Sonos Play 3 vs Sonos Play 5 – Which One Is Better?

Nowadays, it is not enough to have a speaker that offers you high-quality sound. There has been a lot of technological advancements in the speaker world such that today you have speakers that are Bluetooth compatible, wireless, and so on. As such, when you go to the market, there is so much to look out for apart from just quality sound.

When talking about quality speakers in the market today, you cannot fail to mention Sonos products. Apart from an elegant design, the Sonos speakers are known for their high-quality sounds and advanced features. You can also use the Sonos speakers on their own, or you can use them as part of a more sophisticated sound system. In either way, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best.

There are many speakers under the Sonos brand. We want to take a close look at two models of the Sonos speakers, which are Sonos Play 3 and Sonos Play 5. We will look at their similarities, differences, and their unique features and then announce our winner at the end to assist you in making an informed decision.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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1 tweeter, 2 mid-woofers, bass radiator

3 tweeters, 3 mid-woofers




Dimensions (inches)

5.2 x 10.6 x 6.3

8.03 x 14.33 x 6.06

Weight (Kg)




WiFi, ethernet, Apple AirPlay

WiFi, ethernet, Apple AirPlay, audio line in (3.5 mm)


Touch controls for volume, previous/next, play/pause, LED indicator

Buttons for volume, play, pause, LED indicator

Sound Quality




Things In Common Between Sonos Play 3 And Sonos Play 5

sonos speaker on table

A smart speaker should allow you to listen to your music from your favorite music streaming services, and Play 3 and Play 5 allow you access to over 80 music streaming services all over the world. The two speakers come with an app that offers you one app control to access all your favorite music from one single app instead of multiple logins.

The smart speakers have a smart functionality that allows you to use your voice to control the speaker through the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. It becomes very convenient when you can change the music playing using your voice command only.

If you are not technically gifted, it might be a problem to set up devices and have them up and running. Not so with the Sonos Play 3 and Sonos Play 5 smart speakers as they support setup over WiFi where you can use the mobile app and install the speakers using the 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g wireless connection.

The two speakers are known for their powerful bass that makes music vibrant. But to make things even better, Play 3 and Play 5 come with bass and treble controls that allow you to fine-tune the sound quality so that you can have the best music listening experience just the way you like it.

Many speakers in the market support either mono or stereo audio formats. However, Sonos Play 3 and Sonos Play 5 support both formats such that when you put the speaker in a vertical position, it will give you a mono sound, when you put it in the horizontal position, you get a stereo sound.

One feature that puts these speakers ahead of the others is Trueplay technology. Ordinarily, the sound of a speaker may be affected by the environment that it is in. For the Sonos speakers, they analyze the makeup of the environment so that they can give the best possible sound.

Let us now take a look at each speaker with its features.

Sonos Play 3        

Sonos Play 3


Sonos Play 3 comes at the cost of $299.


A smart speaker needs to have an eye-catching and attractive design so that the customers can notice it. Sonos Play 3 has a well-built attractive design that blends well with other items in your house.

The speaker is available in black and white colors, and on top, you will get three buttons that you can use to change the volume or mute the speaker.

The speaker is mid-sized and can fit in many spaces in your house, including in the bookshelf.

It also comes with sensors that help to detect its position so that if you keep it vertically, it will give a mono sound, and if you put it horizontally, it activates the stereo mode.


One thing that makes Sonos Play 3 very convenient is that it allows you to control it using your voice through the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

If you are a DIY type of person, Sonos Play 3 is your speaker. You do not need to be very technically savvy for you to set up the speaker as all you have to do is download the mobile app and then follow the instructions in it to install the speaker in a process that will take you about 5 minutes.

For most speakers, you only get either a mono sound format or a stereo one. But Sonos Play 3 is versatile enough to offer you the two modes depending on the position you put it, whether vertically or horizontally.

Ordinarily, the sound that speakers offer is affected by its environment, such as the furniture in a room and so on. When you buy the Sonos Play 3 smart speaker, it comes with a Trueplay feature that enables it to analyze its environment so that it offers the highest quality of sound.

With one app, you can control all your music needs, including tracking down your favorite music, increasing and reducing the volume, and other settings even when you are not in the same room with the speaker. Plus, if your friends and family members also have the Sonos app, they can also use it with your speaker.

When you get the Sonos Play 3, you get three integrated speakers- a tweeter, two midrange drivers and a bass radiator.


  • WiFi support
  • Amazon Alexa compatible
  • Mobile app control
  • Allows music from over 100 streaming services
  • You can control the bass and the treble
  • Can fit in most spaces in your house including the bookshelf
  • Elegant and attractive design
  • Trueplay feature
  • Easy installation process
  • High-quality sound


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No auxiliary input

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Sonos Play 5

Sonos Play 5


With $499.00, you will get the Sonos Play 5, which comes with some advanced features.


Sonos Play 5 has a classic design that makes it a great addition to your room. It is also available in black and white colors so that you can pick the one that easily blends with other items in your home.

In terms of size, Sonos Play 5 has a compact design that does not take up too much space in your room.  It is also lightweight, which makes it easy for you to carry it around your house.


Sonos Play 5 has a solid plastic body construction that makes it not only sturdy but also long-lasting. 

The speakers offer you three mid-woofers so that you can get a deep and rich bass while listening to your favorite tunes even at high volumes.

When it comes to controls, Sonos Play 5 is designed to make it easy for you to access the touch-sensitive controls, and they sit on either side. The controls are highly sensitive so that a tap or a swipe in the right place will deliver an immediate response. A swipe from one side to another will skip a track, right increases the volume while left decreases the volume. The smart sensors help detect the orientation of the speaker so that the volume controls are always in a logical direction.

You will not have a problem setting up Sonos Play 5 smart speakers as it has a very straightforward installation process. All you have to do is ensure that you plug the speaker and then choose a network configuration, whether wireless or Ethernet connection to your router. Download the Sonos mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android devices and then follow the simple installation instructions that follow.

Sonos Play 5 can also use a line-in from another audio source that can play with one speaker or with a pair.

What’s more? If your room has a challenging layout with furniture and other objects on the way, it may be a challenge for ordinary speakers to produce the best sound in such circumstances. Well, not so for Sonos Play 5 as the Sonos app comes with an automatic sound tuning system known as Trueplay that ensures the speaker produces the best sound even for rooms with obstacles.

Using the Sonos app, you get access to almost every music streaming service available, including Amazon Play Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, and so on so that you can enjoy your music just the way you like it.

Did we mention that you can use your voice to command the speakers? Sonos Play 5 supports Amazon Alexa so that you can use your voice to give voice commands.

The speakers offer you both the mono and stereo mode, depending on the position you put them.

The Play 5 speaker has six audio drivers that enable it to produce a rich sound even at high volumes without losing its sound dynamics.

Allegedly, the smart speaker is humidity resistant but not water or weather resistant. As such, you can put it in your bathroom so that you can enjoy your music while taking a bath though its big size and powerful bass may prove to be a problem in such a small space.


  • Sonos app makes its installation process simple
  • You have access to a wide variety of music streaming services
  • Humidity resistant
  • Solid plastic construction
  • Six audio drivers
  • Stereo and mono mode
  • Highly responsive touch controls
  • Trueplay feature
  • Amazon Alexa integration


  • It is heavier than other models
  • No Bluetooth connection

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Differences Between Sonos Play 3 And Sonos Play 5

sonos comparison 002

Play 5 comes with three tweeters, three mid-woofers, and an amplifier that give a better sound quality than the Play 3 that has a single tweeter and a pair of mid-range drivers instead of a mid-woofer. 

Apart from streaming your music, sometimes you may want to listen to music from your phone. With the Play 5, you can use the line-in, which gives you more options. Unfortunately, Play 3 does not support an auxiliary connection.

Play 5 is humidity resistant while Play 3 is not.

The best way to control the two speakers is through the Sonos app. However, if your phone is out of reach, Play 5 offers you highly responsive touch controls while Play 3 uses top panel buttons.

Play 3 has a more compact design, and it is lightweight, while Play 5 is much bigger and heavier.


If you are working on a tight budget, you can go for the Sonos Play 3, and you will still get some quality sound and other features.

However, in this comparison, Sonos Play 5 comes out as the most superior between the two. Play 5 comes with some more advanced features such as the highly responsive touch controls, the line-in feature that gives you more options when it comes to listening to music, and the humidity resistance that allows you to keep your speaker even inside the bathroom. Additionally, Play 5 offers a better sound quality with its three tweeters, three mid-woofers, and an amplifier.    

Editor Notes:

The Sonos Play 5 has more advanced features, and that is why it carries the day. The compact design sits stable on your desk and also promotes portability. You also get it in black and white colors to choose a suitable blend.

The speakers guarantee you three mid-woofers that deliver a deep base as you listen to your favorite tunes in different volume settings. Additionally, the controls are super-sensitive in Play 5 than in Play 3, so you get highly responsive outcomes with a touch.

You can download the Sono mobile app and follow the available instructions for stress-free installation and connection to your devices. Regardless of the crowded room, the Play 5 uses the app for an automatic tuning system to get better sound from the speakers.

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