Ultimate Review Of Best Car Covers In 2023

best car covers to buy

The idea that car covers are only used for protecting your windshield from freezing or protecting your car’s paintwork is misleading.

In reality, a quality and reliable car cover protects your car from a host of elements including UV rays, rust, hail, scratches, and even burglary of your expensive electronic gadgets like car speakers etc.

It's not a surprise that the market is flooded with lots of car covers, judging by the number of benefits that they bring.

The problem is there’re too many car cover products for sale on the market, and this is why we've compiled this review.

Our review aims to bring you a list of the best car covers in the market. We've also discussed some key features that you need to consider when selecting the right car cover for your needs.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Top 8 Car Covers in The Market for The Money

Top 8 Car Covers

Leader Accessories Car Cover - Editor’s Choice

Topping our list of the best car covers is Leader Accessories, a highly functional car cover that protects your car from the external elements.

The manufacturer advertises this car cover as having 3 layers, which provide sufficient protection for your car both on the outdoors and the indoors.

Leader Accessories Car Cover

The material construction on the Leader Accessories is fairly thick and sturdy. It's also supposedly biodegradable and so environmentally friendly.

The material does offer UV protection, so you don’t have to worry about the paint fading if you leave your car out in the sun.

Also, if you tend to park under trees, you can be confident that your car won't be splattered with dirt, leaves, or bird droppings.

Unfortunately, though the manufacturer claims the cover is water-resistant, it won't protect your vehicle from the rain.

Fortunately, the material is highly breathable and will ensure that no moisture is left on the surface of your car, so preventing the growth of mold or mildew.

Another great thing with the material is that it's incredibly soft, and so when it's resting on the surface of your car, it doesn't scratch your paint.

You can as well consider this car cover windproof because of the fit and straps attached to it. The elastic hem, alongside the straps ensures the cover tightens underneath the car, thus preventing the cover from getting blown off.

Regarding size, this car cover is quite versatile and is capable of properly covering the sedans and the SUVs. It's possible to shield a car up to 264 inches. At the same time, you can as well conceal an SUV that is up to 240 inches in length.


  • Breathable
  • Protective
  • Variety of sizes


  • Not water resistant

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OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover  - Best Value

The OxGord Storm Proof is a bit pricey, but it’s well worth the price. The durability and quality of this car cover are much better than most of the average products out there.

As its name suggests, it’s touted as the best option for stormy weather. The material on this cover consists of a whopping 7 layers, with 5 layers of spunbond, polypropylene, one layer of microporous film, and one layer of soft cotton.

OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover

Combined, the material will, for the most part, work to keep water off your car.

Unfortunately, you would want to keep your car from extreme storms because it tends to let water in certain areas. So, yes, while most of your car will remain areas, you're likely to find a few wet spots.

The good thing is the material is highly ventilated, and so, it allows the movement of air and moisture from the car, preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

Typical of most of the outdoor car cover, OxGord cover will also protect your car against the harmful UV rays and the greenhouse effects inside your vehicle. This helps to protect the upholstery, paint, and interior finish of your car.

Another good thing with the cover is the considerable variation in size options. Depending on the size of your car, you can find covers ranging between 97 and 229 inches long. It’s a great feature because you’ll always find a size that fits your car.

The grommets and tie-down features on the OxGord provide a secure fit and ensure that this cover stays put even during the high winds.

For value addition, the OxGord comes with plenty of accessories, including a storage bag, antenna pouch, and elastic corners.


  • 7 layers of protection
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable


  • Expensive

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Kayme Multi-Layer Cover - Best for All-weather

Kayme Multi-Layer Cover is yet another expensive, but an all-around weather cover.

Whether, its a electric or a normal car, It’s surely has to be on the list because it offers protection for all weather conditions, thanks to the 6 layers. Also, unlike the other covers we’ve reviewed, it’s completely waterproof.

Aluminum and cotton fabric serves several benefits.

Kayme Multi-Layer Cover

For starters, the cover is completely water-resistant and won’t let water through. So, you can keep your car outdoor even when it’s raining.

It also means that the cover works well against the snow, and it won’t freeze to the surface of the car, so there’s no chance of damaging the pain when trying to yank the cover.

The silvery outer aluminum material is also reflective. It will ensure that most of the sun's rays are displaced away from the car, and as a result, you don't have to worry about the car's paint getting damaged.

The interior cotton material is soft to the touch, and it doesn't pose any threat to the car paint.

The sizing options on this car cover are also incredible, and if your car is between 186 to 193 inches, you can be quite certain that the cover will fit in.

A snug fit also ensures that the car stays put with minimal help; still, the featured straps help to keep the cover in place, even when windy.


  • Ideal for all-weather
  • Great size options
  • Protective


  • Not durable

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Budge Duro - Budget Option

Budge Duro is a budget-friendly option for those who need a basic, frills-free, yet effective, indoor storage protection.

However, for its class, it outdoes many other indoor covers, especially the single-layered options, thanks to the triple-layer protection.

Unfortunately, the product is only decent when used for indoor vehicle storage as it cannot withstand the extended exposure to UV rays, rain, and snow.

Budge Duro

Again, the multi-layer fabric on this car cover is water-resistant but not waterproof. Moisture can seep through the cover, and therefore, it's not a recommended option for outdoor use.

However, the inner lining of the material is soft to the touch, offering a scratch-resistant contact that will protect the paint of your vehicle.

To keep the cover secure and avoid getting blown off by the wind, Budge Duro has a fully elastic hem that works alongside the grommets for additional tie-downs.

Installation for this car cover is quite simple, especially that it comes with labeling on both the front and the back end.


  • Dust protection
  • Multi-layered
  • 5-year warranty
  • Budget option


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

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Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyProBest Full Size for Sedans

Classic Accessories is an established brand in the automotive domain, and it never disappoints with car covers and other similar accessories.

And this particular model is among the best car covers for outdoor use and an ideal full-size option for the sedans.

While the fit offered by the car cover is not customized, it pretty suits all the sedans in size 191 by 201 inches.

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro

Unfortunately, with only a single layer fabric, Classic Accessories is a bit lightweight. Still, it will provide your car with enough protection against wind, leaves, dust, and moisture. In particular, the PolyPro material is effective at shielding your car from UV rays.

Another benefit of this car cover is the extremely soft internal fabric that ensures no harm to your car’s paint.

The car cover also features an elasticized hem on the corners of the cover, so for an easy fit.


  • Ideal for all sedans
  • Great build
  • Convenient storage bag included
  • Fast installation


  • Lightweight single layer

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Budge UB-0  - Most Breathable

If you’ve a habit of parking your car in the garage for extended periods, the Budge could probably intrigue you.

The polypropylene material on Budge is among the most breathable materials in the market and will promote the free flow of air and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

However, because of the single-layer design, we suggest that you use the covers for the indoors only.

Budge UB-0

The double stitching seams on all sides of the cover bolters the strength of this car cover, while the full elastic hems keep the cover tightly in place, regardless of the weather conditions.

The form-fitting Budge is suitable for the average-sized sedans, including the Ford Mustang, Honda Civic, and Chevrolet Corvette.

While the quality could do better, the Budge offers more than enough protection and is a long-lasting option.


  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Breathable and prevents the growth of mold and mildew
  • Secure fit


  • Overall quality could be better.

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AmazonBasics Car Weather Cover - Best for All Cars

The AmazonBasics Car Weather Cover is yet another handy car cover joining the list of the premium car covers that compete with the best in their category.

It's a sedan-style cover, suited for outdoor storage, and it checks off all the ticks for the best outdoor car cover. The cover easily repels rains, snow, and wind.

Also, if you're worried your car might get scratches on the interior, then you can rest easy knowing it will protect your car against the scratches.

AmazonBasics Car Weather Cover

The interior of the car cover comes with an ultra-soft lining, which offers a swirl-free experience, meaning your paint won’t get scratched from the surface.

The car cover also offers a form-fitting experience, and this is largely because it's available in five different sizes, meaning it can fit most of the sedans from the compact Volkswagen Jetta to the full-size Lexus LS.

User reviews for this car cover are positive, though some found the cover to be a bit small for their vehicle.

However, this issue is not widespread, and if anything, you can always order one size up from your car's original size.

And if things don't pan out as expected, you can always rest easy knowing that the cover is backed up by a one-year warranty.


· Different sizes

· One-year warranty

· Ideal for outdoors

· Fits most cars and sedans


· Sizing can be a challenge

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Audew Car Cover - Best Water Resistant Car Covers

If you need a car cover offering a considerable amount of protection, you should seriously consider the Audew Cover.

To start with, the car cover is water-resistant- the high-density 1905 polyester fabric is capable of protecting your car against the light showers and moderate rain.

Like the Kayme Multi-Layer Cover, the Audew Cover has a reflective silver surface, which deflects most of the sun rays, particularly the harmful UV rays.

Audew Car Cover

The fabric is equally tough, which makes it an excellent option for keeping dirt, dust, and mud from your car.

More impressively, it prevents your car from getting scratched when the cover is on.

The Audew Car Cover is available in three different sizes- L, XL, and XXL. Therefore, it's capable of covering vehicles up to 212 inches in length.

Unfortunately, if you’ve a small or midsize vehicle, it’s possible to get left with a lot of overhanging material, which will ultimately diminish the usefulness of the cover.

Audew Car Cover also incorporates two methods of securing the cover. One is through an elasticized hem, while the other is through heavy-duty straps and wind buckles.

Either way, the strapping mechanism promotes a tight fit and ensures the cover tightly gathers up under the body of the car.

Also, it ensures the car cover stays in place, regardless of the weather conditions.


· Full protection

· Sturdy, secure mechanisms

· Easy to clean


· Tad expensive

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Best Car Covers Buying Guide

Best Car Covers Buying Guide

Car covers are available in different styles and forms, and so choosing the right cover for your car can be a bit challenging.

The good news is, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide that outlines all the critical elements you need to consider for your next car cover purchase.

What to Consider When Selecting the Best Car Cover


The ideal size of the car cover should provide a true fit to your car.

To ensure you get the perfect fit for your car, you'll first need to check the size of your car, the shape, and the model.

Alternatively, you can as well order a cover that provides a custom fit for the specific type of vehicle.

Either way, a form-fitting car cover saves you from the hassle of adjusting the cover on your car.


Primarily, outdoor covers are classified depending on whether they’re used in the outdoors or indoors.

The need for either type will depend on the level of protection you need for your car and the environment.

For instance, if you need to protect your car from the UV rays or hail, an outdoor car cover will do.

However, if your car is a closed garage with no contact with the external environments, then an indoor cover will do.

Note: Most of the outdoor car covers can as well work indoors, but not all covers meant for indoor will work well in the outdoors.

Number of Layers/Protection

The primary reason for having a car cover is protection.

The level of protection offered by a car cover is determined by the number of layers.

Depending on the type of car cover, you’ll get some with a single layer, while others with up to 7 layers.

There's a need to get a car cover with more layers because it assures you of better protection for the elements.

Soft Material

Most of the car covers are in contact with the paint on your car, so you would want to have a cover with a soft material that doesn’t scratch your car’s paint.

Natural Hazard Protection

Protection from a natural hazard is a crucial component of a quality car cover.

In particular, it should offer protection from hailstones, and it should also allow you to leave your car on the outdoors without having to worry about its structural integrity.


Like any other vehicle accessory, the brand matters a lot when it comes to choosing the best automobile cover.

In all likelihood, purchasing a cover from a reputable brand increases the chances of getting a durable and quality car cover.

Brands like Leader Accessories and Classic Accessories, for instance, provide some of the best-built covers in the market, and so, you'll always be in safer hands by buying from them.


You must cover your car to protect it from the elements and other potential damages.

But because not every other cover will make the best car cover for your needs, you also need to consider other elements such as vehicle size, fit, and brand.

Fortunately, we’ve provided you with a list of the best car covers in the market, and all you’ve to do is pick a model that suits your needs.

Current Best Selling Car Covers!

Editor Notes:

Even though the rest of the covers still offer the best features like waterproof protection, we pick the Leader Accessories Car Cover as our top selection. At 200”, this cover is more expansive, and no other comes closer to it; hence it will offer extensive cover against weather elements and protect the car against UV rays. The cover boasts three layers which makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Additionally, the materials used are environmentally friendly, thick, and sturdy to see you through years of use.

Better yet, the material is breathable, and unlike the rest, it will not leave moisture on the surface of your car, preventing mold and mildew. Also, the elastic hem ensures tight fitting to prevent the cover from blowing off.

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