Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower – 4 Models from Entry-Level to Professionals

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est Electric Riding Lawn Mower

A well-trimmed and perfectly healthy lawn is every homeowner’s dream. And because spending money hiring landscaping services isn’t practical, it’s time you found yourself the best electric riding lawn mower on the market.

Riding lawn mowers are comfortable to use and get the job done in the shortest time possible. Plus, they’re quiet, and you can work anytime without disturbing the neighborhood.

I’ve spent hours researching and testing electric riding lawn mower top brands evaluating noise levels, safety features, maneuverability, and overall value. With so many choices available, which electric riding lawn mower is best for you in 2023? Read on to find out more. 

Comparison of Top Electric Riding Lawn Mower Brands

Here’s a rundown of the top electric riding lawn mower brands.

  • John Deere

Founded by John Deere in 1837, John Deere is an American firm that initially launched its business as a manufacturer of plows for farmers. Over the years, its product line has grown to include a broad selection of agricultural and construction equipment.

They have also recently started pushing forward with their production of electric riding lawn mowers powered by batteries. This choice helps promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle and is more efficient than traditional mowing methods.

Due to their unrivaled quality and durability, John Deere’s electric mowers are rapidly gaining popularity among property owners and professional landscapers.

As of 2023, John Deere’s market cap is estimated to be around $50 billion, and their electric riding lawn mowers averagely cost around $4,000. The company has gained recognition for its dedication to adhering to sustainability and innovation. In addition, the firm invested a lot in research and development initiatives to create more resource-efficient products.

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  • Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet is owned by the publicly-traded MTD Products and has a market cap of approximately USD 2.2 billion. They’ve been repeatedly rated as one of the top brands in the outdoor power equipment sector, particularly concerning electric riding lawn mowers. It was established in 1961, and its headquarters is in Valley City, OH. The company has earned a reputation for delivering high-performance, long-lasting machinery equipped to meet the requirements of both homeowners and businesses alike.

Their electric riding lawn mowers are considered among the best in the industry because of their electric power source, which greatly reduces carbon footprint. This not only makes them environmentally friendly but also makes them much easier to maintain and operate. Additionally, Cub Cadet’s electric riding lawn mowers are built with top-notch components and feature advanced technology such as GPS mapping and Bluetooth connectivity.

The average price of Cub Cadet electric riding lawn mowers varies depending on the specific model and features, but they generally range from around $2,500 to $5,000.

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  • Honda 

Honda is a renowned Japanese multinational specializing in automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment. With a market capitalization of over $30 billion, they are one of the world’s leading electric riding lawn mowers providers.

Honda’s electric riding lawn mowers are famous for their longevity, dependability, and user-friendliness. They have the latest technologies like electronic ignition and auto-shift, so they’re simple to operate even for inexperienced users. The company offers a range of models with varying features and prices to suit different needs and budgets.

The average price of a Honda electric riding lawn mower is around $3000. However, prices can vary depending on the specific model and its features.

Honda electric mowers have been highly rated and well-received by consumers and experts. Their energy efficiency and low emissions output are significant advantages, plus they are also incredibly quiet to use, making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Husqvarna

Founded in 1689, Husqvarna is a Swedish powerhouse that has established itself as one of the most reputable brands in the outdoor power equipment sector. By 2023, it had achieved an impressive market capitalization of $8 billion.

Electric riding lawn mowers from this company are known for their superior quality, robustness, and excellent performance, thus suitable for both residential and commercial use. With a range of different models available at prices between $2,000 – $4,000, you’re sure to find one to suit your needs and budget.

One of the key features that sets Husqvarna’s electric riding lawn mowers apart from other brands is their quiet operation. Their electric mowers do not produce the same noise level as other mowers, making them ideal for use in residential areas.

In terms of customer satisfaction, Husqvarna mowers have received high ratings from both experts and users. They are known for their ease of use, reliability, and low maintenance.

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How to Choose the Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower

When determining the best electric riding lawn mowers, I considered the following factors:

  • Price and Warranty

If you want to purchase an electric riding lawn mower, two key factors are price and warranty. The cost of the lawn mower will depend on your budget, with prices typically ranging from $1,000 up to as much as $4,000 or beyond for more advanced features.

Having a warranty for your lawn mower is essential to give you peace of mind that any issues or defects will be taken care of during the specified period. This protection ensures your investment is safeguarded. The average warranty period for electric riding lawn mowers is typically between 2-3 years. However, you will also frequently find warranties that range from 4-5 years.

  • Safety and Comfort

Along with their impressive capabilities and valuable features, electric riding lawn mowers can be tricky to maintain, posing a danger to you. Certain brands like Husqvarna have powder-coated decks that aid corrosion resistance and an ergonomic steering wheel for efficient mowing control. 

Also, mowers with headlights improve visibility at night and in different weather conditions.


  • Speed and Engine Power

Speed and engine power are also important factors when choosing an electric riding lawn mower because they determine the mowing efficiency. The speed by which the mower’s blades rotate directly impacts its ability to cut through thicker or denser grass. On the other hand, engine power is the amount of power the mower’s motor generates. This determines its ability to move through the grass and the speed at which it can do so.

The average electric riding lawn mower has an engine power between 500 and 750 watts and a speed of around 4,000 to 4,500 rotations per minute (RPM). However, the exact engine power and speed will vary depending on the specific model and brand of the mower. 

  • Cutting Width 

The wider the cutting width of a mower, the bigger area you can mow in one pass. The bigger cutting width is ideal for larger lawns as it will help you save time and get the job done faster than usual.

You’ll have to choose an ideal cutting width for your mower, depending on the size of your lawn. If small, a width ranging from 30-36 inches should do the job. For bigger lawns, though, it’s recommended to go for something wider such as 42-48 inches.

  • Battery Life

Battery life also directly affects how long you can use an electric riding lawn mower before you’ll need to recharge it. A mower with a shorter battery life will require more frequent recharging – which can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

The average battery size for an electric riding lawn mower is around 40-80 Ah (amp hours). The battery’s power will also depend on the specific model of the mower, but most electric riding mowers have a power output of around 500-1000 watts which offers a running time of 2 – 3 hours.

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The Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Below is a review of the best electric riding lawn mower:

Best Overall Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Ryobi RY48111 Lawn Mower

Ryobi 38 inches 100 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower RY48111

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The Ryobi RY48111 Electric Riding Lawn Mower is an excellent choice for people with lawns between 1 to 3 acres. It stands out due to its powerful electric motor, improving cutting power and easy maneuverability. It also has a large 38-inch cutting deck, making it well-suited for larger lawns.

The mower stands out due to its adjustable cutting height setting, which helps you get that evenly trimmed lawn. It also comes with a comfortable seat, adjustable steering wheel, and cruise control for added convenience during use.

The Ryobi RY48111 lawn mower has excellent power and cutting width and provides extra efficiency with its mulching kit and side discharge chute. It gives you more control over getting rid of clippings, making it a top pick for users looking for an easy-to-use mower with larger lawns.


  • Deck Width: 38 Inches
  • Maximum Speed: 8 mph
  • Battery Power: 48 V
  • Run Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Blade Positions: 12 (1.5–4.5 inches)
  • Power Supply: Battery
  • Operation Mode: Manual
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Weight: 595 Pounds


  • Quiet mowing
  • 2.5 hours run time
  • 12 blade positions
  • Can handle large lawns


  • Seat lacks suspension

Check the Ryobi RY 48111’s latest prices on Amazon

Best Entry Level Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Cub Cadet CC30E Riding Mower

Cub Cadet CC30E Riding Mower

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If you are looking for the best entry-level electric riding lawn mower, then the Cub Cadet CC30E is a great option. It has a 30-inch cutting width and a 13.5 horsepower electric motor, allowing it to handle small to medium-sized lawns easily. Its cutting height can also be adjusted to suit your needs, and has a mulching feature for added convenience.

One key feature of the Cub Cadet CC30E is its compact size which makes it ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces. This makes it an excellent option for homeowners with smaller properties who want to avoid investing in a larger riding mower.

This mower also comes with a comfortable and easy-to-use seat, which is adjustable and equipped with a backrest for added support and comfort. In addition, it comes with a hydrostatic transmission, which provides smooth and effortless speed control. This feature makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles, making mowing your lawn a breeze.


  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Dimensions: 61.5″ L x 36.5″ W x 32.5″ H
  • Maximum speed: 5.5 mph
  • Cutting height range: 1.5 – 4 inches
  • Cutting width: 30 inches
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion 
  • Battery voltage/capacity: 56V / 30Ah
  • Maximum run time: 60 minutes


  • Reduces mowing time by half
  • Easy to clean
  • Hold charge for up to one hour
  • Quiet and easy to operate


  • Not suitable for large lawns

Most Powerful Electric Riding Lawn Mower for Rough Terrains and Hills

Hart 80-Volt Brushless 30” Electric Riding Lawn 

80V Brushless 30” Lithium-Ion Riding Mower

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The Hart 80-Volt Brushless 30″ Electric Riding Lawn Mower is a great machine that easily navigates difficult terrain and steep slopes. With its strong 80-volt brushless engine, you’ll have the muscle to handle even the most demanding lawns. And, with its 30-inch cutting deck, you’ll be able to cover a large area of grass with each pass, reducing mowing time.

But there are other things this mower has to offer. It also has an adjustable cutting height, allowing you to personalize your mowing experience to the specific demands of your grass. You’ll also have remarkable stability and control as you cross difficult terrain owing to its wide wheels and suspension system.


  • Warranty: 5 Years Battery and Tool
  • Speed: 5 MPH
  • Battery Power: 80 V / 10Ah
  • Run Time: 60 Minutes
  • Deck Type: Stamped
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 – 4.5 Inches
  • Cutting Deck: 30 Inches
  • Type: Rear Engine


  • Nice look
  • Generous Warranty
  • High-Powered Battery
  • Long-lasting run time


  • Relatively slow


Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower For Battery Efficiency

Cub Cadet 56V Ultima 42” Electric Zero Turn Lawn Mower 

Cub Cadet 56V Ultima 42” Electric Zero Turn Lawn Mower 

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Imagine cutting through your lawn easily without constantly interrupting to recharge your mower. The Cub Cadet 56V Ultima 42” Electric Zero Turn Lawn Mower makes this dream a reality. With its top-of-the-line battery efficiency, this electric riding mower is designed to make lawn care a breeze.

The powerful 56V/60Ah Lithium-ion battery keeps the mower running for up to 90 minutes on a single charge, allowing you to tackle even the largest lawns without interruption. And the high-performance motor? It effortlessly cuts through thick and dense grass, even in the toughest conditions. 


  • Speed: 7 MPH
  • Battery Power: 60 Ah/ 56 volts 
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes
  • Deck Type: Stamped
  • Cutting Height: 1 – 4.5 Inches
  • Cutting Deck: 42 Inches
  • Type: Lawn (Zero-Turn)


  • Solid Speed
  • Longer-lasting run time
  • 15 mowing positions
  • Excellent looking


  • No adjustable steering

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How Homeowners and Landscaping Professionals Are Using Electric Riding Lawn Mowers?

Electric riding lawn mowers are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and landscaping professionals for their environmental and cost-saving benefits. These mowers run on battery power rather than gasoline, reducing emissions and noise pollution. They require less maintenance and have lower fuel costs.

A recent study by Arizton showed that the electric lawn mower market is estimated to reach $8 billion by 2027. This comes at a time when global manufacturers are trying to comply with the UN climate change guidelines and moving towards the carbon-zero emission rate.

There is also a high likelihood for the electric riding lawn mowing industry to boom because of robotic technology and AI integration. This includes automatic lawn mowers and the ones powered by solar energy.

Electric riding lawn mower users appreciate the reduced maintenance, meaning with no gears, belts, throttle, clutch, or oil, they experience less maintenance compared to gas options. The electric lawn mowers have zero emissions, offer a quiet ride, and are tough and reliable.

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Safety Tips When Using Electric Riding Lawn Mowers

Here are some safety tips to consider when using electric riding lawn mowers:

  • Before use, ensure you put on safety gear to prevent injuries in case of accidents.
  • Don’t use a riding mower in reverse unless it’s necessary.
  • We often discourage using the mower when not seated in the driver’s seat. Thankfully, electric riding lawn mowers have a seat switch, meaning the mower starts only when you sit.
  • Always use the manufacturer’s manual when your lawn mower has mechanical challenges.
  • Disengage the mower’s blade when crossing over gravel lanes or pavements.
  • Be cautious when riding the mower, and watch out for hidden hazards.
  • Familiarize yourself with the mower before engaging the blade, and don’t carry any passengers while mowing.

Maintenance Tips

Here’s how to maintain your electric riding mower so that it can serve you diligently.

  • Blow out the motors, vents, and battery compartments because grass clippings can sneak into tight spots.
  • Sharpen the mower blade using a bench grinder or a hand sharpening tool and apply a thin coat of WD-40 to prevent rust from forming.
  • Check all bolts and fasteners because the vibrations during lawn mowing can cause bolts, fasteners, and screws to become loose. 
  • Keep the lawn mower wheels lubricated. A little squirt of the WD-40 on each of the four wheels periodically will keep the mower in tip-top shape. 
  • Clean the mower undercarriage using a plastic brush to scrape off all dried grass clippings. Remember that you shouldn’t use a pressure washer or hose pipe because water might get into the motors and cause corrosion. 

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Best Electric Riding Lawn Mower FAQs

  • How Long Do Electric Riding Mowers Last?

Electric riding mowers last for more than ten years, depending on use. That is much longer than the lifecycle of a commercial lawn mower engine.

  • What is the Best Lithium Battery Riding Lawn Mower?

The best lithium battery riding lawn mower is the Cub Cadet CC30E Riding Mower. Moreover, the battery makes the lawn mower more efficient due to a longer run time.

The Electric Riding Lawn Mower: Your Quiet Lawn Helper

Electric riding lawn mowers are an excellent choice for small to medium lawns. They’re also safe for the environment as opposed to those that use gasoline. They emit lower noise levels, allowing you to mow the lawn at whichever time you like.

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