Trends in Home Security to Look Out For in 2023


Over the past year, there has been a lot of debate surrounding the rise in crime in the US. While the increase could be nothing more than a blip, considering that crime has been decreasing for decades now, it is nonetheless concerning.

But even if crime does not continue to increase, the reality is that certain types of crimes are still prevalent. Home break-ins are particularly common. There are approximately 2.5 million break-ins every year, amounting to one every 26 seconds.

The good news for homeowners is that there is excellent technology available to protect yourself against break-ins. There is never a guarantee of safety, and you should always have a homeowners insurance policy that covers you for theft and destruction. However, some of the trends we can expect to see in 2023 are extremely promising.

Here are the trends in home security to look out for in 2023.

We will see widespread adoption of smart home security

Smart home security systems have become increasingly popular over the past few years. By allowing homeowners to easily monitor and control their homes from their smartphones or other devices, they provide people with a lot of peace of mind. Homeowners can check in using cameras, arm or disarm their alarms, and even control your lights to make it seem like someone is home.

Some systems even allow you to set up custom alerts, so you’ll immediately know if something’s wrong. This is crucial, considering that the average break-in takes about fifteen minutes. In the past, this has meant that security providers would not arrive on time.

The increased adoption of smart home security is likely to lead to better outcomes in preventing theft and catching perpetrators in the act. As thieves become aware of smart security systems, the increased possibility of being caught will become a deterrent.

AI and ML will be used to improve security systems

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is becoming increasingly prevalent as a way to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of home security systems. AI-based systems can analyze data from cameras, motion sensors, and other devices in real-time, and use that information to identify potential threats and alert homeowners.

It is in the use of ML that security systems will see exponential improvements. ML algorithms can also be used to learn patterns of behavior in a home, such as regular comings and goings, and use that information to create personalized security profiles that can be adapted to changing circumstances. In other words, your security system will soon know you well enough that it will immediately identify sketchy behavior.

AI and ML will also be used to improve the performance of other security technologies, such as facial recognition and biometric authentication, by making them more accurate and efficient. As these technologies continue to evolve in 2023, we can expect to see even more advanced and sophisticated AI- and ML-based home security systems that offer enhanced protection and peace of mind for homeowners.

There’ll be a focus on outdoor security

We live in an age of online shopping. This was true before the pandemic, and now it is more prevalent than anyone anticipated. This has also led to a new type of crime. Opportunistic thieves have started stealing packages from in front of homes. By simply covering their faces, they can get away with a package in no time without being caught.

In 2023, we will see smarter uses of outdoor security to prevent package theft. Smart cameras and intercoms have for a long time been used to alert the homeowner of the delivery of their package. The problem is that simply monitoring the front door cannot prevent theft. This is why new solutions are being sought out and implemented.

Modern solutions include the use of smart locks. Homeowners can give the delivery person temporary access to their home, so they can leave the package inside. The homeowner will then revoke access after the package has been delivered safely.

Another solution is by using an outdoor package locker or smart package box, which can be locked and unlocked remotely. This way, the delivery person can leave the package inside the locker and the homeowner can retrieve it later.

These are just some of the exciting new home security trends we will see in 2023. There is no guarantee that you will never be a victim of theft. However, with modern technology, the chances are lower than ever before.

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