Ultimate Review Of Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount in 2023

Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount

The best full motion TV wall mount can be difficult to spot in today's competition. This review covers the top 5 options to help you get started...

TV stands are easy to install and provide space around or underneath for extra storage.

However, if you’re like me with several playful kids and limited living space, you should take a second thought about getting a TV stand. 

I agree TV mounts provide a convenient place for your TV to rest, but with nothing attached or holding your screen, it becomes easy to tip over and fall with even the slightest accidental push. 

This is why I prefer a TV wall mount.

At first, mounting your TV might seem like a daunting task, but it’s truly worth it.

To begin with, TV mounts save on space because you don’t need to spend on extra furniture. The TV mounts are particularly handy for those with small living rooms.

The minimalist design of a TV mount also helps to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

More importantly, however, a TV mount keeps your TV safe from the reach of your kids and pets, so you don't have to worry about your TV safety.

Even so, TV mounts are not created equal.

In my case, I fancy the full motion TV wall mounts, also known as articulating mounts.

Let's face it, as convenient as the TV mounts are, they're a pain to adjust, especially when making cable connections.

But that’s not the case with full motion TV wall mounts.

The articulating mounts allow almost complete freedom of positioning your TV.

While you won’t always get a flush fit with the articulating TV wall mount, you’ll love their versatility and full movement.

Of course, they’re the priciest, and so, you need to be careful during your selection.

Now, if you're wondering about the best option for you, read on to find the best Full Motion Tv Wall Mount in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and just need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!


Weight Capacity

TV Size Range

VESA Patterns

Tilt Degree

Swivel Degree


125 pounds


200 x 100 to 600 x 400



99 pounds



+5° to -15


99 pounds





Other Great Recommendations

99 pounds



+15° to -6°


220 pounds





Best Top 5 Full Motion TV Wall Mount in the Market for the Money 

Best Top 5 Full Motion TV Wall Mount in the Market for the Money

ECHOGEAR EGLF2 - Editor’s Choice

An articulating TV mount offers the best way to optimize the viewing performance on your TV screen, and the Echogear helps to achieve that.

This gear does more than improving the overall viewing experience but it also keeps your TV safe.

So, what’s so special with the Echogear?

ECHOGEAR EGLF2 Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Features and Benefits


A TV mount is as good as the material construction.

With the Echogear, the heavy-duty steel mount offers a reliable way to mount your 125 pounds TV with confidence.


Like a true articulating TV mount, Echogear can extend, pulling 22 inches away from the wall to provide a better viewing experience, while creating space for installing cables.

At the same time, the swivel can retract by 2.4 inches back to the wall to create a slim shady look.

Either way, the flexibility in the extension offers a great way for users to achieve a greater viewing experience, regardless of their viewing position.

Swivel Angle

Nothing is more disappointing than having to view your TV from a badly positioned angle.

To help with that, the 130-degree angle of swivel allows you to angle your TV depending on your viewing position.

What’s more?

The 15-degree tilt angle helps with the eliminating of screen glare problems.

The tilt angle lets you position your TV at eye level, thus giving you more pleasure for watching your TV as well as decrease eye fatigue.


Echogear is highly accommodative and supports TVs from 32 to 55 inches, which I believe is where most of the household TV size lies.

Sure, it might not be the biggest size range, but it’s quite suitable for many people.

The mount is also compatible with many TV brands, and more importantly, it supports almost any VESA pattern. Therefore, it should be an ideal option for most TVs.


  • Strong steel
  • Impressive swivel angle
  • Adjustable
  • Incredible weight load


  • Expensive

Check ECHOGEAR EGLF2 Price on Amazon

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts - For Medium TVs

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts is yet another awe-inspiring articulating TV mount, suitable for those with medium-sized TVs.

It’s a step-down to the Echogear in terms of dimensions, but otherwise, the performance and features are similar in more than one way.

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts is as sturdy as it can get.

Like the Echogear, it boasts of steel construction, which guarantees strength and reliability.

Even better, it uses two articulating arms to bolster the support of your TV.

Extension Flexibility

For the ultimate viewing experience, the Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount can be pulled outwards from the wall by up to 15.2 inches and retracted back to 3 inches.

Once from the wall, it’s possible to turn the TV completely to any direction, left, right, up, or down, depending on your viewing needs.


In addition to the possibility of moving the munt back or forth, it’s possible to tilt your TV to various angles.

This mount can tilt up by 5° and down to 15° to reduce glare.

The tilt angle variance might be quite on the lower side, but again, you've to remember this TV bracket is built for those with the mid-sized TV and probably not on huge living space.

The benefit of the different angulation is it increases the number of viewing positions, letting you catch your programs at any sitting position in your room.

Additionally, the varying angle makes it possible to reduce the glare from the TV, and so, you're less likely to experience eye fatigue.


Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount is a suitable option for the mid-sized flat screens.

It has a modest range of 32” to 55” and a weight capacity of 99 pounds.

I know the sizing and weight dimension might be a bit lean for some, but it’s perfectly suitable for most of the households.


Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount is highly compatible, thanks to the maximum VESA of 400mm by 400 mm.

The mount is equally easy to mount, and it even comes with mounting hardware in pre-labeled bags.


  • Sturdy
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Better support


  • The arm only extended to 16”

Check Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts Price on Amazon

Husky Mounts Full Motion TV Wall Mount - Budget Option

In more than one way, the Husky articulating TV mount resembles the Mounting Dream TV we've reviewed above.

From the weight capacity, TV size ranges to the VESA patterns, both of these models seem to have a lot in common.

However, you might find quite the Husky TV mount an appealing option if you feel the Mounting Dream is a bit above your reach, in terms of finances.

Though a budget option, it’s by no means inferior.

In fact, it has some unique features that set it apart from the Mounting Dream and other TV mounts in the market.

Husky Mounts Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Features and Benefits


It’s common to see most of the budget option TV mount sacrificing on the material construction to cut on the costs.

However, the folks at Husky understand the importance of a reliable build, and for this reason, they've manufactured this TV mount with steel, a material we saw on the premium Echogear.

The construction for this model is sturdy and durable, and won’t in any way compromise the safety integrity of your TV.

Dual Articulating Arms

The dual articulating arms of the Husky help to enhance the overall safety.

While you might argue the mount has a similar weight load to that of the Mounting Dream of 99 pounds, it’s always reassuring to know Husky gives greater preference to the overall safety of your TV.

Safe Locking Mechanism

To further bolster the safety element, Husky incorporates a safe locking mechanism that lets you mount without the need of unlatching of the wall.

Extension Flexibility

Like any other articulating TV mount on our list, the Husky is capable of both extension and retraction.

It can extend up to 16 inches, and uniquely, it retracts flat back up to the wall.

Either way, the extension flexibility gives the users a greater viewing experience, allowing users to move their TV according to their viewing needs and allow easy cable access.

Swivel and Tilt

Furthering the adjustability of the Husky mount is the 130-degree swivel that allows you to set your TV in angle.

The swivel angle gives you the perfect viewing position, regardless of your viewing position, and is quite a handy option for those with bigger living spaces.

The 15-degree tilt, on the other hand, sets the TV for the optimum viewing position and reduces eye glare. With the tilt, it's easy to position your TV at eye level to prevent eye-straining and fatigue.


Similar to the Mounting Dream TV Munt, Husky is a suitable option for those with the mid-sized TV, those in size range of 32 to 55 inches. 

The Husky TV mount is equally highly compatible with may TV brands as it supports the VESA interface between 100x100 - 400x400.


  • Double articulating arms
  • Budget option
  • Reliable


  • Gets loose over time, especially when supporting large TV

Check Husky Mounts Full Motion TV Wall Mount Price on Amazon

WALI TV Wall Mount - Best for Small TVs

If you’ve a small flat screen, then you might be intrigued by the Wali TV mount.

It's a lightweight and compact solution and a handy option for those looking for a simple TV solution.

It might not have the frills and rays of the other models on our list, but it has every feature you would desire to have for the ideal TV mount.

The performance of this TV mount is equally impressive, and it will guarantee a safe mounting of your TV.

But is the Wali TV, alongside with all its features the right articulating TV wall mount for you?

WALI TV Wall Mount

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

Wali TV is as sturdy as it gets, and it doesn’t compromise on the safety of your TV.

It's designed using heavy-duty steel, so you can always rely on this TV mount to keep your TV safe at all times.

The steel construction is also quite durable, meaning it will serve you for a long period to come.

Extension Flexibility

The extension flexibility of this TV mount is a bit lean because the articulation arm only retracts to 3.2 inches from the wall.

It might be a good option, especially if you’ve a small wall to mount since it helps to save on space.

However, it has a generous extension length of 15 inches, which lets you have better swiveling.

Yes, I agree, the arm extension is quite lean, but again, you've to remember this mount is only suitable for the small TVs, which are, in most cases, used in the relatively smaller living rooms.

Swivel and Tilt

Depending on the size of your TV, Wali TV mount offers a generous swivel reaching up to 90 degrees on either side.

Again, the swivel is quite lean, compared to other options on our list with 150-degree swivel.

That said, the swivel is still quite decent, and if anything, it'll still provide better-viewing flexibility from any position and is by far superior to a static mount.

Secondly, the Wali TV mount has decent adjustability of +15/-6 degree tilt, letting you eliminate the glare from the windows and light. At the same time, the tilt lets you set your TV at the optimum viewing level.


Wali TV mount is a suitable option for the small TV, ideally those with a size range of between 23 to 55 inches.

It’s also the ideal option for the TVs weighing 99 pounds and with VESA 100x100mm to 400x400mm.


  • Ideal for small TVs
  • Durable
  • Decent weight capacity


  • Might struggle with 55” TVs

Check WALI TV Wall Mount Price on Amazon

Mount-It! Long Arm TV Wall Mount - Best on Corner Installation

There're few if any heavy-duty TV mounts that can match the strength of the Mount-It! Long Arm TV Wall Mount.

With a 220-pound weight limit, I don't think there's any household TV that the Mount-It! Long Arm TV Wall Mount cannot support.

Besides the weight capacity, Mount-It! Long Arm TV Wall Mount is quite a universal wall mount, in the sense that it's fully articulated to fit in any location, including the corners.

Mount-It Long Arm TV Wall Mount

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

Mount-It! Long Arm TV Wall Mount is designed with reinforced steel for the ultimate safety of your TV.

With the steel construction, you can now mount your TV with confidence knowing the TV mount won't sag or break.

The steel construction also extended the weight load of the mount, allowing you to support a TV with a load of up 220 pounds without showing instances of sagging.

Extension Flexibility

Most of the TV mounts on our list only extend to a maximum distance of 16 inches.

With this option, however, you get to enjoy a generous extension of up to 26 inches, the longest extension range on our list.

Equally, it can retract up to 4.5 inches.

The extension flexibility makes the mount an ideal option for use for the larger TVs.

More importantly, however, it makes a great mounting option in the corners, fireplaces, inside TV centers, and other places where ordinary TV mounts won't install.

Swivel and Tilt

The swivel and tilt correspond to the overall flexibility.

The 180-degree swivel, for instance, will allow you to position your TV in any direction, meaning you can watch from any position.

The 15-degree tilt (Up and down), on the other hand, provides a better viewing angle, while at the same time reducing the glare.


Mount-It! Long Arm TV Wall Mount is quite a versatile equipment, capable of supporting a wide range of TVs ranging from size 40 to 70 inches.

So, yes, it can cover the mid-size TVs to the large-sized TVs.

The hole pattern compatibility is equally awesome, with the mount capable of supporting VESA 850x450.


  • Suitable for corners
  • Ideal for the large TV
  • Reliable mounting 
  • Safe


  • Tad expensive

Check Mount-It! Long Arm TV Wall Mount Price on Amazon

Full Motion TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

Full Motion TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

At first look, it’s easy to think all TV mounts are similar.

On a closer look, however, you’ll notice that the TV mounts greatly vary in terms of design and performance.

The disparity makes the mounts differ in compatibility with the various TV models.

To help you select the right TV mount for your needs, we’ve prepared a detailed Full Motion TV Wall Mount Buying Guide outlining all the factors you need to consider.

Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Full Motion TV Wall Mount


Obviously, you would want your TV mount to be as sturdy as possible.

This means selecting a TV mount with sturdy construction.

While there're plenty of other factors determining how well a TV mount holds, it should, at the very least have solid construction.

Ideally, I prefer the metal-based TV mount.

Steel and aluminum are the most popular option because they're lightweight, sturdy, and yet affordable.

Size Rating

Each TV wall mount is listed for specific screen sizes, or more commonly a range of screen sizes.

So, it’s always a good idea to double-check the size of your screen before choosing a wall mount.

The size of a flat-screen is normally measured diagonally from corner to corner.

That said, the sizing range only represents a rough guide. If anything, most of the TV screens falling within the range are probably suitable.

Weight of your TV

To really understand the suitability of a TV mount or your TV screen, what you should be looking for is the weight limit of a TV mount.

All TV brackets are designed to support a maximum weight load.

If you exceed the weight capacity of a TV mount, you risk the possibility of a TV crash.

To be on the safe side, you need to give yourself a little bit of headroom.

For instance, if your TV weighs 40 pounds, don’t buy a bracket with a weight capacity of 40 pounds.

Instead, go for a little bit extra and choose one supporting 50 or 60 pounds.


Another crucial rating is the VESA standard, also known as the Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI).

The VESA standard indicates the distance between the holes on the mount. These holes need to align with the mounting holes at the back of your flat-screen TV.

If the holes don’t match, then it becomes impossible to attach one to the other.

Some of the popular VESA configurations are 75 by 75 mm, 100 by 100 mm, and 200 by 200 mm, though there're much more.

For instance, a 75 by 75 mm VESA rated brackets means the mount has four holes laid out in a square 75 mm apart.

So, how do you tell the VESA rating of your TV?

In most cases, your TV manual has the specifications. If you can’t find the manual, go to the manufacture’s website to find the specifications of your TV.

Type of Wall

The final factor you should give some thought to is the type of wall.

If you’ve a concrete wall, then all should be fine.

However, if you've plasterboard or drywall, then things could become a little bit sophisticated.

As a rule of thumb, never try to fix a TV mount of drywall alone.

Instead, you should seek to add some reinforcements before mounting, and a professional should help you with that.


It’s obvious a full motion TV wall mount is a superior option compared to the regular TV wall mounts or even TV stands.

Beyond the improved safety, it saves on your living space.

More importantly, however, articulating wall mounts have greater mounting flexibility, giving you the option of viewing your TV from various positions.

But as we’ve seen, the mounts are vastly different, and so, you should always tread with care when selecting an option for your TV.

Fortunately, you have everything you would need to select the best Full motion TV mount.

Current Best Selling Full Motion TV Wall Mounts!


Why should I hang my TV?

There are many reasons why hanging your TV is better than having it on a TV stand. For instance, hanging the TV is more secure. You keep it away from young children, the elderly, and thieves. Additionally, hanging the TV gives you an optimal watching experience and gives you a home theatre feel.

Is there a chance for a TV mount to fail?

 Most wall mounts in the market are high-quality and have reliable construction. Additionally, most brands promise to offer TV mounts that will provide optimal security for your TV. But even with the high-quality TV mounts and proper fixing, there are still chances that the TV can fall off the wall. To minimize the chances of the TV falling, you should get someone with the skills to mount the TV to walls or someone with excellent DIY skills. 

Is your wall strong enough for you to mount a TV? 

Before you can mount your TV on the wall, it is essential to determine whether the wall can hold the TV. Even with lightweight TVs, there are chances that they can be heavier than your average frames. Use studs to determine the best place to mount the TV. 

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