Ultimate Review Of Best Toilet Plungers In 2023

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Toilet plungers are the last thing we think of purchasing until there's a toilet flood.

Now as rare as they come, toilet clogs are an inconvenience and a real nightmare.

See, of all the misfortunes that can befall us in our daily lives, few come with the same blend of horror and indignity as staring your waste fail to go down the drain.

As the water level in the bowl rise ominously, we hope that the issue will somehow miraculously solve itself.

Having a household toilet plunger, however, can save you the dreaded mortification of a waste spillover.

A plunger helps to loosen the clog, which in turn makes flushing a lot easier.

Unfortunately, with the different toilet systems and bidets, not every toilet plunger may work for your needs.

So what should you be looking for?

In the text below, we have highlighted the top 6 toilet plungers worth considering.

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!








0.85 Lbs.


Custom Accordion Style

Custom plastic

1.35 Lbs.


Custom beehive

Stainless steel

2.2 Lbs.


Toilet Flange

Other Great Recommendations


0.65 Lbs.






Toilet flange


4.09 Lbs.

3 ft wire

Drain snake

Top 6 Toilet Plungers in The Market for The Money

Top 6 Toilet Plungers

Neiko 60166A Plunger - Best Overall

Topping our list for the best toilet plungers is the Neiko 60166A plunger.

Neiko 60166A features an impressive set of features and benefits that earns it the right to sit in your bathroom.

But is this model right for you?

Neiko 60166A Plunger

Features and Benefits


The aluminum handle on the Neiko offers a similar strength to that of steel without the worry of rusting out or creating a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, or mold growth as the wood handle does.

Also, the aluminum handle won’t weigh you down as you tackle your clogs as its lightweight.

Unfortunately, users pointed out that the handle is smooth, which makes it tough to hold onto, especially if you're dealing with a stubborn blockage. It might be a deal-breaker to some, but in my opinion, it's just but a simple setback.

Graduated Suction Cup

The bell is probably the main selling point of this plunger.

The cup is custom-designed, and from a performance perspective, it's easy to tell that a lot was put into the development.

The accordion is “graduated” into several stages, with the diameters of the cup decreasing as you move towards the end of the bell. In between sizes are 5 inches and 4.625 inches.

The varying size of the cup means the cup can easily form a tight seal on most if not all of the toilet drains.

Also, it means you don't have to buy several plungers for the different builds of toilets in your home since it offers a universal fit.

User Friendly

Another defining feature on this plunger is the pliable rubber cup that gives a good seal on just about any style of toilet-even if you’re slightly off-angle.

It's an appropriate feature for users who are unwilling to work up a sweat every time a clog occurs.

The suction cup is smooth, devoid of sharp edges, and so, no filthy water collects on the plunger.

Also, the design of the suction cup doesn't flip on itself, as many traditional cups are prone to.

Finally, the topmost part of the tube handle is covered by a hook insert that offers a convenient way of hanging the plunger for storage.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for multi-use
  • Smooth handle

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Korky 99-4A - Best for Elongated Toilets

The Korky 99-4A has to be the most versatile and universal plunger we’ve on the list.

The unique beehive design gives the plunger a universal application, thus covering both the older and newer toilet bowls.

Away from the universal fit, the Korky 99-4A brings something extra to the table; the T-shaped handle makes it easy to apply maximum pressure without the risk of gross splashback.

Korky 99-4A

Features and Benefit


The featured T-handle lets you apply extra leverage on the plunger, and so, getting the power you need for suction is easier.

Still, you need to handle the plunger gently as applying too much force can result in the breakage of your bowl.

Beehive Bell Design

The Korky 99-4A, with a typical beehive design, makes it easier to use, even on the elongated toilets.

Now, as you know, the shape of the elongated toilets makes it challenging to use a traditional plunger when things clog up.

However, the Korky 99-4A, with its unique beehive design, alongside the innovative T-handle, makes it easier to work on the elongated toilets.

Even better, the bell combines both the toiler flange style and the accordion styles, which alongside the flexible bell material, offers extra plunging power and the ability to achieve a good seal, regardless of the toilet bowl style.

  • Universal application
  • Ideal for the elongated toilets
  • Easy handling
  • Expensive

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Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy - Best for Durability

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger could intrigue buyers who prefer household tools with a sturdy build.

The aluminum-made handle is hardy, corrosion-resistant, and it guarantees years of service without breaking down.

Away from functionality, Simplehuman Toilet Plunger And Caddy has a touch of style; it’s aesthetic enough to complement any bathroom décor.

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy

Features and Benefits


The stainless steel handle is tough and sturdy enough for heavy-duty use.

Also, unlike wood handles, the steel handle doesn't allow for any bacterial, mold, or mildew growth.

And contrary to what you would think, the steel handle is lightweight, and it's comparable to what the aluminum plungers weigh.

An aesthetically pleasing dome-shaped cap at the top of the handle gives you extra leverage when performing the plunging strokes. While not as effective as the T-shaped handle we had earlier seen on the Korky, it gives you means of applying more force.


A magnet on the Simplehuman Toilet Plunger holds the caddy firmly, preventing it from falling and splashing the accumulated water.

For convenience in the cleaning process, the attractive caddy also features a slide-out tray that collects any residual water.

Toilet Flange Style

The flexible rubber material on the bell easily conforms to the shape of your toilet, thus offering a perfect seal to almost any toilet design.

Though the rubber is supple, it prevents the flange portion from folding back into the bell.

The flange portion is easily replaceable in case it gets torn or damaged.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the universal application as that of the Korky because the narrow cup size only caters to the modern toilets. The Simplehuman might not be an ideal fit for those with toilets with a wider drain.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible; give a great seal
  • Narrow cups

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Bellows Accordion Plunger - Best Heavy Duty Plunger

Bellows Accordion Plunger could interest buyers with toilets that are susceptible to serious clogs.

It's uniquely designed for the heavy-duty performance, thanks to the seven separate ridges tat hold air and forces it into the depths of the pipes.

Bellows Accordion Plunger

Features and Benefits


The handle on the Bellows Accordion Plunger is plastic-made, and so, when using it, you need to operate with caution.

The 18-inch handle is also the shortest on our list, but users with small bathrooms will appreciate the petite design.

The smaller height also means it’s discreet, so you can it tuck away behind your bathroom, completely hiding it from sight. And if you’re determined to make it invisible, you can as well remove the handle from the cup.

Heavy Duty

Bellows Accordion Plunger is designed to combat the grave clogs.

It's optimized for better grip and strong suction, all the while minimizing the risk of splashback.

The bellow leads into a cup-end with a narrow dimension of less than 2.5 inches in diameter, which is easier to fit into the larger drains, as well as form a seal around the smaller ones for target clog destruction.

In addition, the condescending design of the plunger offers concentrated power, which exceeds far beyond what traditional plungers offers.

Simple to Sterilize

The plastic handle might not be the most durable material, but it should be easy to clean as it can withstand the standard cleaning products and tactics.

Better, the handle and the bellows come separately, and so, it’s easier to soak the cup and the head separately in your cleaning solution of choice.

Easy to Use

Though accordion plungers have a bad reputation for a challenging use, these models are easy to use and won't require you to exert yourself when plunging the clogs.

The handle also has plenty of texture, which promotes a secure hold.


The biggest flaw on this plunger is the rigid inflexibility of the bellows, which means you’ve to be extra cautious when positioning.

Unlike the softer plastics, it can splash you, especially when it’s not sealed over your drain.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • No caddy

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Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo - Best Value

Mr. Clean Turbo offers a great combo of tools that will take care of all your toilet need. It’s the most suitable option for those who need a toilet brush and plunger accessory.

Even better, you get the added benefit of knowing both the brush and plunger feature a matching style and color.

Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo

Features and Benefits


Losing a grasp on the plunger can result in the dirty water splashing on your hands.

To avoid that, Mr. Clean Turbo has included a thick rubber grip at the top of the handle so that it’s easy to get a firm hold on it while working.

Extended Cup for Precision

The pliable and flexible bell offers an incredible seal, which in turn makes your plunging efforts more efficient, even on the stubborn clogs.

The flange also features an extended cup that easily achieves a tighter seal on your drain and extends your reach.

The end of the cup is smaller, with a diameter at 4.75 inches, and so, it’s a great fit for the smaller and narrower drains.

Plunger/Caddy Set

As we had mentioned earlier, Mr. Clean Turbo kit includes a toilet brush and a plunger/caddy set.

It’s a great option for those who don’t need to shop for toilet essential separately.

It’s also highly functional in the sense that the caddy allows you to nest the toilet brush alongside the plunger right into the caddy, as opposed to storing it under the sink.

Another benefit of the Mr. Clean Turbo kit is that individual items can be bought separately, and this keeps you from having to purchase an entire set in case of the items gets defective.

Compact for Storage

The compact and ergonomic design of the Mr. Clean Turbo caddy means it’s discreet, which is quite a relief considering it can store a plunger and a toilet brush.

Again, since both the brush and plungers have a shorter length, they’re also less noticeable.


The length of the handle is a measly 12 inches, and by far closer that you want your hands to be on the toilet.

  • Compact
  • Caddy and brush accessories
  • Great seal and suction
  • Short handle

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Ridgid 59787 K-3 Three-Foot Toilet Auger - Best Drain Snake

If the toilet clog is too much for a plunger to bear, then a drain snake or auger is the best alternative for the cleanup.

A drain snake is particularly designed to accommodate the sharp turn of a toilet trap, with damaging the sensitive porcelain bowl.

One such option is the Ridgid K-3.

Ridgid K-3 is not your typical plunger, but rather a snake drain or auger.

It’s a less expensive option than the standard plunger, but it’s effective at attacking the deep clogs without tearing into and scratching the porcelain.

Ridgid 59787 K-3 Three-Foot Toilet Auger

Features and Benefits


K-3 includes a compression-wrapped inner core cable that has three separate wrappings around the central core for cleaning the severe blockage.

At the cable tip, the core cable has a “C” cutter head that tears through the clogs easily.

Cable Length

K-3 drain snake is 3-foot long and has a width of ½ inch.

It might not be a suitable option for commercial cleaning, but it's ideal for the smaller and lightweight household drain cleaning.

Also, it's kink-resistant and durable too-the material construction of the cable promotes longevity and ease of use.


K-3 includes a large and ergonomically designed handle that promotes convenience and ease of use.

When using the drain snake, you’re less likely to experience elbow grease, and at the same time, it’s easier to enhance your speed of rotation by adding a power drill.

To sum up, K-3 is a perfect and dedicated clog remover, and the durable and corrosion-resistant tune makes it even more effective.

  • Protects your toilet bowl
  • Kink-resistant
  • Easily navigates the S-curves
  • Short length

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Toilet Plungers Buying Guide

Toilet Plungers Buying Guide

Toilet plungers greatly vary in their performance, and in particular, the cup end.

That's why it's crucial to consider the types of plungers to know what you need.

Fortunately, in our toilet plunger buying guide below, we shall guide you on how to choose the best toilet plunger in the market.

But before then, let’s look at the various types of toile plungers.

Types of Toilet Plungers

Standard Cup Plungers

The cup plunger is the most common type of plunger in the market.

In its simplest form, it consists of a suction cup attached to a stick.

The suction cup is designed to form a seal around the drain at the bottom of most toilets.

Though basic, it usually presents a challenge as toilets don't provide a flat surface like that of a kitchen sink. As such, you might find, it might not work well as the other more advanced design.

Beehive Plungers

A beehive plunger looks just like its name suggests-it resembles a cartoon honey hive on a barrel.

The beehive silhouette, combined with an extended cylindrical lip at the far end, makes the beehive plungers a universal fit for almost any type of toilet.

Bellow-Style/Accordion Plungers

The bellow plungers resemble an accordion.

They’re highly collapsible and can expand at the same time, meaning they’re ideal for cleaning the stubborn drains.

Unfortunately, it's normally a challenge to achieve a perfect seal on the bellow plungers because they're designed with a stiff material that maintains the accordion shape.

Flange Plunger

The flange plunger is identical to the standard plunger with the only difference that it includes a small flap to allow the cup to form an airtight seal on curves, like that of the average toilet bowl.

Taze Plungers

Taze plungers are typically used by professional plumbers.

They’re used for the rather challenging tasks such as unclogging the larger pipes, such as the main sewer lines.

They’ve a steep learning curve, a reason why the designation as “professional” plungers.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Toilet Plunger

Best Toilet Plungers


For compression and suction, a softer and more pliable material such as rubber takes less effort to operate as opposed to the thick, rigid rubber.

However, the thick rubber is quite rugged, and so preferred in commercial applications-but for the average household use; you better stick with something that you can operate.


Generally, handles in most of the plungers are manufactured from wood, plastic, or steel tubing.

Wood is by far the most common material on the inexpensive models.

Plastic, on the other hand, is considered as a step-up model, and since it's easily molded, it makes the plunger more comfortable to use.

Finally, the thin-walled steel tubing is the most robust, and it offers extended longevity, something either plastic or wood can't offer.

Handle Length

Plunging toilets is an inherently messy job, and so, the farther you are from the toilet water, the better.

Ideally, you should pick a plunger with a fairly long handle- 21-24 inches is sufficient to keep your hands from the splash zone, while at the same time giving you greater control over the plunging process.


The best plungers combine durability for heavy-duty use, while at the same time being relatively lightweight.

Generally, the heavier models take more energy to use, which results in fatigue.

However, while weight is certainly a consideration, it’s not a major factor.

Drip Trays and Stands

Drip trays serve more than one purpose.

Their main role, however, is to keep your bathroom neat after use by collecting any nasty errant water that may be left on the cup.

The drip trays also help to hold the plunger in an upright position, which promotes faster drying.

Ease of Use

How easy a plunger is to use is dependent on several factors, such as the overall design, as well as the material used for construction.

From a design standpoint, the "automatic" models, or rather those that use compressed gas to provide the force needed for breaking up or moving a clog, are easier to use compared to the manual plungers that require you to continually stroke up and down for a repeated period.


Blocked toilets are a nightmare for everyone involved. Whether you’re the culprit or your family member is, a clogged toilet can be embarrassing and unpleasant.

However, it doesn’t always have to be a disaster when you have the right toilet plunger for the task.

A toilet plunger offers everyone a chance to save their face.

With the right plunger model, you can easily work on the clogged toilet, even without need any assistance from a professional.


Can the clogged toilet unclog over time?

Yes, a clogged toilet will unclog as time goes by if the residue available is water-soluble. A good toilet plunger will help quicken the process by applying pressure to the blocked section and breaking it up for easy dissolution in water, hence unclogging the entire system.

How do you clean the toilet plunger after use?

When you are done plunging, you'll need to disinfect the plunger. You can flush the toilet severally until you have clean water. Use the water to remove the debris on your plunger. You can get a detergent, mix it in the toilet water, and then swish your plunger to ensure all the corners get disinfected.

How long should I use a plunger?

Most plungers with plastic handles will last forever. All you need is careful use to prolong its lifetime. Ensure you clean the unit after use to prevent the chemical from wearing it off.

Will the plunger cause damage to the drain system?

A plunger doesn't require force to use it, and that is why you'll need to use alternative methods for a large clog. If the pressure is too much, it can break the system. If the process turns out impossible, you'll need help from a professional to guide you through the process.

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