Quadcopter TBS Discovery

by Pierce Lancaster

The TBS Discovery quadcopter may be a new name to you. If you’re looking for more than a toy, the TBS has the ability to be fully customized, to add to the ultimate drone pilot experience. The TBS Discovery is built with durability in mind. The frame is both durable and crash resistant.

The TBS Discovery is made in a black finish with 4 rotating blades, a dual antenna and the ability to have a GoPro and a camera attached. Pro quad pilots will be impressed by the features of this drone. This is a quad that arrives with the basics, and then you add on extras to customize it to your liking. Everything is replaceable, in case it’s damaged in flight.

The built-in multi rotors have been optimized for FPV—First-Person View. The wiring has actually been designed to fit inside the frame for protection. This also makes the quad easier to build and lowers costs. The TBS Discovery outperforms most other similar quads in video link quality and range.

It’s up to you whether you want to install the TB CORE yourself, or to have it done in-factory.

The arms of the TBS Discovery are DJI Flamewheels and if you should damage them on the field, they’re easy enough to replace.

In the box you get a top and bottom board, and an optional Flamewheel arm with accessories. This allows your to transform the quad to a spider quadcopter. You can then place your GoPro and FPV camera onto these mounts. You can take fantastic photographs and video without having the images obscured by the mount.

Who Is The Quadcopter TBS Discovery For?

The TBS Discovery quadcopter is made for the advanced flying pro who is interested in building their own quad. It’s not made for the beginner who wishes to have a beginner’s quad ready to fly right out of the box, or one who expects that the video camera will also be installed. A user should have a basic understanding of electronics.

This model is a great way to learn about how electronics and quads work. You’ll have to have great patience, as you do your first build. If you’re looking to fly immediately, it may be worth it to buy another out of the box type of quad, so you can at least have fun flying one, while your learn to build with the TBS Discovery.

If you enjoy building PC computers, the TBS Discovery kit may be just what you’re looking for in your next project. You may be a bit overwhelmed by all of the hardware choices. Most likely, you’ll hope for the best as you check out. But if you missed a part or two, you’ll be able to place another order. That’s what the Discovery is all about.

Features of the TBS CORE

The TBS Core has been prewired for you, so you needn’t do it yourself. There are also sockets for the Plug&Play VTx and camera installation. Cameras may include the TBS50 or the TBS69. A 50A current sensor has been installed on the board. This sensor has been specifically built for TBS CORE and other similar OSD products.

On the TBS CORE are mounts for the GoPro and the camera. There is also a built-in power distribution board (PDB). There are traces and pads for a clean RC receiver to flight control wiring, and an RSSI trace to the TBS CORE.

The kit contents include a top, bottom, and camera mount plate. There are eight custom aluminum red anodized spaces and sixteen fitting screws. There are pin headers for receiver and TBS CORE installation.

Ability for Customization

There are many accessories you can add to your TBS Discovery. You can add on a 750kV motor and Esc package, and a Scorpion battery with velcro straps for easy attachment. The TBS 59 FPV camera is around $100. You can add on eight servo extensions for the receiver mount.

To have your TBS CORE pre-installed will cost you another $80. There is a TBS loverseat which is basically an antivibration pad which will prevent shaky videos. The flight control DJI NAZA lite with GPS is another $160. The Flamewheel VTx mount is another $10.

You can download logos online and have them printed to adhesive backed sticker paper so you can place your own TBS Discovery logos onto your quad. This lets the other pilots on the field know what you’re flying.

There are a wide assortment of replacement parts for the Discovery quadcopter, from the motor, to flight controls, propellers, accessories, spare parts, T-motors, Cobra motors, HQ propellers, and the Rotorx.

There’s also a wide range of swag, batteries, chargers, electronics, tools, adaptors, GoPro filters, Flytrex, OSDs, glues, and cables you can buy.

You’ll certainly be kept busy for a while with your new TBS Discovery kit.

The TBS Discovery Community

There is a large community of quad enthusiasts who have built their own quad with FPV camera just like you. There are many manuals online to help you get started with building your kit. There are also videos so you can watch the TBS Discovery in action, and see what others have done with theirs. Many other drone pilots have chronicled what they have done with their builds.

There are logs that are in various languages from around the world. You can also join many RC groups to share your experiences.

If you’ve been searching for more than a quadcopter that you can take out of the box and fly, the TBS Discovery is fully customizable, and can even be built from the motor up. The moment of full Discovery will come when you have fully assembled your kit.

Your GoPro is attached, the camera is on, and everything is fully charged up. But will it run? There may be further adjustments to make, but soon you’ll be chronicling your own experiences of drone flight out in the open air.

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