Ecobee2 vs Ecobee3 vs Ecobee4 – Whats The Difference?

Ecobee2 vs ecobee3 vs ecobee4

If you love smart thermostats, then you have probably heard about Ecobee: It's an industry leader.

Ecobee is a Canadian company that specializes in manufacturing home automation devices in an attempt to achieve smart homes. The company is known for producing smart thermostats, which sometimes double up as smart home hubs.

One outstanding feature of Ecobee smart thermostats is its modern design. Ecobee company knows that users are not only interested in a product's functionality but also its aesthetics. That is why they make their smart thermostats with a sleek and modern design.

If you want to purchase an Ecobee smart thermostat, then you might have a hard time choosing one. Ecobee thermostats come with advanced features and modern looks that may leave you undecided on what option to take.

In this comparison article, we want to shed more light on the features and specifications of three Ecobee models. These are Ecobee2, Ecobee3, and Ecobee4. Follow us through as we get into the nitty-gritty of each model so that you can tell them apart and make an informed purchasing decision.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Avg. Household Savings Estimate


23% Annually

23% Annually

Thermostat Price




HVAC Support

24 VAC & Batteries



Built-In Alexa?








Display Style




Motion Sensors




Other Great Recommendations

Room Sensors




Weight (Pounds)




Dimensions (Inches)

5.5x 5.5 x 1

4.0 x 4.0 x 0.9

4 x 1 x 4


Similarities between Ecobee2, Ecobee3, and Ecobee4 

ecobee model comparisons

One outstanding similarity between Ecobee models is their sleek and elegant design. When customers are looking for products to use in their houses, they look for their functionality and looks. Ecobee thermostats offer the two.

The Ecobee products also come with an LCD touch screen. The screen allows you to control and operate the thermostat.

Ecobee products are also compatible with Amazon Alexa. As such, you can control and command your thermostat using your voice.

Additionally, the products are easy to install. Thus, you are saved the extra cost of having to hire a technician to do the installation for you.

They also feature indoor room sensors. The sensors are mostly installed in the living room, kitchens, or bedrooms. Room sensors take the temperature of the room and send it to the thermostat so that it can adjust accordingly.

Also, the three Ecobee products feature the humidification feature. Humidifiers add moisture to indoor air, mostly in the cold months, when the heat is running.

They are also Wi-Fi-enabled, which allows you to control the thermostat from wherever you are. The Wi-Fi also helps the thermostats to work with SmartThings in controlling the climate of your home.

The following is an in-depth review of each of the three Ecobee thermostats.

The Duel Of Three!




Ecobee2 smart thermostat will cost you ~$179. At such an affordable price, you can enjoy a conducive climate in your home.

You do not have to undergo an additional cost of hiring a technician to do the installation for you, as it is easy to do so.


Contrary to most products that come in black, this thermostat comes in white, which helps blend well. Ecobee2 measures 1.00 inches in length, 5.50 inches in width, and 3.25 inches in height, and it weighs 1.80 pounds. The compact design makes it easy for you to carry the smart thermostat around.


Ecobee2 comes with a built-in Wi-Fi connection. As such, you can control and operate the smart thermostat using a Wi-Fi enabled device from anywhere. The smart thermostat is also able to control the climate of your house.

The 2nd Ecobee is powered through a 24 VAC power method. Unlike other smart thermostats, Ecobee2 can also be battery powered. It also comes with long-lasting batteries. As such, you are sure that your thermostat can continue working even when there is a power blackout.  

It also comes with indoor sensors that you can easily install in your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. The sensors will sense the temperature in your house and send it to the thermostat. This thermostat then adjusts the temperature accordingly, depending on your specifications. It can also sense when you are approaching the house and start warming it.

Additionally, this model also features daylight saving time. This is designed to give you more savings in the evening hours. The additional daylight time helps to reduce your use of electricity in the evening, thereby saving you money and energy.

If you are using the battery-powered option, the smart thermostat features a low battery indicator. As such, you can replace the batteries in time to continue enjoying its features.

Ecobee2 also comes with an LCD touch screen that enables you to operate, control, and navigate the thermostat with much ease.

Another feature of the thermostat is that it comes with a mobile app. You can download the mobile app from App Store or Google Play and install it on your phone or tablet. With the help of the mobile app, you can operate and schedule your thermostat from wherever you are in the globe. The mobile app also enables you to receive temperature alerts on your phone even when you are not at home.

The Ecobee2 smart thermostat is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. Therefore, you can control and command your thermostat using your voice.

You can also program the smart thermostat so that you can schedule and regulate the temperature. As such, it can automatically start warming the home when you are approaching home from work so that you will get a warm house.

It also has a display option on the colour screen that will display the temperatures in the house as well as showing the outdoor temperatures.


  • Ecobee2 smart thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled
  • It features an LCD touch screen that helps you in controlling the thermostat
  • You have the option of digitally programming the thermostat
  • Supports Amazon Alexa
  • Daylight saving time
  • Battery backup
  • Indoor sensors


  • The screen resolution is not the clearest

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ecobee 3 model


Ecobee3 smart thermostat comes at the cost of ~$199.

There are no additional installation costs, as it is quite easy to install.


It would be hard not to notice Ecobee3 among other smart thermostats because of its unique shape. Unlike many other smart thermostats, Ecobee3 comes in a stylish and elegant look. It is housed in a black square bowl that has rounded corners, which make the thermostat stand out.

At the back of the smart thermostat, you will get a white panel that has eleven connections. These connections include air conditioners, heat pumps, cooling, heating, and accessories. The smart thermostat is compatible with most single and two-stage air conditioning systems.


The Ecobee3 comes with remote sensors that you can install in different rooms, including your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and so on. The remote sensors are useful as they help in monitoring the temperature of multiple rooms.

The smart thermostat also features a mobile app and web that are highly functional and easy to use. You can download and install the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. The app is essential in assisting you to control the smart thermostat as well as receiving alerts even when you are away from home.

Also, Ecobee3 smart thermostat is Wi-Fi compatible. With the help of the Wi-Fi, you can keep the temperature of your rooms comfortable as the thermostat will collect and analyze temperature information in the house. The Wi-Fi connection also allows you to connect the thermostat with other smart devices in your home and even control it from your phone or tablet.

Additionally, the smart device features an LCD touch screen with a large display. Among the many uses of the touch screen include displaying the temperature parameters in the house. It also helps you to operate and control the smart device from the touch screen.

With the help of a humidifier, the smart thermostat can help you in stabilizing the humidity in your house. The Ecobee3 will help to prevent frost from accumulating on the windows of your home, thereby maintaining the humidity.

Another feature of the Ecobee3 smart thermostat is that it will always send you alerts and notifications. It will continuously send you notifications so that you can control all functions and also sends you a warning message in case there is a malfunction so that you can take the necessary action in time. 

Also, the smart thermostat comes with motion sensors. With the motion sensors, the smart device can tell if there is somebody at home or not so that it can turn down the heat and the air conditioner accordingly.

The smart thermostat is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. As such, you can control and command the smart thermostat using your voice.

It also comes with a Power Extender Kit that helps you in setting up the thermostat if your home does not have the C wire, the C wire is the power supply wire that enables the thermostat to operate. In some older homes, the C wire may not be present. That is where the Power Extender Kit comes in handy to help you connect the smart device to the HVAC control board.


  • The LCD touch screen is bright and responds well to touch
  • Remote sensors that are used in monitoring the temperature of multiple rooms
  • Mobile app and web portal that is easy to use
  • It comes with motion sensors
  • The Ecobee3 smart thermostat is energy efficient


  • Its installation can be challenging sometimes

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The Ecobee4 smart thermostat retails at $199.


Ecobee4 has an exquisite design, and it has a slimmer design than the Ecobee3. At the top of the smart device is a blue line that serves as a portal between you and Amazon Alexa.

It also has a beautiful touch screen that looks beautiful on any wall. The minimalist design makes it easy for you to carry it around as well as install it easily.


The thermostat features temperature, motion, and proximity detectors. As such, the smart device can sense the occupancy of home and tell when there is somebody at home or not, and it regulates the temperatures accordingly.

Unlike other Ecobee thermostats, Ecobee4 comes with a built-in Alexa voice assistant. Thus, you can use your voice and talk to the smart thermostat and adjust the temperature, set a timer, or read messages. Ecobee4 smart thermostat features a far-field voice technology that helps it to receive instructions from anywhere in the room. 

It also comes with room sensors that help detect the temperature in all rooms and helps to manage the warm and cold areas. This guarantees you a comfortable atmosphere in all rooms at all times.

Also, it features a bright touch screen that recognizes and displays the temperature variables in the house. The touch screen is more responsive, and it also comes in handy while it comes to operating and controlling the thermostat.   

Additionally, the smart thermostat comes with an extensive Home Kit. You can also download its mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app comes in handy in helping you monitor your home while you are not at home, and it also helps in receiving alerts from your thermostat that allows you to take the necessary action.

Ecobee4 thermostat is also Wi-Fi enabled. This feature is essential as it allows you to control the device even when you are not physically at home. You can also connect the thermostat with other smart devices in your home and control them from one centre, which saves you time and energy.

Ecobee4 also has a geofencing feature. When you arrive or leave home, the smart thermostat adjusts accordingly.

It is easy to use and install as the instructions are quite clear. 


  • The thermostat can alert you through an email or SMS if your home is above or below a specific temperature range.
  • It also displays the outside temperatures
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Saves up to 23% annual cost
  • Built-in Alexa and far-field voice technology
  • Highly responsive touch screen


  • It has a lengthy installation process
  • Only one sensor is included

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Quotation marks image white opaque


  1. Is ecobee4 better than ecobee3? The short answer is Yes. Based on our review, Considering the features, price, technology and more importantly, value for money, Ecobee4 takes the honours
  2. Does the ecobee really save money? Yes, It provides a mechanism to have a visibility of your spend, patterns of usage and last but not the least, only switches on to maintain the required temperature. No more manual tweaking around when it's too cold and switching it off when it gets too hot!
  3. Is ecobee owned by Amazon? Not wholly owned but Amazon has invested ~65m in a series of funding initiatives
  4. Is ecobee3 discontinued? Not actively discontinued as you can still get support and purchase the device from major retailers.


ecobee energy savings

Ecobee has a reputation for producing quality thermostats that come with features that will do the job for you efficiently. Thus, choosing one Ecobee thermostat over the other can be a difficult task because they have very similar features.

However, based on our comparison above, Ecobee4 carries the day. The device comes with a few improvements that are not there in the other models. For instance, Ecobee4 comes with a built-in Alexa voice assistant that allows you to control it using your voice efficiently. It also comes with a far-field voice technology that will enable you to give instructions from any room you are in. It also has a geofencing feature that allows it to adjust the temperatures accordingly when you arrive or leave the house.

Note, Ecobee3 is no longer sold on the company's website as a new product, and only the refurbished ones are available.

Editor Notes:

Our overall winner is the Ecobee 4 as it is the latest series of the Ecobee thermostats. One of the notable improvements compared to the rest is that the thermostat can alert you through an email or SMS if your home is above or below the required temperature range. It can display external temperatures as well.

The  Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat means you’ll connect to your device and monitor the conditions while away. You can also install the app on your Android and iOS to adjust the room conditions with your smartphone while at home or away.

With Alexa and far-field voice technology, it means you’ll issue commands to the smart thermostat to instantly make the adjustments you need.  The screen is also highly responsive compared to Ecobee 2 and 3, which improves the touch actions.

Above all, you save power up to 23 percent annually, which means low bills.

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