PS5 Sideways – All Your Questions Answered 

PS5 Sideways? Yes, You Can Set It Horizontally

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After finally getting your hands on the next-gen PS5, there are many things you’ve to address before hitting that “Play” button on the screen. Among them, your PS5’s positioning is what tops the checklist. 

While you must have seen a vertically lying PS5 everywhere, it’s not the only way to position it on your gaming desk. You can also position your PS5 horizontally using the stand included in the package, which also happens to be the “safest” position for the console.

Read on to know why it’s so and the steps to turn your PS5’s orientation from vertical to horizontal. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Yes, you can place a PS5 sideways. In fact, it’s the best and safest position for the same. 
  • When kept vertical for extended durations, the liquid metal between the APU chip and heat sink starts to seep out. This limits the PS5’s ability to manage the heat off the APU. 
  • Be it vertical or horizontal, don’t forget to use the stand (included in the package) for your PS5 to get better stability. You can even purchase an external stand. 

Is The PS5 Safer Vertically Or Horizontally?

Your PS5 is safe both vertically and horizontally. However, there’s a catch. 

If you intend to use it for a short duration, it doesn’t matter how you place it. Both vertical and horizontal orientations are good, provided sufficient space is available. 

Conversely, if you’re planning to use it for an extended period, i.e., for a long gaming session, you better lay the PlayStation sideways. This is because of a major design flaw, as claimed by many reports and, of course, some PS users. 

Note: This design flaw isn’t reported in all PS5 models but only in some. 

The design flaw relates to the liquid metal layer between the PS5’s Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) chip and the heat sink. When kept upright for long periods, this liquid metal tends to flow out from its place. As a result, the console’s ability to manage the heat from the APU is compromised, simultaneously damaging the processor. 

Sometimes, the liquid metal may drip on the surrounding sensitive components, resulting in a short circuit as it conducts electricity. 

Is The PS5 Safer Vertically Or Horizontally

You can refer to this video to better understand the above things, as explained by a YouTuber called TheCod3r. 

To summarize, it’s better to keep your PS5 sideways, firmly attached to its stand, to prevent any damage. Below are the steps to turn your PS5 sideways. 

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How Do I Turn My PS5 Sideways? 

How Do I Turn My PS5 Sideways

Follow these steps to turn your PS5 sideways safely. 

  • Shut Down Your PS5 & Unplug Everything 

This is the most important step most users neglect, but you shouldn’t. Shut down your PS5 and unplug everything. 

To shut down your PS5, press the PS button on the controller. A quick menu will open at the bottom of the screen. Select the Power icon at the bottom. 

Shut Down Your PS5 & Unplug Everything

Choose the second option here, i.e., Turn Off PS5.

Shut Down Your PS5 & Unplug Everything 1

Once shut down, unplug all the cables attached to the PS5’s back. For example, HDMI cable, power cable, etc. 

  • Remove The Vertical Stand 

Gently lay down your PS5 on the sides to access its vertical stand. At its center, you’ll find a screw. Use a coin or any flathead screwdriver to unscrew this single screw. The stand will come off. 

Remove The Vertical Stand

Tip: Once done, secure this screw in the small compartment on the side of the base. It’s there for this purpose only! 

Remove The Vertical Stand 1

  • Rotate The Base 

Now, rotate the base while looking at it from the top. If you treat the raised portion of the PS5 stand as “12 o’clock,” rotate its outside piece to “10 o’clock.” You won’t be able to rotate the base further as it clicks and gently stops. 

This will make it fit the PS5 in its horizontal position. 

  • Clip The Stand In The Horizontal Position 

You can now attach the stand (taken out from the upright PS5) while it’s sitting horizontally. Before doing so, make sure the PS logo is facing up. 

On the back of your PS5, close to the twin USB ports, some PlayStation controller symbols are imprinted. 

Clip The Stand In The Horizontal Position

Insert the outside arms of the base (that you just rotated) around where these symbols end on each side of the console’s body. 

Clip The Stand In The Horizontal Position 1

Gently push the clips to secure them. That’s it. Your PS5 is now horizontal. Replug the power cables and turn on your console. 

Note: If you wish to reverse the position of your PS5, just follow the above steps in reverse order. 

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What Is The Best PS5 Stand?

The stand that every PS5 comes with is just meant for stability. Nothing else! It doesn’t feature cooling fans or a charging port for your PS5 controller. If you want these two functionalities and more, I recommend investing in a “proper” PS5 stand like this one – OIVO PS5 Horizontal Stand.

What Is The Best PS5 Stand

Designed for both PS5 Disc & Digital Edition, the stand costs under $40 and is a perfect value-for-money product. I’ve been using the OIVO PS5 Horizontal Stand for the last 4-5 months and am, thus, confident about it. 

Besides its stability, I liked the stand’s 2 PS5 controller chargers and 4 USB charging dongles that keep my controller up all the time. Thus, I don’t need to worry about plugging my controller for a charge every time I decide to play. 

In addition, there are twin built-in silent cooling fans that rotate at an amazing speed of 4000 RPMs to keep overheating at bay. Also, these fans have blue LED lights installed that create a better gaming environment when turned on. Isn’t it cool? 

So, what are you waiting for? Order your OIVO PS5 Horizontal Stand now!

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PS5 Sideways FAQs

  • What Are PS5 Horizontal Dimensions? 

Ans: Your PS5 measures 15.4 × 10.2 × 4.1 inches. 

  • Can I Keep The PS5 Vertical Without Stand? 

Ans: You can keep the PS5 vertical without the stand, but you shouldn’t. The stand is necessary for your PS5’s stability, whether it’s vertical or horizontal. 

  • Is It Better To Put PS5 Horizontal Or Vertical?

Ans: It’s better to put the PS5 horizontally for the above reasons. 

  • Can Keeping Your PS5 Vertical Cause Damage?

Ans: Yes, keeping your PS5 vertical causes damage to the console’s liquid metal layer between the APU chip and heat sink. 

  • Is The PS5 Louder When Vertical?

Ans: No, there’s no difference in the sound produced by the PS5 if kept vertical (or horizontal). 

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Here you go. Although it’s completely up to you how you plan to set your PS5, it’s recommended to keep it horizontally due to a major design flaw. It’s related to the liquid metal layer between the APU chip and the heat sink that ultimately affects your PS5’s cooling capacity. You don’t want that, do you? 

Thus, keep it sideways and enjoy. If you’re wondering how just follow the above steps. I’ve also proposed a PS5 horizontal stand if you need to buy one. 

How is your PS5 working horizontally? Share your experience in the comments below.

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