Where to buy a drone

Where to Buy a Drone

One of the best hobbies today is learning how to fly drones around the park or outdoors. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) makes a great toy for adults and children alike. It’s one of the best hobbies to get the entire family out of the house.

You’ll first need to learn about where to buy a drone, and then carefully select the best drone to fit your lifestyle. If you’re a casual user, you may wish to buy a drone that has all the bells and whistles, and can automatically take over, while an aerial purist may wish to have full manual control of every function of a flying drone’s flight.

There are several places where to buy a drone, as well as to learn all about this wonderful hobby. Two of the best new drones on the market today include the Walkera QR W100S Quadcopter, and the Genuine Hubsan Quadcopter. Read the drone reviews, and they’ll give you clues on where to buy a drone.


The Best Places to Buy a Drone

Flying drones can be purchased from several different locations, but can be tricky to find at first. You may not find a high quality drone at Walmart, Target, or Kmart. Flying drones can be purchased online and from brick and mortar shops.

Larger cities may have a specific shop that caters to only remote controlled flying drones. At these places shopkeepers will have plenty of knowledge and be able to help you out.

Google is a great spot where you can do a search for the model you want, and compare prices. Soon you’ll have a list of several different sources for your favorite model, and from here you can narrow them down and see who has the more reasonable shipping costs.

Amazon is one of the better spots to look at hundreds of different types of flying drones. This website lists detailed information about each drone, and has one of the best review spots on the web. Simply find the models you are interested in, then read through the reviews to see what other people have to say about their purchases.

Spending some time on finding where to buy a drone will lead you to the best flying drone to suit your needs. Here are two great flying drones on the market today. The Walkera Quadcopter, and the Hubsan Quadcopter.

Walkera QR W100S FPV Wifi RC Quadcopter For IOS/Android System

Where to Buy a Drone

When you are searching for where to buy a drone, you may notice that the Walkera QR W100S Quadcopter is one of the popular options that pops up time and again. It features a basic white finish with orange highlights. It’s available for a great price of around $120, and works with your smart device’s iOS or Android system. It’s extremely light, and weighs under a pound.

The Walkera can be WiFi controlled from your smart device, and comes with a camera, so you can view live streaming video at the same time. Control range is about 80 meters. You’re not limited to viewing on only one device as well. Friends and family can view the live streaming video from their own smart devices.

The Walkera Quadcopter will run for about eight minutes on one standard battery charge. There are special controls in the Walkera smart device application that allow you to control the gravity sensor and move the heli/quads to right-left back, and forward.

You can also purchase an optional Walker Devo 4 transmitter, in case you don’t want to fly your drone through the use of your smart phone or other device.

Genuine Hubsan H107L

Where to Buy a Drone

When trying to figure out where to buy a drone, another great option is the Genuine Hubsan H107L Quadcopter, available in an attractive black finish with white and orange highlights. Looks great, but be careful when running it in the dark, as it may be hard to see.

You’ve had a chance to try a friend’s drone, and now you’re ready to make the commitment to owning your own. There are dozens of great drone brands, but chances are you already know exactly what you’re seeking. The problem is, where will you find a great drone at a great price?

There are plenty of drone sellers, but it’s a matter of finding out where they are. Many people prefer to start with the local hobby shops to get a feel for what the drone looks like in person, then hunt around for the best price.

You can start by finding your local drone shops with a Google search. Many great drone-based businesses are run from people’s homes, but call first and find out what kind of stock they carry.

Many shops carry all types of drones, not just flying drones. Don’t let a storefront of drone cars or trains phase you—they may also carry a line of flying drones too. It never hurts to park your car and step inside.

The big box toy stores may carry a limited line of drones. Again, don’t discount this source—they may offer the best prices, as they sell in large quantities.

While you’re still driving around, stop and check out electronics stores. Sometimes they have a small section of flying drones for sale. You may find a Hubsan or Walkera in these shops, but not the more expensive line of DJI Phantoms.

Once you’ve exhausted your supply of local shops and stores, begin your online search.

Start with a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You’ll be presented with hundreds of options for buying drones. But do these shops provide reliable service, and a safe portal for credit card or Paypal transactions? Check out their reviews first.

Online marketplaces such as Ebay may sell flying drones too. You’ll want to carefully check the reputation of the buyer, as you want to ensure that you’re buying a genuine drone brand such as DJI, Walkera, or Hubsan, and not one of the many drone copies Made in China.


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