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When you want to learn how to fly quadcopter, you must first know about a couple of general rules. Keep in mind that a quad, such as the Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 2, is a powerful piece of machinery that can damage other things once it collides with something else.

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Flying a drone has a steep learning curve, and one needs to have a lot of patience in order to get the flight controls right.

You should consider your safety as well as the other people in the area. You must also keep the quadcopter in one piece, considering it is expensive. You should avoid breaking cars, windows and other things. You should also avoid losing it and make it fly away.

When learning how to fly quadcopter, you must do it in an open field with no power lines or buildings around it. There must be no distractions so that you can focus on the task. Some people recommend tying the drone with a four to five foot string so that it will not fly away.

You should begin by flying it one to two feet above the ground and practice hovering it from one point to another. You should also work on the landing. This is one way to really feel the controls.

Once you are confident in your skills, the next step is to fly the quadcopter higher and farther. You should not push it as it gets more difficult as you increase the distance. You need to use your judgment and learn how to adjust so that you can push the drone near its limit.

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Controls of a Quadcopter

You should know the controls if you want to learn how to fly quadcopter. The roll tilts the quad right and left by increasing the speed of the rotor on one side and slowing down on the opposite side. Pitch is tilting the drone backward and forward just like how it rolls.

Yaw is rotating the drone by increasing the speed of all the rotors in one direction and slowing down the rotors in the opposition direction. Throttle is controlling the down and up axis by changing the speed of the rotors.

During the start, you should stand behind the quadcopter and face the same direction. This way when you move the stick to the left, the drone will also move to the left. You should also bring it up to around two feet or more. Flying it lower will cause the ground effect and prop wash will make it harder to control the drone.

Learning how to fly quadcopter is easy, even for people who have no previous flight experience. If it is your first time, you should have someone with you to help you out. Or start with something inexpensive so that a crush will not be too harsh for your bank account.

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