Ultimate Review Of Best Lighter In 2023

Best Lighter

Normally, lighters are the difference between a relaxing choff and utter frustration.

However, the best lighters are simply more than just lighting a joint or cigar.

See, fire is fundamental in every aspect of our lives, and lighters are beautiful creations that let us enter into the world of fire.

Whether you need to light up your BBQ grill, fire up a camp stove, or are in a true emergency, no survivalist or outdoor adventure would be complete without a trusty lighter.

In fact, while many pieces are considered luxury items, a reliable lighter is arguably one of the essential pieces of equipment.

But with so many lighter options in the market, it can be a challenge to choose the right one for your needs.

Fortunately, there is no need to beat about it because we’ve compiled a list of the best lighters in the market.

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!






USB Lighter / Electric

8.5 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches






4.6 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches


Other Great Recommendations




1.2 x 1.2 x 4 inches



7.4 x 5.7 x 3.1 inches


Top 6 Lighters in The Market for The Money

Top 6 Lighters

Power Practical Sparkr Wick Electric Lighter - Editor’s Choice

The Power Practical Sparkr Wick Electric Lighter is one of the futuristic lighters on our list, and in the market in general.

More like a sci-fi lighter of the future, this lighter uses electricity as opposed to the regular butane to create a contained plasma beam instead of a flame.

It's an easy-to-use lighter, and more importantly, it doesn't get affected by the environmental conditions.

But is it right for you?

Power Practical Sparkr Wick Electric Lighter

Features and Benefits


Lighter design can’t get any better than what Power Practical Sparkr Lighter offers.

The Sparkr Lighter is elegant, and it’s easy to see it was designed to be the best multi-purpose lighter on the market.

The dual-plasma arcs are connected to a six-inch-long neck ensuring you reach the farthest sticks and wicks, while at the same time keeping your hands safe from the fire.

The plasma head is also ergonomically-angled, allowing you to lock onto sticks and wicks and use it with Jedi-like precision.

Plasma Technology

The biggest highlight on the Sparkr Lighter is the plasma technology that instantly fires up whatever you need, from the sticks, plastics to paper.

Also, the plasma beam, unlike the regular flames, can't be blown out by the wind, so the Sparkr Lighter is a handy option when your environment is windy or wet.

Dual Arc

The dual arc on the Sparkr Lighter strikes a balance between the energy efficiency of the single arc and the performance of the triple arc.

The dual-arc can light more extensive surfaces, and a little faster. It also generates more heat than a single arc, and it's best for use for lightweight to moderate lighting needs, which in my opinion, is what most people need.

With this lighter, it's possible to light up your BBQ, your cigarette, or even make a camping fire in your outdoor pit.


As we had mentioned in the beginning, Sparkr Lighter is designed with a simple purpose in mind: to be the best darn multipurpose lighter around.

Whether you're looking for a lighter to light up the campfire, for your kitchen needs, or even take it with you for your next picnic, the Sparkr Lighter never feels out of place.


Sparkr Lighter charges less than an hour, which is impressive. More impressively, a full charge will last you for several days, making the lighter an inspired option for your off-grid trips.

  • Can be used on the windy or wet environment
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Safe-Requires you to press the button three times before ignition
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive

Check Power Practical Sparkr Wick Electric Lighter Price on Amazon

JUN-L Micro Butane Gas Torch Lighter - Best Torch Lighter

JUN-L is yet another multi-purpose lighter. It has several uses, but it's suited for lightweight tasks such as lighting cigars and household use.

It comes with an abundance of features, but what stands out for this model is the customizability; the single and double flames allow you to adjust the intensity of the flame depending on your needs.

JUN-L Micro Butane Gas Torch Lighter

Features and Benefits


JUN-L is a self-standing lighter built with the demands and necessities of the professional chefs.

The material construction is lightweight, making it an ideal option for carrying around without fatiguing you.

The material used is also ultra-soft, yet they provide a magnificent grip that promises no slipping.

Finally, the 20mm wall thickness on the JUN-L promises a tough and sturdy lighter that is going to last you for a long period and survive the occasional dings and falls.

Adjustable Flame

The biggest benefit of the JUN-L is the adjustable butane flame.

The single and double flame adjustability means it's easy for you to customize the intensity of the flame depending on your personal needs.


As we had earlier mentioned, JUN-L is yet another multipurpose lighter since you can put it to different uses.

Away from the adjustable flames, this lighter has 12 interchangeable tips, meaning it’s easy to adjust it according to your needs.

This lighter can be used for baking, searing, jewelry making, caramelizing sugar, lighting BBQ, lighting an emergency fire, and much more.


The performance for this model is simply impressive, starting from the runtime to the intensity of the flame.

It has a runtime of 45 minutes, which is sufficient to provide you with fire for days on end.

It also has a working pressure of 12pa alongside a maximum flame temperature of 1300, which is sufficient to light up a variety of materials.


Ignition for this lighter is a cinch, thanks to the built-in piezo resembling a pistol gun.

The ignition process is automatic, and all you’ve to do is press the attached button to light the torch. An anti-flammable material makes the push button safe from any internal ignition.

Off/Lock Switch

The off/lock switch saves you from the hassle of continuously keeping the trigger on hold, and this prevents fatigue.

The lock is also quite handy in preventing the accidental activation of a gas flame.

  • Durable
  • No-slip
  • Lightweight
  • 180-degree rotating head
  • Shuts off when gas is turned all the way down

Check JUN-L Micro Butane Gas Torch Lighter Price on Amazon

Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone - Best for Cigars

The Lotus Cyclone is one lighter that you don’t want to leave the house without.

It’s a well-crafted masterpiece, well-built and designed to last.

The best feature for this lighter is the quartz-powered ignition that delivers faster heating action and a triple-flame design that can easily sand up to the thick environment as well as the thick stogies.

Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone

Features and Benefits


As we had mentioned in the introduction, the Vertigo lighter is sturdily built to stand up to the daily abuse, including multiple drops, falls, and kicks.

It built to last, and you can always depend on this lighter to torch every time.

The design is also built with ergonomics in mind, and I love the distinctive grenade-like style, which sits comfortably in my hand. Holding the lighter doesn’t feel any awkward, and this greatly helps in precision.

The lighter is also quite lightweight, and when on the fly, you’ll barely notice whether you’ve a lighter on you.

The only design flaw on the Vertigo is the cap, which is a pain to operate, but it protects the burner from getting clogged by dirt, ash, or lint.

Triple Flame

The triple flame, coupled with the quartz-ignition, delivers a hot and reliable flame, which is perfect for lighting cigars with a higher ring gauge.

The triple flame is also quite handy for use in the torrid conditions as it isn't easily blown away by the wind.

Unfortunately, some of the users claim the flame setting is finicky, and the flame isn’t even. But the good news is the issue doesn’t seem to be a widespread concern among the users.

Wind Resistant

Besides delivering a reliable and hot flame, we’ve mentioned the triple lame design isn’t blown out by the strong wind, so you can always appreciate the lighter, especially when using it outdoors.

Fuel Level Window

A transparent fuel level indicator on this lighter ensures you never leave your house without refilling. It's a nice feature to have as it makes it easy to know when you need a refill before your lighter goes empty.

  • A hot triple-flame design
  • Wind-resistant flame
  • Comes in two-pack
  • Adjustable flame
  • The flame is too hot for the thinner cigars and can even burn the wrapper

Check Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Price on Amazon

XIKAR Ultra Gunmetal Lighter and Cutter - Most Versatile

Xikar has been in the manufacturing domain for more than two decades, and they’re a reputable brand, renowned for manufacturing one thing and one thing only: high quality, well-designed smoking accessories.

From the lighters, cutters to ashtrays, this brand has you covered.

Xikar, however, is well-known for the exquisitely crafted Xikar Ultra.

The Xikar Ultra is a sleek, powerful lighter-cutter combo, fulfilling both lighting and cutting functions into a single portable package.

XIKAR Ultra Gunmetal Lighter and Cutter

Features and Benefits


At first glance, it’s easy to think Xikar Ultra isn’t cut for the task because of the ultra-thin and delicate profile.

However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to realize it meets and even exceeds your expectations.

In fact, the ultra-slim design, which is only slightly thicker than a credit card, is quite discreet and lightweight, meaning portability should be the least of your concerns with the lighter.

Lighter-Cutter Combo

Despite the low profile design, Xikar Ultra seamlessly combines the lighter and the cutter function into a single unit.

Both features clip together, thanks to a magnetic construction and discreet riveting. The result is you get a compact and sturdy package that doesn't wobble and one that prevents either feature from sliding around for a secure hold.

However, it’s still possible to use the features independently, and while doing so, they won’t appear out of place.

Cutter Performance

The cutter on the Xikar Ultra consists of an ultra-sharp double sharp guillotine, engraved with measurements on the side.

The detailing on the cutter function lets you measure any cigar ring gauge from 24 to 56, though it can still remove the cap from a 70RG cigar.

Lighter Performance

The lighter is housed in solid metal for sturdiness and longevity.

The single jet lame is intense and precise, making lighting easy even in the highest winds.


Though the pricing on the lighter is a bit on the higher side, I feel it’s a worthy investment, especially considering you get both a lighter and cutter into a single package.

  • Lighter and cutter features
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Windproof
  • Expensive

Check XIKAR Ultra Gunmetal Lighter and Cutter Price on Amazon

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit - Best Fire Starter

The zippo brand is associated with cigars, and this doesn't come as a surprise considering for the seven decades, the brand has been manufacturing durable and portable cigar lighters.

However, the Zippo Emergency Fire Kit takes off from the norm; this is a kit including several accessories such as a flint-wheel sparker.

The kit is suited for the survivalist who often heads out for adventures off-grid.

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

Features and Benefits


The durability of the Zippo ire kit matches its strength.

The ABD plastic, featuring a textured grip is reliable, and comfortable, too.

The textured grip offers a non-slip handling experience, even in wet conditions.

The plastic is hardy and aptly made for the rugged conditions.

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit is built for the outdoor enthusiasts, and the fact that it can float and has water-resistant storage underlines the kit for outdoor use.

Survival Kit

Zippo Kit is a survival lighter, thanks to the US-Made flint wheel, capable of generating up to 1,700 dependable sparks in any weather.

Alongside the flint wheel, another wonderful accessory on this survival kit is the paraffin wax-coated cotton spark tinder, which easily ignites with a spark or a flame.

The tinder is capable of burning up to five minutes, and it’s a handy accessory, especially for emergency purposes.


The portability of the Zippo Kit is yet another positive trait outdoor enthusiasts love.

A molded lanyard hole makes it easy to keep the Zippo lighter closer to you by attaching the lighter or clipping it to your backyard.

The portability feature ensures you spend less time rummaging through your bag or pockets to find the lighter during the desperate times.

  • Survival kit
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Some feel the plastic is a bit flimsy

Check Zippo Emergency Fire Kit Price on Amazon

Techno Butane - Best Gas Lighter

The Techno Butane is yet another incredible gas lighter promising reliable and hot triple-flame.

Like the Vertigo Cyclone lighter, this model offers a triple flame, so it can easily withstand what Mother Nature throws at it.

Techno Butane

Features and Benefits


From the word go, it’s easy to see this lighter is built with comfort in mind.

The angled head is ergonomic and built to promote ease of use and comfort.

Comfort aside, the lighter is also quite stylish and aesthetic. The aesthetics aren't attention-calling, so it also makes a great option for professional work.

Material Construction

The slick metal on the Techno butane promises durability and utmost dependability.

Also, the overall construction is quite sturdy, and it easily stands up to possible leakage and resists moisture and wind action.

Triple Flame

The triple flame action on the Techno Butane is powerful, and it delivers a hot and reliable flame that can light, burn, or cut within the shortest time.

The flame is also resistant to wind action, so it's easy to use the lighter even in the torrid and windy conditions.

Ease of Use

An easy to use lighter, Techno Butane has a one-click trigger for ignition, and you'll certainly face no difficulty using it.

It's also easy to refill the lighter once the gas is depleted, and you can easily do this without any guidelines.

  • Quality construction
  • Powerful and reliable flame
  • Comfortable
  • Flame lock for continuous burning
  • Requires frequent refilling

Check Techno Butane Price on Amazon

Best Lighter Buying Guide

Best Lighter Buying Guide

Choosing a lighter that’s right for you is a fairly daunting task, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a buyer guide outlining the tips you need to follow when making your lighter purchase.


Determining the usage of a lighter is necessary when making a purchase; you need to understand what you're going to use the lighter for.

Of course, though the primary role of a lighter is generating fire, they differ vastly in their applications.

For instance, a lighter for survival in the outdoors is different from that of lighting cigars, yet, a bit of them are lighters.

So, you first need to identify your reason for a lighter, and from there, determine what type of lighter to get.

Fuel Type

Next, after determining the purpose of your lighter is considering the fuel type.

There’re plenty of options when it comes to the fuel types, but the most common are:

  • Butane: This odourless gas comes pressurized in canisters, so it's difficult to carry the fuel in small amounts. The butane lighters also tend to be unreliable in the cold.
  • Propane: The propane lighters are easy to store and readily available in portable tanks.
  • Lighter fluid: It’s generally available and comes in a more compact package
  • Wick-based lighters: They work well in the cold, but fuel leaks might be a problem
  • Electric: These lighters use a battery, and they’re more convenient.

Now, if you're going to use the liquid fuels, you must choose a refillable lighter as opposed to a disposable one. A refillable lighter allows you to top up the fuel on the lighter once it's consumed.

Quality Build

You need to check and see that your lighter is built for durability and strength.

Durability and strength are particularly true for the survival lighters since they'll go through a lot, and they need to stand up to the drops and knocks.

Water Resistance

Most fuels are pretty much useless when they get wet, and so, a waterproof lighter should be an ideal option, especially if you’re a survivalist.

We’re not necessarily referring to a lighter that will work even when submerged in water, but rather, one that will still work even when it gets into contact with moisture or a light shower.


Ideally, the perfect lighter should be compact and lightweight.

It should not be a burden when on the move, and on the fly, you should barely notice whether you've a lighter on you.

Ease of Use

When things start to go south, you need a fire that comes out easily.

The last thing you want is struggling to operate a lighter when hypothermia starts to set in.

Always go for a lighter that is easy to operate-it shouldn’t have any sophisticated procedures for lighting it up.


Lighters offer an easy and convenient way to create fire.

When choosing a lighter, pick a reliable, portable, and dependable lighter to provide you with the much-needed fire to bail you out.

Of course, choosing the right pick also means a lot of research on your part, but fortunately, we’ve done this part for you.

All you've to do is to pick the best light that you feel will address your lighting needs.

Current Best Selling Lighters!


Are lighters dangerous?

Lighters might be a danger, especially for children who don’t know about lighters. Adults will also face danger when using the lighter in explosive areas like gas zones. Therefore, you need to take measures to ensure your lighter use is safe. While lighting makes sure the flame is facing away from you to prevent direct burns, avoid places that can cause fires.

Why is my lighter not working?

Lighters, just like other appliances, will carry issues that require addressing. If your lighter stops working, check if you left it in the cold or outside for several days. Maybe the lighter has rusted and cannot spin to produce a park for the flame. Additionally, the lighter is likely to have dirt inside the chamber. You need to clean the chamber and ensure a clear airflow to promote quick lighting.

Are lighters expensive?

Depending on the brand and features available, lighters vary in price. However, you’ll always find a lighter within your budget. The most expensive lighters are made to accomplish complex lighting routines. We recommend buying a lighter that’s reasonably priced.

Do lighters produce harmful chemicals?

Depending on the fuel type, the lighters will produce varying chemicals. Find out if your lighter produces smoke and avoid it. Most electric lighters are safe when it comes to environmental safety.

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