Where Is the Cult Artifact in Fortnite?

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How to Find the Cult Artifact in Fortnite

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Fortnite is an online game released in 2017 by Epic Games Developers. With a wide array of game mode versions, players get introduced to new challenges like finding the Cult Artifact. Cult Artifact is an all-matte black-colored item resembling a miniature Spire Tower.

Fortnite players can find Cult Artifacts near the main Spire in Fortnite. Get to the Spire Tower and go up one of the zip lines leading to a building below the tower. When you get off the zipline and walk into the building, you’ll see the Cult Artifact next to a small bench in a corner. The artifact glows in blue, hence easily visible.

Locating the Cult Artifact will help you earn a tremendous amount of XP. Thus, if you are struggling to figure out where to find these cult artifacts, here is a comprehensive guide to locations where to find them!

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Cult Artifact in Fortnite

A cult artifact is a mysterious object appearing in Fortnite. It glows blue and seems connected to dark forces. Fortnite players must find the Cult Artifact to continue with their Fortnite Lore.

You can interact with the Cult Artifact by holding down the Square button on your PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch. When a white circle surrounds the button prompt on-screen, you’ll have successfully acquired the Artifact.

Where to Find the Cult Artifact in Fortnite

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Where to Find The Cult Artifact in Fortnite?

Retrieving the Cult Artifacts can be challenging, but with the knowledge of where to find them, players can efficiently complete the task. Cult Artifacts appear in varying locations around the Island. Here is a detailed description of the locations;

The Spire

Retrieve the Cult Artifact from the Spire by heading to the southern area. Look for two parallel zip lines and take one of the zip lines up towards the top of the building. Enter the structure via the door underneath a torn tapestry.

The artifact appears at the right corner of the far wall, sitting next to the table. The artifact glows blue and looks like a tree branch with a crystal on it. Watch this video to know where to find the Cult Artifact.

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Purpose of the Cult Artifact in Fortnite

The purpose of the Cult Artifact in Fortnite is to channel the dark energy of the storm and use it to fuel the rituals of the Cult. The Artifact is deemed to be infused with the storm’s power. The cult uses it to absorb the storm’s dark energy.

The Cult uses the Artifact to perform sacrifices and other dark rituals to gain power over the storm. The Artifact also creates powerful weapons and armor for the Cult’s members.

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Interacting with the Cult Artifact

The Cult Artifact is intractable; therefore, once you approach it, you’ll receive the following prompt commands: 

  • Inspect: This will allow you to look closer at the Artifact and see a message that says, “This does not belong here.”
  • Place Down: This will allow you to place the Artifact on the surface. The Artifact will generate purple energy orbs you can collect. When collected, these orbs will give you a temporary speed boost and heal any nearby players for ten health points each.
  • Destroy: This will cause the Artifact to explode and damage any players or structures nearby. 

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Effects of Interacting with the Cult Artifact

When players interact with the Cult Artifact in the game, some report effects like feeling more connected to the game world, more influential, and more confident. However, some people feel uneasy and uncomfortable interacting with the Cult Artifact.

Interaction with the Cult Artifact

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Finding and Using the Cult Artifact in Fortnite

The Cult Artifact is a powerful item in Fortnite that players can use to improve and earn XP and give players an edge over their opponents. It also allows players to progress through the game by giving them access to new abilities and items, complete quests, and unlock new areas. Here are some tips for finding and using the Cult Artifact:

  1. Find the Cult Artifact in various locations around the map. Look for it in chests, supply drops, and other loot sources.
  2. Once you find it, you need to use it wisely. Use it to improve your game and give yourself an advantage over your opponents.
  3. You can use The Cult Artifact to purchase items from the Fortnite store. Use it to buy things that will help you win the game.
  4. You can also use the Cult Artifact to level up your character. Use it to gain experience and level up quickly.

Whenever playing Fortnite and want to avoid elimination, ensure you’re well-armed and have plenty of ammunition. Stay aware of your surroundings and be ready to defend yourself if necessary. And lastly, keep moving and stay out of the line of fire.

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Finding a Cult Artifact is one of the challenges Fortnite players engage in. You can find the Cult Artifacts in various locations around the map. Familiarize yourself with the mentioned locations, and you’ll have a better chance of finding the powerful artifact.


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