Where Does The Earth Meet The Sky In Fortnite?

Horizon in Fortnite

Have you ever looked at the horizon in Fortnite and wondered, “what does it do”? The horizon is where the sky meets the earth. Now, the horizon is usually unreachable in video games of the battle royale genre. 

But, where does the Earth meet the sky in Fortnite?

The horizon or the place where the earth meets the sky in Fortnite cannot be reached by players. It is not a part of the playable map. It, however, does affect the gameplay by controlling the dynamic day/night cycle as well as the weather. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss more about the horizon in Fortnite, such as where it is located, and its significance. 

Fortnite map
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Key Takeaways

  • The Horizon in Fortnite is not on the playable map.
  • The Horizon is responsible for the dynamic weather and day/night cycle.
  • It is impossible to reach the horizon currently in Fortnite.

What is Fortnite?

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Epic Games‘ Fortnite debuted in 2017. The game is simple  – to play against the other 99 players dropped on a map. The objective is to be the last one standing. 

Littered across the map are weapons, power-ups, vehicles, etc. The key element that distinguishes it from the rest is the building aspect of the game.

Fortnite as a game has a few fundamental gameplay mechanics. The player starts the game by parachuting into a huge open map with different regions. The map is teeming with weapons, resources, and power-ups. Players must find the right weapons and resources. Then they can move to the next playable circle.

What is Fortnite
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As the game progresses, the battlefield shrinks, bringing the players closer together. This increases the intensity of the conflict. While the map is large, the storm zone keeps pushing players near each other. The individual or team that survives until the finish is the winner.

One of the game’s most distinguishing aspects is the building mechanism. Players may collect resources like wood, steel, and brick. Using this, they can build different structures. These include barricades, stairs, elevated pathways, etc.

This allows for the quick building of structures to hide behind during conflict. Because of the game’s construction principles, players must think while playing. They need to plan and divide their limited resources. Fortnite is one of the games that include structure-building mechanics in the genre.

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Understanding the Horizon in Fortnite

Like in most video games, Fortnite has a horizon line. It is where the sky meets the earth. But, since the entire map is on an island, the horizon line is out of the reach of players. 

Players have tried to leave the map but end up getting eliminated. Getting to the horizon is a task still left uncompleted.

Every player can see the horizon line in Fortnite. From the time you get on the bus till the winner is decided, the line is visible. You can see it from any side of the map. In some seasons, players could see visual clues on the horizon related to the season’s theme.

Fortnite Sky
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One of the main reasons why players cannot reach the horizon is the zone. The zone is a shrinking circle that pushes players closer to each other. With each zone, the damage it does to players increases. Players cannot remain in the zone for too long else they will lose health and soon get eliminated.

While this has not stopped players from trying to reach the horizon, all have failed. Many players have tried creating a sky bridge to reach the horizon using the wood resource. But, as we mentioned before, the zone is unforgiving. Every player who has tried it has faced elimination.

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Where Does the Earth Meet the Sky in Fortnite?

Like every video game that is in the open-world, battle royale genre, Fortnite has a horizon line. The line is where the earth meets the sky but it is not possible to reach. 

The developers made the line off the map so players could not reach it without elimination. 

But, why would anyone want to reach the horizon? That is not the main objective of the game?

Like with most multiplayer online games, players love challenging themselves to do the impossible. Reaching the horizon in Fortnite does not help you win the match, but players still try for online cred. 

No one has done it yet due to the distance between the playable map and the horizon being the biggest factor. That, and the fact that 99 other players want you dead.

With the recent update of boat vehicles, players have tried to reach the horizon. It still hasn’t worked, as the game does not let players go too far from the playable circle. This is to prevent players from hiding during the last circle.

With new updates from the game developers dropping every season, fans are still hoping that someday they will get the chance to explore beyond the playable map. Now, the game features aerial vehicles that were never part of the original release. 

Fans have expectations that the horizon line will also become part of the playable area. 

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The Significance of the Horizon in Fortnite

In Fortnite, the horizon does come into play. It controls how the weather changes during the game. In recent updates, Fortnite has gotten a dynamic weather cycle. Rain, snow, and other kinds of weather are part of the game now. As the player moves closer or farther from the horizon, the weather will change. This results in a more dynamic gaming experience.

The horizon line shows players’ day and night cycle work. Fortnite has a dynamic day and night cycle. Unlike most battle royale video games where the time of day does not change, in Fortnite it does. This adds a fresh gaming experience for players.

The Significance of the Horizon in Fortnite
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Once the match begins, the player will notice the sun is moving along the sky. As it works in real life, the sun sets on the horizon on one end and emerges from the other.  The same mechanics work in Fortnite. This is the extent of the horizon line in the game.

One of the core reasons players can never reach the horizon is the game’s coding. In most games, an invisible wall prevents players from reaching the horizon. This is present in Fortnite as well. This is why no player has been able to reach the horizon.

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The horizon in Fortnite is a functional aspect of the game. It is the reason behind the dynamic day/night cycle and the weather. Even the clouds disappear over the horizon while new ones appear. The horizon has always been a far-off texture of video games that never affected gameplay. Games like Call Of Duty and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds have a textured horizon. 

It does not play a part in the gameplay. But in Fortnite, it does, which is great.


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