LaTrax Alias Review: virtually indestructible

Latrax Alias Review

Latrax Alias Review

The Latrax Alias is a brand new high performance quadcopter-style UAV — Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.This helicopter-style drone comes out of the box ready-to-fly, without any complicated building or programming. It’s available in three different color choices that make it stand out from your standard black and white drone.

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Choose red, black, and white, blue and black, green, or orange and black. This compact drone has four rotating propellers that are uniquely-shaped, and there are bright, colorful LED running lights. It’s fully customizable, to make it unique to you.

Latrax Alias

It has a 2.4 GHz radio control system, and a quad-rotor thrust with auto-leveling 6-axis flight system to help keep your drone in the air. Each propeller has a high-output Latrax Alias motor. The Latrax is built within a high-tech molded frame. The built-in battery is rechargeable, and has a high-capacity 650mAh LiPo battery. You can charge up the battery through a USB cable.

A few features that stand out from other competitors are it’s affordable price, and it’s ability to withstand rough flights. Latrax calls this drone “virtually indestructible”. It’s perfect for beginners, but the pro will find much to like about it as well.

There are multiple patents pending on the new technology of the Latrax Alias. Check out this Latrax Alias review for yourself.

Quick Look at the Latrax Alias Quadcopter

  • Auto-leveling six axis flight system
  • Easy, fast and expert flight modes
  • Virtually indestructible, and crash-proof
  • High intensity colourful LED optics
  • Four individual high-powered motors
  • Interchangeable LED lights, rotors, and canopies
  • Interference-free controller
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • Easy push-button tricks
  • High-capacity battery
  • USB battery recharger
  • Hex hardware
  • Rubber feet
  • Balanced precision motors
  • Sleek unique design
  • Molded composite frame
  • Two-piece contrasting color canopy
  • Easy flight control for beginners
  • Easy to add accessories
  • Repair and maintenance-free
  • Backed by customer service and support website
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fully assembled and ready to fly from box

Indestructibility of the Latrax Alias

If you’ve ever purchased an expensive drone, only to damage it during its first flight out, you know how heart-breaking and frustrating that can be. If you’ve been hesitant in getting back to the hobby, don’t, as you can buy an indestructible drone that you won’t have to worry about.

The Latrax Alias quadcopter has been designed to withstand rough handling, and beginner errors.

This drone can be deliberately flown into signs, or the ground, and it’ll dust itself off (not quite!) and raise itself back into the air again. From the manufacturer’s video, it can even survive by being run over by a bicycle. The main point being that it’s flexible, and adaptable to strains, bumps, and impacts.


The Latrax Alias is the perfect entry level quadcopter for the beginner. It won’t matter if you’re a bad pilot, you can simply continue on, even if you crash it. Once you learn to fly the Alias, you can switch it to expert mode and learn how to fly a quadcopter without the autopilot system. Once you’ve mastered flight, you can continue on with other more expensive drones.

The Latrax Alias is built to last. You’ll have your drone for a long time, and it’s even backed up by a lifetime warranty. There are also optional accessories available for purchase, should any small piece require replacement.

Unique Features of the Latrax Alias Drone

The Latrax Alias has some exciting features that make it a perfect entry-level drone for those who are curious about the hobby, but enough to interest the pro as well. The auto-levellng six-axis flight system has been heavily advertised as being a highlight of the Alias. This utilizes a proprietary flight control software, so that you can use it to control your drone in the air.

Latrax Alias Flight Control

The flight control system can be likened to a spring that will flip the drone back to stable flight, when the flight controls are released. This is handy when just learning, or even when you get distracted during flight. There are no worries that your drone will suddenly crash, if you lose control of the buttons for a moment.

There are different flight control modes, from Easy to Expert. In easy mode everyone can quickly master the art of drone flying and hovering in place. This will take minutes, not hours, and not require endless hours of pilot school.

The software that controls the drone works seamlessly in the background. It’s there, but you won’t notice it. Despite the built-in flight control software, the controls will still be quick and responsive, and you’ll feel like you have control over your drone. This means you’ll still have the maximum amount of fun, even if the Alias is helping you with your flight.

Latrax Alias Flight Modes

The three flight modes are easy, fast, and expert. Easy mode is perfect for when you’re just starting out. The auto-leveling flight control software will keep your drone steady in the air, even if you’re still clumsy at the controls.

Fast mode still uses some of the features of the auto-leveling, but you’ll be able to unlock the full speed of the Alias. During full speed ahead, you can try some of the more complicated moves. With the press of a button, your drone will flip, twist, and roll. You can even program it for multiple consecutive twists, flips, and rolls.

Once you’re confident in the first two modes, expert mode will allow you to take full control of the Latrax Alias. This totally disables the auto-leveling software, so let’s hope you are ready! You’ll now have responsive, linear control of your drone.

This setting will please the drone pro. You can sharpen your flight skills, without having to worry about crashing. If you do crash, no worries, your drone can withstand the damage. This is a great entry point to more expensive drones that may be harder to fly.

In case you haven’t already noted, the Latrax Alias drone promises to be virtually indestructible. Its main purpose is to allow you to have fun. That means that the maker built it to withstand the bumps and dings that may down other drones. They’ve eliminated down time from crash damage and costly repairs. Of course you may still occasionally need to replace a blade or two, but those are cheap to replace, and easy to fix.

Latrax Alias Plastic

The Alias drone is made with a plastic molded composite frame that is hard-to-break. This is perfect for the newbie, but pros are even prone to crashes now and again. The composite plastic is flexible, and will if it hits the ground, it will bounce back easily.

Latrax Alias Lights

High intensity LED optics will not only provide a bit of flash for the drone, but they also allow you to keep a better eye on it in the air. They also provide orientation, so you can see that the lights line up with the horizon.

Latrax Alias

The lights work in both day or night visibility. They can sense when it starts to get darker, so that the lights will automatically get brighter. You’ll better be able to keep an eye on the Alias, while having fun flying at night.

Latrax Alias Motors

Each propeller has a high-output motor. They each run independently of the others, and at 50% more power than traditional quadcopters. This gives the drone the thrust it needs for high-speed flight maneuvers. In order to have directional control, you vary the power and thrust of each of the motors.

Another great feature is that the drive system is elevated, so that it won’t get tangled in grass, should it land on the field, like commonly happens with other types of drones. You will never have to pick grass or lint out of your blades again.

You can interchange the rotor blades, LED lenses, and canopies, for a custom color mix. You can also purchase additional accessory rotor blades, lenses and canopies in red, blue, orange, and green. The canopy is built in two pieces, for contrast, and is easily removable for customization.


Latrax Alias Controller

The 2.4GHZ multi-mode transmitter allows for precision control of your drone. The Alias can fly for longer lengths of time. The transmitter is light, and fits comfortably in your hand. There are thumb pads on the gimbal for comfortable control, much like a video game controller that you would use for longer lengths of time. The gimbals provide the right feel while you’re in control. They provide fine precision control that responds immediately to the drone.

Latrax Alias

The thumb gimbals are included in box, but for those who like traditional, there are sticks that can be purchased separately to control your drone. These are easy to install. The gimbals can be quickly replaced with the sticks.

The transmitter on the Latrax Alias is easy to use. The radio will never interfere with someone else flying a drone beside you. Once you turn on the power, you’ll stay connected, and never lose contact with your Alias.

The controller has an LCD screen so you can check the settings quickly. It will also guide you through the menus, if you wish to try customized settings.

The radio system is controlled with Traxxas technology. Special memory technology will remember up to ten flights, so you can run the same flight plan again and again.

Latrax Alias Power

The fuel gauge will alert you to when your drone power is running low, and needs to be charged up again. You’ll have time to return to home, before it dies out. The USB fast charger will charge up your drone, so it’ll be ready to go again.

It takes about half an hour to charge it up for the next flight. The lithium battery pack will allow you to fly for as long as fifteen minutes. It’s also easy to swap out the battery pack for a new one, to increase flying time on the field.

Latrax Alias

With just the push of a button, and the flick of a stick, you can do amazing aerobatics. When flying other manufacturer’s drones, it can hours to master tricks and maneuvers, but with the Latrax Alias, you’ll master them perfectly right out of the box. You can also perform them in succession. Your fellow drone friends will be amazed at what you’ve learned so quickly!

Just some of the moves you’ll be able to master out of the box include twists, flips and rolls. You’ll be able to do flips and rolls forwards or backwards, left or right, and even diagonally. You can even have your Latrax Alias do a twister, rotating around its central axis. Normally this is a difficult maneuver, but you’ll be able to do it with only the click of a button.

You can still try twists, flips, and rolls with the expert mode, which gives you full control.

Hex hardware is used for Latrax Alias parts, and enables for quick and easy repairs. Rubber feet allow for cushioned landings.

Technical Specifications of the Latrax Alias Drone

The Latrax Alias is packed full of features.
For those who wish for greater technical data, here are detailed specs of this drone:

The blade circle rotates in a 14.78” radius. Rotor diameter is 5.51”. The overall height of the drone is 1.69”, with a 12.07” width. Ground clearance is 0.47” to drone underside. If you include the battery, the entire drone weighs 100 grams, or 3.5 ounces.

The flight system is an auto-leveling six axis. The radio system is 2.4GHz six channel multi mode. The entire drone is made from a plastic molded composite material. The gear ratio is 11 to 78. The drone is powered by a lithium polymer battery pack, or LiPo.

It has a battery voltage of 3.7 Volts. Battery capacity is 650mAh, with a discharge rating of 20C. The battery charger rate is 1000mA at high, an 500 mA at low. Charging time takes thirty minutes, and allows for a fifteen minute flying time. There is a USB powered LiPo charger, and a 1.5mm Hex wrench.

The motor type is brushed and coreless. It takes only a skill level of 1, or beginner, to fly the Latrax Alias.

Other Latrax Alias accessories included in the box include the Traxxas AAA alkaline batteries, in four pack, a spare rotor blade set, spare hardware, and traditional thumb sticks.

Cool Add-on Accessories for the Latrax Alias

There are many cool add on accessories to add to your Latrax Alias drone. You can also replace minor items that may be damaged during flight. Of course the main unit is backed up by warranty.

The canopies are available in five different color options: black and blue, red and black, white and black, orange and black, and green and black, for around $5 each. Rotor blades are commonly damaged by flight, and not covered by warranty. But they’re cheap enough to replace. At $2 a pair, you’ll want to stock up on six different color choices: green, red, orange, white, black, and blue.

Latrax Alias

LED lenses enable you to see you drone at a distance, and at night time. These are available in sets of four, for $3 a set, and five different color options: blue, red, clear, orange, and green. LED light bars can light up more regions of your drone and are available in clear.

Adding a camera can be a fun aspect of outdoor drone flying. The Alias video camera is an add-on, and still affordably priced at $50. This attaches to the underside of your drone. It requires a memory card, which needs to be purchased separately. Videotaping scenery is fun, and a wide angle lens can capture more of the countryside. This extends the functionality of your video camera for only $20 extra.

If your Latrax Alias main frame is getting bent out of shape, it’s quick and easy to switch it out for a new one. There is also the lower main frame available. These are available in black or white. A main shaft kit can help replace any bolts.

Chargers and batteries don’t last forever, so you can find replacement USB chargers and batteries on the website, for both drone and remote controller. You can also stock up on alkaline batteries.


Exceptional Customer Support for the Latrax Alias

When you’re learning how to fly the Latrax Alias range, you’ll need as much guidance as you can get. The Latrax Alias website has plenty of information and flying tips to help you to get in the air, learn tricks, and stay in the air.

There are many videos that will help you to get started. You’ll learn how to get started on your first flight. There is also a video to help you with learning how to progress to complicated flips and rolls. Once you’ve progressed past the basics to learn a few tricks, you can turn your drone to expert mode, and learn how to do advanced aerobatics. Another video that’s handy to check out is how to learn to customize your radio controller settings.

There is a gallery of photos for you to check out the different color options, and Latrax Alias accessories. You can purchase the drone itself, as well as several different types of Latrax Alias parts and accessories. The website also provides a Downloads section, so you can download different manuals to help you out with whatever stage you’re at in your learning.

A handy Quick Start Guide can get you going quickly, as well as a more detailed manual. You can also learn how to reset your accelerometer, and tweak your flight mode settings. Besides the videos, there is further information on how to do advanced aerobatics, and multiple flips and rolls. Should you wish to reset to factory, there is a PDF manual to help you to restore default transmitter settings, as well as how to operate the transmitter.

When you need to do repairs, you’ll find a manual to help you with motor replacement. There are instructions to help you to install the Alias digital camera, and the Alias wide-angle lens installation. If you need to replace the drone’s LED lights, the LED light kit instructions will get you going. There is also a Latrax Alias parts list and the Alias box graphics, in case you’ve lost your box.

Don’t forget to register your Latrax Alias, in case you need further support than the literature can help you with. There is an online FAQ to provide answers to the more common situations you may encounter. On the site is also a guide on how to do more tricks. The site is full of PDFs to keep you busy on learning on how to fly your drone. If you get stuck, there is a troubleshooting guide to help you to work through your issue.

The Latrax Alias is backed up by a lifetime electronics warranty. There is also a helicopter replacement program, in case you wish for some additional flying security. If all else fails, you may contact LaTrax directly to gain assistance.

So, how much is the Fish?

The flying drone enthusiast is sure to be excited for the chance to fly one of the Alias Latrax drones. At just under $100 for the Latrax Alias price, it’s within reach of most drone enthusiasts. It promises to be virtually indestructible, so it’s perfect for those who are just entering the drone hobby, or for kids to learn how to fly.

Latrax Alias

There are also plenty of exciting new features to keep the seasoned drone enthusiast happy as well. They’ll want to use this drone for expert flight moves, without the worries that they’ll crash or wreck it. The Latrax Alias is a great way to learn how to fly a quadcopter, and then move onto more expensive and difficult to fly quadcopters.
Of course you’ll still want to keep the Latrax Alias around for when you just want to have fun.

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All Photo by LaTrax

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