Security and shopping: Why you should use a VPN

Online purchasing has grown increasingly popular and accessible in the modern digital age. You may buy anything from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your door with just a few clicks. However, the convenience of online shopping comes with the danger of cyber attacks and online fraud.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help in this situation. A VPN safeguards your online privacy and security by establishing a safe and encrypted link between your device and the internet. When you use a VPN, your online activity is protected from snooping eyes, making it more difficult for hackers, cybercriminals, and government agencies to follow your online activities, steal your personal information, or monitor your browsing history.

A question of security

Customers always look for ways to keep their personal and financial information safe when shopping online. A virtual private network is one of the most effective technologies for accomplishing this. Here are some reasons why using a free VPN like Urban VPN is a good idea when shopping online.

Since VPN encrypts your internet traffic, whatever information you give or receive online is jumbled and cannot be accessed by hackers. This is especially true when inputting sensitive information like your credit card number or home address. Hackers are always looking for this information, so taking precautions is critical.

How do hackers get my information?

When it comes to online shopping security, every reliable site will urge you never to purchase online using a public WiFi connection, such as one found at a cafe or an airport.

This is due to the possibility of phishing scams or even a “man-in-the-middle” attack. MITM attacks occur when a hacker inserts himself into the middle of a transaction between you and a website in the hopes of catching you in the process of purchasing and decrypting your connection.

MITM assaults may be carried out in various ways, depending on the attack vector. However, these days, many hackers prefer to utilize a method known as spoofing to trick unsuspecting users into connecting to false WiFi hotspots that they control and manage themselves.

They can decrypt all data that flows via their impromptu hotspot now that you’re connected to their network, including your credit card information, as soon as they are typed into the device you’re buying from.

Not only that, but because they have complete control over the connection, they can read almost any information you write in, including your home address, actual name, phone number, and any additional information they would need to masquerade as you online. The only way to shop online securely on public WiFi is to use a VPN.

Advantages of using a VPN when shopping online

Obtain Access to Geo-Restricted Shops

If you travel outside of the United States and try to visit prominent online retailers like Target, you will most likely be denied access. This is due to the fact that many American shops are restricted in some parts of the world. A VPN will help you out in this situation. Install one on your smartphone to avoid regional limitations, saving you time for international internet shopping.

Credit Card Security

E-commerce sales remain on the rise as consumers choose to purchase online rather than in physical stores. Unfortunately, this has resulted in increased fraud cases — In the United States, over 1,108,609 identity theft complaints were raised to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2022.

Always use a VPN to secure your credit card information from hackers and identity thieves. Especially if you’re a first-time buyer on a new site, utilizing a public WiFi connection, or visiting a new place. Using a VPN, you may conceal your IP address and get peace of mind by securing your credit cards over a secure network.

Spend less on flights and accommodation

Airlines are renowned for altering their costs depending on the shopper’s location. Fortunately, many people have discovered that utilizing a VPN when looking for flights online may help them save money. The secret is to switch your virtual location to a low-income nation like India or Brazil. Then, you’ll frequently discover cheaper airfares than in higher-income countries like the United States or the United Kingdom.

Hotels, like airlines, will adjust their room costs based on a shopper’s IP address. For example, arranging a stay in London from the United States will be substantially more expensive than arranging your lodgings from Brazil. Don’t allow airlines and hotels to utilize your location to raise trip prices. Instead, use a VPN to save money so you may spend it on other things while on vacation.

The bottom line

A VPN offers many benefits, from protecting your online security to enhancing your shopping experience. Avoid threats from hackers and worries about your connection, and enjoy shopping online with peace of mind.

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