Mobile Apps in Healthcare: The Latest Trends

Mobile Apps in Healthcare: The latest trends

The world is full of dangers and viruses are one of them. The best way to avoid the mass spread of viral infections is to make it possible to consult doctors without visiting medical facilities. 

Healthcare Trends In 2021

To create the most effective healthcare application possible, you need to monitor and implement trends in the healthcare industry. By keeping up with the times, you will be able to offer users a relevant product for a long period of time.

●   Data analysis. The large amount of data that can be analyzed by the application is an undoubted advantage. The analysis allows specialists to predict how much medicine and equipment needs to be purchased, and the availability of statistical data allows you to find new ways to improve the current situation in health care.

●   5G support. High-speed connectivity is important in today's world, especially in health and life applications. The 5G standard is already available in many countries, so it's worth considering using this technology in your application.

●   Telemedicine - the use of computer and telecommunication technologies for remote communication between doctor and patient - is in high demand today. Such applications have become especially popular during the COVID-19 pandemic because social isolation saves lives, and many questions can be answered during an online conversation with a specialist. Such technologies are possible due to the development of software development companies like Redwerk that offer custom medical software solutions. 

●   Artificial Intelligence solutions. Many modern applications use artificial intelligence. It makes it possible to analyze and process vast amounts of data, in many cases facilitating the decision-making process. AI computing helps doctors make more accurate diagnoses and prescribe the right treatment faster. The possibilities of AI are limitless and its use in a mobile app should be almost mandatory, especially if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

●   Blockchain. A relatively new cloud technology that divides stored information into secure blocks that cannot be accessed by unauthorized people. Cloud solutions allow physicians to access patient information 24/7, with patients knowing that their data is secure.

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Benefits Of Medical Software For Patients And Doctors

Why are some medical apps popular with both patients and doctors, while others are not? The fact is that the best products include all the features users need. Let's look at what makes medical apps popular.

Improving patient care. Mobile apps allow doctors to monitor patient’s health even if they are far away (for example, if you go on an out-of-town trip, you'll still be in touch with your doctor). Doctors can help patients without an in-person visit, which saves time and allows patients to focus on getting well instead of wasting energy going to the clinic.

Accelerated diagnosis. Thanks to the many different sensors on today's smartphones and wearable devices, patients can share health-related data with physicians, making it easier, faster, and more accurate to obtain a diagnosis.

Convenient data processing. Maintaining patient records electronically greatly simplifies the handling of patient data and allows you to exchange information with other treating physicians, if necessary.

Remote treatment of patients. Social distancing became important in the year 2020 when mankind was faced with a new virus. Remote care makes it possible to admit patients more quickly while avoiding queues and unnecessary social contacts.

If you add all these features to the app, it will definitely be in demand for a long time.

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Why Your Project Might Fail

In fact, not all startups succeed and become popular. According to Failory, a community of failed startup owners, 90% of all startups (not only medical ones) fail. Let's look at why this happens.

A bad selling proposition. Your unique selling proposition (USP) must be well developed, it must be clear that the product is worthy of attention and worth using. When you promote your app, it's not enough to say it's better than others, you have to back it up with facts, show that it's competitive and important.

The product has been out of sight for a long time. This doesn't mean that you should release your application as quickly as possible, rushing is not good for anything. But you have to remind people about your app, tell them it's in development and will be released soon. Make sure that all the steps to create and promote the product are done in a timely manner, exactly according to the plan. If you stay "in the shadows" for too long, there is a high probability that your idea will be used by someone else.

The app is too complex. A medical app is supposed to improve and simplify patient health processes, not the other way around. That's why we advise releasing the app for beta testing first so that we can get feedback on which basis we can refine the app based on user feedback.

Lack of a good business model. Profit is the first thing startup owners think about. If this is the first startup you plan to launch, consider partnering with a successful medical company to build the right business model and then negotiate a profit share.

Weak development team. The development should be entrusted to professionals so that the desired coincides with the actual. And it is better to give preference to the company, rather than to freelancers, because cooperation with the latter may be delayed and lead to a loss of not only time but also money.

Cooperating with a company also guarantees the safety of your idea, because you sign an agreement of non-disclosure of all information related to the project. Freelancers, as a rule, cannot guarantee this.

Benefits Of Medical Software For Patients And Doctors


The development of a medical application is a process in which many specialists are involved, not only the development team, but also business consultants, medical professionals, and marketing specialists. Only joint work and understanding of the goal to be achieved will help to create a high-quality and demanded product.

We will help you develop a first-class medical app that will attract the attention of both doctors and patients. We need a detailed list of requirements and your willingness to cooperate for this task to be successful.

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