51 Must-Have Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men In 2023

stocking stuffers for men

Stocking stuffers are little gifts that you stuff into the socks hung up at the fireplace during Christmas. The opinions about choosing gifts for this activity are pretty much divided. Some families like to stick to routine and drop in a few Christmas candies and chocolates. Some people make these gifts valuable by personalizing them as per the tastes of each family member.

Increasingly, we are seeing more people turn to personalized gifts and unique ideas instead of overloading the socks with chocolates. However, it takes time and effort to decide a stocker stuffer for each member of the family. Getting something for men seems to be an extremely tough task. 

You have to keep in mind the size, the usage, and the price (you can’t put a diamond cufflink in there. It’s better to hand it over personally). So, to help ladies out there who are looking for some cool, innovative, and quirky ideas (we know how much your man would enjoy something funny), we’ve created a list of 51 stocking stuffer ideas for men

Go through the list and note the ones that catch your attention. We are sure there will be quite a few items. The list has no particular order of priority. 

Creative Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men – The List!

  1. Minimalist Key Ring 

Misplaced keys can be such a headache. But somehow we don’t seem to be able to avoid it. And all those keys in different pockets of the pants can be equally annoying. This minimalist keyring is a perfect little stocking stuffer that is useful for your man and you. You don’t have to argue about lost and misplaced keys anymore. Keep them together in one place, just as your family lives together. 

Smart Key Organizer Keychain, 100% Real Leather Compact Key Holder, Secure Locking Mechanism, Pocket Key Chain up to 10 Keys, EDC Stainless Steel Multi-Tool

  1. Jaxon Lane Bro Mask

Made using Korean skincare technology it is a 100% hydrogel mask. It is created exclusively for men. This facial mask has been rated as the best mask for men. If your man is into self-care or if you want him to take good care of his skin, this stocking stuffer would be a great gift. Guess what? The mask comes in two pieces so that men who sport a beard can also use it with ease. So, all points have been successfully ticked, haven’t they?

Gentlehomme Collagen Face Mask for Men - Hydrating Face Mask Sheet - Anti Aging Skin Care for Men - Hydro Gel Facial Sheet Mask - All Skin Types - Box of 5 Individually Wrapped Facial Masks

  1. Personal Water Filter

Sold by LifeStraw Store, this is one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for men. If your man loves to go camping and hiking into the woods and valleys, you know he’ll have to carry a lot of essentials with him. The availability of clean water is one aspect that needs consideration. This personal water filter is easy to carry and removes up to 99.9% of the germs. A single filter can purify around 4000 litres of water. Isn’t that great?

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness

  1. Pocket Knife

A pocket knife as a stocking stuffer never goes out of fashion. Every man needs a pocket knife or two. Being a multi-use tool, it can come in handy in the most unexpected times. So what if your man has one? Maybe it’s been too long since he has bought it. Why not get a shiny new one to replace it? He would love to get one from you. 

Kershaw Blur, Glassbreaker Folding Knife (1670BGBBLKST); Partially Serrated 3.4” 14C28N Steel Blade, Anodized Aluminum Handle with Trac-Tec Grip, Glassbreaker Tip, SpeedSafe Opening, Pocketclip;4 OZ.

  1. Skull Ice Maker

Now, this quirky stocking stuffer is sure to bring some laughs and smiles in the house. What do you think about a 3D skull ice cube in a glass of drink? Wouldn’t it be super fun? This cute little skull ice maker is a premium quality mould tray made of silicone, that makes some scary skull ice cubes. Let your man proudly display his skills at mixing drinks and presenting them with these skull ice cubes. 

3D Skull Flexible Silicone Tray, Makes Four Giant Skulls, Round Ice Cube Maker, Black- Pack of 1

  1. 18-in-1 Multitool

Are you wondering what’s unique about this multitool? Well, here you go. This 18-in-1 beauty is the size of a credit card. Yes! It even looks like one and fits as easily into the wallet. From tightening the screws of the eyeglasses to opening beer bottles and unscrewing different types of screws, there is much this multitool can do. 

Bell and Howell TACTOOL Mutitool Camping Tool and Outdoor Survival Gear Multifunctional Pocket Mini Tools with 18-in-1 Stainless Steel Claw Hammer Knife Saw Plier Screwdrivers As Seen On TV Black 6”5

  1. Portable Phone Charger

There are many types of portable phone changers in the market. This one by Anker Store looks like a small flashlight or an over-sized battery. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Samsung Galaxy devices. It is easy to carry the charger anywhere. Simply connect the phone to the charger with the provided cable and get up to 80% charging for high-power smartphones. If your man is always on the go, this is going to help charge the phone while travelling. 

Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger, One of The Smallest and Lightest 10000mAh Power Bank, Ultra-Compact Battery Pack, High-Speed Charging Technology Phone Charger for iPhone, Samsung and More.

  1. Gear Tie

Is your man always untangling his earphones? Is he a fan of organized stuff and needs the cables and wires to be neatly tied up? Then this is an excellent stocking stuffer item to choose. The gear tie is flexible, reusable, and 3 inches long. It can be twisted and wrapped around wires, coils, or cables to keep them neat and untangled. They can be wrapped around the wrist or the shoulder bag’s handle so that he won’t lose them. 

Nite Ize Original Gear Tie, Reusable Rubber Twist Tie, Assorted Colors and Sizes, 8 Pack, Made in the USA

  1. Rememory Game

Sold by Storymatic, this little box holds a lifetime of memories inside it. It has three decks with 25 Generation cards, 25 Season cards, and 180 prompt cards. With soft and rounded edges, you can use these cards to fondly remember old times and get to know each other even better. Your man can play with the cards thinking of his days from the past with a smile.

The Storymatic Rememory - Share Memories and Make New Ones - Made in USA

  1. Survival Kit

Can a survival kit fit in a stocking? Yes, it can. Take a look at this compact waterproof, airtight, and crush-proof survival kit that fits in his palm. From a compass to duct tape, mirror, razor blade, and much more, this kit has 25 essentials a man needs to survive outdoors. Adventure lovers will find this survival kit very useful, mainly because it is small and easy to carry around. 

Emergency Survival Kit 47 in 1 Professional Survival Gear Tool First Aid Kit SOS Emergency Tactical Flashlight Knife Pliers Pen Blanket Bracelets Compass with Molle Pouch for Camping Adventures

  1. Favourite Hair Product 

Since there are way too many brands and preferences, we aren’t going to take the risk with this one. You’ve got to pick your man’s favourite product to style his hair and stuff it in his stocking. If there is a product he is thinking of trying, this is the best way to nudge him. Hair Gel for Men & Woman - Styling with Organic Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel - 16 fl oz

  1. Working Hands Hand Cream by O’Keeffe’s

Our hands are exposed to many things all through the day. Whether it is heavy labour or tying for hours, our hands and fingers do go dry and lifeless. After all, it is a good nourishing cream that can make a lot of difference. If your man has excess dry skin, this working hands hand cream will be a wonderful stocking stuffer. It heals, repairs, and moisturizes dry and cracked skin. Make sure he uses it each night after washing his hands. You can order the jar of cream in various packs. Go ahead and grab a pack of two or more. You could use one yourself. 

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, 3.4 ounce Jar, (Pack of 2)

  1. Whiskey Pipette Water Dropper

A whiskey lover knows the importance of a single drop of whiskey. If your man is one of them, this silver whiskey pipette water dropper is a classy, sophisticated, and tasteful stocking stuffer to choose for him. Connoisseurs often add a few drops of clear water to a glass of whiskey to bring out the flavours. The pipette allows him to add each drop of water carefully to his whiskey. And since it is used only for adding water, it is easy to clean the pipette. Delivered in attractive boxes, this is one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for men

EISCH Whiskey Pipette Platinum – Handmade Glass Pipette refined with real Platinum - Made in Germany

  1. Pocket Ref

Everyone needs a good reference book that has information about everything and anything. Yes, we do have Google for that, but then Google requires a smartphone and an internet connection. A book doesn’t need any of that. And if it is compact enough to be carried around, it’s an added advantage. And if your man has a definite interest in different things, this is a thoughtful stocking stuffer to pick for him.

Pocket Ref 4th Edition

  1. Virginia Gentlemen’s BBQ Sauce

Don’t we know all about men and their love for BBQ parties? Why not give him this BBQ sauce that goes perfectly with various grilled chicken, beef, and pork recipes? You can watch him add the special ingredient and surprise his friends with his cooking skills. 

Virginia Gentleman Bourbon Chipotle Hot Sauce

  1. iPhone Cleaning Pad

Whether your man has OCD level cleanliness or doesn’t even care to wipe his mobile phone’s screen, this cleaning pad will make a great stocking stuffer for him. These are specially designed electronic-friendly wipes that can gently wipe away stains, smudges, dust, and any other remains on the screen, that too without causing any harm to the surface. The best way to keep the phone screen free of dirt and scratches is to use a cleaning pad. 

ProCase Screen Cleaning Pad Cloth Wipes for iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Tablets, Laptop Screen, Touch Screen Devices, Screen Cleaner for Cellphone, Computer, Camera, TV Screens -4 Pack, Black/Navy/Red

  1. Birchbox Man- 3-month Subscription Gift Card

Brichbox offers five delightful grooming samples each month for its subscribers. Why not gift your man a 3-month subscription gift card as a stocking stuffer? If he wants to explore new grooming products, this is a cool way to try out different stuff. He might end up finding his latest favourite cologne, or maybe you can persuade him to pick the one you liked the most. 

  1. Money Clip 

A money clip is yet another evergreen stocking stuffer item. What you choose can be up to your taste or his (since he’ll be the one to use it). Get it in silver, metal, gold-coated, flashy, or subtle. You can also pick a multitool money clip that comes with a small knife. 

Money Clip, Front Pocket Wallet, Leather RFID Blocking Strong Magnet thin Wallet

  1. Bacon Chocolate Snacks

Chuao Chocolatihas has released mini chocolate bars known as baconluxious. Made using milk chocolate, maple syrup, and uncured, crispy, smoked, sea salted bacon, these chocolate snacks are undeniably yummy. Moreover, each minibar has only 60 calories. So you don’t have to worry about his health either. He’ll have something to pop into his mouth for some instant energy when at work or while travelling. And, you can sneak a few for yourself too. 

Delicious Uncured Real Bacon Jerky Hand Crafted Small Batch Kickin' Sriracha MSG Free Nitrate & Nitrite Free (Kickin' Sriracha, 3 pack)

  1. Labsaber Chop Sticks

These aren’t ordinary boring wooden chopsticks. Sold by ChopSabers, the Light Up Chop Sticks have a battery and LED bulbs inside to light up the chopsticks. They come in various colours and are 100% safe to use. He only has to unscrew the screws at the top and change the batteries when needed. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Imagine how much fun your man would have when he can eat his food using chopsticks that glow like powerful sabres. Isn’t it like living a sci-fi movie in real life?

LED Lightsaber Reusable Chopsticks Multi-Color Modes | 4 Pairs | 8 Color Modes

  1. JL Lawson Decision

Minted using solid US metal, the decision-maker coin is a useful gift for a man who likes to flip coins. With phrases like ‘Your choice is ill-advised’ on one side and ‘It is decidedly so’, the decision-maker might help him make some crucial decisions in life. Or, it could only be his lucky charm as it is a gift from his loved one. Either way, he would carry the coin with him. 

Donald Trump Gold Coin, Gold Plated Collectable Coin and Case Included, 45th President, Certificate of Authenticity Official

  1. Retro Gamer Cuff Links

So what if you can’t use diamond cufflinks as stocking stuffers? A pair of retro gamer cufflinks can do the job. Classic pieces of beauty, the cufflinks have various symbols related to the games of the past era. If your man likes anything that belongs to the past, he is sure to love these cufflinks. Classy and trendy, the cufflinks can be fabulous stocking stuffers. 

SharedImagination NES Nintendo Tie Clip, Super Nintendo Controller Cufflinks, Retro Gaming Jewelry, SNES Cuff Links, Super Mario Brothers Legend of Zelda Metroid Wedding Groomsman Groomsmen Gifts

  1. Kiehl’s Original Musk

We’ve been under the impression that a delectable musk is highly expensive. And even then, your man may not like it. Why not try something very much within the budget that can fit in the stocking as well? An original blend by Kiehl, this is a modern version of the musk created decades ago. The fact that it has as many fans even today shows just how wonderful it smells.  

Kiehl's Original Musk Body Lotion 8.4oz (250ml)

  1. Huckberry Weekender Sunglasses

Your man might own a bunch of sunglasses, but he still needs a pair that isn’t too expensive and can be used in the rough conditions. The Huckberry Weekender sunglasses are one such pair that can take quite a bit of force and still stay intact. While it isn’t super trendy or stylish, it still has the minimalistic charm that goes well with its sturdiness. Great for adventure trips that involve some hard work, these can easily be added to the list of stocking stuffer ideas for men.

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses, Matte Black Frame/Warm Grey Lens, One Size

  1. Lazy Bed Glasses

Anybody who wears glasses knows the pain of having to adjust them as they lie on the bed. It gets annoying to read or watch the telly when the glasses don’t stay in their place. Not anymore. If your man uses eyewear and keeps muttering about his discomfort, get these lazy bed glasses as stocking stuffers for him. Once he put them on while lying on the bed, he’ll see just how comfortable they are. 

Valuu Lazy Glasses Bed Prism Glasses Lazy Spectacles Horizontal Glasses High Definition Glasses Prism Periscope Lie Down Eyeglasses for Reading and Watch TV in Bed Unisex

  1. Stanley’s Classic Flask

A wide mouth, easy to refill, and leak-proof – isn’t this how every flask is supposed to be? Well, we’ve got the exact one for your man. This 8oz hammertoe ice flask has a rough and rugged finish that will appeal to your man. Classy and simple, this flask is a cool stocking stuffer that looks better as it gets older. Ask your dad or grandpa, and they’ll tell you some amusing tales related to flasks. 

Stanley Classic Flask, Hammer Tone Crimson, 8-Ounce

  1. Baxter of California Beard Oil

Having a beard is one thing; maintaining it is another. If your man sports a beard, you’d know that by now. Why not gift him this beard oil to nourish and care for his facial hair? It is suitable for all skin types and has Vitamin E, avocado oil, squalane, and botanical extracts. It can be easily absorbed. He won’t have to end up with an oily and sticky beard. Also, there is an added advantage of smelling good. 

Baxter of California Beard Grooming Oil for Men | Moisturize and Condition | 1 oz.

  1. Magnetic Wristband

If your man loves to repair stuff at home and spends his weekends working the garage building new things, this magnetic wristband is a useful gift to drop into the stocking. He can keep all the required screws at one place- his wrist, and use them while drilling. Neither does he need anybody to stand nearby and hand him the screw, nor does he have to worry about missing screws that slip and fall through his fingers when working. 

Magnetic Wristband, Tool Belts with 15 Strong Magnets for Holding Screws, Nails, Drill Bits - Best Tool Organizers Tool Holsters for DIY Handyman, Father/Dad, Husband, Boyfriend, Men, Women - 2 pack

  1. Soap on a Rope

Does it sound like something from a cowboy movie? Well, we guess you could indeed call it that. With the fragrance of English Leather, this soap on a rope is a soap that hangs from a rope. It not only leaves your man smelling very nice but also is a great advantage if he’s a frequent traveller. It is equally suitable for outdoor showering and in classy suite bathrooms. Especially if your man is picky when it comes to using toiletries, he’ll love this one. 

Pre de Provence 63 Soap On A Rope for Men, 200 Gram

  1. Tactical Flashlight

With a rechargeable battery that delivers powerful LED output, this small black piece is highly useful indoors and outdoors. It has five light modes, zoom to adjust focus, and a soft switch to turn on and turn off the light. The body is made of aluminium to alloy so that it can withstand shock and abrasion. Sold by PeakPlus, it comes with a one-year warranty. The flashlight can also be used with 3 AAA batteries, is water-resistant, and skid-proof. Your man is undoubtedly going to love this stocking stuffer. 

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 PACK] - High Lumen, Zoomable, 5 Modes, Water Resistant, Handheld Light - Best Camping, Outdoor, Emergency, Everyday Flashlights

  1. 8-in-1 Beard Shaping Tool

You heard that right! This is an 8-in-1 tool that can be used to groom and shape your man’s bread. Whether he wants a curved beard or some trendy sideburns, this transparent tool will help him see and trim his bread the way he wants. Let your man have fun trimming and shaping his beard at home instead of visiting the salon each time. Would you like to help him? We’ll leave that for you both to decide. 

BEARDCLASS Beard Shaping Tool - 8 in 1 Comb Multi-liner Beard Shaper Template Comb Kit Transparent - Works with any Beard Razor Electric Trimmers or Clippers (Clear)

  1. White Truffle Infused Hot Sauce

Made using white truffle oil, organic agave nectar, ripe chilli peppers, and coriander, this is an exotic mini bottle of hot sauce. And guess what, it is a limited edition, so you might want to grab one before the stock ends. Your man would love to add a drop or two of this sauce on his burgers and BBQ. 

TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce, Gourmet Hot Sauce with Ripe Chili Peppers, Organic Agave Nectar, White Truffle Oil and Coriander, a Limited Flavor Experience in a Bottle, 6 oz.

  1. Jason Markk Fancy Shoe Cleaner

A man who owns a few pairs of sneakers will tell you how important it is to clean them right. You might not want to hear all of it, but you sure can give him something to show that you care about it. This 4oz shoe cleaner comes with a brush in a Jason Markk pouch. The cleaning solution doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and is safe to use on all colours and materials. It is biodegradable and can be used to clean up to 100 pairs of sneakers. A perfect stocking stuffer for you man, isn’t it?

Fancy Feet | Premium Shoe Cleaning Wipes | 10 Individually Packaged Disposable Wipes

  1. Collapsible Coffee Cup

Designed by Stojo, this 12oz silicone cup is a reusable, collapsible cup that can be used for hot and cold drinks. It comes in various colours, so pick the one he likes. Simply toss it into the dishwater to clean it. Your man would have his cup to carry with him while not worrying about the cup breaking during travel. Moreover, he can close the lid of the cup and carry the remaining coffee or drink with him if he is too busy. A man who works all day long will surely appreciate this gift. 

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup | Reusable To Go Large Pocket Size Travel Cup – Coral Pink, 16oz / 470ml | With Straw

  1. Marble Phone Case

This is a simple yet elegant stocking stuffer to give your man. It stays with him all day and will be a constant reminder of your love. With different patterns in black and white, you can pick a phone cover of your choice. 

A-Focus iPhone 7 Case, iPhone SE 2020 Case for Men, iPhone 8 Marble Case, White Marble Stone Pattern Anti Scratch Slim Fit Flexible TPU Cover Case for iPhone SE / 8/7 4.7 inch Matte Gray 2

  1. Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier

This multi-plier tool can also be a good stocking stuffer idea for men. Besides being known for its versatility, the tool is easy to handle and use. Most useful for complex repairs, this tool is something every man who loves to repair things likes to own. The locking system is perfect, and you don’t have to worry about him hurting himself when using it. 

Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier, Black [22-01545N]

  1. W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit

Costing less than $20, this carry on the cocktail kit is a super cool stocking stuffer to give to your man. He can easily mix some delicious cocktails on the go. The kit is TSA-friendly and allows him to relax and unwind by combining his favourite drink during the flight. For a man who travels frequently, this is a very handy gift. 

W&P 040232260490 Carry, Single, Moscow Mule

  1. Stainless Steel Whiskey Cubes

A pair of stainless steel whiskey cubes will keep his drink nice and chill without watering it down. For a man who enjoys his whiskey, these cubes are going to be a wonderful gift. Sold by Williams Sonoma, the cubes have a fantastic finish. That means you don’t have to worry about scratches on the glasses. The cubes come with freezer-safe storage safe to chill them.

Exclusive Whiskey Stones Gift Set - High Cooling Technology - Reusable Ice Cubes - Stainless Steel Whiskey Ice Cubes - Whiskey Rocks - Whiskey Gifts for Men - Best Man Gift with Coasters + Ice Tongs

  1. Amazon Fire Stick

If your man still hasn’t upgraded himself to use the latest technology available, Amazon Fire Stick is a good option for a stocking stuffer. Once he realizes the advantages of owning this small device, he’ll be over the moon and love you more for your choice of the gift. 

Fire TV Stick streaming media player with Alexa built in, includes Alexa Voice Remote, HD, easy set-up, released 2019

  1. Beer Savers

Yeah, you heard it right. Who saves beer, you might wonder. But if your man doesn’t want to have more than half a bottle of beer, why should he gulp down the rest of it? This silicon beer cap will perfectly replace the cap and keep the beer fresh. If he has to attend a call or cut short his free time, he can still come back and finish his drink. A super cool stocking stuffer, you’ll see him carrying this around for emergencies. 

Save Brands Silicone Rubber Bottle Cap (6 Pack), Multicolor

  1. Best of the Week Monday Crosswords

Edited by Will Shortz, this spiral-bound is a collection of Monday crossword puzzles. For men who love to fill up the puzzles, this book is going to be an exciting and engaging gift. He’ll want to carry it with him and do a puzzle or two during the spare time. Will Shortz is a known crossword puzzle editor of The New York Times since 1993. 

The New York Times Best of the Week Series: Monday Crosswords: 50 Easy Puzzles (The New York Times Crossword Puzzles)

  1. First Aid VSSL

Produced by Huckberry, this flashlight-cum-first-aid-kit is a great stocking stuffer for outdoor men. The flashlight has 4 modes, including SOS mode, and the body opens up to store medical tape, bandages, alcoholic wipes, gauze, and more. Give this to your man, and he’ll surely carry it along during his adventure trips.

VSSL First Aid - Compact Adventure First Aid Kit with 46 First Aid Essentials and 4-Mode LED Light

  1. Anker Bluetooth Speaker

With 15 hours of playtime and a 66-foot range, this compact Bluetooth speaker by Anker is a highly powerful device that delivers some fantastic tracks. Round and cylindrical, the speaker can fit in one hand and is easy to carry. If your man loves listening to music at a volume, this portable Bluetooth speaker is a neat stocking stuffer to gift him. 

[Upgraded] Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 12W Stereo Sound, Bluetooth 5, Bassup, IPX7 Waterproof, 24-Hour Playtime, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Speaker for Home, Outdoors, Travel

  1. Triple Insulated Tumbler

Another interesting and useful stocking stuffer idea for men is this 12oz triple-insulated tumbler by Corkcicle. It can keep beverages hot for 3 hours and chilled for 9 hours. With a spill-proof cap and a smooth finish, you can get the tumbler in different shapes and colours. Whether it is coffee, tea, or cocktail, your man will be able to carry it with him in this tumbler. 

ALBOR 30 Oz Stainless Steel Tumbler 30 Oz Insulated Tumbler With Straw 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler With Straw 30oz Tumbler With Handle Metal Tumbler With Straw Insulated Cup With Straw

  1. Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

Don’t let your man’s beer turn warm. Put in a pair of Corkcicle Beer chiller rod into his stocking as a gift. Simple freeze the rods and insert them into the opened beer bottle. And voila! No more worries about lukewarm and insipid beer. 

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2-Pack

  1. Apply Watch Charging Stand

This exclusive charging stand for Apple watches makes an excellent stocking stuffer, especially if you are giving him the watch as the main gift. Wouldn’t it be awesome to combine the main gift with stocking stuffer? It also saves you from having to think of another gift. The stand is strong enough to keep the watch in a firm grip.

Apple Watch Stand, OMOTON 2 in 1 Universal Desktop Stand Holder for iPhone and Apple Watch Series 5/4/3/2/1 (Both 38mm/40mm/42mm/44mm) (Black)

  1. Leather Driving Gloves

These driving gloves are made from real sheepskin leather, are comfortable and will keep his hands warm when he has to drive through the snowed roads. And not just driving, these gloves can be used for various outdoor activities. They offer a good grip and are perfect for cold weather travel. In fact, you can get yourself a pair. 

Riparo Genuine Leather Full-finger Driving Gloves (Large, Black/Red Thread)

  1. Must-Read Books

Books are a gift that will never go out of style. If your man is a reader, even an occasional one, he’ll appreciate a good book more than anything else. But what makes a good book is the bigger question. For that, you might have to take a look at his study and scan through the bookshelf. Bring up the topic during your conversations and notice which genres, authors, or titles add spark to his eyes. You’ll know his favourites very soon.  

HBR's 10 Must Reads On Strategy

  1. Extendable Telescopic Bear Claws Back Scratchers

Sold by Cerrxian, these 4-pack extensible stainless steel bear claws are great for scratching or a light massage. The cushion grip is comfortable, and the metal is durable. You don’t have to worry about the rod breaking or bending as your man is scratching his back. These are collapsible and will allow your man to adjust the length as per his needs. 

(4-Pack) Plazuria Portable Extendable Telescopic Bear Claws Metal Back Scratchers/Hand Massager/Backslap with Rubber Handles

  1. Shine Armor Car Wax

If your man loves his automobiles, here is another stocking stuffer idea that will excite him. The wax comes in a spray bottle that makes it easy to apply and polish. You might even catch him admiring his reflection on the shiny surface of the car. A simple yet useful gift, this car wax is one way to show that you care about his love for automobiles. 

SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat - Ceramic Coating - Car Wax Polish Spray - Waterless Car Wash & Wax - Hydrophobic Top Coat Polish & Polymer Paint Sealant Detail Protection

  1. Collar Stays

Collar stays and cufflinks go hand in hand when it comes to a man’s formal wardrobe. The set of 44 remains in 4 sizes are perfect for holding the collar’s edges from curving or folding inwards. If your man likes to have an open collar with his suits, you know he’ll appreciate this stocking stuffer gift a lot. 

50 Metal Collar Stays for Men in a Divided Box (24-2.2" & 26-2.5")

While we come to the end of our list, let us assure you that there are numerous more options for stocking stuffer ideas for men. Whether it is silicon airpod bags or hemp oil for his beard, the sphere of choice is vast and limitless. Take your time to know what your man wants and give him the best stocking stuffer gift this season. 

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