Where Are the Spooky TVs in Fortnite?

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Where are the Spooky TVs in Fortnite

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Spooky TVs play a significant role in the Fortnite game, especially during the Halloween season. Not only are they a major source of creepy entertainment for players, but they also offer valuable rewards. Thus, you’ll want to ensure you have all the Spooky TVs you need to complete your challenges and earn those amazing rewards. But where are the Spooky TVs in Fortnite? 

Spooky TVs can be found in the Haunted House near Weeping Woods, Ghost House near Holly Hedges, Cabin near Craggy Cliffs, Abandoned Mansion near Retail Row, Spooky Shack near Slurpy Swamp, and Witch’s Hut near Sweaty Sands.

Continue reading as I discuss each of these Spooky TV locations in detail and other useful information. So, get your game face on, and let’s dive into the locations of the Spooky TVs in Fortnite.

What Are the Spooky TVs in Fortnite?

Introduced in the Season 7 update of Chapter 2, Spooky TVs are another interactive element by Epic Games. They are scattered throughout the Fortnite map and display a series of cryptic messages and images when interacted with. 

Note: The cryptic messages and images on the Spooky TVs hint at the game’s ongoing storyline.

The Spooky TVs have been a popular topic of discussion among Fortnite players, with many speculating about their meaning and significance in the game’s lore. 

Some players believe they are connected to the game’s ongoing alien invasion storyline. In contrast, others think they may be connected to the mysterious “The Seven” group – a recurring theme throughout the game’s history.

Nevertheless, the Spooky TVs have added a new layer of intrigue and mystery to the Fortnite experience, and players continue to search for clues and hints that may shed light on their true nature.

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Where to Find the Spooky TVs in Fortnite?

Different Spooky TV Locations in Fortnite

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From the Retail Row to the Lazy Lake, from the Slurpy Swamp to the Dirty Docks, here’s a brief explanation of every prominent Spooky TV location in Fortnite. You can then destroy them! 

Retail Row 

Retail Row is a location on the southern side of the map known for its shopping district. It features several stores, a gas station, and a parking lot. It has been overrun by zombies in previous seasons, making it a popular location for Halloween events.

Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park Fortnite

Image by Culturedvultures 

On the western side of the map, Pleasant Park features a residential neighborhood, football field, and gas station. It’s known for its peaceful atmosphere and wide streets, making it ideal for looting and gathering resources.

Lazy Lake

Lazy Lake Fortnite

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Lazy Lake is situated on the map’s southern side. It features a small town with a lake in the center, laced with houses, stores, a gas station, and a pier extending out into the lake.

Craggy Cliffs

Craggy Cliffs is a small coastal town on the map’s northern side with a lighthouse, a dock, and a few houses. It’s famous for its rocky cliffs and beautiful ocean views.

Holly Hedges

Holly Hedges Fortnite

Image by Dbltap 

You’ll find Holly Hedges on the map’s eastern side. It features a suburban neighborhood with tree-lined streets and large houses. Additionally, it’s home to various stores, a gas station, and several gardens and parks.

Misty Meadows

Spooky TVs are also common in Misty Meadows, a rural town with several farms, a gas station, and a few houses. It’s known for its foggy atmosphere and scenic views of the surrounding countryside.

Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp Fortnite

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The eastern side of the map features the Slurpy Swamp, with a large factory and several pools of sludge. It’s known for its healing properties, making it a popular location to regain lost health and shield.

Weeping Woods

Weeping Woods is a dense forest on the northeastern side of the map. Here, you’ll find several campsites, cabins, and small lakes. Besides, the beautiful scenery and lush foliage also await you. All these make it a good location for hiding and ambushing other players.

Dirty Docks

Dirty Docks Fortnite

Image by Estnn 

Dirty Docks is a location on the southeastern side of the map. It’s a large industrial port, home to several warehouses, cranes, and shipping containers. You’ll love it for its gritty atmosphere and abundance of loot.

Frenzy Farm

Last but not least, know about Frenzy Farm. It’s situated on the central-western side of the map and is bordered by barns, stables, and fields. Players choose this location for its rural charm and abundant resources. 

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What Do the Spooky TVs in Fortnite Do? 

As aforementioned, the Spooky TVs in Fortnite display cryptic messages and images when interacting with them. They are part of the game’s ongoing storyline and spawn throughout different locations on the map. 

However, it’s worth noting that the exact purpose and meaning behind these Spooky TVs still need to be determined. But they add an element of mystery and intrigue to the game.

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What Is the Connection of Spooky TVs to the Storyline of Fortnite? 

‌Like their purpose and meaning, the exact connection of the Spooky TVs to the storyline of Fortnite remains unclear. Thus, you can interpret it your way. 

Many players believe that the messages and images displayed on the TVs hint at events and characters in the game’s ongoing storyline. On the other hand, others speculate these TVs relate to the ongoing alien invasion storyline. 

If that’s not enough, some players think the TVs are connected to the mysterious group – The Seven.

Ultimately, the true purpose and meaning of the Spooky TVs may only be revealed as the game’s storyline continues to unfold in future updates.

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Tips for Finding & Interacting with Spooky TVs in Fortnite‌

It can be difficult for you to find and interact with Spooky TVs in Fortnite, as they are not always easy to spot and usually located in specific areas. Thus, take the help of these tips to find and interact with them. 

Tips for Finding Spooky TVs 

Check the Locations Discussed Above

Spooky TVs are mostly around the map, so check the areas mentioned above.

Listen for the Sound 

When near a Spooky TV, you’ll likely hear a faint static noise. Follow this sound to find the nearby Spooky TV. 

Keep an Eye Out for TVs

Spooky TVs look like normal TVs but display creepy messages. Keep an eye out for them as you explore. 

Use the Map 

Use the map to locate potential Spooky TV locations and plan your route accordingly.

Tips for Interacting with Spooky TVs 

Approach the TV & Press the Interact Button 

To interact with a Spooky TV, approach it and press the interact button. 

Wait for the Message to Display 

Once you’ve interacted with the TV, wait for the message to appear on the screen. 

Take a Screenshot 

If you want to document the message on the TV, take a screenshot. 

Pay Attention to the Message 

The messages displayed on the Spooky TVs may contain clues or hints about the game’s storyline, so pay attention to them and see if you can decipher their meaning.

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Where Are the Spooky TVs in Fortnite? FAQs 

Q: Where Are the Secret TVs in Fortnite?

A: The secret TVs can only be found by completing certain challenges or quests. For example, in the past, players have been able to find Secret TVs by locating them in specific locations on the map or by completing challenges related to them. 

Q: Where Can You Find Spooky TV Sets in Fortnite?

A: You can find Spooky TV sets at different locations in Fortnite. Refer to the above sections to know them. 

Q: Where to Tune the TV in Fortnite for the Bytes Quests? 

A: The Blue House on the west side of Herald’s Sanctum and Chromed House on the east side of Lustrous Lagoon are the two locations to tune the TV for the Bytes Quests

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Here you go. This piece covered the locations of the Spooky TVs in Fortnite, which can be found at numerous places across the map. These include but aren’t limited to the Haunted House near Weeping Woods, Cabin near Craggy Cliffs, Ghost House near Holly Hedges, Abandoned Mansion near Retail Row, Spooky Shack near Slurpy Swamp, and Witch’s Hut near Sweaty Sands. 

These TVs aren’t just creepy decorations, though. They serve a purpose in the game as they are used to complete challenges and earn rewards. By locating and interacting with these Spooky TVs, you can progress through the game and unlock new items. 

Fortnite has always been known for its exciting and challenging gameplay, and the inclusion of Spooky TVs is just one example of how the game continues to keep players engaged. So go ahead, find those TVs, and enjoy all the Spooky fun Fortnite offers!


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