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Almost everyone listens to music on an online streaming service in this new digital age. At the same time, many people need to store their favorite music on devices so they can listen to them while offline.

SoundCloud is one popular streaming music service where you may have saved a playlist you enjoy listening to. Using a SoundCloud to MP3 converter, you can continue enjoying this playlist even without a data connection.

With many of these kinds of software in the market, how can you know the best to use? 

Keep reading to learn about downloading music from SoundCloud and the best MP3 converter tool you can use.

Key Takeaways

  • High-quality SoundCloud downloads are only possible for users who have SoundCloud Go+ subscriptions.
  • The Klickaud SoundCloud converter is one of the best free online tools that require no subscription for you to use it.
  • You risk being prosecuted for copyright infringement if you download content that the user hasn’t permitted redistribution.
  • MP4 audio files are more versatile than MP3 audio files.

How Do I Convert SoundCloud to MP3?

If you’re looking to convert SoundCloud’s audio into MP3, there are two ways to do it.

  • You can use SoundCloud’s download feature. 

SoundCloud's download feature

  • You can use a SoundCloud downloader tool to download the audio. These tools can either be web-based or downloadable software. 

Converting SoundCloud audios to MP3 offers you the following benefits;

  • Flexibility in listening to your favorite Sound Cloud audios when offline
  •  It fixes the issue of compatibility since most audio devices can play an MP3 file
  • It allows you to use copyright-free MP3 files in other projects like editing since the file format is compatible with many editing software. 

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SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud has a download feature to help its users interact with content offline. However, the download feature has its limitations. They include;

  • You have to sign in to your SoundCloud account.
  • The download feature is only accessible via the web. However, exceptions are made for users with SoundCloud Go subscriptions who can save content for offline viewing on their mobile phone devices.
  • The content owner can disable or enable downloads for the listeners.
  • Playlists aren’t available for download. You can only download one track at a time.

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SoundCloud Downloader App

Software developers have developed applications to counter the downloading challenges of the SoundCloud streaming service. These applications make it possible to download SoundCloud files for offline use.

You’ll have to download the applications to access many of these converters. Others are web-based, meaning you can interact with them without downloading them. Others may require a paid subscription to work, while others are free.

SoundCloud to MP3 320

320kbps is the sweet spot when listening to music in MP3 format. You’ll realize the depth and sound quality level when you listen to this type of sound via headphones.

It provides the following advantages over 128kbps and 192kbps.

  • It has more sound information. You’re able to distinguish the different instruments in a song.
  • It has a good balance of treble and bass. There is no loss in high-frequency notes like treble, which is common in 128kbps sound formats.
  • It has a better sound quality.

To maximize these benefits, you need a SoundCloud to MP3 converter that doesn’t change the original quality of audio encoded with 320kbps.

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Are SoundCloud Songs 320KBPS?

Yes. Tracks uploaded at a high lossless bitrate are available for streaming in high-quality 320kbps for MP3s and 256kbps for AAC.

However, SoundCloud points out that high-quality streaming is only available for users subscribed to SoundCloud GO+. With this subscription, you can enable this feature to enjoy clear sound by following these steps.

  1. Log into your SoundCloud account from a computer.
  2. Are SoundCloud Songs 320KBPS 1Click on the three dots to display the drop-down menu.
  3. Are SoundCloud Songs 320KBPS 2Click on “Settings.”

Are SoundCloud Songs 320KBPS 3

  1. From the settings menu, click on “Streaming.”
  2. Are SoundCloud Songs 320KBPS 4Select “High-quality audio” as your streaming quality.

Are SoundCloud Songs 320KBPS 5

SoundCloud GO+ subscribers can also download high-quality tracks on their iOS or Android devices.

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SoundCloud to MP4

Compared to MP3 file formats that only handle audio formats, MP4 offers more versatility because it supports all multimedia files.

You will have the following added benefits if you use SoundCloud for MP4.

  • You’ll increase the chances of the audio file playing on various multimedia devices.
  • MP4 files are usually smaller than MP3 because they have a high compression rate without compromising audio quality. It means that you’ll save on space.
  • MP4 files allow the attachment of metadata like JPEG images and subtitles.

Most SoundCloud to MP3 converters will also provide the option of converting to MP4 format, and the process is usually the same.

SoundCloud to MP3 Converter Safety

The audio track’s legality is a major concern when converting SoundCloud to MP3. If you’re not careful, the owner can prosecute you for copyright infringement for downloading content without their permission for redistribution.

There are also concerns about cyber security. Fortunately, you can’t get hacked through an MP3 file. Mp3 files aren’t self-executing files; hence even if they contain virus information, they are harmless and can’t infect your devices. 

The conversion service you choose may also play a major role in determining your security status. Most of these SoundCloud converters are third-party software and often require personal information.

Software that particularly asks for email addresses and sensitive information like passwords may open up someone to significant data breaches.

Therefore, it is crucial to make yourself aware of the copyright laws in SoundCloud and avoid downloading content that isn’t free for distribution. In addition, also make sure to double-check websites to ensure that they are reputable. 

What Is the Best SoundCloud to MP3 Converter?

The best SoundCloud to MP3 converter is the Klickaud SoundCloud converter. It offers the following benefits to users.

  • It is a free online tool that requires no subscription for you to use it.
  • It allows you to download your SoundCloud playlists.
  • It also has several convenient features, like a Chrome browser extension to download files without necessarily visiting the Klickaud site.
  • It allows for safe and secure downloading.
  • It also allows for social sharing through Facebook/


Klickaud is an online audio converter tool for SoundCloud’s tracks. It doesn’t host copyrighted audio on its servers to ensure compliance with SoundCloud policies. Users download audio from the CDN server.

To download audio files using the Klickaud, follow this step-by-step process.

  1. Copy the SoundCloud URL of the song or playlist you want to download.
  2. Klickaud 1Paste the Url into the Klickauds downloader box.
  3. Klickaud 2Click “Download.”
  4. Klickaud 3The download process begins.
  5. Klickaud 4At the end of the download, find the audio file in the “Downloads” folder.

Klickaud 5


SoundCloud to MP3 converters allow for easy and fast downloading. It is convenient if you want to play audio tracks offline. 

Downloading audio from SoundCloud is possible through the various converters. However, you shouldn’t download audio if the artist hasn’t permitted redistribution. Going ahead to download such audio violates copyright laws and SoundCloud’s policies.

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