Where Is Raven in Fortnite?

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Where Is Raven in Fortnite

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So who is Raven? And where will you find him?

Well, Epic Games stretched its hands across the abyss and pulled the Teen Titans demon for Fortnite chapter 2, season 6. Raven will remind you of Marvel’s Loki—only worse. Fortnite gamers know Raven for its love for hoodies and the sky. It also has evil laughter. This demon does not just have a super cool look. He also leaves an insane amount of damage during the battle, which means you have higher chances of survival in case of an ambush. So, where is Raven in Fortnite and how do you find him?

You can find Raven in Hydro 16 Power Plant, which is an outpost between Sludgy Swamp and Misty Meadows. The first clue to finding Raven is a talking bubble that you’ll encounter. You must plan how to land and cross the swampland, so you can speak to Raven and begin your Punchcard questline.

It’s clear that Raven gives you a better fighting chance in Fortnite. But unlike other free skins in Fortnite, you’ll need to earn it!

Read on, as this article will show you where exactly Raven is in Fortnite. You’ll also learn more about the demon’s significance and much more!

Overview of Fortnite

Overview of Fornite

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Fortnite: Battle Royale came into the scene when PUBG was every gamer’s favorite. It’s interesting how the game hit the ground running with fascinating themes and challenges.

This whole game is based on a fantasy island that is divided into different POIs (Points of Interest).

Now, when you start the game, you find yourself in the pre-deployment area—You need to wait for 99 other rival players to join.

Transportation and Landing

Everyone’s joined, so how in the world are you going to start? Well, Epic Games has a Battle Bus—a flying blue bus that transports all of you to your dropping points.

As the bus flies, you get to choose your landing spot. From the moment you jump from the Battle Bus, you are equipt with a glider that offers you more control over where you land.

The Battle Begins

Once you set foot on your preferred location, Epic Games gives you a pickaxe.

Now all you need is to arm yourself with a weapon and strategy. Your survival depends on the choice you make here.

Remember the 99 rivals you traveled with? Unfortunately, you have to eliminate them all. You can’t just hide your way to success in Fortnite: Battle Royal.

To keep the rush going, Epic Games has a storm waiting for you if you stick long enough—it is pure genius!

Deep-Rooted History of Fortnite

History of Fortnite

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Fortnite was first released in 2017 in three versions. Fortnite: Battle Royal is the most popular. It has millions of fans trying to find different locations on the map each day. 

It’s a game for everyone, young and old, as it offers a thrilling experience. You’ll like the single, monumental map created for any game season and special players.

Know the Popular Features of Fortnite

Here are the attractive features of Fortnite:

  • Battle Pass – We’ve seen Fortnite’s Battle Pass evolve from when we used to earn one reward per level. Today you get Battle Stars, which you use to claim rewards—That’s smart!
  • Crew Pack – Fortnite offers us a collection of unique skin, Battle Pass, and V-Bucks for a monthly subscription. The crew pack creates a whole new gaming experience.
  • Gyro Aiming – Have you had problems with aiming or viewing flexibility? Well, the Gyro Aiming feature transfers these functions to the controller’s gyroscopic sensors. Now you don’t have to worry about accuracy and flexibility.
  • Sliding- You don’t want to keep running on steep slopes? Don’t worry. Just click on the crouch button while moving. The sliding feature is convenient and fast.

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History of Raven: The Untold Story

If you’re new to Fortnite, the surefire tip is that Raven is a Dark Skies haunting demon. A Key trait is that Raven haunts different locations with a mad yet appealing personality. The evil laughter and cunning personality attract attention from every corner of the map.

Importance of Raven in Fortnite 

Raven has a unique personality from other NPCs in Fortnite. The exclusive location in the Fortnite Season 8 map makes Raven an important character in the game. 

Here is more to know:

  • Raven location on the map will guide players to hunt down quest-giving NPCs.
  • Raven carries Punchcard questlines that players can compete for Battle Pass XP. 
  • Players get a chance to compete and win Dark Skies questlines with challenges worth 30,000 XP each.
  • Thanks to Raven’s strategic location, players can also hunt down other quest-giving NPCs on the map for different tasks.
  • Quests bestowed upon players by Raven are not complex. However, players must be wary of enemies who could complicate the mission.

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Everything to Know on How to Find Raven in Fortnite

Here’s our guide to finding Raven in Fortnite. Your adventure has never been this simple.

Method of Finding Raven

  1. Players must land or navigate to Hydro 16 and search for Raven. The dam and surrounding buildings are easy to spot from a distance.
  2. You can also click on Raven’s character punchcard from the provided menu in Fortnite. The game will automatically mark Raven’s location on the map.

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Exclusive Location of Raven: Key Details to Know 

You will find Raven at Hydro 16. This is a power plant Epic Games put in the middle of Misty Meadows and Sludgy Swamp. It’s also not far from the Sludgy Swamp and Lazy Lake. 

You should be able to spot Raven at the entrance of the plant. So once you’ve landed near him, you need to talk to him and accept your first quest.

Tips for Finding Raven in Fortnite

Still having a hard time following? We have some tips to make finding Raven in Fortnite much easy:

  • Once you jump from the Battle Bus, use your glider to navigate to the power plant.
  • You’ll see a white talking bubble and glowing blue light extended to the sky appear. These two signs guide players to where Raven is positioned.
  • You will find Raven standing next to the entrance door. Now, land close to him, and talk to him.

Be on the lookout because other players may have visited the landmark to pursue different challenges. 

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What to Do When You Find Raven in Fortnite

When you find Raven, talk your way into getting the available questlines. The details you share with Raven are the starting point to seeking Dark Skies questline.

Rewards for Finding Raven

Once you find Raven, you’ll need to take on a series of quests. For each quest you finish successfully, you will receive rewards.

Here’s a list of Raven’s Dark Skies rewards:

Quest #1: Destroy Sideways rocks – Once you land in Sideways, locate the stones and destroy them to earn 30,000 XP

Quest #2: Launch from corrupt vent – Still in Sideways, but here you’ll need to find a corrupt vent. Launch from there and earn 30,000 XP.

Quest #3: Destroy cube monsters – Get 30,000 XP by getting rid of cube monsters in Sideways within 15 seconds after gliding. So, get yourself a Sideways mini-gun for the best results.

Quest #4: Two headshots – Here, you’ll need to get two headshots from a raised surface. So get to higher ground first and let the bullets fly to win yourself 30,000 XP.

Quest #5: Destroying two chests – This is the last quest, and you’ll need to use a pickaxe to destroy two chests and Win 30,000 XP.

Complete all the tasks and get the legendary rail gun, Battle Pass XP, or Gold Bars.

How to Use Raven to Your Advantage in Fortnite

Despite being the most generous quest-giver, Raven will also help you hunt down other quest-giving NPCs. The whole experience of interacting with Raven is enthralling. 

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Where Is Raven in Fortnite? FAQs

Is Raven Still in Fortnite?

Yes, Raven features in Season 8. Players have to find the new location and pursue the rewards on offer.

Is the Raven in Fortnite Rare?

No, Raven is a famous character in Fortnite. Season 8 gives Raven more responsibilities.

How Do I Get the Raven Quest in Fortnite?

You need to find Raven’s location at the Hydro 16 power plant. Once you find him, talk your way into the exclusive questlines.

Which Season is Raven Fortnite?

Raven is in Fortnite Season 8. Raven’s presence includes a brand new location and questlines.

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Ready to find Raven? Try and locate the Hydro 16 Power Plant. Season 8 introduces Raven as one of the fan-favorite NPCs and a generous guest-giver. You’ll find him between The Sludgy Swamp and Misty Meadows.

Like you, there are millions of gamers who love Fortnite’s Raven. This explains why he’s the player’s favorite. The adventure of finding Raven’s location also brings forth some rewards no player should overlook. We hope you’re ready to enjoy the thrill of playing Fortnite Season 8.


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