Where Are IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8?

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An IO Guard in Fortnite Season 8

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First introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, the IO Guards have reappeared in Season 8. Your formidable foes, these armored Guards are highly skilled, posing a significant threat to every player who crosses their path. They spawn in various locations throughout the map and drop valuable loot when defeated. 

Knowing the locations of these IO Guards is crucial for completing challenges and leveling up yourself in Season 8. So, where are the IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8?

IO Guards usually spawn in random locations in Season 8, such as Corny Complex, Catty Corner, Dirty Docks, Retail Row, and Believer Beach. But there are also other places where you can find them, depending on various factors, such as the player’s activity, game mode, time of the day, etc.

In this article, I’ll explore all major locations where IO Guards can be found in Fortnite Season 8 and provide tips and strategies to take them down. So, are you ready for the fight? 

Understanding IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8

IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8 are a type of non-playable character (NPC) that belongs to a secret organization working to contain the alien threat. They spawn at different locations throughout the map.  

Here are some of the characteristics and behaviors of these IO Guards. 


IO Guards don a distinctive black & white uniform with helmets covering their faces, making them difficult to identify.


IO Guards are heavily armored with a variety of weapons, including assault rifles, pistols, and grenades. As a result, they deal significant damage to you, especially if they are in groups.


Being hostile, they will attack you on sight. In addition, IO Guards are intelligent and well-coordinated in their attacks to take down their opponents in no time. Beware! 


IO Guards enjoy a high-health pool and can withstand significant damage before getting eliminated. But note that they have special powers to heal themselves and each other. So, the battle won’t end soon! 

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Where to Find IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8

Different IO Guards Locations On The Map

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Despite knowing that their spawns are random, here are some important points/locations to check out for IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8.

  • IO Outposts: Typically small bases, these IO outposts are marked by a white icon throughout the map. IO Guards usually spawn here, patrolling the area.
  • Corny Complex: You’ll encounter a large number of IO Guards at the Corny Complex, including the Elite IO Guards laced with more health and better loot.
  • Believer Beach: This location also has a large number of IO Guards, including Elite IO Guards.
  • Retail Row: The IO Guards patrol the area around the buildings and shops in Retail Row. 
  • Dirty Docks: You can also use the IO Guards around the warehouses and shipping containers in Dirty Docks.
  • Craggy Cliffs: The cliffs and beach in Craggy Cliffs are home to some IO Guards as well. 
  • Steamy Stacks: Check the large power plant in Steamy Stacks for more powerful IO Guards and rare loots.
  • Hydro 16: IO Guards can be found around the dam at Hydro 16 as well.

Some crucial factors that affect the spawn rate of IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8 are the location on the map, player activity, game mode, time of the day, and random number generation. 

Tip: IO Guards are more likely to spawn during the night in competitive game modes than in casual game modes. 

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Significance of IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8

Dressed in black and white suits, the IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8 hold a lot of significance. Below are a few of them.

Loot Rare Weapons & Gold Bars

Amazing & Rare Weapons Dropped by IO Guards

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IO Guards look after rare weapons and gold bars in Fortnite. Thus, when eliminated, you can loot and use them to purchase items from NPCs throughout the map. This gives you the incentive to engage with these NPCs and take them out.  

Tip: Watch this video to understand how to eliminate the IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8.

Amazing Sources of Information 

IO Guards are a goldmine of information, providing useful information about upcoming storms and other events. You can use this information to chalk out your strategy and navigate the map more effectively. 

Makes Gameplay More Engaging 

Being one of the powerful opponents in Season 8 of Fortnite, special skills and enhanced strategies are required to defeat the IO Guards. This adds an extra layer of difficulty to your game and makes it challenging and engaging – exactly what every seasoned player craves. 

Develop a Better Sense of the Map’s Layout 

Last but not least, IO Guards are often seen patrolling key areas of the map to counterattack potential threats. This helps players develop a better sense of the map and decipher where certain items or resources might be found. 

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How to Increase the Chances of Finding IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8?

After reading about the significance of IO Guards, I’m sure you would want to increase your chances of finding them. Right? Here are my favorite tactics to do so.

Visit the Aftermath

You’re more likely to find the IO Guards in The Aftermath, a new Point of Interest (POI) added in Fortnite Season 8. Visit this location to encounter more IO Guards.

Look for Patrol Areas 

Since IO Guards typically patrol specific areas of the map, you must pay attention to these patrol areas to capture them. One of the main areas is The Aftermath. 

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Listen for Audio Cues

If you didn’t know, IO Guards emit a distinct sound when nearby. It’s similar to a motorized vehicle’s sound. Listen to this audio to determine if IO Guards are nearby. If yes, shoot them! 

Engage in Quests

Some Fortnite Season 8 quests involve interacting with IO Guards or taking them out. Completing these quests increases your chances of finding IO Guards, besides rewarding you with valuable loot. 

Visit High-traffic Areas

Lastly, don’t forget to look for the IO Guards in high-traffic areas, such as around popular loot locations or near the edges of the storm circle. Check these areas frequently to increase your chances of encountering IO Guards.

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Where Are IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8: FAQs

Can You Find IO Guards in Season 8?

Yes, you can find IO Guards in Season 8 of Fortnite. Refer to the above locations to find them. 

Where Can I Find an IO Guard in Fortnite?

You can find IO Guards in various locations across the map in Fortnite. For example, the IO Bases, satellite stations, and underground bunkers. Don’t miss the popular landmarks, such as Corny Complex, Hydro 16, Craggy Cliffs, etc. 

How Do I Get Rid of IO Guards in Season 8?

You can get rid of IO Guards in Season 8 of Fortnite by engaging in combat or using stealth to avoid them altogether. Use a suitable strategy when fighting these heavily armed IO Guards, to avoid any damage. Alternatively, you can try to sneak past them by using disguises or distractions to avoid confrontation.

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That’s all. Knowing these spawn locations of IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8 gives you an edge in your gameplay. Located in various points across the Fortnite Season 8 map, these IO Guards, part of the Imagined Order, try to keep the island safe from outside threats. 

Some popular IO Guards locations in the game include Corny Complex, Hydro 16, and Craggy Cliffs. Since these Guards are heavily armed and able to cause a lot of damage, you should brace yourself for a tough fight when taking them on.  However, defeating them is very rewarding and helps you progress in the game with powerful weapons, rare loot, and more.


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