Top 10 Practical Apps You Need to Install in Apple Store

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With the latest iPhones, you have access to a world of opportunity. From fitness tracking and language learning apps to photo editing tools the possibilities are endless! But with millions upon millions of choices in Apple’s App Store, finding your perfect smartphone companion can be quite daunting. Don’t stress any longer; here are the best apps you need to install, and download apps.

#1 Facetune

Got a ‘case of the Mondays’? Spice up your selfies with Facetune, an app designed to make you look and feel like peak perfection. With customizable facial tuning options ranging from skin smoothing to hair silkening, plus editing tools for saturation, brightness, and contrast controls – miraculously transforming yourself is just as easy as swiping left or right! And now they’ve gone one step further; with their all-new “magic” function, it’s totally possible to record that perfect selfie in real-time without ever having to lift a finger once recording begins.

#2 Kik

Kik is the go-to messaging app for youth seeking a secure and engaging platform. With no need to give out phone numbers, users can create unique usernames they’ll be recognized by – allowing them access to features such as group chat, photo & video sharing plus gaming; all alongside 6K+ bots in their Bot Store that beat other platforms like Facebook Messenger and Skype!


Keep your busy life in check with! Its comprehensive project and task management features, such as daily planners, tags for assigning tasks to other users, and calendar syncing capabilities – all of which can be customized depending on how you want to organize yourself – are just some ways this app provides a helpful boost towards improving productivity. Upgrade from the free version and access exclusive benefits like having an AI assistant that goes above and beyond when it comes to managing day-to-day activities!

#4 PDF scanner app

Still, looking for what to install in Apple Store? Consider an application for converting PDFs to docs. With the scanning tool, you can convert a physical document into a digital one. Thanks to its high resolution, a PDF scanner can convert a file into a text document. The app for iOS is great for school and work. With the scanner app, you have the flexibility to switch between physical and digital versions of documents. The application for scan docs allows you to completely abandon the scanners.

#5 Chegg eReader

College students rejoice! Chegg wants to alleviate the hassle of expensive textbooks and heavy bags by offering helpful options for renting, buying, or selling books. They also have a range of study apps that aim to make studying more efficient and easier.

#6 Duolingo

Learning a new language with the free Duolingo app can now be done offline, so you never have to worry about losing your Internet connection again! And it’s not just for our own benefit – by using this innovative and fun way of learning, we’re bringing valuable international communication skills (and more!) to people all over the world. Plus its easy-to-use interface makes it perfect for anyone who wants an enjoyable yet effective language education experience.

#7 Seven

Looking to start your fitness journey but don’t want the hassle of a crowded gym? Look no further – Seven is here! This innovative app offers you 7-minute workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime. With its free version, enjoy 12 exercises with 30 seconds each and 10-second breaks in between plus create custom routines to fit any goal or preference. Reach new heights by selecting virtual coaches for extra motivation along the way. Get started on achieving maximum well-being today with Seven!

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#8 Flipboard

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, blogs, and social posts tailored to your interests by downloading Flipboard! The app transforms content from partners like periodicals and websites into beautiful digital magazine pages. It’s free on both iPhone and iPad – enjoy a unique swiping experience specific to iOS devices that will make it entertaining to read whenever you have some spare time!

#9 Bear Pro

Bear is an all-in-one note-taking app, with powerful features and a less complicated interface than Evernote. Whether you need to jot down documents, blog posts, code snippets, or simple shopping lists – it’s got your back! And that’s not even the best part – sync up your different devices via iCloud for effortless cross-device access any time of day. With tons of themes at hand plus encryption security & Touch/Face ID protected data; using this nifty tool just might be what takes organization in 2020 to a whole new level!


With Maps.Me, you can make your travels more efficient and effortless! Download the app for a hassle-free navigation experience with its constantly updated maps provided by millions of community members across 100+ countries & 600 cities. Want to mark your favorite places? Checked! Save trips or share locations with family and friends? That’s covered as well – all without needing an online connection every time you search. The application also provides detailed information such as thousands of points of interest plus hiking trails so that no stone is left unturned in making sure your journey goes smoothly!

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While the App Store is home to a plethora of apps, these 10 are particularly noteworthy for their feature-richness, accessibility, and user-friendly design. Whether you’re looking for a tool that’ll help you stay organized or one that can make learning a new language easier, there’s definitely something here for everybody!

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