MacBook Screen Replacement Cost – With & Without AppleCare+

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MacBook Screen Replacement Cost

MacBooks are Apple computers that are very delicate and can’t handle excessive pressure and force exalted on them. A MacBook screen can get damaged due to dropping it, putting heavy objects on it, or even rolling onto the MacBook as you sleep.

Key Takeaways

  • MacBook screen replacements are relatively cheap to replace if you have AppleCare+ coverage. The service fee is around $99.
  • All MacBooks have a one-year limited warranty that covers unlimited accidental damage to your laptop screen.
  • For professional repairs with genuine Apple parts, ensure you take your MacBook for screen repairs at an Apple store or any Apple-authorized service provider.

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Damage to your MacBook screen can happen to either of these screen parts.

  • The outer glass display of the screen. It happens when the screen cracks due to extensive damage.
  • The inside part of the screen consists of the LCD screen.

Sometimes both screens can get damaged. However, even if only one part of the screen gets damaged, a complete replacement of the top piece consisting of both pieces of the screen is suitable to cover all defects.

If you accidentally damage your MacBook screen, you can get a new screen replacement at $99 if you have AppleCare coverage. However, if you don’t have this coverage, screen replacement cost between $300 to $700, depending on the model.

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Users seeking this service can use the “Get an Estimate” tool to get a review of the potential cost of any model of MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.

Is It Expensive to Replace a Macbook Screen?

It depends on whether you have AppleCare+ coverage for your MacBook. If you have this coverage, it is relatively cheap and affordable to replace the MacBook screen. However, it becomes expensive to cover the screen replacement cost if you lack this coverage.

You can get one or three-year AppleCare+ coverage that covers unlimited incidents resulting from accidental damage to your MacBook, which costs $99 plus other additional tax costs. With this coverage, you also get 24/7 priority access to chat with Apple experts. Purchase of this coverage is available through Apple support online.

If you’re wondering whether to get a new MacBook screen replacement or buy another MacBook, your best bet would be to do a screen replacement. With Apple’s warranty, the cost of replacing the screen can be $99, which is way cheaper than buying a new MacBook laptop at more than$1,000.

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MacBook Pro Screen Repair

MacBook Pro Screen Repair

MacBook Pro is Apple’s top-of-the-range laptop with powerful M1 and M2 chips that are ideal for tasks requiring intensive processing power. 

You can replace the screen if you have the technical know-how to continue using your MacBook Pro. However, you shouldn’t attempt any repairs if you don’t have the technical knowledge.

Instead, go for specialized professional assistance. You can take your MacBook for repairs at any of these repair shops.

  • Apple Store
  • At an Apple-authorized service provider

Before visiting any of these stores for your MacBook pro screen repairs, schedule an appointment to get a timely repair and avoid long wait times.

For the Apple store, you can arrange to mail your product directly to Apple. It is a convenient option if you can’t make a walk-in visit to the store.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Mac Pro Screen?

Since MacBook Pros screens are high-end devices, their screen replacement cost is slightly higher than other MacBook models, whether it is the 13, 14, 15, or 16-inch screen.

MacBook Pro screen replacement will cost $99 if you have AppleCare+ coverage and around $500 to $700 inclusive of labor charges if you don’t have the coverage.

MacBook Air Screen Replacement Cost

MacBook Air is Apple’s lightweight laptop that is highly portable and easy to carry around. Sometimes this mobility may have disadvantages, like damage to the laptop screen. 

However, this should not worry you as you can easily replace the MacBook screen at $300 to $400, whether it is the 13.3-inch Mac or the 13.6-inch Mac. The price becomes relatively affordable, requiring a service fee of $99 if you have AppleCare+ coverage.

MacBook Screen Repair Cost Without AppleCare+

Upon purchase of a MacBook, it comes with a one-year coverage that you don’t have to pay for and three months of technical support from Apple experts. Apple provides this support through the limited warranty coverage plan.

After the limited warranty expires, your MacBook product is no longer covered, and you will have to subscribe to the AppleCare+ coverage to continue enjoying the benefits of the warranty. If you don’t get the plan, you will incur all the costs resulting from accidental damage to your machine.

Replacing a MacBook screen without AppleCare+ will cost from $300 for small screens to $700 for high-end and bigger screens.

MacBook Screen Repair Cost at Best Buy

BestBuy is an authorized Apple service provider that can replace your damaged MacBook screen repair with genuine Apple parts. BestBuy also guarantees to offer affordable prices for all repairs maintaining the standard price for all Apple-authorized service providers.

It will cost you around $350 to $650 to replace a MacBook screen at any of BestBuy stores in the US.

The price of a MacBook screen replacement varies according to the model of the MacBook. In addition, if you want fast screen replacement, BestBuy doesn’t offer same-day repairs for Macs. It usually takes three to seven business days from when you drop your Mac at any BestBuy store.

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MacBook screen replacements can be costly if you don’t have a warranty. We recommend that you dig deeper into your pocket to get additional perks that cushion you from expensive repair costs or protect your MacBook screen from damage in the future. 

Here are some additional costs you can include as a preventative measure to protect your screen.

  1. Buying the AppleCare+ coverage plan is particularly helpful, allowing you to enjoy unlimited coverage for accidental damage to your device for one year or even three years.
  2. Buying a screen protector for your MacBook to prevent dust and scratches
  3. Clean your screen using only a dry soft cloth. Avoid using concentrated cleaning agents
  4. Invest in a laptop bag to avoid accidental damage to your screen when you are on the move

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