Ultimate Review of the Best Laptop Cooler in 2023

Best Laptop Cooler

Every year, laptops get more powerful and more compact.

Unfortunately, their compactness comes at a cost; unlike PCs, laptops have an inherent issue with dissipating heat.

By design, the compact design of the laptops means there’s not enough space for proper ventilation.

Now, if you've had a laptop before, you already know overheating can be a real pain, especially if you're reliant on the laptop for work.

Often, an overheated laptop feels uncomfortable on your laps and can lead to everything from reduced performance, lagging, damage to internal componentry and at times, overheating might altogether shut down the laptop.

Fortunately, it’s possible to lessen the effects of heat by investing in a laptop cooling fan.

While a cooling pad might not do away with the heat altogether, it can to maintain normal and optimal temperatures for your laptop.

A cooling pad offers a simple, effective, and affordable way to boost performance and ensure system stability of your laptop.

But with so many options, it can be challenging to find the right cooling pad for your laptop.

Fortunately, we've scoured the internet to bring you the best laptop coolers in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

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Laptop Compatibility


Noise Level





18 dBA

2.52 lb



16 dBA

4.23 lb



31 dBA

2.36 lb

Other Great Recommendations



19 dBA

1.5 lb



16-21 dBA

4.23 lb



20 dBA

1.6 lb

Best Top 5 Laptop Coolers in the Market for the Money 

Best Top 5 Laptop Coolers in the Market for the Money

Kootek Cooler Pad 

Topping our list of the best cooling pads is the Kootek Cooler Pad.

I know the name is by no means fancy, but it's worth every penny.

It’ll surely keep your laptop cool, and even better, it comes with adjustable settings to promote an ergonomic experience, allowing you to enjoy sessions with your laptop.

But is the Kootek Cooler Pad, alongside its features the right option for you?

Kootek Cooler Pad

Features and Benefits

Design-Build and Quality

Kootek Cooler Pad is built with durability and convenience in mind.

For starters, it’s both lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to use. It’s not bulky either, so you can stash it into your backpack and forget about it.

It's a durable option, too, and as long as you don't drop it frequently, it's going to serve you for a long period.

It’s equally appealing, and the bright LEDs give the pad an attractive and modern look.

Cooling Fans

Kootek Cooler Pad comes with five cooling fans (One big one and four small ones) for optimal heat dissipation.

The best part?

The fans are adjustable to maximize the airflow.

The controllable settings allow you to select which and how the fans run, ultimately helping to customize your pad's performance.

When in use, the manufacturer claims the fans can drop your laptop's internal temperature by 30 degrees and 11 degrees for the external temperatures.

Noise Level

The biggest deal-breaker with a majority of the cooling pads is a noisy operation. And as we know, noise can be a huge distractor, especially when performing a sensitive task such as gaming or reading.

However, with the Kootek Cooler Pad, you don’t need to worry about the noise anymore.

The fans on this pad are super-quiet, and operating at only 18dB, they’ll provide a noise-free and interference-free environment.


Ergonomics play a critical role in the ease of use of laptop cooling pads.

Fortunately, Kootek Cooler Pad comes with six adjustable height settings, so it's possible to use your laptop, even on your bed without straining your neck.

And the best part is the six settings are further adjustable within a range of 2-25 degrees of angle, letting you experience a clear view even from different positions.

While at it, Kootek Cooler Pad is an accommodative cooling pad since it accepts a wide range of laptops. Ideally, it’s the right fit for laptops between 12 to 17 inches, which I believe is where most of the laptop size range is.


Kootek Cooler Pad is equipped with dual USB ports, which is good since you don't have to dedicate a USB port for your laptop's cooler.


  • Five efficient fans
  • Noiseless operation
  • Compact design
  • Dual USB mode


  • Expensive

See Kootek Cooler Pad Price on Amazon

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim - Best for Traveler

If you’re looking for the slimmest laptop cooler, you can’t go wrong with Cooler Master.

Aptly named Cooler Master X-Slim, this cooler is lightweight, slim, and compact.

The svelte design on this cooling pad means it's easy to slip it into your carry bag without any trouble, making it an intriguing option for those to travel a lot.

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim

Features and Benefits


Cooler Master X-Slim is a heavy-duty cooling pad that will stand up to whatever you throw at it.

The plastic and metallic mesh construction is solid and durable, too.

It won’t skimp on the performance either, because it excels in cooling your laptop, and ensuring it works under optimal conditions.

Despite the size, Cooler Master X-Slim is quite accommodative as it can cool a laptop with a size range of between 15 to 17 inches.


In contrast to the Kootek Pad, this option comes with a single 180mm turbine fan.

Now, it’s easy to think the single fan limits its performance, but in reality, it works well to keep your laptop cool.

The fan rotates at 1500 RPM and generates 70 CFM of unprecedented airflow, which is sufficient to keep your entire laptop components running at optimal temperatures.

The only real flaw with the fan is the non-adjustable speed, meaning it's impossible to customize the cooling performance on your laptop.

Noise Level

When using Cooler Master X-Slim, noise distraction should be the least of your concerns.

The fans operate silently, and at 16dB, you won't even notice the cooling pads' presence.


Comfort is critical when using a laptop.

With this cooling pad option, you enjoy a comfortable typing and viewing platform, thanks to the two adjustable height settings.

I know, the height settings are a bit lean, especially when compared to the six settings we earlier saw on the Kootek, but they’re better than having none.

At the same time, you’ll also have the privilege of setting the viewing angle anywhere from 0 to 5 degrees, therefore creating the perfect viewing angle.

USB Ports

Connectivity is probably where this cooling pad excels most.

Cooler Master X-Slim has expanded connectivity consisting of 4 USB ports, thus freeing up the USB ports on your laptop.


  • Portable design
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Noise-free performance
  • Expanded connectivity


  • Fan speed can’t be adjusted

See Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Price on Amazon

Thermaltake Massive TM - Most Convenient

If you’re looking for an easy to use and convenient cooling pad, few can beat what Thermaltake Massive TM has to offer.

See, this cooling pad features temperature sensors that monitor any changes in temperature and display on the little screen.

So, you don’t have to stop your gaming task and switch between windows to check temperature change.

Instead, this cooling pad comes with a display option letting you monitor your laptop's temperature changes and performance without needing to install any software.

But performance-monitoring isn’t the only benefit of this pad; let’s check on some of the exciting features of the Thermaltake Massive TM.

Thermaltake Massive TM

Features and Benefits


Thermaltake Massive TM is a lightweight and thin cooling pad.

Aesthetically speaking, few cooling pads come close to the design offered by the pad. For instance, the brushed aluminum panels enhance the overall aesthetics of the pad, while the display control option offers something more of a futuristic design on the pad.


The ventilation performance on the Thermaltake Massive TM is based on dual 120mm temperature regulated fans.

The fans rotate at a speed of 1300 RPM providing sufficient airflow to keep your laptop operating at optimal conditions at all times.

Users love the fact they can easily control the fan speed with the click of a button through the control panel, either manually or automatically.

Adjustable Settings

Thermaltake Massive TM is built with convenience in mind.

For starters, it’s compatible with laptops ranging from 10 inches to 17 inches.

Additionally, it has three adjustable angle settings from 3 to 14 degrees. The adjustability of the pad promotes greater ergonomics and ensures you get the most comfortable angle for viewing and typing.

Display Control

A trademark feature on the Thermaltake Massive TM is the display control panel, where you can see your laptop’s temperature and control setting according to your needs.

On the display control, it's easy to turn on/off the display, change the temperature scales from degrees to Fahrenheit or vice versa, and so much more.

It's also possible to lock the control panel, so in case you accidentally press the button unknowingly, they won't affect the settings.

Temperature Sensors

Thermaltake Massive TM comes with four temperature sensors distributed along the pads' entire length to monitor any temperature changes.

It's a great feature to have as it gives a clear and concise reading on your laptop's performance at a glance.


The hexagonal-shaped structure of the cooling vents promotes proper airflow, while at the same time drastically cutting on the noise.


  • Four sensors for monitoring temperatures
  • Adjustable control panel
  • Display screen
  • Noiseless performance


  • USB ports aren’t easily accessible

See Thermaltake Massive TM Price on Amazon

HAVIT HV-F2056 - Top Rated

HAVIT HV-F2056 is among the top-rated laptop coolers in the market.

This cooler has every desirable feature you would want to see in a laptop cooler.

For starters, it's ultra-slim and compact. It also has three powerful fans, which provide users with up to 65 CFM of airflow to keep your laptop cool at all times.


Features and Benefits


HAVIT HV-F2056 is quite a stylish cooling pad, designed from fine materials.

The metal mesh at the top, for instance, promotes efficient airflow to your laptop, while at the same time enhancing the overall durability of the cooling pad.

Moving on, HAVIT HV-F2056 has an almost weightless design, which is easy to handle. The slim and compact design is light, and it’s even possible to pack the pad in your laptop bag and take it anywhere you want.

For the night owls, you’ll be pleased to learn the pad has LEDs that let you know whether the fans are working properly, or if they’ve shut down.


HAVIT HV-F2056 features three powerful fans of 110mm,  spinning at 1000 RPM and providing constant airflow of 65 CFM.

The fan's airflow output is collected from the downside of the cooling pad, while the cool air is pushed to the upward direction.

This way, the fan can maintain the optimal temperature for your working computer and prevent overheating from happening.

Noise Level

Despite the powerful output of the fans, they’ve a silent operation that won’t interfere with your activities.


Comfort and ergonomics always take preference when choosing the best laptop cooling pads

With the HAVIT HV-F2056, you get an adjustable cooling pad option that promotes both comfort and pragmatism.

For starters, the cooling pad is compatible with 15.6 to 17.o inches of laptops.

At the same time, the cooling pad comes with two adjustable-height settings providing you with a comfortable angle for viewing and typing.


If you need extra USB ports while using the HAVIT HV-F2056, you don’t have to worry because it has 2 USB ports or compensation.


  • Adjustable height setting
  • Ultra-portable
  • Dual USB ports
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Plastic looks flimsy

See HAVIT HV-F2056 Price on Amazon

CM Storm SF-17 - Best for Gaming Laptops

CM Storm SF-17 is yet another exciting laptop cooler from Cooler Masters.

With this option, however, you get a cooling pad suitable for running the heavy-duty applications that emit a huge amount of heat, such as gaming.

It has a robust cooling and ventilation system that will keep your laptop running at optimal temperatures.

CM Storm SF-17

Features and Benefits


First, CM Storm SF-17 is easy to carry, thanks to the built-in handle.

Portable aside, it’s uniquely designed with a plastic coating on the underside as opposed to mesh, meaning it won’t allow heat to reach your legs.

It’s also sturdily built, and with the sturdy material construction providing the strength needed to keep it from breaking down.

While still at the construction aspect, this cooling pad has thick rubber padding around its base with retention tabs, which promote stability of your laptop even if set at higher angles.


It’s easy to think the single fan on the CM Storm SF-17 is not efficient at cooling your laptop.

We also thought so, but in reality, it's a powerful option generating 35-70 CFM of airflow, sufficient to keep your laptop running at optimal conditions.

The 180 mm fan distributes heat evenly and efficiently to drop a considerable amount of temperatures.


The adjustability settings on the CM Storm SF-17 allow you to customize the cooling performance of the pad, depending on the needs of your laptop.

For instance, it’s possible to adjust the fan speed between 700-1200 RPM with a stepless dial.

The adjustable height setting, on the other hand, lets you position your laptop at a comfortable viewing and typing angle.

The four adjustable height settings, alongside the angulation range of zero to 29 degrees, offer the perfect viewing angle, less strain, and a wrist-free typing experience.


The fan on this cooling pad might be powerful, but it won’t disturb you because it’s super silent.

It doesn't interfere with your working operations, and it's even possible to do a serious read while the pad is on.

USB Ports

CM Storm SF-17 operates at 5V DC, and the five ports for the USB hub help to expand the connectivity of the cooling pad with other devices.


  • Heavy duty
  • Rubber pads for stability
  • 4 USB ports for expanded connectivity
  • Efficient heat dissipation


  • Bulky

See CM Storm SF-17 Price on Amazon

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad - Best for PS4

Last on our list of the best laptop coolers is the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad.

It combines style, portability, and effective cooling at a price that earns it a mention.

But is the cooling pad, alongside its features, the right cooling pad for you?

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Features and Benefits


Tree New Bee is built for long-lasting and reliable performance.

The cool angular design is complemented by the cooler’s metal grille and four visible fans with blue LEDs.

The design is not only quite durable but it's equally aesthetically pleasing.


Tree New Bee features four fans, which can sufficiently cover your laptop evenly.

Even better, each of the four 120mm fans delivers a respectable speed of up to 1,200 RPM, which should meet any laptop’s need for airflow.


The power of the fans is controllable using a control wheel, letting you control the cooling performance depending on your laptop’s need.

Similarly, the control wheel also controls the brightness of the LEDs, but unfortunately, the LEDs can’t be dimmed independently.

Finally, Tree New Bee is a large model, so it’s compatible with the different laptop sizes starting from 17 to 19 inches.


Even on the max settings, the fans on the Tree New Bee aren’t particularly loud, so it’s possible to achieve a thorough cooling with least noise pollution.


Tree New Bee is easy and convenient to use as it features 2 USB ports, meaning it won’t gobble the ports on your laptop.


  • Stylish design
  • Ultra-slim
  • Reasonable price


  • No adjustable height

See Tree New Bee Cooling Pad Price on Amazon

Best Cooling Pads Buying Guide

Best Laptop Cooler Buying Guide

In the section below, we shall look at some of the essential features you should consider before purchasing a laptop cooling pad.

But before then, let’s first look at the different types of laptop cooling pads.

Classification of Laptop Cooling Pads

There're different types of laptop cooling pads, but today, we shall only look at 4 of the most popular options.

  • Active Cooling Pads

Active coolers are the most popular and efficient cooling pads.

They use external fans to improve airflow and lessen your laptop’s temperature.

Some active coolers remove heat by dispersing it away while others blow wind into the vents.

  • Passive Cooling

The passive coolers work through conductive cooling.

They use a conductive pad to cool your laptop without using any electricity.

They’re not as effective as the active coolers.

They also can't be used on a laptop with fan vents built in the bottom part as they will block the vents leading to overheating.

  • Multi-Surface Cooling Pads

This class of laptop coolers is multi-dimensional, allowing air to flow either from the side or even underneath through a space between the cooler's base and your lap.

They’re a great pick for the laptops with exhaust vents located at the bottom.

  • Multi-Purpose Cooling Pads

The multi-purpose coolers are designed for more than just cooling your laptop, but also perform other duties.

Some have USB drives, card readers, and might even work as mini workstations.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Laptop Cooling Pad

  • Number of Fans

The higher the number of fans, the more aggressive airflow you get.

A higher number of fans also improve the overall coverage, and so, more heat gets dissipated.

  • Size of Fans

The larger the size of the fan, the more surface area they can push air, so the greater the airflow.

However, at the same time, you also need to balance the number of fans and the size of the fans.

  • Adaptive Design

The ideal cooling pad should be adaptive enough, allowing you to use your laptop in whatever position you’re comfortable in.

At the same time, it should be ergonomic to let you work in comfort, regardless of your holding position.

  • Size

Ideally, the right cooling pad should be compatible with your laptop.

It should fit the dimensions of your laptop for optimal cooling efficiency.

A smaller cooler, for instance, will probably fail to cool your laptop effectively, and might even be unstable and clumsy to use.

  • Portability

Laptops are known for their lightness, and as it follows, it's only right you get a compact and portable cooling pad.

  • Extensibility

In a laptop, we've a limited number of USB ports available.

So attaching a cooling pad makes us one port short.

Fortunately, there’re some cooling pads with the option of connecting other USB devices to the pin or the pad itself.

These ports work fine; the only downside is these pads are on the higher end.


Too much heat can affect the performance of your laptop significantly.

Fortunately, laptop cooling pads offer an easy and effective way for heat dissipation.

And as we've seen, choosing the right laptop cooling pad doesn't need to be a hard task.

Now, you simply need to go over our list and pick a model you think will address your laptop needs.


Are the laptop coolers reliable?

If you are wondering whether the coolers work, then they do. With a laptop, the pace for cooling is minimal, and you'll realize later that the laptop has stopped working since heat dissipation didn't work well. This is why you need the cooler to disperse heat and promote your daily work at improved FPS.

How heavy are the laptop coolers?

They come in varying weight capacities and sizes. They might not be heavy to compromise the portability, but they are portable. Most of the units are in the range of 1-5 lbs. This allows you to choose the option that will work for you.

Are the coolers affordable?

The coolers come in different budget options, so you'll always have a suitable unit to meet your needs. All you need is to check the specifications then match them with your budget. Note that some sellers might sell you a costly unit with few features, so you need to be keen on the purchases.

What circumstances require a cooking pad?

If you are a gamer who subjects a laptop to a heavy workload, you need a cooling pad. Laptops with small cooling systems might struggle with heat dissipation and hence the need for a cooling pad.

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