TrackR vs Tile – What’s the Difference (Simple Answer!)

TrackR vs Tile

In this post, we compare the two best Bluetooth trackers - TrackR vs Tile...

Do you keep losing your valuable items? Are you having a hard time remembering where you last placed your keys? If you’re like the average person who places their wallet, keys, or phone, anywhere at home, then you’re probably prone to losing them every once in a while. 

Fortunately, there are Bluetooth trackers that can help you look for your most valuable items within a range of at least 100 feet. Sounds like a must-have right? If you’re wondering what Bluetooth tracker to choose, you can use this post to know more about Tile and TrackR. These two devices can help you track your things. 

All About TrackR


As mentioned earlier, the TrackR is a Bluetooth tracker that monitors where your items are; even better, it notifies you if you’re out of range to track your items. 

So how does it work? Based on its name, TrackR works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. The TrackR comes with small objects that you attach to your valuables like phones, keys, passports, etc., and you can find its whereabouts when you look for the item on your app. 

Yes, you read that right - there is a phone app for your TrackR. How else will you be able to find your lost items, right? To get you started, you should first place the TrackR to the items you will be monitoring. Usually, these are your most important and high-value items. When they’re all attached, you download the app and check if you can find all the items you just connected. The app will guide you where it is and will show indicators when you’re out of range. 

Two Types of TrackR

Did you know that TrackR has more than one model? If you didn’t, now is the chance because you’ll eventually end up deciding among the two types of TrackR. The two types are called TrackR Bravo and TrackR Pixel.

The Trackr Pixel is the more sophisticated version of the Bravo. It comes in 9 colors, but more importantly, it has a louder sound, so it’s easier for you to hear where your things are. The tracking device is smaller too, so if you want something that doesn’t clash with the design of your things, then the Pixel is a better choice.

All About Tile


What about Tile? Since the Tile works the same way with the TrackR, then understanding the concept behind how it works is going to be easy for you. The Tile is also a Bluetooth-enabled tracking device that you manage and track from your phone. The tracking devices still need to be attached to your things, though. 

How you track your device in Tile is slightly different from how you would in TrackR. To help you find your things, you will go to the Map section of the app (they also have a tablet/iPad app). There, you’ll see the last location of, say, your wallet. And just like navigating in a map, the map tracks if you are near or far from your wallet. Once you’re near, you can now activate the alarm by clicking the ‘Find’ button on the screen.

Four Types of Tile

The Tile has four versions of its first model and they’re meant to match different kinds of customers - sporty, fashionable, etc. The four types of Tile are Tile Mate, Tile Slim, Tile Style, and Tile Sport. Judging from the names of the last two models, they’re the ones for fashionable and sporty people, respectively.

Of course, the design is not the only thing different. The Tile Mate and the Tile Slim are both waterproof with a rating of IP57. The Tile Style and the Tile Sport, however, have improved on this with a waterproof rating of IP68. Now that’s a big improvement, which is why people would prefer to buy the latest Tile models. To add to that, the newer models are so much louder because instead of the 88 decibels the older models make, the other two can go as loud as 98. 

TrackR and Tile - the Similarities

What does both Tile and TrackR have? Since they’re both Bluetooth tracking devices, they are bound to have similarities. And that’s a good thing. Whatever you buy, they’re going to give you the minimum features that every Bluetooth tracking device should have. 

Here are some of the similarities. 

  • Both are used with a mobile app

The two are operated using a mobile app. You can also download the app on your tablet or iPad and it works the same way. For both brands, you have to download the app first and do the set up there. You can’t set them up manually, though. 

  • Both have alarm sounds to indicate where your devices are

When you’re near your item, the app will show that you’re within range. When you’re near enough, you can activate the sound so that you can hear where the object is.

  • Both should be attached to your things

How will your things be tracked if no device is attached to it? That’s the reason why both require you to attach their tracking device. You can’t simply track your keys without anything attached to it. Sure, it works for your phone, but for non-smart items, you have to go manual by placing a tracking device on it. 

TrackR and Tile - the Differences

TrackR and Tile Differences

Even if they do the same thing, the TrackR and the Tile are very different from each other. Here are some key differences that you should know. 

  1. TrackR has replaceable batteries, Tile does not. 

This is probably the most striking difference between the two - the TrackR has replaceable batteries and the Tile doesn’t. What does that mean? Since you can’t replace the Tile’s batteries, you won’t be able to use them. Therefore, whenever the batteries run out, you have to buy a new Tile. Although the company offers a discount for replacement purposes, it’s not that affordable and convenient to do. 

  1. Tile is waterproof, TrackR is not.

All Tile models are waterproof with the older models having a rating of IP57 and the newer models with IP68. They’re great if you plan to bring your things to the beach or to the pool. It’s also a good safety precaution. The same can’t be said for the TrackR because both the TrackR Pixel and the TrackR Bravo are not waterproof. 

  1. Tile has a range of 200 feet while TrackR has a range of 100 feet. 

Unfortunately, both of TrackR’s devices can only detect up to 100 feet. Farther from that and your things won’t be detected. Don’t worry, the app will tell you if you’re out of range. 

As for the Tile, not all of its models have a range of 200 feet. The newer models, the Tile Style and the Tile Sport are the ones with a 200-feet range while the older two models have a 100-feet range. 

  1. TrackR allows for geofencing, while Tile does not. 

What’s geofencing? Geofencing is when your phone or gadget notifies you if you have entered a particular area. Remember when the TrackR can tell you if you’re out of range? That’s geofencing. Sadly, the Tile models don’t have that. 

  1. TrackR is circular, Tile is squared.

Don’t forget the design. The TrackR is circular and it’s smaller than any of the Tile models. On the other hand, the Tile models are squared with a small hook on the top left corner. 

Which Should You Buy?

trackr vs tile which to get

It all comes down to what brand or model you should get. Since the two brands have very different pros and cons, deciding which to get is easy. 

First, ask yourself if you can do without waterproof protection. If you can, then you can buy the TrackR. Both the Pixel and the Bravo are not waterproof. However, if you want your tracking devices to be more protected, then all the Tile models are a great alternative.

Second, do you want to buy new models every year? Can your budget shoulder it? If you can and the inconvenience of replacing all your tracking devices is not a big deal, then you should choose the Tile. But if the inconvenience is too much especially when replacing them all the time is costly, then the more economical choice is the TrackR. Plus, the TrackR only needs fully-charged batteries to work. 

Lastly, do you need the geofencing feature? This is something you can decide on your own. If you feel that the geofencing feature will help you know if you can’t track your things, then the TrackR is the only choice you have here. If it’s only a nice-to-have feature, then you can get the Tile models.


Both are amazing brands but if you’re looking for a waterproof tracking device that has a longer Bluetooth range, then the obvious answer is the Tile. You just have to contend with replacing them every year and paying more than you would if you bought a TrackR. However, if you prefer something smaller, more affordable, and more convenient to use, you should get the TrackR. It has a rechargeable battery and a geofencing feature.

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