To Fly Drone Aerobatics

We’re on the cutting edge of civilian unmanned aeronautics thanks in part to the advance in RC technology. As never before experienced, we have an almost unlimited access to inexpensive flight equipment that can outperform even the most advance units we were flying just two years before.

Light weight construction and heavily re-engineered aeronautic capabilities make the experiences today something unthinkable yesterday. The methods to fly drone missions hasn’t changed that much, but the increase in technology now allows for more control over flight as well as longer flight time.

A search of the internet finds a plethora of models to choose from, but to truly enjoy the hobby, a bit of serious research is first recommended.

Guide to Fly Drone Aerobatics

By micro-sizing the extremely compact power source in long distance drones, the time aloft has increased exponentially. Lighter construction materials and newly designed gear housing have created an expanded use for personal unmanned craft.

For example, the Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 operates with an anti-collision technology that can be a real boost for beginner flyers. To fly drone aeronautics in rougher winds, the potential for a mid-air collision is quite real.

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3



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By simply activating the internal software with a switch, the drone recognizes impending collisions and prevents them with self-adjusting movements to clear the way. This is a great help to those wishing to learn to fly.

Just as with a traditional RC device, the Galaxy 3 relies on a light touch and a clear understanding of basic aeronautic principles. As air moves over the wings and propeller blades, lift is created, and then the engines pull or push the craft through the skip stream created by its mass. By flying a low density drone, a safe operation is attained with delicate maneuvers to the delight of the flyer and passers-by.

Strengths of the Galaxy 3


The unit is compatible with a standard RC mode for ease in the learning curve, and operates on a three channel throttle for entry-level flights, altitude hold settings, and a normal setting for getting to know the crafts nuances. One other nice feature of the Galaxy 3 is an auto return function, whereby if control is lost, the unit will under its own control return to the transmitter.
The Galaxy 3 also falls under the realm of multi-purpose drones with an optional onboard digital video and picture imaging device bringing the enjoyment of drone flight to a new functionality.

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