Where Are Choppas in Fortnite?

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Where Are the Choppas in Fortnite

In chapter 3, season 2, the Fortnite Choppas start near the main outpost buildings compared to when they would begin at helipads. Here Choppas spawns at various locations on the Seven Outposts around the battle of royales map, with five helicopters available in each match.

So, if you wonder where Choppas are in Fortnite, you will find them in the following locations along the edge of the battle royale island:

  1. Seven Outpost I on the southwest hill of Greasy Grove
  2. Seven Outpost II in the northwest of Logjam Lumberyard
  3. Seven Outpost III along the northeast coast of The Daily Bugle
  4. Seven Outpost IV on the south of Condo Canyon bridge
  5. Seven Outpost V on the northwest of Camp Cuddle river

Fortnite Choppas assist the player in increasing the speed to traverse in any direction. The Choppas carry five occupants, four players, and one driver. Although the Choppas don’t have weaponry, players can use their weapons and superpowers.

In this article, we will look at how Choppas in Fortnite battle royale contribute to helping players with problem-solving skills. Join us as we discover various locations to find Choppas in Fortnite, their effectiveness in the game, and how to interact with them.

What Is Fortnite?

What Is Fortnite

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Fortnite is an online video game where players join forces to survive in an open-world setting. The players battle other characters who are either under the game’s control or other players’ control.

The game has several modes, which include:

  • Single-player or co-operative mode known as “Save the World” requires players to fight off zombie-like creatures
  • The standalone mode is “Battle of Royale,” a free-to-play multiplayer platform. At most, 100 players enter the online game to compete individually or as a squad of four maximum and fight to be the last player left alive in the battle arena.
  • In the creative mode, players create content on their islands and play mini-games. Here players make their own rules and characters as per their liking.

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What Are Choppas in Fortnite?

Choppas in Fortnite are airborne vehicles/helicopters that allow players to pass through the Island inside their aerial cockpits, avoiding ground encounters. These Choppas carry a maximum of five, including the driver allowing player squads to travel as a team.

Choppa Airborne Vehicle

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The Choppas in Fortnite have no artillery, but the passengers’ can equip themselves with weapons. Characters can fire the weapons from the side of the Choppas.

The Choppas contains 1,500 health, making it more robust than Battle Bus and Tanks. Their boost functionality allows it to move horizontally in any direction. The boost also enables the driver to smash through structures.

When you turn on the Choppas loudspeaker function, it plays a classical song, “Ride of the Valkyries,” composed by Richard Vagner.

When the Choppa’s opponents destroy the Choppa, or its fuel runs out, it falls to the ground exploding and causing sudden death. These Choppas/aerial vehicles are hard to locate since there are few spawns in each match.

Purpose of Choppas in Fortnite Game

Although Choppas have no use for fighting, they help carry around squad members, making it easier for them to fire weapons from inside. They also offer the quickest way to cross through different locations on the map.

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Where to Find Choppas in Fortnite?

Here are some locations where you can find Fortnite Choppas:

Catty Corner

You can locate it on the northwestern tower, a helipad’s middle fortress. Also, there is another one a bit east on the Rickety Rig. The third one is in the southeastern corner of the snowy peak.

The Authority

You can locate a helipad on the east side of The Rig and the northwest side of The Shark Base. Also, in Pleasant Park, at the old soccer and in the center of The Grotto.

The Fortilla

A helipad in the northwestern tower, down south, of the Fortilla.

Stark Industries

You will find a Choppa between Shadow safe house and Echo at Lazy Lake Island near the Weather Station.

Dirty Docks

You will find a helipad directly to the south of the Grotto

Sweaty Sands

You will find a Choppa spawn location northwest of the map on a small island south of Sweaty Sands. Also, the field north of Holly Hedges is south of Sweaty Sands.

Frenzy Farm

you can find it near a gas station in the G3 and G4 squares of East of Frenzy Farm. Also, towards the west of the station, a field doubles as a helipad.

Coral Castle

You can locate the Choppas on the three rings at the coral castle. At the top central castle, the north building, and the eastern mountain.

The Shark

Players can find the Shark’s Choppa at B1 square of the grid-base map in the northwestern corner.

Slurpy Swamp

You will locate Choppas at the Purple Bridge north of Slurpy Swamp.

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What Do Choppas Do in Fortnite?

The Choppas grant the players matchless mobility when moving around the map. Getting a Choppa earlier in the game gives you a higher chance to loot multiple locations. It also gives you a higher chance of quickly breaking into the shrinking Storm.

Some of the achievements you will get while using a Choppa in Fortnite are as follows:

  • Though the Choppas have weaponry squad players riding them, they can look out and shoot out from the sides. For players in solo modes, they can only use them to traverse around the map
  • You can use a loudspeaker to alert people around your vicinity in a nod to Apocalypse
  • It allows you to hover in the air once and watch out for your rivals as they take shots

Effects of Using Choppas in the Fortnite Game

The Choppas are very useful for players to travel around. Any player can operate them and carry the entire squad away from the Storm. The Choppa also boosts its functionality, as in other ground-based Fortnite vehicles. The Choppas give players a chance to outrun their opponents in the following ways:

  • It gives a player a better position to fire upon an enemy player who attempts to ram or damage your choppa
  • It gives a player advantage over enemy players by using boogie Bombs to eject them from their helicopters
  • Allows players to shoot Harpoon guns at their opponents to pull them out of their vehicles or other Choppas.
  • Give players more access to bring down opponents’ Choppas by aiming for the rotors using  Anvil Rocket Launchers. The launchers cause a mid-air explosion damaging a Choppa immediately and earning the player elimination results.

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Tips on How to Operate Choppas at Optimal Level

Operating Fortnite Choppa is similar to any other vehicle; the exception is that you can ascend and descend. 

While inside the Choppa, use the ‘shoot’ button to fly higher and the ‘aim’ button to fly lower. Use your normal walking controls to maneuver around.

To get short boosts, use the ‘build’ button and the reload/interact button while exiting the Choppa press, the reload/interact button. Although the Choppa has no built-in weapons, you can change seats and use the weapons in your inventory.

Please keep track of Choppa’s fuel levels by checking the gas gauge on the screen to prevent it from crashing. Ensure to dodge and throw your opponent’s aims off since the Choppa is vulnerable to shots.

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Tips for Finding and Using Choppas in Fortnite

Once you reach the game’s funding goal, Choppas will constantly appear. You will find Choppa funding stations at each of the Seven Outpost landmarks. Currently, there are six Outposts available on the outskirts of the Island. A Choppa appears immediately when a player funds a station.

How to Interact With Choppas in Fortnite

Once the pilot enters the Choppa, he starts the engine, and while in the air, you can use the shoulder buttons to maneuver through the sky. Using the B button on your Xbox or the circle button on your PlayStation, you can boost your Choppa.

If you want to fly higher, use the ‘shoot’ button and go lower using the ‘aim’ button. The Choppa has a loud sound, but you make it louder by activating a loudspeaker to alert people of your presence.

Best Time to Interact With Choppas

Since the Choppas’ locations are at the edges of the Island, the best time to reach them is before the Storm closes in and swallows them.

Due to the minimal number of Choppas available, the competition is high. To successfully secure a Choppa try and pursue the locations away from the battle bus.

How to Avoid Elimination While Using Choppas

Here are some ways to avoid elimination by opponents in Fortnite while using Choppas:

  • Use Loot Vaults- fly the Choppa to a POI with a Loot Vault, get out of the Choppa, break the floor above the vault, and then build a wall around the Choppa, the floor you broke. Get inside and loot battle items and weapons from the Loot Vault before other players access them. With all those, you will have a stock of weapons, XP, loot, medical kits, and other essential valuables to use in the battle.
  • Use Choppa blades to eliminate opponents.
  • Use shotguns while on the side of the Choppas and fire on opponents
  • Use rare, typical, and epic weapons to eliminate opponents

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Where Are Choppas in Fortnite FAQs

How Can You Get Choppa in Blox Fruits?

In Blox Fruits, a Choppa is a rare accessory in the form of a hat. You can obtain it if you get a 25% chance after you defeat a Sea Beast.

Where Do Helicopters Spawn in GTA 5?

The best place to get a helicopter in GTA 5 is the LSIA. It is the biggest airport with the most helicopters available in the game.

Are Choppas Back in Fortnite Chapter 3?

With Epic players’ desperation for helicopters, they are back in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, after the first introduction in Chapter 2, Season 2.

What Is a Fortnite Choppa Glider?

Fortnite Choppa glider is a rare epic Glider from the tropic troopers set in Fortnite. You can buy it from the item shop for 1200 V-Bucks.

What Are the Fortnite Toys?

Fortnite Toys are interactive cosmetic emotes that players interact with by throwing and colliding in any direction. Players can obtain them from the item shop or battle pass. Such toys include basketballs, bounce balls, bottle flips, beach balls, flying discs, etc. 

What Is a Fortnite Plane?

A Fortnite plane is a fighter flying vehicle in the Battle Royale game X-4 Stormwing that carries four passengers in the wings and a pilot in the cockpit. It vaults in Patch 8.00.

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With almost a dozen helipads around the Fortnite map, players can find Choppas to help them quickly maneuver. Although the spots do not always spawn a Choppa, they are ideal for players to use instead of the Battle Bus.

After the end of Chapter 4, Season 1, Fortnite players eagerly wait for a new season. The new season that is about to launch is called Mega, but the developer is yet to reveal any details. However, we should expect radical changes from the past seasons to shake things up.


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