Best Space Heater for a Large Room – 10 Models to Consider in 2023

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The space heater is a better choice when looking for an easy way to heat a room. It is compact, portable, and ideal to use as a permanent source of heat and temporary. When choosing a space heater, it is crucial to consider its convenience to keep our space and room temperature warm.

Before buying a space heater, you should consider its heating output, the size of the room, cost, fuel output, and environmental effects of the heater. Also, consider the unit’s safety, the type of heater, and energy efficiency. An ideal space heater is supposed to supply sufficient heat to a given space, so choose wisely.

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Features for Ideal Large Room Space Heaters

Space heaters are designed to make the room hotter, so it is crucial to find an ideal one to place in a large room. It would help if you considered the following important factors before making your choice:

Heater Type/Model

Before purchasing a space heater, consider the type you need and the technology under which it falls. Space heaters come in different technologies and styles, which can be differentiated as follows:

  1. Infrared heaters
  2. Fan-forced heaters
  3. Radiant heaters
  4. Convection heaters
  5. Micathermic heaters
  6. Baseboard heaters
  7. Wall heaters
  8. Ceramic heaters
  9. Kerosene Heaters

The Energy Efficiency

Space heaters are more energy-efficient than central heating systems since they heat only the room they’re in. Comparing efficiency levels is essential since most portable space heaters lack energy star ratings that show their energy efficiency.

You can use energy-saving modes, programmable timers, adjustable thermostats, and low-wattage to help reduce power usage and save on operating costs. You can also use the auto shut-off option to prevent a room from overheating while maintaining a warm temperature.

Right Size for Your Space

It is crucial to consider the coverage area of a space heater by determining its wattage rating. The Wattage should be compatible with or more significant than the size of your space. Most space heaters use 10 watts to heat a square foot area.

However, some portable heaters can cover more space subject to their heating technology, applications, and indoor environment. Here is a table to help you calculate the heating capacity of specific areas:

Space in Square Footage(sq ft)

Heating Capacity in Watts

100 sq ft 1000 watts
150 sq ft 1500 watts
210 sq ft 2100 watts
250 sq ft 2500 watts
300 sq ft 3000 watts
375 sq ft 3750 watts
400 sq ft 4000 watts

The Ceiling Height of Your Space

Circulating air in a room with a high ceiling requires a lot of energy since warm air rises to the top and leaves the habitat area further from the warm air. To heat a room with a high ceiling, use a radiant space heater since it is more convenient than a convection heater.

The standard ceiling height of a room is 8 feet. You will need more heat power to heat a room of more than 8 ft. To calculate the number of British Thermal Units (BTUs) required to heat a room, you need to base it on the insulation and size, among other conditions.

In a standard room, 1 BTU is enough to heat or cool about 30 ft3 of air. To calculate the BTU of the extra volume of space, follow these steps;

  • Measure the square footage and total volume( length, width, and ceiling height) of the space you need to heat.
  • The environmental protection agency (EPA) recommended the BTU per sq ft rule, which is 20 BTU per sq ft. This will give you an estimate of the BTU required.

For instance, if you have a space of 400 sq ft, you can use this formula:

Volume in sq ft = (length x width x height)

BTU Required = 400 sq ft x 20 BTU per sq ft = 8,000 BTU

Safety Features of the Heater

Space heaters can quickly become potential fire hazards; hence it is crucial to observe safety. An ideal space heater should have an auto-shut-off feature and an overheat protector. An auto-shut-off is an internal switch that instantly shuts off the power when a heater knocks down.

An overheat protector senses once internal elements reach a high-risk temperature and automatically turns off the heater.

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Noise Level

Most space heaters produce noise during operation, and some models are rounder than others. If you need a heater for your office space, bedroom, or nursery, consider non-fan-forced heaters like oil-filled radiators, baseboards, and radiator space heaters that work silently.

The Control Options

Among all features, a controllable space heater within any given place is more convenient. Units with remote controls are manageable to control without the need to move around. Others are technologically advanced, and you can control them using automated smartphone apps.

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The Power Consumption and Cost

The power output and operation cost are among the most critical factors of a space heater. Knowing the overall performance and the power consumed during operation at a given time can help you determine the entire cost of the operation.

Some heater’s power output is measured using BTUs while others use Wattage; the higher the wattage or BTU, the more the heat output. The cost of operation is calculated depending on the kilowatt-per-hour charge rate. Others use kerosene and gas, calculated with power usage per hour.

Here Are Our Picks of the Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms

Best Overall Space Heater For Large Room

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater for Large Room

GiveBest Upgraded Digital Space Heater for Indoor Use, 1500 W Electric Portable Heater with Thermostat, Overheating & Tip-Over Protection 70°Oscillating Ceramic Heater with 12H Timer

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GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater is an affordable, quiet operation heater that works well in large rooms. It has two heating modes offering ideal heating conditions at 750 and 1500 watts output capacity that can heat a room as large as 200sq ft.

What makes it unique is the built-in cool air fan, adjustable thermostat, automatic tip-over, and overheat shut-off for safety. It can maintain temperatures up to 158℉ while running quietly without distractions.

It weighs around 3 pounds with a height of 10 inches, thus suitable to move around. It has a flame-retardant exterior that is fire-resistant. This model has a balanced design in its heating efficiency, price, and power output.


  • Heating capacity: 1500 watts
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Heating coverage: 200 sq ft
  • Heating method: Forced air


  • Automatic shut-off for overheating and tilt
  • Operates on forced air convection method
  • Suitable for up to 200 sq ft rooms
  • Lightweight and simple to move
  • It has two heat modes and a fan for ventilation


  • No display to show the exact thermostat temperature
  • Limited adjustment features

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Best Space Heater for Room With High Ceilings

Cadet 67527

Cadet Com-Pak Twin Electric Wall Heater Complete Unit with Thermostat (Model- CSTC402TW, Part- 67527), 13648:10236 BTU, 240:208 Volt, 4000:3000 Watt

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Cadet 67527 is a powerful electric space heater that delivers quality warmth for large rooms with high ceilings. Cadet 67527  has a high heating output and is powered by 4,000W, unlike most heaters powered at 1500 watts.

It can heat up to 600 sq ft and provide additional heating of up to 2000 sq ft with a heating output of up to 13,500 BTU. It has a multi-watt option and a high-temperature safety shut-off feature.

It is easy to install by connecting to the wall with two screws in a horizontal application. It is best suited for rooms with high ceilings and has a 2-year warranty.


  • Heating capacity: 4000 watts or 13, 500 BTU
  • Power source: Electric
  • Heating coverage: 600 sq ft
  • Heating method: Forced air


  • very powerful electric space heater with (4,000W)
  • Heats rooms to 600 sq ft on its own and provides additional heat for up to 2,000 sq ft rooms.
  • It saves space since it is wall-mounted
  • Affordable for such a high heating output


  • Requires fixed installation
  • Runs on 240V voltage

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Best Low-cost Energy Efficient Heaters for Large Rooms

De’Longhi TRD40615E

De'Longhi DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater, 27.20 x 15.80 x 9.20, White

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The De’Longhi TRD40615E Radiant Heater is durable and easy to maintain, with a high-quality steel body and impermeable oil reservoir. It operates at 1500 watts offering a quiet full-room living condition for a space of up to 250 sq ft.

It has a unique patented thermostat slot designed to increase heat flow and maintain a low surface temperature. In addition, it has three heat settings controlled by the adjustable thermostat. Also, an automatic thermal shut-off that avoids overheating.

It has cozy, quiet heat and less noticeable than models with fans. Its best quality is efficiency and affordability. The De’Longhi TRD40615E Radiant Heater comes with a standard 1-year warranty. 


  • Heating capacity: 1500 watts
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Heating coverage: 250 sq ft
  • Heating method: Radiant


  • Quiet operation
  • Automatically turned on and off by the thermostat setting
  • It gives comfortable room temperature


  • Slow to heat the space
  • Heavy to move around
  • Its tall and narrow design makes it more receptive to tipping over.

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Best Gas Powered Space Heater for Large Room

Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU

Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU Natural Gas Blue Flame Vent Free Wall Heater

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Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU is a powerful natural gas space heater. It provides five times more heating output than most electric heaters since it can generate from 15,000 BTU to 30,000 heat output.

It’s best suited for large basements, garages, and big drafty rooms since it is designed as a vent-free gas space heater. Natural gas burns at a 99.9% efficiency and cuts operation costs up to three times compared to electric heaters.

The Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU comes with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) used to detect even tiny build-ups of carbon monoxide as a risk protector. Its 30,000 BTU heating output can provide sufficient heating to 1,000 sq ft rooms.


  • Heating capacity: 30,000 BTU
  • Power source: Natural gas
  • Heating coverage: 1000 sq ft
  • Heating method: Fan and forced air


  • Best natural gas-powered space heater for large rooms
  • Heats ample space to 1,000 sq ft
  • It has a high heating output of up to 30,000 BTU
  • It is cost-effective since the cost of natural gas is 3x lower than electricity


  • Natural gas can be hazardous
  • Hard to install due to gas piping
  • Adds cost since it requires professional installation

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Best Kerosene Space Heater for Large Room

Sengoku Kerosene Heater

Sengoku Kerosene Heater, White

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The Sengoku Kerosene is a portable, convection space heater with a 23,500 BTU heat output. It is a great alternative heating source in events of emergency power failure. It can efficiently heat an area of  1,000 sq. ft.

Its automatic safety shut-off acts as a protective safety guard. In addition, it has a push-button start and EZ flame adjuster that makes it easy to operate. It has a battery-operated siphon pump that allows you to safely transfer kerosene without spilling.

It has a fuel capacity of 1.9 gallons, which can provide heat for 12 hours. It is convenient to use with the easy-to-read fuel gauge, safety grills, and automatic shut-off. This heater is best suitable for use in large rooms with high ceilings, garages, rooms with poor insulations, and other dense spaces.


  • Heating capacity: 23500 BTU
  • Power source: Kerosene
  • Heating coverage: 1000 sq ft
  • Heating method: Convection


  • Efficient
  • High-power Kerosene space heater
  • 23,500 BTU of heating power
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable during a power outage
  • Has automatic ignition


  • Kerosene is highly flammable
  • Requires safety precautions

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Best Electric Space Heater for Large Room

Honeywell 360-Degree Surround Heater

Honeywell HHF360V 360 Degree Surround Fan Forced Heater with Surround Heat Output Charcoal Grey Energy Efficient Portable Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

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The Honeywell 360 Degree Surround Heater is ideal for mid-sized rooms. It has a fan forced technology, an adjustable thermostat, and two heat settings for overall heat output.

The heater has multiple safety options, which include a 360-degree tip-over switch, double overheat protection, an auto-off time option, and an easy grab-carry handle. It has a power output of up to 1500 watts and can heat a room as big as 200 sq ft.

It is a portable heater and can provide warmth to any space. Once you turn down your thermostat a few degrees, it sufficiently heats the room. It has an overheating sensor and a backup cut-off fuse.

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  • Heating capacity: 1500  watts
  • Power source: Electric
  • Heating coverage: 200 sq ft
  • Heating method: Forced air


  • It has a 360 degree all around warmth
  • Easy to use and carry
  • It is lightweight
  • Cost-effective


  • used in areas with electricity
  • It has a manual dial

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Best Oscillating Space Heater for Large Room

The Lasko 5309 Electronic Oscillating Tower Heater

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, 2-Speeds, 16 Inches, Silver, 1500W

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Lasko space heater is a bladeless design that is more affordable than similar brands. Lasko space heater has many safety features, including a safe touch surface and an automatic 8-hour shut-off switch.

It has a quiet oscillating mode tower that distributes heat evenly in a room. It has a power output of up to 1500 watts and can cover an area of up to 300 square feet. The adjustable temperature ranges from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has unique features, which include a timer, optional oscillation, and remote control. You can easily adjust the heat using the simple touch control system. It is convenient to move around with the easy carry handle.

The tower design is stable, and its plastic covering maintains cool as it warms the rooms. It is best suited for any space with its widespread heat thermostat.


  • Heating capacity:1500 watts
  • Power source: Electric
  • Heating coverage: 300 sq ft
  • Heating method: Convection


  • It has a sleek design
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to use
  • Convenient to control


  • It does not have an automatic tip-over shut-off
  • Does not heat large rooms effectively

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Best Infrared Space Heater for Large Room

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

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The Dr. Infrared Space Heater is a portable model that uses a dual heating system to combine infrared heat and convection heat, warming up a large room evenly. It is a combination of  PTC and Quartz Infrared Elements. It has three power modes, high, low, and eco, which maintain the temperature and consume less energy.

You can set the adjustable temperature between 50 and 85 degrees. It has an industrial look and a large heating capacity. It is best suited for basements.

The unit shuts off automatically once it overheats, tips off, and if the inlet air duct is blocked. It is easy to operate since it has a remote control. However, the heater is turned on manually. It delivers 60% more heat than other 1500-watt heaters.

Dr. Infrared Heater functions in the same way as sunlight, by warming objects rather than air. The infrared heat feels natural and is energy efficient, using all the heat produced without loss in heat transfer at a low cost.


  • Heating capacity: 5,200 BTU
  • Power source: Electric
  • Heating coverage: 1000 sq ft
  • Heating method: Radiation
  • Special feature: manual or remote control


  • Heats rooms evenly and efficiently
  • Efficient dual heating technology
  • has a low-noise blower
  • Can heat rooms to 1,000 square feet
  • Great selection of safety features


  • Inconvenient since the heater is turned on manually
  • The timer needs remote control
  • Heavy to lift

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Best Wall Mounted Electric Heaters for Large Rooms

Envi 120v Plug-in Electric Panel Wall Heater

Envi High-Efficiency Whole Room 120v Plug-In Electric Panel Wall Heater - Gen 2

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Envi Wall-mounted Electric Space Heater has double convection automation that heats a room adequately and safely. Its high-end technology makes it a very efficient, modern, high-quality space heater. What makes it unique is the 120-volt unit with a fixed thermostat that can heat an entire room. 

The natural convection and fanless heating are upgraded by replicating multiple interior heat pathways. The automation quickly spreads cool air from the room’s ground into the heater, enhancing heat transfer back to the room.

It can save up to 50% on electric bills through its high-efficient, ultra-safe, wall-mounted, low Wattage, whole-room heater. It is also ideal for generators & solar power.

It best suits bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, hotels, and nurseries. It has a. three-year warranty.


  • Heating capacity:500 watts
  • Power source: AC
  • Heating coverage:150 sq ft
  • Heating method: Convection


  • Suitable for rooms with minimal ground space
  • Saves energy cost
  • Easy to install
  • Low power draw
  • Quiet


  • Suitable for wall mounting only

Check the Envi 120v Plug-in Electric Panel’s latest prices on Amazon

Best Portable Space Heater for Large Rooms

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater With Thermostat

Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat, 1500W:750W Safe and Quiet Ceramic Heater Fan, Heat Up 200 Square Feet for Office Room Desk Indoor Use

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GiveBest has ceramic heating technology and a high-speed fan that warms up a room in minutes. It weighs about 2.9 pounds and has a top-mounted handle, thus making it easy to carry. You can place it anywhere in your home due to its small size.

It has two heat levels (1,500 or 750 watts), a knob to adjust the temperature, and built-in ceramic heating technology that can heat up to 200 sq ft. It makes a noise lower than 45 dB. Most suited for bedrooms and living rooms.


  • Heating capacity:1500 watts
  • Power source: AC
  • Heating coverage: 200 sq ft
  • Heating method: Forced air
  • Special feature: lightweight and portable


  • Have a quick heating ability
  • It is compact and easy to carry
  • Designed to save space.
  • It has excellent safety features.


  • No remote control.

 Check the GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater’s latest prices on Amazon


Space Heater Model

Quality for Large Rooms

Heating Capacity

Power Source

Heating Method

Space Size

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater Best overall 1500 watts Corded electric Forced air Up to 200 sq ft
Cadet Com-Pak Twin Electric Wall Heater


Best for high ceilings 4000watts or 13,500 BTU electric Forced air Up to 600 sq ft
De’Longhi TRD40615E Space Heater Best low-cost energy efficient 1500 watts Corded electric Radiant Up to 250 sq ft
Dyna-Glo 30,000 BTU Best gas space heater 30,000 BTU Fan and forced air Natural gas Up to 1000 sq ft
Sengoku Kerosene Heater Best kerosene space heater 23,500 BTU Kerosene Convection Up to 1000 sq ft
Honeywell 360-Degree Surround Heater


Best electric space heater 1500 watts electric Forced air Up to 200 sq ft
The Lasko 5309 Electronic Oscillating Tower Heater


Best oscillating space heater 1500 watts electric convection 300 sq ft
Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater


Best infrared space heater 5,200 BTU or 1500 watts electric radiant 1000 sq ft
Envi 120v Plug-in Electric Panel Wall Heater


Best wall-mounted Heater 500 watts AC(electricity, generator, and solar) convection 150 sq ft
GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater With Thermostat


Best portable space heater 1500 watts AC Forced air 200 sq ft

What Type of Heater Is Best for a Large Room?

The best way to heat a large room is by using an oil-filled radiator space heater, which is more energy efficient and budget-friendly. It can provide a heat output of up to 5,000 BTU.


Gas vs. Electric vs. Kerosene Space Heater

Kerosene and gas heaters are cheaper than electric heaters. However, when we consider all the other features like safety precautions, energy efficiency, and portability, electric heaters are the best space heaters.

How Big of a Room Can a Space Heater Heat?

The size of the room a space heater can heat is determined by the heating capacity of a heater as measured in either watts or BTUs, where 20 BTUs cover an area of 1sq ft while 10 watts can cover an area of 1 sq ft respectively.


How Can I Heat a Large Room Cheaply?

A natural gas space heater is the cheapest way to heat a room since it consumes three times the minimum energy output compared to electricity.

Is It Better To Put a Space Heater on the Floor or Up High?

Space heaters are safer placed on the floor since they can prevent fire hazards. If you need to place them in a higher place near the window, keep them away from dampness and children’s reach.


Does Ceiling Height Affect BTU?

Yes. If a room has more than the recommended height, its air volume increases and affects the heating operation of a room. This requires you to use a heater with more BTU than the recommended one based on the room’s square footage.

Is It Ok To Leave a Space Heater on All Night?

If you have a modern space heater with tip-over protection, automatic shut-off, adjustable thermostat, and a shut-off time, it is safe to leave it all night. However, if you are unsure about the quality of your heater to avoid fire hazards, do not leave it unattended.


How Do You Calculate BTU for High Ceilings?

In a standard room, 1 BTU is enough to heat or cool about 30 sq ft of air volume. To calculate the BTU of the extra volume of space, multiply the room volume by the average ceiling height by three times the recommended BTU per sq ft.

How Much Does It Cost To Run a 1500-Watt Heater for 24 Hours?

The best way to get the cost of running a space heater is by calculating the energy cost per kilowatt and multiplying it by time.



Portable space heaters serve as supplemental heat energy for rooms. However, they can be risky; some are even more risk-intensive than others. Take the necessary precautions by placing the heater in a stable place, away from water and combustible materials. Before choosing a space heater, consider your individual needs, budget, and preferences.

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