is just a single example. Now, let’s look at what you could gain when you buy and keep this tool in your home or even when you chose to visit a salon regularly. 

Woman's legs in a foot spa

1. Improves Circulation 

When you combine the realities of stationary work life and tight shoes that we wear for long hours on daily basis, it becomes easy to see how our leg muscles don’t get much circulation. At other times, sitting at one place for long hours causes swollen feet as well. Unfortunately, incidents like these impeded seamless circulation. This is one scenario where a massage machine like this can add real value to your life. 

2. It Helps To Prevent Injuries 

In practical terms, constant massaging makes your feet more flexible. Add ankle exercises to this and you’ll be in a better position to prevent leg related injuries. According to some experts, this could as well help for quick recovery from existing injuries. 

3. Emotional Stress Relief 

The worst thing about stress is that you cannot see it how it happens or the outcome very easily. This is why it is hard for many people to detect chronic stress until severe symptoms begin to emerge. Fortunately, whatever the source of your emotion stress could be, constant use of foot spa for massaging will certainly help to bring your stress levels down. And you don’t need expert salons as these small machines can help you get the same benefits at home. 

4. Reduces The Effects of Edema 

This is the constant swelling of the foot that women experience during pregnancy. For some women, this can increase the level of stress and tiredness they experience from time to time. However, constant massaging with the best foot spa had been proven to help combat this condition. Obviously, everyone knows that women need to be in their best health state in order to deliver safely at the appropriate time. 

5. Get Better Sleep 

Beyond theories, another proven benefit of foot spa massage machine is related to how your sleep pattern and quality can improve when you start using it constantly. Even though this may be hard to notice by some people, the best option is to do your massage before bed time. This will put your mood in a relaxed mood. 

The Best Foot Spa In The Market For The Money (Reviewed & Compared)

Comfortology Aura Foot Spa Massager 

Through this Comfortology Aura foot spa massager review, you’ll find what made us put it as number one in the list. Among all the products reviewed here, this model comes on the top with its high-end features and affordable price. At least, the experience of past users is an evidence I found during research for this post. 

In comparison to what is obtainable from other competing counterparts, this particular product promises 30% faster heating. To ensure you get the exact level of temperature that is suitable for your needs, it comes with very easy to control systems. This is what makes it possible to experience impressive kind of warmth when you start making use of it. 

Comfortology Aura

During those moments when your feet get strained as a result of long walks or standing for long hours, the motorized rollers built into this machine perfectly soothing massage. 

Just like the temperature levels, you can also control the rollers with ease. Through its timer and smart buttons, you’ll always have a perfect view of the settings you choose. The other impressive thing is the intelligent memory system. In addition to the smart start technology, this machine will always remember your last preferred settings like temperature, massage strength and timing. 

Both for pleasure, relaxation and removal of dead cells, Comfortology Aura foot spa massager has been proven to deliver good value for money. Moreover, there is the leak proof seal which contributes to its long-lasting life span. 

Please note that this one doesn’t come with dry function. However, you can make use of oil or salt with it. It has lightweight sturdy design which requires 110 to start working in full capacity. 


  • Low operating noise 
  • Leak free seals 
  • Remote control 
  • Very easy to drain 
  • Overheating protection system 


  • Relatively bulky 

Check Comfortology Aura Price On Amazon

Conair Foot Spa With Vibration And Heat 

Perhaps, people that are specifically interested in the best foot spa for home use will find this one suitable enough. As you can see from the product image, it has sufficiently spacious pedicure spa basin that will make you relaxed during the massage process. On this particular model, massage vibration can be controlled easily easy toe touches. With the 6 ft (1.83 m) cord, you can be sure of using the machine anywhere in your home. 

Even though the foot spa is made mainly with plastic materials, it has dependable strong and sturdy design. The absence of water and air jets means you can use salt water without worries about getting the machine clogged. Unlike others in the buying guide, it doesn’t heat the water directly. Instead, you need to get moderate amount of water in order to start making use of it the way you want. 

Conair Foot Spa With Vibration And Heat

With this Conair foot spa, you can use ice to combat swelling and inflammation. When you soak in warm water, it could help you reduce tension as well. Remember what I said earlier about the benefits of foot spa massage machines. This one helps you to experience those benefits in practical terms. 

The main dimension of this product is about 7.5 x 14.6 x 16.6. In terms of weight, 1.8 pounds is all you have to carry around when required. In comparison, this one is lighter than Conair foot and pedicure spa with bubble which has about 4.2 pounds. 

Depending on where you choose to buy foot spa online or offline, you can find this product mostly in lavender and white colors. From my findings, it is one of the top sellers in its category. And that is why it was included here in the first place. To get started with it, you may decide to use Epsom salts and essential oils. 

If you are thinking about the water holding capacity, be informed that his one can only hold a liter and half. That’s what the 4.5 inches depth offers you. 


  • One of the best affordable foot spas 
  • Impressively long cord 
  • Useful nodes on the base 
  • Offers good value for money 


  • Doesn’t heat or warm water on its own 
  • Relatively loud vibration noise 

Check Conair Foot Spa Price On Amazon

Powmax Multifunction Foot Spa Massager 

Here is another great model that comes with interesting array of cool features. When you buy Powmax multifunction foot spa massager, you’ll experience some practical benefits like improved metabolism and relief from fatigue. The four-roller massage with air bubble makes these and other great benefits possible. 

On top of the machine, you’ll see a digital LED screen and very cool buttons. These are the core feature that makes it very easy to start and control. Since this one does the heating on its own, one of the main options here is the button setting that enable users to select the temperature level they want to use. On the highest level, the temperature level can get up to 50 Celsius. 

61PPowmax Multifunction

Even though it seems trivial to some people, having a basket design and handle makes it very easy to carry around. According to the manufacturer, this foot spa can hold up to 10L of warm heated water. The depth is measured to be 18 cm while its power cord is about 1.8m. 

To get it working at full capacity, this machine requires AC 220V. The major four applications include calf, leg, foot and aqua. Obviously, this is an electric foot spa, hence it doesn’t work with battery. 

Depending on your need, you may be on your way to eliminate spa salon fees completely when you buy this PowMax foot spa online or offline. As stated clearly in the user manual, please note that you can only use water on this one. Hence, there is no need for Epsom salt. Moreover, is important you understand that this model doesn’t have time because it is an automatic electric machine. 

On a further research, you may want to consider other models with timer. Some examples in this regard include Comfortology Aura, NursalIvation and LiveFine foot spa massager. Before you click the order button, try to confirm the warranty, return and replacement policy. As for price, you can find this machine selling around $100. 


  • Good for multi-function use cases 
  • Relatively more affordable than the ones reviewed above 
  • Impressive depth for holding good amount of water 


  • Doesn’t hold temperature for long time 

Check PowerMax MultiFunction Price On Amazon

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager 

From the very first impression, you’ll notice that this machine has convincingly exceptional design. With 11 speed and 3,700 RPM, you’ll have what it takes to achieve improved blood circulation in no time. It has rugged, flat surface design. Based on how powerful it is, you can easily find a level of intensity that is suitable for your personal needs and preferences. Among other things, it has been proven to work well for people diabetes or decreased circulation. 

Are you thinking about the best foot massager for painful joints and muscle tension relief? This is the number one model that comes top on the list. In additional to these things mentioned above, swelling and swollen feet can also bet combated with this rugged machine. 

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed

Based on the experiences of past users, it is advised that you should use this on carpeted floors. This will help you to avoid incidences of sliding off while in use. However, it comes with a kit for seamless usage on hardwood and tiled floors. It is also recommended that beginners should start with lower levels of intensity. As you get experienced and accustomed to it, you can increase the vibration speed gradually. 

Besides personal home uses, some doctors and physical therapy centers find this one to be exceptionally useful. Probably because of its high-powered features, it is a bit more expensive than all others contained within the foot spa reviews here. 

Like some others mentioned above, the required voltage is about 110v. Regardless of the use cases you want to buy this for, don’t forget to test all the features completely after arrival. Just so you know, this one doesn’t come with remote control. 


  • High performing power 
  • Offers varying health benefits 
  • Comes with a kit for usage on different floors 


  • Very much expensive 
  • Doesn’t have remote control 

Check MedMassager MMF06 11 Price On Amazon

NURSAL All-in-one Foot Spa Bath Massager 

For practically obvious reasons, there are people that are in the market with defined interest in the best foot spa massager under $100. Are you one of these people? If yes is your answer, here is another affordable machine you should give serious consideration. 

Beside the affordability factor, there are many features that make this model very interesting. First the bubble massage feature makes use of water wave and oxygen which reduces foot fatigue among users. Slightly higher than what you get from others are 11 massage rollers. This is part of what improves metabolism. Additionally, you are sure of noticeable improvement regarding blood circulation. 

NURSAL All-in-one

Even though the rollers are not the motorized type, NURSAL All-In-One offers its users a perfect kneading massage. Whether you are a first-time buyer or not, health safety is part of the paramount considerations when it comes to how foot spa works. In relation to this, this model comes with overheating and multi insulation protection. The key point is that you’ll be perfectly protected against electrical hazard while you are making use of this machine. 

During any message session, there won’t be any need to add hot water as the heating feature can give you what you want. To make it even more enjoyable, there is a control system built into this NURSAL foot spa. 

Whenever you are controlling its functions, the digital LED display screen will let you see the status of everything. In case you want to use this machine for a salon, this particular feature will make it easier to serve customers with varying preferences. 

Following through the user manual, all you have to do is plug it properly and add appropriate amount of water. Depending on your choice, you may want to turn on bubbling and heating separately. Assuming you have dry calloused feet, this particular one has been proven to work perfectly well for combating that. Once again, this is another model on which you can use Epsom salt without worries about clogging. 


  • Useful water waves and oxygen bubbles 
  • Maintains water temperature without electrical hazard 
  • Comes with 11 mini rollers that offer multiple health benefits 


  • Comparatively high price 

Check  NURSAL All-In-One Price On Amazon

Kendal All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager 

In terms of popularity among the top-rated foot spa reviews I have seen, Kendal has an enviable top position. Practically, this is based on the expert tests, ratings and statistics I found during my research. However, we all know that being a popular brand doesn’t equate quality products. But there are some factors that makes it worth considering when you are ready to make the purchase. 

From its deep compact design to high quality PTC semi-conductor, this product has many things going for it. According to some verified buyers, within 5 minutes or less you could have heated water ready for use during your massage session. 

Kendal All In One Bath

If you are looking for affordable foot spa massager that can maintain preferred water temperature for a long time, Kendal All In One is for you. Regarding affordability, prospective buyer that have under $100 budget will definitely find it affordable. Unlike most of the other competing models here, it doesn’t have the control feature to cool or control water temperature. All you have to do is turn of the machine for a little while. 

One outstanding feature that sets this one apart is the dual drainage system. First, you can use the hose holder to drain manually. Then secondly, you’ll have the option use auto self-drain. 

Once again, the required voltage is 110v while wattage is 380 watts. At 60Hz, you should expect a high frequency massage from this machine. The maximum water holding capacity is about 4.5 liters. In addition to all of these, it comes with four casters that make it easy to move around. 

Regarding most of these features mentioned above, the other models that comes really close are from BelmintLiveFine and Arealer foot spa massager. Interestingly, these others are priced slightly higher. 


  • Keeps water warm for longer time 
  • Dual draining options 
  • Perfect fit for all fit sizes 
  • High vibration frequency 


  • Lacks temperature control system 

Check Kendall All In One Price On Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of using a foot spa? 

There are so many mental, emotional and physical health benefits of using a foot spa. As noted in the earlier section of this foot spa massager buying guide, you can experience thing like improved blood circulation, lower fatigue, removal of dead cells, relaxation and better sleep. 

Legs prepped for foot massage

Can you use Epsom salt in foot spa? 

Yes, but not in all of them. To get even clearer answer, refer to the reviews above and you’ll see indication of the models that can make use of Epsom salt without clogging the machine. 

What I put in my foot spa water? 

Epsom salt, lemon juice, rosemary, lavender oil and many more. 

Can you put essential oils in a foot spa? 

Yes you can, by adding essential oils to Epsom salt water, you can soften dry feet and even remove dead cells. 

Where can I buy foot spa? 

All the products reviewed here are available for purchase from Amazon, the number trusted global retailer of all type of products. From this retailer, you are sure of perfect shopping experience as well as good return policies. 


Having arrived at this point, you don’t have to look further for the best foot spa massagers within your current budget. Like I have highlighted in the previous sections, an interesting number of products in this list can be found under $100. This means that affordability may not be an issue. Obviously, these same products are sold at different price points. 

Regardless of the exact features that matter to you more than all others, you are definitely going to find all of them from one of these products. Through these reviews, you now have what is required to make informed foot spa comparison. This will make it possible for you to determine what makes one better than the other. 

Finally, if you move from this page straight to Amazon, please endeavor to test all features of the one you buy immediately it arrives in your home or office. 

Editor Notes:

Wrap Up: Our Choice

All the foot spas in the above list are reputable products, and you won’t regret purchasing any of them to take care of your legs. They come with various features that will give you the best relaxing effect and leave your feet feeling fresh. 

If you want to get the best foot spa from our list to take care of your feet, we recommend you go for the Kendal All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager. It has everything you’d be looking for in a foot spa. 

For instance, you’ll love its versatility as it offers you different modes of taking care of your feet. You can activate the soothing bubbles, the vibration massage, and the heat therapy. It also has rare features that you might not get in other competing products. For example, while other spas work by maintaining the water's temperature, the Kendal All In One Foot Spa Bath Massager heats the water up. 

It also comes with removable massage rollers for both feet, and it offers the best relief for your feet. 

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