How to Connect XBOX to Hotel WiFi? (Simple Answer!)

How to Connect XBOX to Hotel WiFi

In this post, you'll find out how to connect Xbox to hotel WiFi and enjoy your favorite games wherever you are...

Would you like to bring your Xbox with you to a hotel? Do you know how to connect the device to your hotel’s wireless internet? Once you manage to do this – traveling from one place to another won’t be such a hassle anymore. You’ll always have a way to pass the time and enjoy your favorite games or shows.

Here’s how to get it done.

Access Via the Xbox Browser

Access Via the Xbox Browser

The good news is that Microsoft has been made aware of the difficulty of connecting their gaming console to hotel WiFi – which is why they made some changes to their setup. The Xbox browser now has a feature that allows you to access the hotel’s sign in page and enter the password through there. This is by far the easiest method available and should be the first thing you try before anything else. If for some reason this technique doesn’t let you connect the device, you can try the other methods offered here.

Straightforward Connection via the Xbox Settings

Those who have newer versions of the model can also connect the console through its Settings menu. Just go to Network and Connect to a New Network. Look for the wireless connection of the hotel and just enter the password you’ve been given. It’s no different from what you would ordinarily do at home to connect to your private WiFi.

Using the MAC Address

This one requires several steps, but is easy enough to follow. First, you’re going to need a proxy. This is basically any device that you ordinarily use to connect to the wireless connection of a hotel. It’s something expected – like a mobile phone or a laptop. The goal is to find the MAC address of these devices and copy it to your Xbox. This will make the Xbox “seem” like a phone or a laptop, thereby allowing instant connection.

First things first, make sure that your proxy device already has a connection to the wireless access point of the hotel. You want it to be verified already so that when you copy the MAC address from the proxy to the Xbox, you’re granted automatic connection.

  • Finding the MAC of an Android

For Android users, go to About Device and choose Status. Find the WI-FI MAC statement and then copy the address beside it. This is your MAC address.

  • Finding the MAC of an iPhone
xbox hotel wifi Finding the MAC of an iPhone

For those using an iPhone, the MAC address is found via Settings, General, and then About. The information you want is found under WI-FI Address.

  • Finding the Mac of a Windows Phone

If you own a Windows mobile phone, the MAC can be found via Settings, going to System, and then the About button. Once there, hit the “More” option and you should be able to see the address. Write that down.

  • Finding the MAC of Windows Laptop

For those using a Windows computer, the address can be accessed through the command prompt. Just type in CMD.EXE and then type “ipconfig/all” without the quotation marks. Hit enter and data will appear showing Wireless LAN Adapter. The MAC address is the one written under Physical Address.

  • Finding the MAC on Windows 10

For Windows 10 users, there’s an alternative way to access the MAC Address. Start from the Control Panel and then hit Network and Sharing Center. From here, look for Change Adapter Settings. Right-click on the network for the WiFi and then choose Status. Once there, go to Details and then finally you’ll be led to Physical Address. 

  • Disconnect the Wireless on the Proxy

Once you’ve copied the MAC address, disconnect your proxy from the wireless internet. This is IMPORTANT because you can’t use your proxy and the Xbox at the same time. Remember, the whole process makes it appear as though your proxy is the one connected to the hotel’s wireless connection. If the proxy is turned on, then a second one with the same MAC address will not be given access. This is the only downside of this setup.

  • Copy the MAC to your Xbox
xbox hotel wifi Copy the MAC to your Xbox

Once you have the MAC address, you now have to copy that into your Xbox. To get this done, start by pushing the “Guide” option in your Xbox. Proceed to System and then Settings, going to Network and then Advanced Settings. Once there, choose the Alternate MAC Address and hit Manual. Put in the MAC address you have for the hotel’s wireless connection. The internet should be working on your Xbox and you can proceed to any activity you want via the console.

Note that the steps to copy the MAC to your Xbox may vary depending on the model of console you have. For an Xbox 360 for example, you have to go to System, find Network Settings, and hit Wireless Network. From there, go to Configure Network, find Additional Settings, and then finally go to Advanced Settings Alternate MAC Address.

If you’re using Xbox One however, opt for Settings then Network, then Advanced Settings. Finally, choose the Alternate MAC Address.

Connect via 3rd Party Apps

You can also try using 3rd party applications to connect your Xbox to any hotel wireless internet connection. There are several of those available but note that it often needs an extra device as well. One app for example makes it possible for you to access the internet via your laptop. Your laptop will then share its internet access to your Xbox. This lets you use both devices at once, but keep in mind that this will make things slower for either one. Hence, if you’re using this method, make sure that your first device isn’t uploading, downloading, or doing anything that uses the internet.


To wrap it up, it’s perfectly possible for you to enjoy all the features of your Xbox even when you’re not at home. One thing you need to keep in mind however that is your experience would be limited by the internet connection of the hotel itself. Hence, even if you’re connected – the speed of streaming or game play may not be as good.

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