Is CleanMyMac X Safe? – A Complete Guide

Is CleanMyMac X Safe

CleanMyMac X was created by MacPaw 12 years ago. Besides CleanMyMac X, MacPaw has also developed Gemini 2, CleanMyPC, CleanMyDrive 2, Unarchiver, and ClearVPN for both Apple and Windows machines.

CleanMyMac X is by far their most popular program, and it can be purchased directly from the company’s website and through the official Mac App Store. This implies that CleanMyMac X and the rest of the MacPaw products available through the Mac App Store have been certified by Apple as being devoid of harmful intent and secure for its users.

CleanMyMac is safe to download and install from the App Store because Apple does not host malicious software. Some CleanMyMac functionalities, however, may not be suitable for beginning users. When the software deletes specific files, it may cause your Mac to become unstable.

Does Apple recommend CleanMyMac X?

Does Apple recommend CleanMyMac X

The app has been a fantastic method to recover space without effort for many years, and I expect it to remain so for many more. CleanMyMac X makes it simple to keep your Mac in good shape. Its built-in utilities make it simple to delete unwanted programmes and files, safeguard your computer from viruses, and more.

However, while CleanMyMac is safe to use, Apple does not recommend it. According to Apple, there is no need to install a third-party app as:

  • If you want to clear out your Mac, do it yourself; no program can tell you what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.
  • Cleaning caches will not benefit you in the long run because they are all there for a reason and will be rebuilt and returned fast.

If you suspect a corrupted cache,  reboot in Safe Mode, which will perform full system maintenance, including deleting all caches, before rebooting normally and checking if the problematic app now behaves correctly. However, if it doesn’t, contact the software developer and check for updates.

Reboot in Safe Mode:

Step 1 – The first step is to, Choose the Apple menu > Shut Down your Mac.

Wait for your Mac to shut down completely. When the screen is black and all lights, including those on the Touch Bar, are turned out, the Mac is entirely shut down.

Step 2 – Hold down the power button on your Mac until you see “Loading start-up choices.”

Step 3 – Choose a volume level.

Step 4 – Continue in Safe Mode by pressing and holding the Shift key.

The computer will restart on its own. You should notice “Safe Boot” in the menu bar when the login window displays.

Is CleanMyMac safe to use?

Is CleanMyMac safe to use

Even if Apple does not recommend it, we cannot deny the fact that CleanMyMac X is a secure, all-in-one Mac cleaner that gets rid of gigabytes of rubbish and viruses. 

Is it secure? Well, it’s Apple-notarized, has a Safety Database, and is secure enough to win honours from the Mac community.

CleanMyMac X has gone through the Apple notarization procedure, which ensures that software is devoid of dangerous components and hence safe to distribute.

The Safety Database of CleanMy Mac X is a massive collection of operating guidelines and exceptions. This list protects you against even the most minor Mac cleaning errors. When cleaning your Mac, CleanMyMac X consults this database. Their scanning technique has been developed over the last 11 years, so you can trust CleanMyMac X to keep your Mac safe.

Some CleanMyMac X features:

  • It will never destroy vital files without your consent. You may always go back over the list of objects found and mark the ones you want to keep. 
  • By default, all essential elements of macOS are safeguarded from deletion, ensuring that your Mac’s performance is never jeopardized.
  • CleanMyMac X contains an ever-expanding antiviral database that guards against risks like keyloggers and data-mining programs.
  • It maintains your system operating smoothly and keeps you secure by detecting viruses and allowing you to directly manipulate files and applications—all from a straightforward interface.

Is CleanMyMac Malware?

A very simple answer to this question will be, NO!

Is CleanMyMac Malware?

It is a common myth that Apple computers cannot get viruses. Viruses and other malware may infect Macs. You must have gotten irritated if you’ve ever had to deal with obnoxious pop-ups after downloading a new app or extension in Chrome.

Every year, hundreds of Mac threats are uncovered. Some of these are difficult to distinguish from conventional applications. CleanMyMac X will check your Mac for malware, adware, ransomware, and other macOS-specific “wares.”

CleanMyMac X detects hundreds of risks that might jeopardize your Mac’s security. They maintain this information up to date since it is your weapon against malware. If CleanMyMac X detects malware on your hard drive, it recommends that you remove it right away. It performs virus scanning as a regular part of your Mac maintenance regimen. 

Is CleanMyMac an antivirus?

Is CleanMyMac an antivirus?

CleanMyMac X is a very new antivirus programme on the market nowadays. Most organizations that provide antivirus software for Macs are focused on security, with products such as antivirus, security suites, VPNs, and other similar services. CleanMyMac is made by MacPaw, which is unique. Other products include a photo cleaner, a universal archive opener, and even a wallpaper manager. CleanMyMac claims malware prevention and detection and a slew of other tools for cleaning and speeding up your Mac. The cleansing functions are excellent, but the basic antivirus lacks several distinctive capabilities, making it hard to evaluate its performance.

CleanMyMac X’s purpose is to keep your Mac device clutter-free to continue to run like new. Temporary files are frequently the cause of Mac users running out of space, rendering their device’s settings sub-optimal. CleanMyMac’s tools assure that you’ll never have to worry about manually cleaning your system again. 

CleanMyMac has always been about making your Mac run smoothly and efficiently. It provides several services and features.

Is CleanMyMac X free?

CleanMyMac X is a premium programme that requires a licence or a subscription to use all of its functions. You may, however, sample CleanMyMac X for free before purchasing it. Although the software includes a trial option with certain restrictions, the free features are still useful.

CleanMyMac X comes with a free trial available from the developer, MacPaw. The free trial version has a restriction on how much users may clear. Following the trial, there are many price options:

A one-year membership is $39.95 for a single Mac, $59.95 for two Macs, and $89.95 for five Macs.

CleanMyMac X Free vs Paid

While CleanMyMac is a premium cleaning programme with memberships and licenses slightly more expensive than its direct competitors, the business behind it (MacPaw) believes in providing value for money. The free edition of CleanMyMac allows for unlimited scans but has limitations in terms of other functions. For example, you can clear up to 500 MB of garbage, double your startup speed, etc. Other parts are either entirely or partially disabled or are only available for a limited period.

FREE CLEANMYMAC – TRIAL provides you with the following features:

    1. Smart Scan: Run as many scans as you wish; use the Run button to remove up to 500 MB of junk automatically; start speed improvements up to 2 times. 
  • Use the Clean button to automatically remove up to 500 MB* of unnecessary objects from all modules. Manually scan and delete files with no restrictions. There are no Photo Junk or iTunes Junk modules available.
  • Protection – Malware Removal: Run a malware scan as many times as necessary. Remove as many Privacy items as you like, but only once. Cookie deletion is not possible. Scan with no restrictions. 
  • Uninstaller: Completely remove one application or restore it to its original condition.
  • Updater: Update up to two programs simultaneously. 
  • All extension features are free. 
  • Remove as many Optimization items as you like, but only twice. Items can be disabled, enabled, and relaunched without any restrictions.

PAID CLEANMYMAC provides you with various features such as:

  • If you use DropBox, CleanMyMac’s drop-down status summary will show you how much space you have on your cloud storage in real-time.
  • System CleanMyMac Junk cleanup is used to clear out the temporary files left behind by your operating system and the programs you’ve installed. When these files are eliminated, you’ll have more free space and a more pleasant experience.
  • CleanMyMac displays a list of all the temporary photographs and thumbnails taking up space on your Mac, allowing you to erase them later. While researching our CleanMyMac X review, we did a clever scan and uncovered roughly 290 MB of meaningless picture garbage clogging up our system’s storage.
  • With the tools included in CleanMyMac’s Protection package, you can forget about security concerns. If you click the ‘Scan’ button on the ‘Protection’ page, it will scan your computer for newly installed apps and search for any unusual activities.
  • CleanMyMac includes a Mac Malware Removal program that scans your device and emails for malware and notifies you if it detects a potential threat to your system.


CleanMyMac X includes several simple tools for swiftly freeing up space on your Mac and removing suspicious files. Its features continue to function as they have since its conception, offering a fantastic blend of functionality, design, and user experience. To top it off, it works with both Macs with the M1 CPU and older Intel-based devices.



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