How to Summon in Elden Ring – All You Need to Know

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How to Summon in Elden Ring

Unparrarelled adventure awaits you in Elden Ring—the next epic fantasy game from Bandai Namco Inc and FromSoftware Inc. This 2022 action role-playing game (RPG) has players controlling customizable player characters journeying to become the new Elden Lord by repairing the titular Elden Ring.

Understanding Elden Ring summoning and spirit ashes enables you to summon creatures and NPCs that help you fight and turn the tide on a challenging boss fight.

To activate summoning, you can get the Spirit Calling Bell, which lets you summon spirits that help you conquer your enemies in Elden Ring. You’ll likely find Ranni sitting on the ruined Eastern wall at the Church of Elleh Grace checkpoint. Alternatively, you can get the bell from a handmaiden in the round table hold. 

Key Takeaways

  • You must first obtain the Spirit Calling Bell to summon spirits in Elden Ring.
  • You can summon when you have the spirit ash only if you have the spirit tomb icon on the left, and you can summon players and NPC with a summon sign.

Summoning spirits comes in different forms that offer various benefits. But how do you call them to your aid? This article shows how to summon spirits in Elden Ring to help you defeat mighty foes more easily.

Read on. 

How Do You Use Summons in Elden Ring?

How Do You Use Summons in Elden Ring
Image by Tech Radar

The ability to summon in Elden Ring is a critical skill, and the summons and spirit ashes are vital abilities to unlock and find the most suitable options.  

To summon players, you should use the summon sign, and for spirits, you should choose and summon them manually.

Players use summons to help them in battle by getting together to beat a dungeon boss. Thus, when summoned into a player’s world, you become a Phantom with minimized stats and half your usual flasks number.

When summoned within a dungeon, you return to your world once you defeat the dungeon’s boss. Furthermore, if you summon Phantoms into your game, you’re now the Host of Fingers. Therefore, you must be extra cautious. Otherwise, the Phantoms go back to their world if you die. 

Before beginning a summon session, you must ensure you’re well-equipped. You’ll, therefore, need the following:

  • Finger Severer: When summoned, use this to return to your world.
  • Small Golden Effigy: This item offers the best chances of getting fast summons into the game. 
  • Tarnished’s Furled Finger: Used to place summon signs on the ground for others to invite you into their world.
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy: Reveals other players’ summon signs, and you’ll find them near boss doors, summoning pools, and Sites of Grace. 

A limitation regarding summons in Elden Ring is that you can either summon friends to join you on an adventure in the open world or bring a group together to beat a dungeon boss. But you can’t do both.

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What Button Do I Press to Summon a Spirit Ash in Elden Ring?

Here are the buttons to press to summon your spirits:

  • Go to the “Equipment” tab in the in-game menu.
What Button Do I Press to Summon a Spirit Ash in Elden Ring
Image by Alphr
  • Click “Quick Items,” then select the available slot. Add the spirit you wish to summon.
Click Quick Items
Image by Alphr
  • Press the corresponding button (square on PS and X on PCs), and patiently wait for your character to ring the Calling Bell. The summoned spirit then appears. 
Press the corresponding button square on PS and X on PCs
Image by Alphr

How do you summon spirits in Elden Ring? Once you have the bell and your first spirit, you should bind that spirit (not the bell) to your belt or pouch for easier access. When you click the button, your character will pull out the bell and summon spirits.

While any player can help at any time in Elden Ring, the game’s co-op system still doesn’t operate on a drop-in, drop-out basis. Thus, there are specific requirements that players must meet before summoning. 

Players need a Furlcalling Finger Remedy to reveal summon signs. A player needs to interact with a sign to summon a player into their world, even as they pay close attention to the color. A gold sign denotes a friendly ally; if it’s red, you’re challenging another player to a fight. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Summon Elden Ring Spirit Ashes

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Summon Elden Ring Spirit Ashes
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Summoning spirits’ ashes in Elden Ring requires obtaining the Spirit Calling Bell. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Find Melina, a mysterious maiden that helps Tarnished on their journey. Locate her by going through a few of the initial Sites of Grace. You should find her around the third site. 
  • Engage Melina and establish an alliance to help you reach your journey’s end and cover the map faster. Most importantly, you’ll now be able to invoke your Spirit Steed—Torrent.
  • Return to the Elleh Church, the second site touched after leaving the tutorial zone. Do this at night. 
  •  Go to the broken wall near the church, and you’ll notice an NPC named Ranni. 
  • Engage the witch and let her know that Torrent belongs to you. 
  • At this point, Ranni should hand over your Calling Bell free of charge.
Calling Bell
Image by Alphr

You can now summon spirits, similar to spells, but unlike incantations and Glinstone Magic, you don’t have to have them in your memory. Instead, you assign them to the quick menu or toolbelt items. 

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How Do You Get the Summoning Bell in Elden Ring?

Players need the Spirit Bell and spirit ash to summon in Elden Ring. Luckily, you can find the bell early in the game, but you’ll need to backtrack. 

The fastest way to get the bell is by summoning the horse and retreating to the Church of Elleh in Limgrave. Once you’re back at the church, you’ll find Ranni, and she’ll ask you to approach her. 

Once you’ve talked to her, tell her you can summon Torrent, and she’ll hand you the Spirit Calling Bell with Lone Wolf Ashes. 

If you don’t return to the church and engage Ranni after a few nights, she’ll stop being there, but she’s not the only way to get the bell. Once you can go to the Roundtable Hold, proceed to the Twin Malden Husks merchant that sells the Spirit Calling Bell for a thousand runes and the wolf ashes. 

Meeting Melina at your 3rd Site of Grace is a special requirement to obtain the bell. She’ll provide you with your horse Torrent and the ability to level up.

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Spirit Calling Bell Elden Ring and How It Works

Players find the Spirit Calling Bell beneficial because it summons spirits from the ashes to help them in the fight. Consequently, the bell consumes focus points, and players can only summon spirits in specific locations (almost every boss arena and point of interest on the world map).

Remember that players can’t use the Spirit Calling Bell during multiplayer.

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Elden Ring Summon Spirits List and Elden Ring Ashes Summon Locations

Elden Ring Summon Spirits List and Elden Ring Ashes Summon Locations
Image by Dual Shockers

Here’s a list of summon spirits players can use in Elden Ring, ranging from early-game gifts to hard-won conquests. 

The summon spirits and their unique abilities are as follows:

  • Skeletal Militiaman: Skeletal Militiamen in Elden Ring is a spirit and a summon. Skeletal Militiamen Ashes summon two skeletal militiamen spirits. 
  • Mausoleum Soldiers: Mausoleum soldier ashes are a summon and a spirit in Elden Ring. You’ll find them near the Nameless Eternal City site. You must go through a few enemies and tough bosses to reach them. 
  • Lone Wolf: Ranni gifts you the Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes to help you on your journey. The Lone Wolf is one of the best allies, and as you climb up in the game, the wolves earn the “Tarnished’s Best Friend” title. 
  • Nepheli Loux Puppet: This is a spirit and a summon in Elden Ring. They summon the Nepheli Loux spirit.
  • Aurelia (Jellyfish): This summon spirit is for an NPC in the Stormhill Shack. Roderika gives you the spirit in the hope that you’ll be a more deserving master. The spirit jellyfish ashes can apply the poison status to near enemies.
  • Dung Eater: The Dung Eater is a powerful spirit; he provides useful debuffs and can apply the bleed effect.
  • Banished Knight Oleg: Oleg is a big beefy boy with lore attached to him, and he’s a great selection in times of trouble. His full armor and two big swords make it challenging for enemies to take him down.
  • Black Knife Tiche: This spirit ash falls under the Legendary category, and you’ll find her by taking down her father, Alecto, in his Evergaol in Liunia. She also has the special ability to cut the HP of enemies.
  • Mimic Tear Ashes: The Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes is an exceptional tool in Elden Ring. It’ll cost you HP to summon, and it creates the player’s duplicate.

How to Summon Co-op in Elden Ring

Once you have everything you need to summon, using the Furlcalling Finger Remedy identify the summon signs from other players in your area. Also, you can use the summoning pool and activate the Small Golden Effigy to send a summon sign to the pool.

The summon sign appears in the activated summoning pool, a reliable way to enter the multiplayer game with any player. To ensure you play with friends in Elden Ring, you must use Multiplayer Passwords. 

With a password, you ensure only a player with a code can play with you.

How to Summon Ashes

How to Summon Ashes
Image by IGN

You must choose them from your inventory for activation to summon spirit ashes. Your character automatically rings the Spirit Calling Bell, and the spirit ashes come to your aid. Remember that many spirit ashes require a certain amount of FP, and legendary spirits demand more resources. 

Equipping your preferred spirit ashes on your quick bar is advisable for easier access because most dungeon boss fights, you become the boss’s target, and you don’t have time to summon.

Spirit ashes are necessary for overworld exploration and boss battles because they help you deal with the most challenging bosses and enemies.

Summoning spirit ashes requires you to understand that you can only summon in specific locations and disappear under two circumstances:

  • When you move out of the spirit range
  • If you conquer the boss of an area.

Thus, to know whether you’re in an ideal location that permits spirit sermons, you’ll notice an icon (white gravestone) at the bottom left of your screen.

white gravestone
Image by IGN

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How to Summon in Elden Ring: FAQs

Q: Why Can’t I Summon in Elden Ring?

A: A common challenge a player may encounter when summoning friends in Elden Ring is the “Elden Ring Unable to Summon Cooperator” error. This error could result from the following: 

  • Server issues
  • Corrupted game files
  • DNS issues
  • Unnecessary applications in the background
  • Improper in-game network settings

Troubleshooting tips include the following: 

  • Checking internet connection
  • Reinstall Elden Ring
  • Update Elden Ring
  • Setting up Game Network Settings
  • Checking and repairing game files
  • Restarting Elden Ring
  • Checking the Elden Ring server status

The limitation to summoning friends in Elden Ring is the segmentation of co-op. It means you can summon friends to fight a dungeon boss or for an adventure in the open world, but not both in one session. 

Q: How to Get the Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring?

A: To find the spirit calling bell, return to the Church of Elleh, and speak to Ranni the witch. When you talk to her, she’ll enquire if you can summon Torrent. Respond ‘yes’ to her inquiry. Once you’ve done that, she’ll gift you the Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes. 

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Q: What Are the Elden Ring Ashes Summon Locations?

A: The ashes summon locations include:

  • Lone Wolf Ashes given by Ranni
  • Spirit Jellyfish Ashes given to you by Roderika in Stormhill Shark
  • Skeletal Militiaman Ashes are given when you defeat the Tibia Marina in Summonwater village.

Q: Is It Okay to Use Elden Ring Spirit Ashes?

A: Yes, it’s okay to use Elden Ring Spirit Ashes because their purpose is to serve as a distraction for bosses and provide added support against bosses. 

Q: What’s the Strongest Summon in Elden Ring?

A: The strongest summon in Elden Ring is the Mimic Tear because it’s a replica of the player, with access to spells, skills, and weapons the player has. 

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Elden Ring is a high-quality action RPG that offers excellent graphics. Furthermore, playing cooperatively with other players is the best way to dive into this game. Players can summon other players or spirit ashes into their worlds for cooperation in the Lands Between. 

Summons, whether spirit ashes or co-op, remain one of the best winning strategies since going at it alone is too challenging. Summoning spirits in the game is vital as you explore the different Elden-Ring-winning strategies and tactics at your disposal.


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