Latest Gaming Trends That Every Gamer Needs To Be Aware Of

Gamer Trends

In incredibly fast speeds, technology is evolving. If you need any true evidence that digital technology has progressed rapidly over the years, take a look at the gaming industry.

Many interesting developments have been observed in the gaming industry. Many such developments will naturally spill within this industry. However, fresh advances in the sector will also be disturbing and surprising. 

After our ongoing and comprehensive market assessment, we have compiled a list of latest gaming trends that every gamer needs in this year. Continue reading to find out what to expect before the end of the year! 

Here we look at the best gaming trends of this year–which we will keep an eye on in the foreseeable future.

Virtual Reality in Gaming

The realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional setting is known as virtual reality. Due to the expansion of digitization, virtual reality has become important in every sphere. VR has helped maximize company benefits and enhance customer experience dramatically.

Virtual reality in gaming

In fact, Virtual Reality has been a game changer and enhanced customer experience in the gaming industry. VR is seen as one of the hottest game-trend subjects, and the industry has attracted attention. VR-driven gaming apps provide several advantages.

  • Provides attractive virtual items to gamers.
  • Offer players a chance to enter the game in real time
  • Digitally expands reality anywhere
  • Increase the appeal and retention among gamers.
  • Advanced skills that enrich the atmosphere of the game.
  • Improve user commitment immensely with an immersive experience.

The market size of the VR games business is rapidly growing. The concepts put forward in virtual reality games are in every sense intriguing and awesome. This is why Virtual Reality has become a possibility in the game industry of the next “Big Thing.”

The Oculus Rift

The Rift makes it easy for players to feel virtual reality with ease. Ultimately, Oculus Touch controllers are taking VR into another dimension. The Rift is embedded in a black fabric that provides a high quality look and differentiates it from other VR headsets. The brackets are lightweight and intended to readily modify. On one hand are all cables boarded. It’ll be a hard fit for glass wearers and take a few tricks before it fits.

Oculus Rift

Rift screen is 2160x 1200, the OLED display is a bunch of pixels for eye, which implies that you will get the best perspective of your eyes with a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Oculus Rift has the most robust games that put it at the forefront.

Advanced Gaming Consoles

A decade ago, it was sufficient for you to play with large children with your witz and half decent keyboard. Fast forward to this year and all the appliances, consoles, mouse bungees and even latest gaming mouse (like this Glorious Model O), on your PC now have to be cutting-edge so that you can pass through the pro game ranks. From the pure sounds of Focal headphones, to the flawless visuals you’ll see with your PS4. It is truly amazing to see the innovations that have shown up in the gaming world over the past decade. Games have come a long way from their humble 8bit beginnings, and the future promises yet unimagined gaming technologies that will be on the cutting edge of tech.

Mobile Gaming

Cloud computing technology is gaining momentum with more reliable and quicker online access. The early Nokia snake game has boosted people’s craze for the game. Thus, it gave all the developers the chance to dream more, develop more and grow more. It never slows down since then. Mobile technology spreads the love of digital gaming across the hardcore console users and internet gamer.

Secondary Screens For Gaming

We all prefer handheld devices such as tablets. So, for gamer it’s a true acess to play games. Instead of laptops and TV video games, we turn to our smart phones. Taking this shift of interest in the Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo individuals created a secondary player game machine.

Wii U

Being released in 2012 the Wii U is the best gaming gadget that has a built-in touch screen has been created that supplements to games. Zombi U, one of the launch games, uses the gamepad to manage your stock, access your map, unlock gates via a touchscreen keyboard and control machine gun towers.

Smart Glass

Smart Glass is a Microsoft product that conducts secondary functions on the mobile device. It can also be used in the Xbox Dashboard as a remote browser to enhance the gaming experience.

Sony Cross-play

Although phones have less power than computers and consoles, gamers will be able to play everything accessible in the future on other devices and streaming will make it possible.

Cross Platform play

This is the real multi-screen game instance. Users can move from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation Vita between their consoles. Sony took the first step to incorporate its handheld device PS3 console.

Augmented Reality

In Augmented Reality, you will receive digitally and in real time extra information or data overlay to see your real physical environment. The mobile app, Wikitude, is a nice illustration of AR in practice. The screen displays neighboring restaurants, ATMs, hotels, etc to help you navigate your smartphone and point towards your environment.

Gaming applications like DroidShooting already have a straightforward shooter game that allows the player to communicate in real time with the environment. If you keep your smartphone up, you need to shoot objectives from all over you. This is, of course, very primitive play, but there are many options for this notion of gameplay.

Indie Games

this year was a nice year for indie games, but this year saw that more indie releases go mainstream. Indie Games today compete with large-scale budget production head-to-head, share the same platforms and analyze the same media and critics. Could any of us have imagined this ten, five or even three years ago? Not really!

Indie games

There is a warning: because of its sudden achievement, the development of indie games has become an extremely competitive area, with often short-term revenues. Since it is not so simple for indie game developers to live as first-party developers, fresh games have always to be produced–an inevitable reality that leads to the development of quality games. 

Open Source Gaming

Free homemade games on mobiles are the latest trend on the market. People all over the globe have creative thoughts about mobile and web games. For these ambitious and emerging developers, Ouya has come up with an ultimate solution. It is a forthcoming Android device video game console that has been created to make game development and buying economical. Developers would no longer have to purchase costly development software. The console provides not only the platform for growth but many free and inexpensive games as well.

Blockchain Based Games

In this year, blockchain-based games impact. We saw tiny, but progressively increasing, blockchain portable games trend in this year. CryptoKitties, a collectable cat blockchain game, is now accessible on mobile phones while the name inspired by Tencent’s Pokemon GO / CryptoKitties, Let’s Hunt Monsters, also uses the strength of the blockchain to collect millions of animals.

blockchain gaming

The title also relates to AR, and the blockchain uses information such as captureD monsters and player statistics to store and verify. this year was the year of the rotten headline blockchain–people heard about Bitcoin a lot for example, but did not really understand the benefits of blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

Battle Royal

The battle royal style multiplayer gaming is nothing fresh, but Fortnite has truly pushed its way into the arena and formatted it. By mid-this year more than 125 million active gamers were playing Fornite and the momentum is still alive. This helps reinvigorate present players and enables fresh players to get engaged. The games are simple for designers to create and for fans to communicate with. Various other franchises and brands are exploring methods of adding a royal aspect in fight to their own games to play with the intense mood around Fortnite.

Let’s wrap up

Gaming trends are often hard to predict until they have become established, however, the threat of AI is real, which will hopefully continue to push developers. The compilation of the recent trends in gaming in the year near the end enables trends to shape game developments over the next year.

Whatever works well in this year will probably be reproduced and added in future years, and the retrospective will demonstrate when every single game revolution begins and what led to every fresh step in gaming history.

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