Ultimate Review Of Best Bidet Toilet Seat in 2023

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Do you know why most toilets today dont come with toilet seats? Cost is one factor, another is that there are so many toilet seat bidets in the market; the chances of the toilet you buy having a seat you want are far-fetched.

Besides, people tend to keep changing toilet seats rather often. It is this high need for toilet seats, there are now so many types and varieties of bidet toilet seat attachments to choose for your toilet.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Dimensions (Inches)

Additional Features


23.5 x 20.5 x 9 

5 Settings for Water Pressure

20.8 x 15.3 x 3.9 

Temperature and pressure controls

23 x 20 x 10 

5 levels water pressure, 3 levels water temperature

Other Great Recommendations

23 x 20 x 10 

5 levels nozzle positions, warm air dryer

20.8 x 15 x 3.7 

SELF CLEANING nozzles for feminine and rear cleansing

21 x 15.6 x 9 

Offers continuous warm water during your entire experience

20.8 x 15 x 5.7

3 levels aerated wash spray with width adjustment

20.5 x 15.4 x 5.6

ECO FRIENDLY Energy Save Mode

20.8 x 16 x 5.7

Adjustable heated warm seat, warm air dryer plus carbon air deodorizer

Ultimate Review Of Best Bidet Toilet Seats In 2019

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TOTO Washlet C100 : Best Bidet Toilet Seat in 2019

TOTO Washlet C100

The Toto Washlet C100 elongated bidet toilet seat is fully automated offering a soft rear spray and cleanse, a front cleanse and optional oscillating stream. All controls are located on a convenient arm control panel.

The toilet bowl is kept clean by spraying it with a mist before use as it prevents the accumulation of waste. Its wand also automatically cleans itself before and after each use, and an air deodorizer helps mask foul odors.

The Toto bidet toilet seat is heated and comes with three temperature settings while the water can be adjustable to three temperature settings, and pressure to five pressure settings. Even its warm air dryer has three temperature settings. You can thus set the right temperature and spray for a personalized and comfortable cleansing.

It s more comfortable cleansing using warm water than toilet paper which can seem rough at times. Besides, washlets help reduce the amount of toilet paper used, meaning you save trees otherwise used for making toilet paper.

Your mobility levels may reduce as you grow older making it difficult for you to clean yourself after using the toilet. Sometimes debilitating medical conditions also make using the bathroom practically impossible, which is when a Toto bidet attachment solves the problem as you are left feeling clean just by touching a button.


  • Easily accessible side panel for a controlled intimate experience
  • Air dryer and water has three adjustable temperature settings
  • Five pressure settings to select
  • Made in the USA or imported
  • Bowl pre-misted before each use
  • Temperature controlled elongated SoftClose function heated seat
  • Dual action, gently aerated dual-action spray with oscillating feature
  • Air deodorizer masks foul odors
  • Comes included with mounting and connection hardware
  • Seat easily removed for simplified cleaning


  • Metal hooks don t properly engage in place

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TOTO Washlet S350e: Advanced Technology Bidet Toilet Seat

TOTO Washlet S350e

The sleek design Toto S350e Elongated bidet seat fits elongated toilets and is fully automated and works on a remote control. It uses Toto s technologically advanced ewater+ system which transforms water into a safe and sturdy compound.

Its ewater+ technology creates ewater+ which is sprayed into the bowl after each use and used to rinse the wand before and after use. The ewater+ also maintains freshness by automatically spraying the bowl after 8 hours of inactivity. This helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene without using harsh chemicals. The bowl is also kept slippery with its Premist function spraying a light mist before use to prevent waste accumulation.

The numerous features of the bidet seat include a choice of 5 spray, water temperature and heated seat settings, an auto open and close lid and an instant, continuous stream of warm water. The auto lid opens as you approach and it s also possible to program it to have both the cover and seat opened when you approach it and close when you depart.

There s an indirect night light for night illumination while the broad front cleanse a larger radius cleanse using a soft and comfortable spray of low-pressure water. The Toto bidet toilet seat also has an air deodorizer that automatically camouflages all foul smells. You can also choose the bidet spray s water pressure for a soothing rinse experience.

The remote control too is unique as it s backlit with two users presets and also opens and closes the lid. There s also an energy-saving feature where the washlet automatically predicts the usage time or can be manually set to conserve energy using a 3, 6 and 9-hour manual timer.


  • More comfortable cleansing with warm water than toilet paper
  • Sleek design with autopen and close lid and seat upon detecting user
  • Safe and sturdy compound ewater+ cleans wand and bowl after use
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure controls for front and rear washing
  • Easily installed with included mounting and connection hardware
  • Makes bowl slippery with a Premist before each use to prevent waste from sticking
  • Built-in soft nightlight to guide user
  • Never run out of warm water with tankless instant water heating
  • Remote control with easy to read lighted touchpad and provision to save two user preferred settings
  • Choose between soft and regular rear wash
  • Adjustable temperatures for warm air dryer and heated seat


  • Only one year warranty

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SmartBidet SB-2000: Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilets

SmartBidet SB-2000

The SmartBidet SB-2000 Electric Bidet is made in Korea and is an easy-to-install toilet seat that comes including the necessary hardware for installing onto elongated toilets. While the seat is meant for everyone, it makes life so much easier for seniors. It s hygienic, comfortable, convenient and environment-friendly and stylishly designed with a multi-functional control panel.

The SmartBidet boasts of an assortment of fabulous features like a posterior wash for Her back, turbo wash for His back, feminine wash for Her front and an additional oscillating wash.

The unit runs on hygienic filtered water and offers five adjustable water pressure levels, three adjustable water temperature levels, and five nozzle positions to select from, a self-cleaning nozzle, heated water for a warm cleanse and a heated seat with three adjustable heat levels. The hated seat also has a safety on/off skin sensor which switches on only when someone sits on the seat.

The seat also has a nozzle that self-cleans itself after each use, can be programmed to run on energy saving mode, a soft close lid, and seat for noiseless use at night. It also has a warm air dryer that adjustable to 5 levels, eliminating the use of toilet paper while it s quick release seat makes cleaning so much easier.


  • Multi-wash functions for individual users to select and use
  • Retractable nozzle that self-cleans with each use
  • Adjustable water pressure, water temperature and nozzle positions as per your liking
  • Heated seat adjustable to 3 levels with safety on/off skin sensor
  • Easy to install and comes included with installation hardware
  • Soft closing lid and air dryer with 5 level adjustable temperatures
  • Can run on energy saving mode
  • Excellent customer support


  • Some consumers complained of a flimsy lid

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SmartBidet SB-1000: Electric Bidet Seat for Round Toilets

SmartBidet SB-1000

The SmartBidet SB-1000 is bidet seat easily installed onto round toilets using the included hardware. It s affordably priced and comes with a surprising range of features for its price.

It has three dedicated cleansing buttons- a Turbo backwash for women, Feminine front wash for women and a posterior man s back wash. Pressing Oscillate button while using any of these washes makes the nozzle move back and forth to give a more comprehensive clean while pressing the button a second time stops the oscillation.

SB-1000 offers personalized wash settings with the nozzle, air dryer and water pressure adjustable to 5 different levels. Even the water temperature is adjustable to 4 different levels- room, low, medium and high temperatures. The heat seat temperature is also adaptable to 4 different levels while its skin sensor prevents accidents by heating up only when someone s seated on it and not when vacant.

While there s no indication of the water s and heated seat s maximum and minimum temperatures, it s energy saver mode maintains both temperatures at about 89.6 F or 32 C. Pressing the energy save mode button switches on the style and pressing it once again turns it off.

The nozzle automatically cleans itself before each wash, and the seat and toilet are easily removed for cleaning. The seat doesn't need a hot water supply but does require an electric outlet to heat the water in its water tank reservoir.


  • Multi-wash settings to select from
  • Adjustable water temperature, pressure levels, and nozzle positions
  • Adjustable heat seat has a safety skin sensor that switches on only when seated upon
  • Warm air dryer adaptable to 5 temperature levels
  • Has an energy saving mode
  • Retractable nozzle self-cleans after each use and seat is quickly released for easy cleaning
  • Soft closing lid and seat
  • Easy installation


  • Difficult Installation

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GenieBidet Seat - Self Cleaning Dual Nozzles

GenieBidet Seat - Self Cleaning Dual Nozzles

The GenieBidet Seat is a bidet seat manufactured by a relatively new Canadian company, Ellegantz. It s a non-electric bidet with a clean and simple design. There are not many buttons like most electric models have, making the seat resemble your existing toilet seat.

There s a simple lever on its side for activating the spray, and a hose connected to the water supply. A dismantling button located on the other side removes the seat for cleaning purposes.

This cheap bidet toilet seat is available in two designs- to fit elongated and round toilets; so make sure you check and buy your seat. As either attachment may not compliment a French curve toilet, it s better to check with the manufacturer to ensure it fits your toilet.

There are not many features available in the GenieBidet, or any other non-electric bidet for that matter! The main feature it offers is obviously a wash, where you can choose between two spray jets.

The rear wash is activated upon turning the lever clockwise from the vertical position and turning the lever counterclockwise activates the front wash. Returning the lever to its original spot turns off the wash.

As this is a non-electric bidet seat, there s no warm water. You only get room temperature water for cleansing yourself. There are also separate nozzles for feminine and rear cleansing purposes, which self-clean after each use.


  • Sleek design which comes with a 90 hose and a chromed brass t-shaped connector with on/off valve
  • Refreshing wash with room temperature water
  • Soft close seat
  • Spray adjustable from mild to strong
  • Non-electric and runs without the need for any electricity or wiring
  • Can be installed within 30-45 minutes
  • Affordably priced


  • Meant only for round toilets and won t fit elongated toilets
  • Only available online
  • Some consider the hose connecting water supply and seat to be unaesthetic
  • Cheap pipe and adapter producing leakages at every connection
  • Cheap plastic seat

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BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated Beige Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated Beige Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

The BioBidet Bliss BB2000 bidet toilet seat functions on U-Pick remote control where you can choose between a white and black remote with complementing white or beige seats.

It has three cleaning modes to choose. The posterior wash for cleansing the back, feminine wash for cleansing feminine regions and the Turbo/Vortex wash for a more focused back wash. Turning on the oscillating feature during the posterior and feminine sprays moves the wand back and forth for a more thorough wash. There s also a massage feature that alternates between soft and strong water pressures to create a massage sensation.

Customized cleansing functions upon choosing and setting the air dryer s temperature, and the water and seat temperature. There are also five water pressure and nozzle positions to select. It s in economy mode that you conserve energy by maintaining both water and seat temperatures at 89.6 F/32 C.

The stainless steel nozzle cleans automatically after each use. Its exclusive CleanSurge Rapid Self-Cleaning feature with a built-in motor repeatedly extracts and retracts it while water flows over it to clean it. The BB-2000 s deodorizer is a fan that switches on once you sit down to help contain and restrict foul odors.

You needn t connect the BB-2000 to a water connection as it runs on a hybrid heating system using instant and tank heating for continuous water flow and temperature. While the remote looks easy-to-use at first glance, some buttons may time to learn. Without labels on the remote, guests may have a tough time using it.


  • Stainless steel nozzle offering three different washes- posterior, feminine and vortex
  • Adjustable heated seat and water temperature levels
  • Slow closing lid
  • Eco-friendly energy saving mode saves electricity and toilet paper
  • Better cleansing with oscillating full clean and pulsating massage technologies
  • Hybrid heating technology provides reliable and on-demand hot water
  • Premier class upgrades like HydroFlush technology and motorized nozzle cleaning
  • Cool blue night light
  • HydroFlush nozzle cleaning flushes impurities out through a nozzle tip drain
  • Wireless remote control
  • Manual control buttons on seat side to use in case remote runs out of batteries


  • Bathroom lights may flicker while heating water
  • Remote uses AAA batteries which needs frequent replacement
  • Economy mode is non-customizable

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Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat

Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat

The Brondell S1000-EW Swash bidet offers excellent health and hygiene benefits and can be self-installed within an hour. It has a sleek and contemporary look and has a wireless remote control. Swash is user-friendly, making cleaning easy for children, senior citizens and those suffering from debilitating problems like arthritis.

The bidet attachment warm water has two stainless steel nozzles. One is dedicated to posterior washes for the entire family, and the other for feminine washes which leave pregnant, menstruating and sexually active women shower fresh after use. The nozzles aerated wash stream width can be adjusted between oscillation and extensive spray functions.

Its instant ceramic core heater provides consistent filtered warm water for a comfortable and hygienic wash. The Swash 1000 also offers an adjustable warm air dryer to dry moisture after cleansing, nozzle sterilization using silver oxide nanoparticle treatment system, quick release sturdy seat for easy cleaning, automatic air odor neutralizer, and heated toilet seat for winters, wireless remote control, and an energy saving eco-mode. All this is backed by Brondell s exceptional customer service and product warranties.


  • Silver nanotechnology sterilizes nozzles at the push of a button
  • Two stainless steel nozzles for optimal hygiene and durability
  • Unlimited warm water provided by ceramic core instant heating system
  • Warm air dryer dries up any remaining moisture while air deodorizer camouflages foul odors
  • Aerated wash spray with adjustable temperature and pressure
  • Adjustable nozzle oscillation with extensive spray function for a luxurious wash
  • Seat can be heated for comfortable use in cold seasons
  • Easily installed using included hardware and adapters within an hour
  • Designed to fit over 98% of elongated toilet seats
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer s warranty


  • Some consumers complain of receiving a used unit
  • Not suitable for large butts
  • Plastic hot water tank that ends up warped with water leakage
  • Air dryer takes too long to dry

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BioBidet USPA 6800 Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat

BioBidet USPA 6800 Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat

The BioBidet 6800 Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat comes from USPA, one of the most reputable and recognizable names in the bidet seat industry. Its construction and aesthetically designed black stripes and classic beveled edges make it one of the best bidet seat attachments in the market.

The USPA is a luxury bidet off firing a range of features at an economical price. It has two separate, removable nozzles for easy replacement and cleaning. The feminine nozzle s seven holes give a more dispersed water flow for a gentle wash while the posterior nozzle doubles as the Intensive Impulse Pulsation (IIP) wash feature for optimal cleansing. The IIP wash gives relief from conditions like constipation by using water bursts to stimulate natural bowel movements.

Its wireless remote control has a scratch-proof finished surface with soft-to-touch white buttons and is convenient to hold in one hand. It can be used as a wireless handheld remote or mounted on the wall with its included mounting brackets. Its LCD window displays all settings and selections.

Its heated water tank provides a steady stream of hot water without any changes in temperature or flow. Minimum electricity is used to heat water, and while it s possible to set your chosen water temperature to warm and store water in the tank, water pressure remains consistent. The seat comes with a hydraulic seat and lid, warm air dryer and its built-in deodorizer get rid of 99% of bad smells.


  • Improved hygiene thanks to its dual nozzle providing posterior wash for Him and feminine for Her
  • Eco-friendly energy save mode reduces electricity and toilet paper use
  • Streamlined comfort with adjustable heated seat and a warm, slow closing lid
  • Optimal cleansing experience with its oscillating full clean and pulsating massage technology
  • Comes with a three-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Easily installed within 20 minutes using easy-to-follow instructions


  • Water doesn t remain warm for long
  • Made using flimsy materials and seat is small in size
  • The air dryer emits an odor
  • Seat keeps heating and can t be shut off

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Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat

Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat

The Clean Sense dib-1500R bidet seat is white and fits most 1 and two pc toilets. It boasts of a host of luxury features including four customizable user presets and a wireless remote control with easy to see LCD screen. It s durable in structure and sleek in design and uses an advanced hybrid water heating system to provide continuous warm water.

With its remote control offering user preset programmable memory buttons; each family member can set their personalized cleansing preferences. The seat s hot/cold indicator light warns you if the seat is warm to prevent surprises while sitting down.

The dib-1500R bidet attachment has most features found in other similar range seats like adjustable nozzle positions, four setting seat warmer, occupied seat sensor, smart energy saver, quiet motor pump, warm air dryer, child settings, built-in odor neutralizer and massage modes. Cleaning is also a cinch with its detachable main body. Its intelligent self-diagnosis feature ensures the unit continuously monitors its operation and makes adjustments to save energy.

The seat s adjustable metal-covered nozzles and wand are self-cleaning while water pressure and temperature levels are adjustable. The seat comes with a quick-release lever for easy removal to clean as needed.


  • Continuous stream of warm water
  • Comes with a 3.5-foot long power cord and other necessary installation parts
  • Heated warm seat with adjustable temperatures
  • Soft close seat and lid
  • Warm air dryer
  • Built-in odor neutralizer
  • Added cleansing benefits through its soft but sturdy enema water wash
  • Affordably priced for all its features
  • Easy to install
  • Programmable memory buttons for customized family cleansing preferences


  • Difficult to see control panel in low light
  • Battery tends to drain quickly
  • Weak plastic seat cover

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How Does It Work?

Business Woman in toilet

Bidet seats are washbasins that clean your private parts with water after using the toilet. Though it serves the same purpose as toilet paper, studies have proven that using water is more hygienic when compared to toilet paper.

The seat works only when you sit on the toilet seat, so the sprayer doesn t work till you sit on it. When done, there are usually two washes available. The front for women and the back side for everyone. A baton emerges from under the unit when you push the button, and it sprays warm water till you stop it. Most units are set to end at 60 or 120 seconds, and you can also restart it if you don t feel clean.

You are at liberty of adjusting and using a comfortable temperature and pressure. Some of the units also include a massage function that gives a cleaner and more invigorating experience. You next start the dryer and stop it when you are dry, and you are done. It s so easy to use!

Who benefits From It?

If you wonder who will benefits the most from bidet toilet seats, it s those with restricted mobility and can t reach back there because of age or some injury or surgery that help the most. Even people suffering from health problems like hemorrhoids, bleeding, itching, infections, and feminine issues and after delivery consider the seat a lifesaver.

And of course, if you are suffering from diarrhea, you ll appreciate the bidet attachment toilet as the toilet paper gets so rough and starts hurting after frequent wiping! Water cleans much better and is less painless than toilet paper!

Factors To Consider!

Take a look at the main features to consider before buying the best bidet toilet seat 2018:

  • Toilet width

While most toilets have the same space in between seat fitting holes, some are different. It s safer to check the distance between the fitting holes, and as long as there is only a 0.25 ? difference between the seat and toilet holes, it should be perfect.

  • Shape

The bowls in most toilets are round in shape, and not extended. It s your job to select the perfect shaped seat for your toilet.

  • Thickness

Check the toilet seat, and its lid s thickness. There s the risk of it overbalancing and slamming shut if it is too thick, and doesn t lean back towards the tank.

  • Water pressure

Check your home s water pressure as most washlets and bidets need a minimum and maximum water pressure of 7.25 psi and 108 psi respectively. Sometimes even if your home has sufficient water pressure, too thin pipes or rusty pipes can affect your bidet s performance.

  • Seat material

Seats are made using either different types of plastic, a treated form of plastic or there are also wooden seats. Wooden seats have a laminated finish coating the treated wood seat.

Laminated models are not as durable as plastic and solid wood seats in humid bathroom conditions. The wood easily swells as moisture reaches under the lamination.

Treated plastic seats prevent the build-up of mould and bacteria and consequent foul odors. They are however easily cleaned using a damp cloth without any chemical cleaners.

  • Nozzle material 

Nozzles are usually made of plastic, aluminum coated plastic, and stainless steel coated plastic or full stainless steel. While the strength and the quality of the spray is not affected by the type of material it is made of, total alloy steel spouts are most hygienic and best quality. This is attributed to the absence of pores or cracks which easily hoard grime and bacteria. Besides, they are easily and quickly cleaned without spores.

  • Water temperature

You have to decide if you want a bidet which uses cold water or hot water. The electric ones have a water temperature characteristic where water is heated using two types of processes. In-line heating warms water in the duct, so there may be a delay in getting hot water while tank heating provides instant hot water. Most electrical bidets also let you adjust your water temperature by default.

  • Electric or non-electric

While the non-electric versions are much cheaper than the electrical ones, they have minimal operation and traits. At the most, they may offer features like feminine wash and self-disinfecting spouts. Electrical toilet seats have a host of features like night light and dryer. Of course, it s worth buying only if you have a power socket nearby.

  • Feminine wash

The nozzle here adjusts its position forwards by a few centimeters to suit a woman s cleaning. The feature may be unnecessary if only a man will be using the bidet.

  • Heated seat

This property is great if you live somewhere cold, or, if you don t like sitting on a cold toilet seat in the middle of the night. It s a popular characteristic which can be disconnected in summer.

  • Hot air dryer

With heated air dryers to dry you, toilet paper is no longer needed. Once done, the bidet directs a pleasant flow of air to the damp regions to quickly dry the area, like hand dryers in restaurant bathrooms.

  • Adjustable nozzle position

If many people will be using the seat, it s better to buy one with an accommodating spout positions for proper rinsing.

  • Adaptable water pressure and spray width

Changeable water pressure levels are not essential, but more a comfort feature for a more enjoyable bidet cleaning. It maintains the perfect pressure for cleaning while the ability to adjust the spread of the shower is another pleasant addition.

  • Oscillating and water pulse cleanse

Bidets with an oscillating wash cover a more extensive region with a moving spout instead of you changing your body position. A water pulse rinse is another luxury feature which efficiently removes solid material for a thorough cleaning.

  • Enema wash

Only some electric bidets offer this feature which proves very helpful in people suffering from anal health problems like hemorrhoids, piles or constipation. These toilet seats prove helpful as they have been manufactured so that they give a gentle wash massage that helps in relaxing the anus before they pass their bowels.

  • Self-disinfecting and sterilizing of nozzles 

It s a standard feature in most toilets that clean the bidet s spout once used, for optimal hygiene. However different units use different sterilization methods.

  • Air deodorizer

This feature doesn t spray anything or release a deodorant but instead assimilates foul smells through a purifying process. Its inbuilt fan pulls and filters the air to remove odors.

  • Soft close lid

Most bidet seats come with a soft close top. Though more expensive than standard seats, they are useful. A light tap slowly moves it perpendicularly to eventually and quietly close. It s a welcome feature if you want the seat shut after use, and want to avoid the sound of seats banging close in the middle of the night.

Installation Process

Woman in toilet with toilet roll

Installing bidet attachments is easy and needs no special skills. There s no need for any additional plumbing as the washlet fits into the existing water supply nor do you need any drainage as water empties into the toilet.

Each unit usually comes with all the necessary installation hardware and an instruction manual. You require some basic tools and a 240V power outlet that s within a 3ft distance from the electric washlet. If there s no power outlet, it s better to have it professionally installed before installing the seat.

While seats from different manufacturers may have some differences in installation, these are the compulsory steps:

  • First remove the old seat by removing its mounting bolts that are located behind the bowl.
  • Stop the toilet s water supply.
  • Fix the bidet seat s plate on the toilet
  • Disconnect water at the tank base and attach the bidet seat s T or Y hitches to both supply hoses, and fit it back to the tank.
  • And lastly, set the bidet seat onto the seat s plate. Then reconnect power for electric bidet seats. Check that all connections are tight and then turn on the valve to reestablish the water supply.

Cleaning Process

As bidet seats are made of hard plastics with a shiny finish to complement porcelain toilets, its look is maintained if cleaned with suitable products. It is better if you don t scrub the toilet using strong and rough products like bleach and ethanol as they only harm its surface by leading to discoloring and cracks. There is no warranty coverage for these damages.

You first have to disconnect the bidet toilet seat and then mix one part of gentle medicated liquid with four parts warm water. Adding one portion of white vinegar adds to its disinfectant power.

Then wipe the surface using a towel or washcloth dipped in the solution. If the seat s underside is very dirty, wipe using a separate paper napkin or swab. Then clean the whole unit using some warm water and a clean towel to remove all remnants of the solution used for cleaning. It is now time to connect the unit and use as usual!

If you use a cleaner that has an alcohol as its base, make sure you thoroughly remove it by wiping the unit with slightly hot water. The use of harsh products is however not advised as it can damage the seat and this damage is not covered by your warranty.


All this information should help you select and buy the best bidet toilet seat. You are aware of the different features you can find in these seats, the types of bidet seats in the market and how to correctly install, use and clean the unit.

In addition to all this, here are a few bidet toilet seat reviews to help you make a bidet toilet seat comparison of the features, pros, and cons of popular bidet seats. You can then finally select the best bidet toilet combo based on the many bidet attachment reviews.

Editor's Notes

What is a bidet?

A bidet is an innovation in the bathroom appliances industry that is taking the industry by storm. It is a toilet seat that sprays a targeted stream of water to clean the user’s undercarriage. 

Do you still need toilet paper when using a bidet toilet seat?

A bidet toilet sprays a targeted stream of water on a person’s undercarriage to clean it. Using toilet paper after using a bidet toilet is entirely up to you. Some people are comfortable not using, while others will use less toilet paper. The bottom line is that you’ll use less toilet paper with a bidet toilet than with a normal toilet. 

Is a bidet toilet comfortable?  

A bidet toilet is comfortable as it gives you control of the position of water, temperature, and appropriate pressure. 

What should I consider while looking for a bidet toilet?

The toilet should have electronic controls either on the side panel of the toilet or on a remote. The toilet should also have a seat with multiple adjustment levels, adjustable water pressure, and heated water.

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