Wink Hub Vs Wink Hub 2 – Whats The Difference?

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Wink Hub 2

Why Do You Even Need A Smart Hub?

The main reason why people get a hub is to integrate all their smart devices in one app. As you do this, you are looking for a hub that will serve the purpose and not lose the “wow” factor of the smart devices.

There are tons of hubs out there, but a few of them are efficient. But it would be almost impossible to talk about high-quality hubs manufacturers without mentioning Wink. Wink is a company that has proven itself as a producer of reliable and efficient smart hubs over a number of years.

Wink Hub and Wink Hub 2 are first and second-generation products of the Wink Company. At face value, it would be a challenge to tell the two apart. But is there any difference between these products? Follow us through to the end to find out.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Manual Discovery

Fully Automated Discovery & Guided Setup

Local Control



Device Support

Kidde, Clear Connect, Z-Wave, ZigBee

Bluetooth LE, Kidde, Clear Connect, Z-Wave, ZigBee


2.4GHz (Wi-Fi)

2.4GHz (Wi-Fi), 5GHz (Wi-Fi), Ethernet port


64 MB

512 MB


# Of Devices Supported



Dimensions (Inches)

7.25" x 7.25" x 1.75"

7.25" x 7.25" x 1.25"


Similarities between the Wink Hub and Wink hub 2  

Their installation process is straightforward and effortless. As the two products are from the same manufacturer, their installation process is identical.

These days, buyers look for for products that are not only functional, but aesthetically appealing. Wink has consistently taken this buyer sentiment onboard, and that is why they strive to produce, sleek, and elegant looking products like the Wink Hub and Wink Hub 2.

The two products also use the same mobile application. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is intuitive, reliable, and easy to use.

The two devices have Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect with other devices. They also support WiFi. They are also quite friendly to other third-party smart devices.

 They also have IFTTT and Alexa support.

 The two products also have Z-Wave and Zigbee support, which is quite handy actually.

 So how do the two devices differ? Let us have a look at each one of them.

The Duel

Wink Hub

Original Wink Hub


You can get the Wink Connected Home Hub for ~$135 (at the time of writing).

After you purchase the product, it will do all the work for you without any recurring subscriptions You will not have to shell out additional dollars for advanced features like secure Bluetooth connections and temperature reports. It truly is one size fits all!


The first generation original wink hub measures 4.2 x 4.9 x 1.3 inches, and it is also lightweight. This makes it easily portable and easy to install.

It has a square shape, and it is white.


Setting up the Wink Hub is a simple process that involves just a few steps. First, you should download the app on your phone and create a Wink account. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

After that, plug in your Wink Hub and place it 5 feet from any other smart device using WiFi, including your router. This will help to avoid any interference. On the app, select Add Product, choose the Wink Hub and then follow the instructions on the app.

After that, enter your WiFi credentials. The Wink hub light will blink amber when the device is connecting to WiFi. When it is fully connected, the light turns solid blue. You are now good to go and enjoy using your hub.


The device supports WiFi and Bluetooth connections. This allows you to control the smart devices in your home even when you are not physically at home.

The other essential feature is that it comes with a mobile app. The mobile app enables you to control the devices in your house even when you are away. The app is available in both Android and iOS devices. It is easy to download and install, and it is also easy for you to use. You will also get notifications from the smart devices through the app. 

The device also offers you 64 MBs worth of memory.

Additionally, the device supports IFTTT integration and Amazon Alexa. The fact that it supports Alexa means you can use your voice to command the device on what to do.

Another feature of the Wink Hub that makes it stand out is that it features multiple radio sets. It also supports smart devices that use Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, etc. The open API makes it possible for manufacturers to make compatible products. 


  •  Effortless installation process
  •  There is no monthly subscription
  •  Supports IFTTT protocol and Alexa
  •  It accepts smart devices without having to pair them to the Wink Hub


  • It requires an active and consistent internet connection. If there is no internet connection, then the connectivity between the hub and all the other devices is lost.
  • Another downside is that the LED light is very bright. It may be disturbing at night for some of us who are light sleepers.

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Wink Hub 2


The Wink Hub 2 comes at the cost of ~$169.95 at the time of writing.

Wink Hub 2

The device does not have any monthly subscription. You get to enjoy the features for free after purchasing it.


The Wink Hub 2 has a sleek and slim design. The compact design ensures that it takes up limited space in your room. It also becomes easy to conceal it. It has a sail-like shape, and it stands vertically.

It measures 7.25 x 7.25 x 1.25 inches, and it weighs 0.5 lbs. This increases its portability.


The setup process of the Wink hub 2 is identical to the Wink Hub. The only difference being the auto-discovery that makes it faster for the Wink Hub 2.

You first download the app and create a Wink account. Then proceed to plug in your hub and keep it 5 feet away from other WiFi-enabled devices. Add the Wink Hub 2 to the account, enter your WiFi credentials, and you are good to go.


The Wink Hub 2 is an improved version of its predeccessor. As such, it comes with an uplift in connectivity; a new Ethernet port and more powerful WiFi that supports up to 5 GHz.

Its setup is made smoother by the auto-discovery. The setup process is super quick and intuitive.

Apart from the WiFi enhanced connectivity, the device also features an improved Bluetooth connection. This allows you to connect with other smart devices from wherever you are.

Another feature of this device is that it supports the IFTTT protocol and Alexa, enabling you to control the device through your voice. Unlike its predecessor, the Wink Hub 2 comes with an enhanced memory capacity of 512 MB.

It also supports devices that use Z-Wave and ZigBee.

The mobile app in Wink Hub 2 enables you to control your smart devices even when you are not at home physically. You will also get notifications through the wink app.


  • It integrates with many wireless protocols and comes with advanced security
  •  Compatible with Alexa, IFTTT, and Amazon Echo
  •  It supports Ethernet and dual-band WiFi
  • Simple and straightforward setup


  • The device has no battery backup
  • It has no USB ports
  • It is accessible through the mobile app only. You cannot access it on your PC

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Differences between Wink Hub and Wink Hub 2

  • The Original Connected Home Model comes with a 64 MB memory while the Wink Hub 2 comes with 512 MB. The upgraded version also has an increased speed processing.
  • During set up, you have to discover the Wink Hub manually. On the other hand, when you plug in the Wink Hub 2, the app offers you an auto-discovery and instructions on how to set it up with guided navigation.
  • The Wink Hub 2 has a slimmer design as compared to the original Connected Home product. This ensures that it takes up limited space in your room and also highly portable
  •  The Wink Hub 2 features an Ethernet connection port that is not there in the Wink hub. The Ethernet port function allows you to connect the device through a wired connection to your home router- without having to rely on WiFi reception.
  • The Wink hub 2 offers a more improved WiFi. The two products support 2.4 GHz networks. However, the Wink Hub 2 also supports the advanced 5 GHz network which guarantees better connectivity.


From our comparison, it is clear that Wink Hub is an efficient hub. But the Wink Hub 2 offers you better performance, and it supports more devices. It comes with an Ethernet connection, and dual-band WiFi connection increases connectivity of your devices with superior technology. Although Wink 2 is not a game-changer in the industry, it includes all the bells and whistles that are available in its contemporaries and provides a far better value for money than its predecessor. 

Would you buy it? You be the judge! And let us know how you get on in the comments section below.


Do I need a subscription to use the Wink services?

If you have basic devices to connect, you'll not need the subscription. However, if you are looking for advanced features, you'll need a subscription. A subscription will let you access API and cloud control such as voice, app control, and third-party integrations.

Is it easy to use a Wink Hub?

Yes, it is easy to use the hub because it provides you a detailed guide on how to set it up for quick use. Additionally, you have a lot of information from the online support groups to get you going. If you find it hard to set up the hub, the company provides reliable customer care services to guide you through.

How do I access the subscription guide for my hub?

When you have the Wink hub, visit, where you'll update your details and subscribe for more functions. Again, you can use the same section to cancel your subscription.

Can I control everything connected to the hub remotely?


Yes, it is easy to control everything while away. All you need is a stable internet connection, active subscription, and a Wink app to get started. Note that the fee Wink accounts are only limited to a locally controlled device.

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