What is a Gaming Chair and Why It’s So Good for Your Back!

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What is a Gaming Chair and Why It's So Good for Your Back

Face it: when you’re playing a game, it’s impossible to just sit and stay for an hour. Usually, this “one-hour” thing reaches to 6, 10, and even 12 hours. If you’re sitting on an office chair or even worst, your leisurely bungee chair, imagine how much pain your body will feel after gaming. 

This is where gaming chairs come in. Gaming chairs are starting to make their presence known after incidents of gamers dying from dehydration, back and neck pain, and exhaustion. If you’re curious to know more about it, read on. 

What is a Gaming Chair?

Just by its name, you know that gaming chairs are used for gamers. They offer the most ergonomic designs in order to give maximum comfort to anyone sitting on them. There are two types of gaming chairs - PC gaming chairs and platform gaming chairs. 

PC Gaming Chairs

PC gaming chairs are seats made for people who play on their desktop. The base is made of metal and plastic, and it often has wheels underneath. If you will notice, the base is a lot similar to the office chair (at least the latter has got that right). 

It is made of a heavy-duty swivel base that allows for maximum movement around your desk. It allows you to go near from one desk to another or turn from one screen to another. Compared to office chairs, it has extra padding. 

Needless to say, this padding gives more comfort, given that it has a cushion-like feeling that can support your whole upper body. It even comes with a neck pillow that allows your head to rest comfortably while you look at the screen.

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gaming chair that provide support for back

A PC gaming chair can have other features depending on the model. More sophisticated chairs have built-in headsets or drink holders. Essentially, they have features that will help the gamer get everything they need to keep playing. 

Platform Gaming Chairs

Platform gaming chairs are totally different from PC gaming chairs. It usually looks like a recliner that is placed directly on the floor. If you’re wondering why it’s like that, it’s mainly because platform gaming chairs are made for people who play with PlayStations and Switches. 

A good platform gaming chair focuses on form and function. Obviously, you want a chair that can recline all the way back until you’re comfortable. It should also have places where you can put your drinks, controllers, and snacks. If it doesn’t, then you’re better off buying another model. 

For obvious reasons, platform gaming chairs cannot be used if you plan on playing on a desktop. However, some PC gaming chairs can be used with controllers, especially if they are connected to a TV or a desktop. 

How Gaming Chairs Take Care of Your Back

Everyone knows that office chairs are the worst when it comes to ergonomics. They have minimal padding, and the form of the backrest is just bad for your back. But what makes gaming chairs better? How do they take care of your back? 

back support gaming chairs

1> Neck and Back Support

A gaming chair wouldn’t be a gaming chair if it doesn’t offer neck and back support; support meaning its form and padding offer the most comfortable seat for your neck and back. 

For example, a gaming chair has a neck pillow that will help your neck rest properly while maintaining your line of sight to your desktop. This alone gives it a big plus compared to office chairs that don’t even have neck support. 

A gaming chair also has added back support. Sure, the ordinary office chair covers your whole back but does it really take care of it? A gaming chair doesn’t only have the right angle and reclines available, but it also has added support to your shoulders. 

If you notice, most designs have “wings” on the shoulder area to support proper posture. 

2> Improved Posture

The standard neck and back support of gaming chairs help improve your posture. To further appreciate how this happens, here is a comparison between an office chair and a gaming chair. 

An office chair’s structure has a curve in the middle. Think of it as the opposite of a letter “c” where the middle part pushes your back. Because of this, the middle of your back will be the only area that can rest on the chair. 

The upper and lower parts will just usually curve until your spine creates a “c”. This is why most people end up slouching without even noticing it.

On the other hand, a gaming chair lets your whole spine rest. It has a soft incline that helps hold up your body against gravity. The higher backrest provides the support your neck needs. Even the lower part has a soft cushion that will help your lower spine rest. The end result is a straighter back. 

3> High-quality Materials

High-quality materials are necessary in order to provide comfort. Regular office chairs are often made of breathable mesh and plastic. Most people will agree that mesh is the least comfortable material if you are sitting for hours on end. 

It doesn’t feel soft, nor does it adjust to accommodate your back. No wonder people add pillows to make the chairs more comfortable. 

For gaming chairs, it’s made up of synthetic leather, plastic, and a lot of padding. The leather gives it a smooth texture for you to move easily.

It’s also low-maintenance. Plus, the padding makes the seat extra comfortable. It helps you get cosy while not being too soft that it will make you sleepy.

With the many cases of back problems, it’s hard not to consider gaming chairs. Gaming chairs shouldn’t only be available to gamers. If you think about it, office workers also spend the same length of time on their seats as gamers do.

This means that they are also in need of chairs that are ergonomically designed. 

If you’re thinking of buying a gaming chair, know that this is worth it. Check out our detailed article here on best gaming chairs available today. Not only does it take care of your back, but it boosts your game performance. 

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