Ultimate Review Of Best BBQ Gloves In 2023

Best BBQ Gloves

From handling food, stirring coals, moving pans to picking brisket, having the best BBQ gloves is essential, especially when it comes to safety, and convenience.

Unfortunately, not all BBQ gloves are created equal.

With an extensive range of sizes, fabric, heat resistance and specifications to consider, finding the best BBQ gloves for your barbequing seems like a Herculean task.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best cooking gloves in the market, and hopefully, by the end of the list, you’ll find a pair that will let you spend less time nursing your blistered finger.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Heat Resistance


Interior Liner



425 degrees



Aramid Fiber



Yes (100% Cotton blend)

Suede Leather

475 degrees



Other Great Recommendations

Aramid Fiber

475 degrees



Aramid Fiber




The Best Top 5 BBQ Gloves In The Market For The Money!


The Ekogrips aren't the most stylish gloves, but they sure useful for handling hot lids, hot foods and gripping large grilling utensils.


Features and Benefits

Silicone Material Construction

Silicone is both non-slip and non-stick; two desirable properties that make Ekogrips ideal for handling hot food directly.

With the Ekogrips, you’ll no longer have to worry about food sticking on your gloves because regardless of the crud, grease, and grime that gets on them, it easier to clean them.

Secondly, silicone does not retain odors, and so, these gloves won’t start to smell funky even after repeated use.

More importantly, silicone is stain-resistant, and so, if you’re like me who uses a lot of marinades and liquids to baste my meat, these gloves will rarely stain or discolor.

425 ° Heat Resistance

425 ° Heat Resistance is by no means high, but for a silicone glove, the resistance is quite decent.

These gloves are thick enough to let you transport hot trays and BBQ dishes.

You can even hold the hot chicken, turkey tubes, or even containers holding hot broths while wearing them.

To this end, however, Ekogrips aren’t designed to be used in direct contact with any actual flame. So, great caution should always be taken when using them near embers, or even moving hot coals.

That said, for normal usage such as rotating meats, handling hot pans, or smoking briskest, the heat resistance should be more than sufficient.


The waterproofing on the Ekogrips is essential in keeping steam and hot juices from your hands.

The waterproof Ekogrips will prevent the spread of the hot liquid on your unprotected skin as the fabrics, and leather gloves do.

However, despite the waterproofing, these gloves won’t allow you keep your hands dipped in a hot pot of boiling water or broth for extended periods.

Cuff Length

The sleeves on these gloves are a tad longer and normally pull past my wrist to my mid-forearm.

I find this quite handy as it allows me to reach into my hot grill and even have an easy time dealing with boiling broth.


For the ultimate convenience, Ekogrips are available in four different sizes, but the “One-Size-Fits-Most” seems to be the most popular for the average hands.

I’ve to admit, they run true to size and are easy on and easy off.

Unfortunately, I find them a bit loose, but it's a good thing since the tighter the fit, the faster the heat transfer. So, yes, somewhat loose is probably good.


Unfortunately, Ekogrips aren’t comfortable.

First, they don’t feature an internal lining.

Secondly, their thickness and floppiness limits their dexterity. Sure, their thickness enhances heat insulation, but at the expenses of ease of use.

  • BPA-Free
  • Run true to size
  • Heat protection
  • Durable
  • Lacks dexterity

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GRILL ARMOR 932 - Best for Extreme Temperature Applications

The Grill Armor is our runners up for the best BBQ gloves, but only by a hair.

These fiber gloves are not only an ideal option for oven use, but they're insulated perfectly for handling open flames, campfires, hot grills, and hot pans.

So, whether you need changing oven racks, removing hot grill grates, or even handling hot BBQ tools, these gloves do exactly what they're supposed to do.

Unfortunately, these best BBQ gloves will not protect you against steam hot oil or water.

Yet, they offer great value when used for their intended purpose.

Best BBQ Gloves

Features and Benefits

Aramid Fiber Construction

Understandably, people are always obsessed with the heat resistance and protection of a glove but fail to account for comfort.

Comfort is a crucial aspect when grilling because you expect to have fun with your family, and sometimes an uncomfortable glove will have you grilling unenthusiastically.

That said, the aramid fiber construction on the Grill Armor provides the much-needed comfort for grilling.

Comfort aside, this material is highly dexterous, and unlike the silicone-based Ekogrips, Grill Armor will allow you to handle your equipment with ease.

With the Grill Armor, I find it easy and convenient to hold my tongs, and even slice the steak with a knife with the gloves on.

Generally, Grill Armor gloves feel more or less like an extension of your bare arm, only that it’s covered by a glove.

932°F Heat Resistance

With a heat rating of 932°F, your overall heat protection can't get better than this.

To give you an idea of what these gloves will shield you against, the heat rating is by far what the normal grills normally achieve.

I’ve to admit, though, that I was a bit skeptical on their performance, but when I tried them with hot coals, I didn’t face any challenges.

And if the reviews are anything to go by, these gloves will allow you to pick a fully heated lava stone or even a cast iron pan from your smoke with no difficulties.


The outer layer on the Grill Armor is fitted with M-ARAMID & P-ARAMID, which is more or less like Kevlar.

According to the manufacturer, the insulation on the outer layer will protect the gloves from catching fire or even melting, even when exposed to an open flame.

That said, I don’t recommend sticking them in an open flame.

Extra Grippy

Away from insulation, the outer silicone layer is incredibly tacky and has the added benefit of enhancing the grip of this glove.


The Armor Grill are thickly constructed, though not the kind of thickness you would expect with leather gloves.

To cancel the limitation of thick gloves, the feature a cotton lining on the interior that promotes flexibility and ease of use.


Armor Grill lacks waterproofing, and so, it doesn’t offer much protection in moist environments.

Secondly, the gloves are only available in two sizes. Many of the reviewers have complained that either size doesn’t run true to size.

  • Extreme heat resistance
  • Dexterous
  • Machine-washable
  • Insulated
  • Not waterproof

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Steven Raichlen Extra Long - Best Leather Glove

Steven Raichlen Extra Long is a great-looking pair of gloves, and probably among the most stylish units, you'll come across in the market.

But don’t let the cosmetics fool you; this pair of glove is as functional as it can get, and it’s designed to be used on the hot surfaces.

Steven Raichlen Extra Long

Features and Benefits

Suede Leather Construction

In its very nature, leather is a highly versatile material, and I find it an ideal option for use on various applications including handling the scorching items such as grills, charcoal, and even cauldrons.

Away from versatility, this leather-based glove is durable; while it’s not exactly the most heat resistant material, the leather construction makes it more durable than cotton, linen, and other porous fibers.

Also, like the Grill Armor, these Steven Raichlen are relatively dexterous and comfortable to use. If the reviews are anything to go by, these gloves excel as handling the grill part, moving hot pans, and holding the hot BBQ equipment with ease.

Unfortunately, suede leather is a high maintenance material, and it proves difficult to clean. But the good news is, the black and texture tan colors on the Steven Raichlen tend to hide stains more easily.

475 Degrees Heat Resistance

Generally, leather gloves are thick and will provide decent protection.

Now, while the 475 degrees heat resistance rating will keep your hands off the heat, these gloves aren’t insulated as so they won't shield your hands from the extremely hot items and grates.

In most cases, you'll feel the heat go right through them, especially when handling the extremely hot grate.

Ideally, I find these gloves better suited for handling the moderately hot items for short periods. They're ideal for tasks such a lighting coals, using tongs, cleaning the grill when t's still hot, and poking around inside the smoker as opposed to grabbing hot metal.


As their name suggests, the Steven Raichlen Extra Long is a gauntlet-style type of glove that comes with a generous 18-inch long cuff.

These gloves run-up to your elbow and will protect you against the hot coals, flames as well as the splashing grease.


A unique element on Steven Raichlen is the comfort and nimbleness, especially considering the material construction.

The gloves feel pliable, and I love how easy and convenient they make it for me to handle utensils, knives, and tongs without much trouble-something that can't be said with a majority of the leather gloves.


Like any other leather products, these gloves aren’t machine-washable, and so, it’s easier for the oil and grit to get easily stuck in the fabric.

  • Dexterous
  • Decent heat resistance
  • Long cuffs for extended arm protection
  • Not washable

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Pit Mitt Grilling Glove - Best Budget Option

Pit Mitt grill gloves are a no-frills glove for the serious grillers.

While it might not have the dings and bells such as those on the Ekogrips or Grill Armor, it's a hands-on solution or anyone looking for a mix of safety, convenience, and durability.

Pit Mitt Grilling Glove

Features and Benefits

Aramid Fiber Construction

Pit Mitt are constructed from aramid fiber, a material that is also used in the aerospace and military.

Generally, the aramid fiber is ultra-durable and has plenty of heat-resistant properties.

However, the major highlight of these gloves lies in its comfort and ease of use.

475 Degrees Heat Resistance

The 475 degrees heat resistance on the Pit Mitt ties up with that of the Steven Raichlen Extra Long.

For a synthetic-made and such a thin glove, I find the 475 degrees resistance rating impressive.

With this glove, I can comfortably move pans, grill grate, and logs.

That said, I wouldn't recommend using the gloves on the extremely hot items such as hot sheet pans or other items of the grill as you can feel the heat coming through pretty quickly.

Ideally, like Steven Raichlen, the Pit Mitt is suitable to the moderate and low temperatures only.


Pit Matt is incredibly dexterous, and the fit is comfortable, thin, and pliable. 

This way, using the tongs, knives, and other utensils is a cinch, and it feels like not having gloves at all.

The gloves also come with a silicone texturing, and this helps to enhance the overall grip and use of the glove.


The Pit Mitt is not a true gauntlet as it doesn’t feature full-lengths cuffs as those we had earlier seen on the Steve Raichlen.

Yet, the gloves come down over your wrist and part of your forearm and will provide you with the extra protection and comfort you need when reaching onto active fire pits or even splashing grease.


Unfortunately, the Pit Mitt gloves aren’t waterproof or water-resistant, meaning when they get wet, they lose much of their insulating abilities.

Secondly, they're one-size-fits-all, and so, if you've particularly large or small hands, you might have a hard time fitting into these.

  • Durable
  • Decent heat resistance
  • Dexterous
  • Not waterproof

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Acmind BBQ Grilling Gloves - Most Versatile

I believe no best gloves for the BBQ list would be complete without the Acmind glove.

Though, we've included it last; it's by no means flimsy; if anything, it was introduced a while ago, and so far, it keeps on winning people's hearts.

In my opinion, though, I like this pair of glove because of its versatility, and more importantly, the high heat resistance rating.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Aramid Fiber Construction

Although Aramid fiber is the main element used in the construction of Acmind, it also has an impressive combination of other materials, including the polyester-cotton layer.

Combined, these elements will provide you with the best heat resistance properties.

Additionally, the mixture optimizes the durability of the glove and provides the toughness and strength needed to shield you against the fierce fires.

1472°F Heat Resistance

The heat resistance on this glove is probably one of its best highlights.

The 1472°F rating, on the Acmind enough to make you feel invincible in the face of a raging inferno.

Generally, these protective gears are great all-around gloves and will even allow you to touch the red hot coals without burning yourself.

I consider Acmind as one of the best partners that you can have when dealing with tasks that require immensely hot equipment.


Expectedly, the silicone material provides a comfortable and dexterous experience.

With this glove, it's easy to hold your knives, tongs, and other BBQ equipment with ease.

Additionally, it features an interior lining that enhances your overall comfort by preventing sweating, and the irritation feels that is accompanied by the non-lined gloves.


Another impressive component of the Acmind is the silicone lining that provides the perfect grip.

With this protective hand gear, you don’t have to worry about slipping accidents as it gives you better control of what you’re handling.


The cuffs on the Acmind are not long, but there are quite decent in that they go past your wrist.

This way, you can always feel protected eve when working with greasy fluids, or trying to work with hot grills.


Despite the impressive heat resistance, Acmind is not waterproof, and when it gets into contact with moisture, including steam, it tends to lose its heat resistance capabilities pretty easily.

  • Extreme heat resistance
  • Proper fit
  • Excellent grip
  • Not waterproof

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Best BBQ Gloves Buying Guide

Best BBQ Gloves

While buying BBQ gloves might seem a relatively simple purchase, there’s more to it, especially if you’re in search of a glove that will provide protection and comfort at the same time.

It’s for this reason we’ve created this BBQ buying guide, and here, we shall highlight all the essential factors you need to consider before making your next purchase.

Material Construction

There’re several materials to construct BBQ gloves, but the most common options are silicone, leather, fabric, and synthetic.

Each of the material has its strengths and appropriate uses, and to give you an idea of each, we shall highlight each of the material below.


Silicone gloves are excellent at handling food directly because they're non-stick, simple to clean, and food-safe.

While they might not provide as much as insulation as other gloves do, and might not be as form-fitting, they’re easy to clean as nothing sticks on them.

Some of the silicone models are 100% BPA-free and so, an ideal option for those who don't wish to contaminate their food.


Leather is an old-fashioned BBQ glove material, but also one of the most versatile.

They excel at handling hot logs, grill parts, moving hot pans, shoving logs and fire starters.

Generally, leather gloves are quite thick and will protect your hands well.

However, they're not dexterous, and so they're not good at handling hoot food.

Unlike silicone, they're hard to clean and would get your food dirty.

Also, after consistent use, they tend to shrink and stiffen up.


Fabric gloves are constructed from a high-heat resistant fabric such as Kevlar.

They're quite dexterous and feel comfortable in your hands.

However, like a majority of the synthetic gloves, they can’t be used when wet because water causes faster heat conduction, making them lose their insulating abilities.


These are designed from rubber or silicone

While they don’t provide you with insulation similar to leather gloves, they’re nimbler and will let you easily handle tongs and utensils.

Things To Pay Attention To


Dexterity refers to how easy it is to hold and be able to use your BBQ tools.

Often, dexterity comes at the expense of thickness and heat-resistance, but if you’re a hands-on smoker, then it might be worth the tradeoff.

Cuff Length

BBQ gloves are available in different lengths, ranging from wrist length to gauntlets that run to your elbow.

The longer the cuff, the more protection a glove offers, especially when reaching out to hot, laming coals while reaching over a large grill.

Heat Resistance and Thickness

If your gloves aren’t rated to withstand high heat, they won’t do much good as they’re more likely to melt and could burn your arms.

Remember that temperatures in smokers and grill can easily go as high as 600 degrees, so don’t skimp on the heat resistance.


I cannot overemphasize the role of a BBQ glove.

These pieces of safety equipment will go a long way at providing you with the safety and convenience you need.

And if you find the right pair of BBQ gloves, then they can be really the game-changer you were looking for in your BBQ game.

Current Best Selling BBQ Gloves!

Editor Notes:

Why are BBQ gloves black?

Pitmasters prefer black BBQ gloves over any other color. A barbecue can be messy as it involves a lot of greases, rub stains, sauce, etc. Black gloves are better for barbecue as they help to hide the dirty stuff. 

Also, blue and white gloves are associated with doctors, surgeons, dentists, and other medical field personnel. Thus, using black gloves sets the pinasters apart from the medical personnel. 

Can you wash barbecue gloves?

Yes, you can wash and re-use barbecue gloves. You can wash them by hand, and they are also washing machine ready. After cleaning them, hang them to air-dry before re-using them.  

What are food-grade gloves?

Food-grade gloves are certified by FDA (Title 21 CFR Part 177) as protective gloves for handling food. The FDA certification indicates that the gloves should consist of any substance approved for use in food and food packaging.

Are leather gloves fire resistant? 

If you place leather gloves on too much heat, it tends to shrink and curl, but it doesn’t continue to fire up. As such, it is hard for genuine leather gloves to get burned. 

However, leatherette tends to get burned faster than genuine leather.


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