PS5 Controller Paddle – How To Get Yours?

PS5 Controller Paddle - An Ultimate Guide In 2023

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ps5 controller paddles

Paddles or rear buttons, whatever you call them, are every pro gamer’s best gaming companion. Attached to the rear side of your controller and controlled by middle & ring fingers, these remappable paddles give you an edge over your competitor. 

If you’re a PS5 user, you might wonder whether there’s a PS5 controller with paddles. So, here’s the answer. 

Sony just released its first-ever PS5 controller with paddles, the DualSense Edge, on 26th January 2023. It takes the design of the original DualSense wireless controller with numerous gaming-ready specs. 

Read on as I discuss this in detail and present you with some third-party paddles for your PS5 controller. If you can’t spend much on a controller with paddles, buying these paddles separately is a better option. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Sony is officially launching its “elite” PS5 controller with rear paddles, the DualSense Edge, on January 26, 2023 at a retail cost of $199.99.
  • Besides, various third-party PS5 controllers with paddles are also available. For example, SCUF Reflex. You can also add third-party paddles (or back buttons) to your current controller.  
  • Remapping a PS5 controller with paddles mostly depends on the manufacturer. But many steps remain the same. 

Is There A PS5 Controller With Paddles?

Yes, there are PS5 controllers with paddles. 

However, they all are third-party controllers. Sony just released its official PS5 controller with paddles this January on the 26th. Its retail price is $199.99.

You can either pre-order yours from the PlayStation website or wait for amazing discount offers post its release. 

DualSense Edge

Check this page for the complete description of this elite Pro gaming controller. Or this video for the first hands-on experience. 

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Best Paddles For PS5 Controller – Top 3 Options 

As aforementioned, nothing can beat a dedicated PS5 controller with built-in paddles. 

But if you can’t shell out close to $200 for one, investing in a third-party paddle is another way. You would get the same gaming experience – whether you’re playing Apex Legends or any First Person Shooter (FPS) games, say, Destiny 2 or my favorite, Call Of Duty: Warzone

Below are my top 3 third-party paddles you can try out. 

eXtremeRate White Back Paddles

For all the pro gamers out there, here’s the eXtremeRate White Back Paddles. Ideally a complete remap kit, the ergonomic back paddles transform your PS5 controller (BDM-010 & BDM-020) into a professional eSport gamepad. 

Since these are fully remappable, you can assign 15 buttons to each paddle per your preferences or the game’s requirements. The available color options are black, chrome gold, scarlet red, wood grain, and some textured designs as well. 

Video Tutorial For Setup:

Borcham Back Button Attachment for PS5 Controller

Another must-try option is this Borcham Back Button Attachment for PS5 Controller. These paddles are made from high-quality material and can be assigned 15 buttons each, giving you an edge over the competition. 

With the Turbo button, relieve yourself of the fatigue of repeated button presses. This function isn’t very common! Other features of these twin paddles include 3 Macro function buttons, a Type-C port for firmware updates via PC, a power indicator, etc. 

Mega Modz Advanced Back Buttons

Lastly, if you want more from your back buttons, investing in these Mega Modz PS5 Advanced Back Buttons is worth the money. 

These back buttons are versatile, highly responsive, and comfortable to hold. In fact, when attached to your gaming controller, you’ll get the feel of the PlayStation DualSense wireless controller. 

The top features of the buttons include a dedicated Mod Switch to remap the buttons on the fly, a built-in LED board with 4 LEDs for quick profile customization, 2 sub-modes, and more. 

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How Do You Remap A PS5 Controller With A Paddle?

The remapping process of a PS5 (or any) controller with a paddle varies. It primarily depends on the manufacturer. Thus, check your controller’s user manual or official website for the exact remapping procedure. 

Consider the following example. In this, I’ll show you how to remap the SCUF Reflex paddles. 

Video Tutorial:

  • Turn on your SCUF Reflex controller

How Do You Remap A PS5 Controller With A Paddle 1

  • Press the Profile button at the top of your controller’s back. Select the color profile you wish to change – red, blue, or green. 

How Do You Remap A PS5 Controller With A Paddle 2

  • Long-press the Profile button until it starts blinking. You’ll enter the remapping mode. 
  • Next, press both the paddle and the button you want to remap it to simultaneously and then release.

How Do You Remap A PS5 Controller With A Paddle 3

  • To save this new configuration, again press the Profile button until it stops blinking. 

How Do You Remap A PS5 Controller With A Paddle 4

Tip: If you want to disable a paddle, just remove it gently.

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PS5 Controller Paddle FAQs

  • Do Paddles Make A Difference?

Ans: Yes, paddles make a significant difference in your gaming by increasing your hand’s usage and providing more control. 

  • Is Sony Making Back Paddles For The PS5?

Ans: Yes, Sony is making back paddles for the PS5. It’s called DualSense Edge and will hit the global market on January 26, 2023.

  • How Do Paddles Work On PS5?

Ans: Paddles have a very straightforward working on PS5. Controlled by your middle and ring fingers, they sit at the rear end of the controller and can be remapped to any of the PS5 buttons. 

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  • What Is The Best PS5 Paddle Controller?

Ans: Some best PS5 paddle controllers are: 

  • SCUF Reflex Pro 
  • Victrix Pro BFG 
  • HexGaming Rival 
  • Aim Controllers Customized PS5 DualSense Controller 

These 4 options cost nearly the same as DualSense Edge and are available offline and online. 

  • Will PS4 Paddles Work On PS5?

Ans: No, PS4 paddles won’t work on PS5.

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Improve Your Console Gaming With Paddles! 

Here you go. Released globally on 26th January 2023, Sony’s most awaited DualSense Edge controller for PS5 is packed with everything required to improve your gaming performance. From increasing your hand’s usage to offering more control during gameplay, this wireless controller is truly a “beast.” 

Besides this PS5 controller with paddles, you also have the option to modify your current controller with third-party paddles, as discussed above. Lots of amazing brands are doing a great job here. This way, you save much money without compromising on your gaming experience! 

What’s your decision? Will you purchase the “elite” DualSense Edge wireless controller with paddles or install third-party rear buttons to your current controller? Let me know in the comments below.

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