Ultimate Review Of Best Archery Gloves In 2023

best archery gloves

In this review post today, we shall be talking about gloves- specifically, what we consider to be the best archery gloves for shooting.

Here, I'll review a couple of gloves that I consider the best, and, later on, I'll go through some of the features you need to consider when selecting an archery glove.

Let’s jump in and look at our selection.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Suede Leather

60 lbs



20-45 lbs



50 lbs


Other Great Recommendations


50 lbs


Goat Skin leather

50 lbs


The Best Top 5 Archery Gloves In The Market For The Money!

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Neet Suede Shooting Glove

Whether you’re a professional archer, or simply like shooting bow on the weekend, you’ll probably need an archery glove that will give you an edge, and this is what the Neet Suede glove does.

Neet Suede Shooting Glove

Features and Benefits


The three finger design on the Neet promotes ambidexterity, and so, it doesn't matter whether you're a right or a left-hand shooter, because this glove is designed to fit both hands.

Along with the ambidexterity, the Neet Suede glove is available in multiple sizes, ranging from small, medium, large, and extra-large, and so, any sized shooter won't have an issue finding a glove to fit their hand.

Material Construction

Neet Suede glove, like its name suggests, is constructed from suede, which is technically leather, but softer.

The leather construction is flexible, comfortable, but unfortunately, it retains heat, so making it a poor choice for hunting in the warm weather.

But the good news is, the guys at Neet understand this, and so, rather than wrapping the entire glove, they’ve left the palm area without any material to allow free flow of air and better breathability.

For a leather glove, this is a huge plus because it means my fingers are less likely to sweat inside the glove.


Flexibility on the Neet glove doesn’t stop on the leather construction, but it also extends to the design.

See, not everyone shoots the same, and Neet understands this.

This is why this pair is designed for both the deep knuckle shooter and the tip shooter.

This pair, will, for instance, extend far enough down on the finger to suit the deep knuckle shooter while at the same time offering sufficient flexibility for the fingertip shooter as well.

Easy to Use

Neet Archery gloves, typical of any leather gloves are easy to break-in.

Though I found them a bit static at first, they're easy to get started as all you've to do wear them and clamp your fingers a few times.

Also, with time, these gloves tend to form to the wearer’s hand size to provide a snug and comfortable fit.

  • Breaks in easily
  • Flexible
  • Ambidextrous
  • Generous 60-pound draw
  • Inferior stitching quality

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OMP Mountain Man Leather Shooting Glove - Best for Control

If you enjoy archery and target shooting but find it challenging to maintain control of your bow,  you might consider the OMP.

This leather-made glove is specifically handcrafted for perfection and has plenty of desirable features that will help to refine your shooting.

best archery gloves

Features and Benefits

Three-finger Design

Similar to the Neet Suede glove we had reviewed earlier, this pair of glove similarly comes with a three-finger design; an ideal choice for both the right and left hand shooters.

Material Construction

OMP boasts of cowhide leather construction that isn't only tough, but it feels soft and wonderful on your wrist, hands, and fingers.

More importantly, it’s durable, and in particular, the finger bits are reinforced with thicker leather, which keeps you protected even when you make a long draw.

Surprisingly, however, despite the padding on the fingers, this glove is still sensitive, and when in use, it rarely affects or alters the string feel, which I feel is a crucial element.

Generally, with the OMP, you get sufficient protection, and more importantly, the “sensitivity” you need to feel the string.

Adjustable Strap

The OMP glove is available in an extensive range of sizes, ranging from extra small to extra-large.

Moreover, it features an adjustable strap that straps around the writs, for a comfy and sung fit.

That said, you must pick the right size appropriately, and this is because we had several users complain about the sizing being a bit off. 

Easy Break-In

The OMP is construed from cowhide material, and like any leather material, it does get softer and more pliable the more you break it in.

Sure, the gloves might feel a tad stiff at first, but they offer a quick break-in period.

Better yet, the cowhide is soft, and with time, it'll easily take the shape of your hands, offering a snug and comfortable experience.

Generally speaking, the OMP is a marksman's dream; the leather construction feels more or less like a second skin, offering superb protection without losing the sensation.

The affordable admission tag makes the OMP an even more enticing option.

  • Genuine leather construction
  • Durable
  • Superb protection
  • A quick break-in period


  • Limited draw weight of 20-45

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Damascus Shooting Glove - Best Value

Damascus Shooting Glove is yet another three-fingered shooting glove that is specifically designed to protect your hands while holding your favorite bow.

Like all the gloves we’ve listed above, it’s also made from soft and high-quality leather, which helps to provide a great and natural feel.

Damascus Shooting Glove

Features and Benefits

Right or Left-Handed

Damascus Shooting Glove can be worn on either of your hands.

So, it doesn't matter whether you're right-handed or left-handed because everyone can wear this glove and head for archery sessions or hunting.

Material Construction

Damascus Shooting Glove is designed from 100% leather.

Leather, unlike synthetic materials, is strong and equally protective and will protect your fingers while shooting the bow.

We love how the fingertips on the Damascus are padded with extra leather material, and since this is where most of the action takes place, you'll have to be less worried about soreness.

Surprisingly, despite the padding on the fingers, the gloves fell light, and more importantly, they’ll let you feel your way through the shot.

Unlike the thick gloves that offer plenty of protection, but at the expense of dexterity, this glove is properly cushioned yet, letting you feel as if you're not wearing a glove on your hands.

Velcro Straps

A highly versatile piece of safety gear, Damascus Shooting Glove is available in multiple sizes from small to extra-large.

More importantly, however, every sizing option comes with a Velcro strap at the wrist, and it helps to keep everything in place.

With the straps in place, you’ll be saved from the hassle of having to constantly re-adjust the Damascus Shooting Glove.

The only concern with the Velcro strap is that it can be itchy around the wrist, but not at all times.

Also, there were some complaints that the leather on the fingertips runs a bit thin or practice shooting a 50 lb draw weight longbow.

Other than that, this bow works well, and for hunting, it would easily work well since it covers a huge chunk of your hands. This is not to mention that it feels nice and snug.

  • Durable leather
  • Flexible
  • Protective
  • Velcro strap can be a bit itchy

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ArcheryMax Leather Archery Gloves - Best Budget

Despite the budget-tag, the ArcheryMax is a high-quality shooting glove that is designed for the maximum amount of performance and shooting comfort.

Sporting a cowhide leather construction, ArcheryMax will provide you with a natural feel on the bowstring, and this makes it easier for you to aim.

This is not to mention the gloves are available with a robust fit that will ensure nothing slips.

 Choosing the right glove will help you in perfectly holding your bow, and the piece you buy should offer that.
ArcheryMax Leather Archery Gloves

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

Similar to the OMP glove we had reviewed earlier, Archery Max glove is constructed from robust and durable cowhide material.

This leather option is long-lasting, and more importantly, it has protective properties; with this leather glove, it's now easier to make long draws of your bow without having to worry about hurting your hands.

Finger Sensitivity

The fingers on the Archery Max, are in particular, padded with an extra layer of material, and so, it’s less likely that you’re going to get blisters on your fingers.

However, despite the additional padding, the fingers still feel thin, and if anything, using the Archery Max feels like using bare hands, only that they’re now protected.

Basically, the extra protection offered does not come at the expense of dexterity and ease of use.


Generally, leather is known to be less breathable material.

As you’ll notice with most of the leather gloves, they tend to prevent moisture from getting outside the glove, which might cause dampness due to sweating.

The Archery Max, however, comes with a mesh that helps to improve the breathability. Sure, it might not be the best option for promoting the free flow of air, but I’ve to admit that it'll go a long way towards improving your archery experience.

Ease of Use

For starters, this three-fingered glove option is ambidextrous, ideal for both the right-handed and left-handed archers.

Additionally, it’s available in various sizes to provide the perfect fit for anyone.

Finally, it comes with adjustable Velcro straps that enhance usability and promote fit.

  • Budget option
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Enhanced bow sensitivity
  • Not interchangeable

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Tac NFO2 Gloves - Best for Warm Conditions

Tac NFO2 Gloves is a pair of stylish, yet protective hand gear that is suitable for both the advanced as well as beginner archers.

However, it’s best known for being an ideal option for those in the warmer conditions, and in our short review below, we shall see why.

Tac NFO2 Gloves

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

Primarily, Tac NFO2 Gloves is constructed from goatskin leather, which is known for durability and strength.

With this glove, you’ll no longer have to worry about it tearing, even after extended and consistent use.

Better yet, the manufacturer has integrated a proprietary TacticalTouch construction, a system that greatly enhances the overall lifespan of this glove.

So, yes, with this glove, durability and strength are non-issues.

Unique Design

Tac NFO2 feature a seamless palm, which I find quite handy for helping archers, regardless of their level of skills to have a better grip of the bowstring and release the arrow when shooting.

Ideal for Warm Conditions

Tac NFO2 is specifically designed for use in warm and in hot conditions.

For starters, this glove is highly breathable, and it doesn't retain moisture. Therefore, Tac NFO2 won't allow you to soak in your sweat and will eliminate any form of irritation.

Secondly, this glove boasts of a flame-resistant Nomex fabric. While this material will not allow you to expose your hands in an open flame, it’ll generally keep your hands protected from the extreme heat conditions where other gloves can’t tolerate.

Finally, the short construction of the glove is suitable as it keeps a large part of your hands and wrist exposed for the free-flow of air.

Ease of Use

To ensure the glove stays in place and rightly fits your wrist, the design of this glove incorporates an elastic wrist closure.

  • Ideal for warm climates
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Tad expensive

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Best Archery Gloves Buying Guide

archery glove mans palm

There’re numerous types of archery gloves, all perfect and attractive and despite us narrowing to the top 5 option you still need to be extra careful when making a choice.

To make the right choice, there're numerous factors you need to consider, and fortunately, we've outlined some of the factors below;

What you Need to Consider When Purchasing Archery Gloves


Having an archery glove that can stand the test of time is necessary. This is because durable a durable glove going to serve you for an extended period.

Material Construction

In most cases, the material construction, determines the durability, functionality, and quality of your archery glove.

Nothing is more disappointing than choosing a glove that easily breaks down with a few undefined times just because it constructed from cheap and flimsy material.

Instead, you should consider spending time analyzing the material used for the gloves you wish to select.


The design of an archery glove can be quite subjective, but for pragmatism, you need a glove that will cover all your fingers on your hands.

Additionally, the gloves must provide you with the right look and feel.

And at times, remember that it can get cold outside, and so, you must always choose a glove that will keep you protected.

Form Fitting

For archery gloves, you want a pair that is fitting in your hands.

It should run true to size, and you need to be sure it won't hang off them or even push your fingertips down.

Failure to have a pair of form-fitting gloves means that you’ll be incapacitated when shooting, and you’re less likely to hit your target because your fingers are not working properly inside the gloves.


Some of the archery gloves, especially the premium options, do come with extra options that help to enhance the overall archery experience and even add comfort.

However, these aren't a must, and ideally, you should always lookout for a glove with the bare essentials such as durability and form-fitting.


An archery glove might not be a necessity, but at some point, you might need one.

Now, before you make the best archery gloves selection, it’s prudent that you know what to look for.

Remember, at the bare minimum, the role of an archery glove is to make your practice experience more comfortable.

Editor Notes:

If you are into archery or shooting, the reviewed gloves have all the features to meet your demands. However, the Neet Suede Shooting Glove stood out with a design that fits both the left and right sides.

It is open and easy to move fingers when in use. Additionally, the soft suede material used makes it easy to clean and feels smooth on your hands. It arrives in different sizes so you can pick a comfortable fitting size.

Unlike the other reviewed products, the gloves support a 60-pound draw perfect for professional shooters.

Another huge plus is that your fingers won't soak in sweat when hunting in warm weather because of the open and breathable design.

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