Can HDMI Do 144Hz? Yes Under Some Conditions

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Gaming pros prefer a high refresh rate for their gaming monitors. 144Hz refresh rate provides gamers with perfect motion smoothness for an enhanced gaming experience. But can HDMI do 144Hz?

While early generation HDMI cables won’t support 144Hz refresh rate, HDMI 1.3 and later versions support 144Hz at different resolutions. For instance, pro gamers prefer the latest HDMI version (HDMI 2.1), which can support 144Hz at 4K resolution.

Key Takeaways

  • HDMI cable supports a 144-hertz refresh rate under suitable conditions.
  • The capacity of an HDMI cable to support a 144Hz refresh rate depends on the output source, HDMI input, and the connecting cables.
  • HDMI cables come in Micro and Mini cables, High-Speed cables, and Ultra-High speed cables so that you can choose the cable with the speed you need.
  • HDMI 1.4 supports 144Hz at Full HD 1080p resolution, HDMI 2.0 supports 144Hz at 1440p resolution, while HDMI 2.1 support 144Hz refresh rate at 2160p resolution.

Read through the article to learn more about HDMI cables, their versions, and what refresh rate and resolution they support. 

Can HDMI Do 144Hz 4K?

Yes, an HDMI connection will comfortably offer you up to 144Hz. If you are into gaming or video editing, the term 144Hz represents the refresh rate of the display panel.

The bandwidth capacity of the HDMI is very high. Thus, the refresh rate available for you on your 144Hz is the rate of 144 images processed every second. That is a very high rate.
Can HDMI Do 144Hz 4K

Can HDMI Do 144Hz at 1440p?

You can do 144Hz at 1440p using the latest HDMI versions, 2.0 and 2.1. Previous versions cannot support high speed. 

HDMI function depends on the following factors:

  • HDMI version
  • Resolution
  • Bandwidth

High-resolution HDMI will do 1440p at 144Hz with 8-bit color depth. This speed is more suited to high-resolution gaming and an overall smooth viewing experience. This type of HDMI is also suitable for high-resolution devices.

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Can HDMI 2.1 Do 144Hz

Yes, HDMI 2.1 do 144Hz. As stated earlier, all HDMI versions from HDMI 1.3 and later versions support 144-hertz refresh rates. However, HDMI versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 1.2a can’t do 144 hertz. 

Note that you’ll sacrifice compression, chroma, resolution, and color to achieve a 144Hz.

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Can HDMI Support 165Hz

Yes, HDMI can support a 165-hertz refresh rate. HDMI introduced a 165-hertz refresh rate in HDMI 1.3 and HDMI 1.4. These two version support 165Hz at 1080p resolutions. However, you’ll sacrifice chroma to achieve this resolution.

From HDMI 1.4 onwards, the refresh rate gradually increases. However, the display’s resolution to support these refresh rates remains constant. HDMI 2.1 supports a 144Hz refresh rate at a higher resolution than its predecessors.

You can enjoy 165 hertz at 4K resolution with your HDMI 2.1. This resolution is the highest HDMI can support at 165 hertz. However, the high amount of data will require Display Stream Compression. 

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Can DisplayPort 1.4 Do 4k 144Hz?

Yes, DisplayPort 1.4 can do 4K 144hz. While HDMI 2.1 can also do 4K at a 144-hertz refresh rate, DisplayPort 1.4 is even better. DisplayPort supports a wider range of refresh rates and resolutions than any other standard. 

You need a high refresh rate if you’re a pro gamer who plays demanding games. You can choose the latest HDMI standard. However, for the best experience and diversity, we recommend DisplayPort 1.4. A 7.5m DisplayPort can get the job done—it is flexible and doesn’t sacrifice performance. 

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Does HDMI 2.0 Support 144Hz? 

Yes, HDMI 2.0 support 144Hz. However, you should ensure that the cable, TV, and monitor port are compatible with HDMI 2.1; otherwise, you won’t get 144 hertz. Note that some monitors, especially the older ones, don’t have in-built HDMI 2.0. Therefore, you’ll not get a 144-hertz refresh rate.

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Can HDMI Support 165Hz

Yes, HDMI can support 165 hertz. However, not all HDMI versions support a 165-hertz refresh rate. HDMI 1.3 and later versions, up to HDMI 2.1, are the ones that support 165Hz. On the other hand, HDMI 1.0 to 1.2a can’t support a 165-hertz refresh rate.

HDMI 2.0 relies on chroma sampling to support a 165-hertz refresh rate. The monitor sacrifices color information in favor of luminance. Through this feature, HDMI 2.0 can support 165 hertz at 1440p resolution. 

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Can HDMI Do 144Hz FAQs

Can Mini HDMI Run 144Hz?

Yes, Mini HDMI can run 144Hz. Mini HDMI cables support up to 144-hertz refresh rate at Full HD 1080p resolution. 

What Monitor Refresh Rate Can HDMI 2.0 Support?

HDMI 2.0 supports several refresh rates. These include:

Which HDMI Does Not Support 144Hz?

Only HDMI version 1.4 and above can support 144Hz. Lower HDMI versions of 1.1 and 1.2 don’t support 144Hz.

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Does HDMI 1.4 Support 240Hz?

No, HDMI 1.4 doesn’t support 240Hz. The maximum refresh rate this cable supports is 144Hz at 1440p resolution. However, HDMI 1.4 can only support a 50-hertz refresh rate at a 4K resolution. Therefore, if you have a 240-hertz gaming monitor, consider a different cable other than HDMI 1.4.

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