Cheerble Board Game – The Only Toy Your Cat Needs

Why Is The Cheerble Board Game The Only Toy Your Cat Needs?

Why Is The Cheerble Board Game The Only Toy Your Cat Needs?

Fluffy, playful, funny, and overall a bundle of cuteness…

This is how many people see cats, the cutest creatures on earth. 

Little do they know there is an avid hunter living in each of these fluffies. 

The flip side of any cat’s daily 16-hour nap is their active routine, which includes running all around the house and getting into all sorts of trouble. 

That is the hunt time, which can very quickly result in scratched furniture, knocked-over items, and many other disasters...A real CATastrophe!

That’s where different types of cat toys—fishing toys, balls, artificial mice, feathers, scratchers, and cardboard boxes and everything in between—come to help. 

Unless you live in the wild, they are a must-have for your cat to satisfy their natural hunting instincts, as well as get rid of their anxiety, stress, and boredom.

To make things easier, Cheerble, the most backed pet toy brand in crowdfunding history, recently developed its third pet product, the interactive Cheerble Board Game for cats, which can actually replace all the traditional cat toys. 

What Makes The Cheerble Board Game different?

how is cheerble different?

The interactive Cheerble Board Game is backed by recent studies of feline physiology and psychology to satisfy all the possible instincts of your feline friend.

It’s first of all unique in that it’s all-inclusive. 

The toy consists of

  • A Smart Cheerble Ball, which rolls on its own, engaging your cat in a fun chase and giving them the right amount of exercise for hours, 
  • A Playboard with a maze of holes to make the chase even more challenging and engaging, and
  • A Scratch Pad to satisfy their natural instincts and save your furniture. 

Besides, the toy is a great solution for cat parents who are often busy at home or spend most of their time in the office. It gives you peace of mind to realize that your fluffy won’t ever get bored and feel lonely while you’re away.  

Given its wide application and convenience, this makes it basically the one and only toy you need for your cat. 

The Magic of the Smart Ball

magic of the smart ball

The Cheerble Ball is super cat-friendly. It’s quite tiny—42mm/1.65 inch—a perfect fit for cat paws. Besides, it’s covered with synthetic fiber to give your cat a wool-like yet durable feel. To make it appealing to your cat, the ball is available in both red and grey colors. What’s more, the cool LED lights on the ball make this cute prey especially tempting and interesting for your cat. 

Nevertheless, it’s not just a regular ball, but a smart one in that it’s 100% automatic. To see its smartness, you first need to set it up, which is super easy. You just press the button on the ball for 3 short seconds and the Cheerble Ball is on. The next step is to choose the reaction mode: green is for the gentle mode, blue is for normal and purple—for active modes, for really crazy kitties. 

You can try out each of these modes separately to understand which one works for your cat. 

After turning on the ball and choosing the reaction mode, you can just leave it on the Playboard. The ball will start rolling all by itself once your cat touches it with their nose or paws: You don’t need any app to control it. 

Challenging Play Board

What’s more, the ball is equipped with the intelligent companion mode, which basically means that it engages your cat in an active chase for 10 minutes, after which it gives them well-deserved 30 minutes for a sweet nap. This way it balances your cat’s exercise and rest time. 

And thanks to its automatic obstacle avoidance system, it never gets stuck in the holes of the Playboard or other tight spots like under the rugs and couches. It just jumps out of any tight spot to ensure the non-stop fun. 

In fact, the ball’s battery capacity is 4 hours․ It comes with this micro USB charging cable, and gets charged in only 1 hour, after which it’s playtime again!

One of the downsides of the ball is that its battery may run low before you’re back, but, on the other hand, your cat will still enjoy playing with it as a regular ball on the Playboard or on the floor. 

The Challenging Playboard 

playful but interesting cheerble

The Playboard is quite lightweight—1.24kg/3.61lb—and portable. Also, It doesn’t occupy much space and can be placed literally in any corner of your house.

There are actually two types of Playboard. The Maze type and the Pool type, which both offer your cat limitless options to chase the ball. 

The Playboard is also a perfect place for your cat to exercise, nap, scratch and, of course, chase their fluffy prey throughout the maze of holes.  

In fact, it’s large enough to fit both large cats and kittens. And if you have many cats, they can all use it to have fun together. So no worries about its size.

Finally, on top of the Playboard, there is a nice fluffy pom pom, which your cat will indeed enjoy tantalizing.  

The Furniture-Saving Scratch Pad

The built-in Scratch Pad, which also comes with the toy, is a great place for your cat to satisfy their natural instincts in the most convenient and ‘legal’ way. 

But it not only saves your furniture but also your time, as with the Scratch Pad you no longer have to trim your cat’s claws: It happens just naturally. 

Justified price

The Cheerble Board Game, which will be live on Kickstarter for 2 more days, is available for $59. This may first seem to be a high price as compared to other cat toys, but considering its all-in-one nature and durability it’s well worth every penny. 

With the Cheerble Board Game, you will no longer have to renew your cat’s toy arsenal, since it’s designed to last long and bring joy to your cat and you for years. 

Overall, if you are considering what toy to buy to keep your cat both happy, fit, and healthy, the Cheerble Board Game is definitely the right choice. It’s indeed a happy solution to even the most capricious and grumpy cat’s needs and preferences. 

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