How Do You Recline a mamaRoo? (Simple Steps!)

How to Recline a mamaRoo? Do we know....

Ever heard of the mamaRoo? It sounds funny, isn’t it? If you’re not familiar with it, that’s probably your initial reaction, and you may be thinking that it’s some kind of kangaroo stuffed toy. Well, it’s not. It’s actually a baby seat that mimics a mom’s movement. Sounds interesting? It really is. Even new moms found it very helpful in taking care of their babies.

What is a mamaRoo?

A mamaRoo is a baby seat that rocks on its own. Its purpose is to mimic a mom’s movement so that your baby can calm down from their crying session. It has 5 different motions, swinging, bouncing, swaying, riding a car, and waving. It also has five different speed options that you can adjust depending on your baby’s preference.

What’s great about the mamaRoo is that you can play music from it. It’s like a rocker and a music player in one. You can choose from four built-in sounds, or you can connect to the device via Bluetooth. Since it has wireless capabilities, you can also control the mamaRoo’s movement and sound using your phone.

How to Assemble and Recline a mamaRoo

how to recline a mamaroo

Convinced? If you are, then you’re probably wondering how to set it up once you have it. There are several pieces in the box, and some of the bars are identical, so make sure that you follow assembling instructions properly. If you don’t, you’ll risk the safety of your baby. To help you out, here is a step-by-step guide on how to build it and how to recline it if ever you need an adjustment.

Step 1: Insert the main bar with a white strap.

There are three silver bars included but what you need first is the one with the white strap. Insert the end without the white attachment through the hole on the platform. The platform is the white square base that has the control panel. Insert the bar on the back opening of the base and push it until the other end shows up on the other hole. There’s a white stopper that’s included, so you can place it on the same end of the bar.

Step 2: Attach the two other bars.

The next thing you’ll do is attach the two other bars that will serve as the main support of the baby seat. Get one bar and attach it to the two white snaps found at each end of the first bar that you placed. It should fit perfectly if you attach it to the right ports. When the bar is secured, do the same to the other side. The finished product should be an oval-shaped hole right in the middle. Make sure that the zipper side of the bar is facing up.

Step 3: Zip the baby seat

slow incline of mamaroo

Now take the baby seat and zip the ends to the bar. The top end is the one with a hole in the middle while the bottom end has the 4moms brand on it. Zip both sides to each bar. When you’re done with that, pull over the top end of the baby seat and put it over the topmost part of the white snap. Make sure that it is properly covering the whole white part. Do the same on the other end and make sure no part of the plastic snap is seen.

Step 4: Insert the straps.

Aside from the base, the straps are the most important parts of this baby seat. Remember the white strap placed on the first bar underneath? You’ll find the straps there. There are two straps, one for each hole you’ll find in the middle of the baby seat. Insert each strap to each whole and snap them to the white locks found on the flap on the baby seat.

Step 5: Place the white bar

When you’ve reached this part, the baby seat is almost done. What you have to do now is attach the white bar at the top of the baby seat. The white bar will be used to hold the toy balls later. When attaching the white bar, place it perpendicular to the lock, and then turn it 90 degrees. This will then lock the bar properly. If you look at the whole set-up from the side, the white bar should almost form a quarter of a circle on top of the baby seat.

Step 6: Squeeze the toy balls in

For the last step, get the three toy balls and squeeze them through the three holes on the white bar. Don’t squeeze them in too much because they might just end up falling on your baby.

And there you have it! To start the mamaRoo, you can simply plug the wire through a power outlet and then attach it to the back of the white base.

What About Reclining?

sleeping on a recliend mamaroo

The default recline of the mamaRoo is the baby lying straight on its back. Of course, this is also adjustable because you wouldn’t want your baby in a sleeping position all day. To recline the seat, all you have to do is to adjust the white strap underneath it.

The base bar has the white strap on it, and if you take a closer look, there’s a white plastic adjuster wrapped around the silver bar. To adjust the recline, simply move that white plastic adjuster up. When you move the plastic up, move the whole seat near that white adjuster in such a way that the former touches the white base. The farther you put the white adjuster up, the more vertical the seat will be.

In a nutshell, the mamaRoo is a great way to help moms take care of their babies during the day. It’s easy to assemble so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in all the instructions. Besides, it’s not healthy for moms to spend long hours on the floor, figuring a baby seat out. Nonetheless, you can use the mamaRoo as an alternative for when you want your baby to play on his or her own.

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