12 Game Changing Wearable Tech Devices Of 2024

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wearable tech devices

Wearable computers are almost everywhere. As the name suggests, wearable computers are the devices you wear somewhere on your body for varied functionality - from mobile connectivity to medical monitoring. We all know about Fitness trackers and smartwatches.

According to the analysis by International Data Corporation (IDC), the worldwide wearable market is set to explode in popularity in the next few years by reaching 149.5 million shipments in 2021.

This number is almost 2.5 times the 62 million shipments in 2018-19.

This massive demand for wearable devices can be attributed to the latest innovations that kick-started new generations of smart devices and opened rooms to surreal technology.

Now, we have become so accustomed to these technologies that we can’t even live without it.

Remember the old days when you literally have to show up at someone’s house, out of the blue, to arrange a future meet up or use a landline to confirm plans?

Or the days when you had to use a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope to check blood pressure and heartbeat or count your steps in your head and vaguely interpret the distance traveled?

tech devices wearable robot

Also, the days when you had to stand up to dim the lights in your room or head to the garage to set the heater timer?

 It’s tough to imagine especially when you know there’s a device available that can alone do all the listed tasks for you.

Measuring the steps, distance traveled, floors climbed, calories burned, sleep time, sleep quality, heart rate, diabetes risk, fertility rate, sun exposure, you name it and the smart wearable device can do that for you.

From GPS navigation, remote control to getting in shape with the aid of technology, there are endless benefits of a wearable. Countless Tech giants like Fitbit, Apple, Polar, Samsung, MisFit, Nokia, Lumo, Microsoft, and Xiaomi are paving the way to revolutionize the digital and medical dimensions.

Today, let’s explore the latest innovations in wearable technology that are taking the world by storm. Stay Tuned because an avalanche of best and innovative wearables are coming your way.

1. Holo Suit

After the successful adaption of “Ready player one”, the virtual reality has garnered even more mainstream traction. Ironically, this movie has set unrealistic expectations from virtual reality.


However, just before the concept of Ready player one’s Haptic suit seemed a 2030’s technology, the Holo suit made an entry to make this fiction seem real.

The full-body motion capture haptic suit uses the 360-degree motion tracking sensors and nine haptic feedback points to make you feel the virtual world.

As it captures the entire body movement, you would never feel that you are in the virtual realms. This Pro HoloSuit has turned the virtual reality completely as it provides excellent usability in gaming, e-sports and allows the user to make a real-world humanoid mirroring robot Avatar!

2. Apple Watch Series 4

The best smart-watch to date, Series 4 has everything a consumer can ever ask for in a smart-watch. Apart from all the basic features, it introduces an FDA-cleared ECG app that gives more detailed and flawless heart reading.

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Apple Watch 4 Running 02

Apple Series 4 is pioneered to check for heart Arrhythmia by using precise 30 seconds heart rate samples. Also, it uses smart sensors to provide users with both high and low heart-rate Detection and Fall Detection.

Fall detection is integrated with an SOS trigger which notifies your loved ones as soon as there is a serious tumble. As Apple is renowned for its design, this Series 4 redefines the stylish quotient with its thin, large and crisp display and no-bezel face.

3. Oculus Quest

Girl Wearing An Occuls Rift 2014 marked the start of what has come to be known as the year when virtual reality (VR) hit the mainstream. Typically, the idea of any commodity becoming ‘mainstream’ should be backed with hard evidence data. As of summer, 2018, the unit shipments in the industry is estimated to have surpassed 5 million VR devices. It's crystal clear that the ‘wait and see’ approach that had been adopted by major manufacturers is shifting. Reason? None of them wants to be left out in this virtual gold rush. Unfortunately, just like in any other tech-based industry there will always be the risk of either getting in too late where a product is no longer hyped and has already been overthrown by something new. After all, the primary market for VR devices is the millennial age which has come to be known for its short attention spans (no offense to our dear ones). 1. virtual reality park and family entertainment center VR is promising to offer highly immersive experiences especially when it's well equipped with the right gear. This is already happening; numerous virtual reality park and family entertainment centers are popping up everywhere. These facilities offer VR experience as a service, and as such, they include various forms of customizations to fit every family member. The parks offer various activities from single player games to multiplayer roleplaying games which a whole family could participate in. This provides not only virtual reality business opportunities for the park owners but also increased demand for the game developers, hardware manufacturers, and distributors. It would be unfair to talk of virtual reality franchise without mentioning virtual reality arcade. This VR gaming industry is estimated will be worth $45 Billion in less than seven years. The reason behind this optimism lies on the fact that supporting gear used in VR games is nearly impossible to purchase, so enthusiasts opt to pay for the services at such VR arcades which are already well equipped and maintained. This is the way to go if you are interested in how to make money with virtual reality. Majority of the VR headsets in the market such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Sony PlayStation VR are already investing in gaming hardware. 2. virtual reality franchise and turnkey solution While VR in itself is not that much complicated, designing and implementing a VR system comprising of multiple VR stations is hectic. This is because most of the VR gear relies on specific custom-built computers that can render the high-quality immersive graphics required for VR to work. Secondly, there’s the whole issue with setting up sensors that enable room scale VR allowing you to move around and not just seat. As with any other challenge this one does present new opportunities for businesses that will offer virtual reality franchise. This requires them to come up with a detailed business plan that will not only be able to cater to the process of acquiring VR hardware but also how to run the entire business optimally. On the other hand, there is the opportunity for businesses that provide turnkey solutions. In such a scenario, an investor could outsource the setup process to a group of professionals whose primary job will be to acquire all the necessary hardware, make all necessary room design adjustments and install all of the required software’s. The final product will be a VR business that’s ready to go, and the owner will only need to turn the ‘key’ and get into business without having to worry about all of the technicalities involved in the setting up process. 3. virtual reality events and parties Gone are the days when a laid-back birthday party was enough, nowadays its no surprise to see commercial VR service providers being hired to host virtual reality events and parties. In this business model, the company invests in mobile VR headsets as well as supporting equipment such as computers and in some cases even bouncing castles. On getting a contract for a gig, the company will then proceed to the location and set up the equipment well before the party starts. During the party, the support crew will maintain the VR sets to ensure that each guest is enjoying the experience and also aid those that might need it. Of course, having a virtual reality events and parties hosting company will still require you to market it but if there’s one thing that gets a company’s popularity going is the customers’ hype. Its therefore recommended to ensure that you pull off each gig perfectly and have workers who are sociable, after all chances are that the next contract will be from a former client. 4. virtual reality attraction and simulator Virtual reality introduces the impressive ability to transport guests to about anywhere in the world. This coupled with the ever-growing number of VR-ready movies, documentaries and photography opens up the world to new possibilities. All you would need is the initial VR hardware for your VR attraction site and access to VR-ready material. Thankfully YouTube does offer a wide range of such videos and majority are copyright free. This even opens up new revenue avenues whereby one could generate VR ready video content and license it to these upcoming simulators. 5. virtual reality horror and quest rooms, roller coaster VR has introduced endless possibilities in just how we can utilize already existing fun activities. The best example would be the VR roller coaster which is just the traditional roller coaster which has been equipped with VR gear allowing the riders to enjoy highly immersive and wild rides. Adding VR to horror and quest rooms will increase the adrenaline rush associated with such gaming activities making them even more addictive. For a company to invest in such, they would need to have the initial room and capacity to integrate VR hardware to existing equipment. Conclusion If you were initially a skeptic of virtual reality and chose to wait and see where the industry would go, it's now high time you joined this lucrative market. The opportunities available are endless and can only be limited if we stop dreaming. Not only are existing franchises real proof of the successes happening in this industry but they are also in the frontline of the ever-growing innovations in it.

Oculus Quest represents a new era of Virtual reality that will let you dive deeply into the virtual realms. Oculus Quest is an all-in-one PC-quality virtual reality device that boasts its four ultra-wide-angle sensors that can track everything around your head including your back.

It can track your controllers and hands in real-time. The best thing about Oculus Quest is that you don’t need a PC, it can take you to a new world while allowing you to track and do everything.

4. Samsung Entrim 4D headphones

The biggest problem with VR technology is motion sickness where your brain is tricked to believe that your body is moving even if you are standing still.

Samsung Entrim 4D headphones

This creates a nauseating effect similar to travel sickness. To counter this, Samsung came up with its Entrim 4D headphone based on its Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation which will trick the body’s vestibule system.

This will deliver synchronized electric messages to the ear as per the corresponding motion on-screen. Such synchronization is used to help restore balance in stroke patients and could help you avoid motion sickness which you face with a usual VR headset.

5. Maintool smartwatch strap

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular but still, there is a subset of customers - hardcore luxury watch fanatics, who are not looking to adopt them anytime soon.

Maintool smartwatch strap

To persuade such people in smartening themselves up, Maintool has introduced the smartwatch strap that will transform any watch into a smartwatch. It incorporates an array of sensors and monitors that includes heart rate monitor, pedometer, thermometer, and calorie counter.

Apart from the activity tracking, it has GPS navigation, notification vibration, and phone loss prevention feature that notifies you when you leave your smartphone behind. Simply swap the strap and convert your watch into a smartwatch!

6. Jaguar F-pace

Jaguar F-pace activity key

Imagine a device through which you can remotely switch on the central heating system while heading back home from work on a freezing cold day.

Through a custom-build Graphical user interface (GUI), you can effortlessly communicate with any smart home devices at home from your car.

Also, you could ensure that whatever is playing in your car audio system would still play as you walk through the front door of your home. Furthermore, by adding simple tracking modules that come with it, you will be notified if you have left something important at home.

7. Pomocup

Are you a professional ski tourer or looking to improve your skiing skills? Pomocup is a smart device specially designed for ski tourers.


After placing it on the ski with a powerful magnet, it can measure precise and extensive touring data which includes the time of tour, speed, altitude, grip, glide and even leg symmetry.

Collected touring data is then transmitted in real-time to your smartphone. It has a 3D gyroscope, 3D accelerometer, thermometer, barometer and collects astonishing 1200 data points. After the tour, you can easily analyze your performance in great detail.

8. Spartan Boxer Shorts

Wearables are deeply penetrating the apparel section and this Spartan underwear protects men from the dreadful side effects of the wireless revolution.

Spartan Boxer Shorts

This Boxer short is not just stylish but radiation-free. A study demonstrated that electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices can even cause a decrease in fertility in men.

As these wireless devices are so close to our bodies and even worn on them, the risk of radiation is extremely high. These boxer shorts have the capability to block 99 percent of the wireless electromagnetic radiation from reaching these critical areas.

9. VTime VR social platform

As soon as Facebook acquired the leading developer of VR headsets- Oculus, they started with the ground-breaking approach of integrating social media with VR. The social media giant demonstrated the importance of VR in the future of socializing.

VTime VR social platform

But at that time, a VR based social media already existed, called VTime. VTime VR social platform allows a user to meet and socialize with friends or make acquaintances in exotic virtual locations like International space station, deep-underwater, dizzyingly high mountains, Antarctica and many more.

10. BabyPod

This will surely amaze you. BabyPod is the only intra-vaginal device that can stimulate the vocalization of babies before birth and boost their cognitive development with the help of music.


Research shows that babies can respond to music in as little as 16 weeks. According to the studies conducted by the reputed Gynecological research institute, the babies can respond to the music in a far positive way when streamed through the vagina than the stomach.

So, BabyPod music is streamed vaginally making it enormously beneficial to the cognitive development of babies.

11. BonBouton


We all know about smart-watches and fitness bands that track our heart rate, blood pressure and even measures sun exposure. But, BonBouton wearable device has introduced us to the cutting-edge health technology that improves your physical and mental health care.

It incorporates innovative graphene sensors that monitor the physiological signals of your skin. BonBouton collects data to predict potential diseases, injuries and infection. Want more? Their smart insoles detect early signs of diabetic foot ulcers.

12. Beddit sleep tracker

Beddit sleep tracker

Having difficulty in sleeping? Or not feeling yourself when you wake up? Beddit sleep tracker is there to the rescue. Beddit sleep tracker is a thin, sensor-film designed wearable device that goes between your mattress and bed-sheet.

This monitors your sleep and tracks sleep patterns without you having to wear a smartwatch or fitness strap. In the morning, you have all the information like time taken to fall asleep, night-time movements, breathing, snoring and sleep quality, all on your iOS or Android device.

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