Where Is Beskar Steel in Fortnite?

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Where Is Beskar Steel in Fortnite

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A rare & highly coveted metal in Fortnite, Beskar Steel gives you a significant advantage on the battlefield. It looks great and plays a vital role in upgrading your armor and weapons, making you a formidable opponent to rout. 

But where is Beskar Steel in Fortnite?

To locate Beskar Steel, enter through the Shark’s mouth and proceed toward the open doorway at the rear. Ascend one set of stairs, and seek out the colossal vault door. Once inside, you’ll find Beskar Steel sitting unassumingly on a plain shelf. 

This article will explain this Beskar Steel in detail, its characteristics, uses, locations, challenges, and some pro tips. Whether you’re a seasoned Fortnite player or just starting, this guide will help you master the art of Beskar Steel and become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

What Is Beskar Steel in Fortnite?

Beskar Steel is a rare and valuable metal in Fortnite. It was first introduced in Chapter 2, Season 5, as part of the game’s collaboration with the Star Wars universe. It references the metal used to create Mandalorian armor in the Star Wars franchise.

Origin of Beskar Steel

In the Star Wars universe, it’s found on Mandalore and is highly valued for its supreme strength and durability. Similarly, in Fortnite, Beskar Steel is also a rare and valuable metal found throughout the game world.

Characteristics of Beskar Steel

  • Shiny, silvery metal
  • Produces unique sound when collected
  • Highly valued for its strength and durability
  • Distinctive design sets it apart from other metals in Fortnite
  • Found in both small & large quantities
  • Spawn randomly in each game
  • Emits a distinctive sound when nearby 

Uses of Beskar Steel in Fortnite 

  • Type of currency to unlock exclusive Star Wars-themed cosmetics and rewards
  • Upgrade the Mandalorian’s armor during the game
  • Purchase other in-game items & cosmetics
  • Complete Beskar Steel quests & bounties to earn XP and level up in the game
  • A fun & rewarding activity for players who enjoy exploring the game world and discovering hidden treasures

Role of Beskar Steel in Fortnite

The role of Beskar Steel in Fortnite is primarily related to the game’s collaboration with the Star Wars universe. As a key element of the Mandalorian storyline in the game, it offers you a unique & exciting gameplay experience tied to the popular Star Wars franchise.

Collecting Beskar Steel not only unlocks and upgrades the Mandalorian skin and related rewards but also lets you immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe while playing Fortnite. Isn’t this amazing? 

Additionally, the Beskar Steel quests and bounties allow you to engage with the Mandalorian storyline more meaningfully, earning XP and leveling up in the process. This adds a layer of depth to the gameplay, encouraging you to explore the game world and interact with its various features.

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How to Find Beskar Steel in Fortnite – Check These Locations

Beskar Steel Locations

Image by Pcgamer

As aforementioned, Beskar Steel spawns randomly throughout the game’s world. Hence, finding it can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the game. But don’t worry; the following key Beskar Steel locations will help you out.

Razor Crest 

Razor Crest Fortnite

Image by Starwars  

The Razor Crest is a small ship in the desert biome northeast of the map. You’ll find Beskar Steel inside this ship and in the surrounding area.

Sarlacc Pit

The Sarlacc Pit is a location in the desert biome that resembles the iconic Sarlacc Pit from Star Wars. You’ll find Beskar Steel inside and around the pit.

Stealthy Stronghold 

Stealthy Stronghold Fortnite

Image by Fandom

The Stealthy Stronghold is a jungle biome POI located in the southeast part of the map. You’ll find the metal in the metal structures and containers around the area.

Shiny Rocks 

Beskar Steel can also be found in shiny rocks scattered throughout the map. These rocks appear similar to other polished rocks with wood or metal resources. Keep an eye out for them while exploring the map.

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Tips for Locating & Collecting Beskar Steel in Fortnite

Collecting Beskar Steel Fortnite

Now that you know Beskar Steel’s locations, try these tips & tricks to simplify your task of finding it further. 

‌Use a Metal Detector 

If you’re having trouble locating Beskar Steel, use a metal detector. The metal detector will beep louder and faster when you are close to a shiny Beskar Steel rock.

Prioritize Beskar Steel Challenges 

If you are serious about collecting Beskar Steel, prioritize completing the Beskar Steel challenges over other challenges.

Use Headphones 

Headphones can also help you hear the sound of a nearby chest, which may contain Beskar Steel.

Visit Areas With High Loot Density 

Areas with a high density of chests and loot spawns are more likely to have Beskar Steel.

Consider Playing in Team Rumble

In Team Rumble, players respawn after being eliminated, which means you have more opportunities to search for Beskar Steel without worrying about getting eliminated permanently.

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Beskar Steel Challenges in Fortnite – Are You Ready for Them? 

Like every other element of Fortnite, you’ll need to face some tough challenges before you can find and use Beskar Steel for your benefit. Below is a list of those challenges. 

Beskar Quests 

Beskar Quests Fortnite

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These challenges are only available to those who’ve purchased the Battle Pass. Completing these challenges boost your XP and unlock new Beskar Steel armor styles for the Mandalorian skin. The challenges involve completing bounties and defeating other players.

Bounty Hunter Quests 

These are special challenges only available to those who’ve purchased the Battle Pass. Completing these challenges boost your XP and unlock new Beskar Steel armor styles for the Mandalorian skin. The challenges involve completing bounties and defeating other players.

Beskar Steel Armor Upgrades 

These are a series of 4 challenges requiring you to collect Beskar Steel and bring it to the Mandalorian. Completing each challenge will upgrade the Mandalorian’s armor and unlock new styles for the skin.

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Beskar Steel Challenges 

These are daily challenges. They appear randomly throughout the season. Completing these challenges gives you Beskar Steel and XP. The challenges involve completing specific tasks, such as harvesting materials or dealing damage with certain weapons.

Tips for Completing Beskar Steel Challenges

I know you must now be thinking about the above challenges and strategizing how to complete them. To make your work easier, check out the given tips. 

Plan Ahead 

It’s recommended to review the Bounty Hunter Quests and Beskar Quests beforehand. This will help you know what you need to do to complete them. Additionally, you can then focus on the specific tasks and objectives needed to complete each challenge.

Use the Right Weapons 

Amban Sniper Rifle Fortnite

Image by Fandom

Many of the Beskar Steel challenges require you to deal damage with specific weapons, such as the Amban Sniper Rifle or the Jetpack. Ensure you have these weapons on hand and practice using them before attempting the challenges.

Land in the Right Locations 

Some Beskar Quests require players to visit specific locations on the map, such as the Razor Crest or the Sarlacc Pit. Plan your landing spot accordingly to give yourself enough time to complete the task before the storm closes in.

Focus on Bounties

If you’ve purchased the Battle Pass, completing Bounty Hunter Quests is a great way to earn Beskar Steel and unlock new armor styles for the Mandalorian. Focus on completing bounties as quickly as possible to maximize your rewards.

Work With a Team 

Lastly, many Beskar Steel challenges can be completed more easily with the help of a team. Join a squad or work with friends to complete challenges that require multiple players, such as eliminating opponents or completing tasks together.

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Where is Beskar Steel in Fortnite? FAQs 

Q: Where is the Beskar Quest in Fortnite?

A: The Beskar quest is present at a location called the Razor Crest, in the southwestern part of the map. 

Q: How Do You Get a Beskar Chest Plate in Fortnite?

A: You must complete the Beskar quest given by the Mandalorian NPC to get a Beskar chest plate in Fortnite. This quest comprises different challenges to be completed for the reward. 

Q: How Do You Get Beskar Armor in Fortnite?

A: Follow these steps to get Beskar armor in Fortnite. 

  • Complete a legendary quest 
  • Collect 500 gold bars 
  • Complete a bounty 
  • Visit the Razor Crest 
  • Find Beskar Steel where the Earth meets the sky

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Here you go. That’s everything you should know about Beskar Steel in Fortnite, how it impacts your gameplay, etc. By following the above tips and tricks for finding and using Beskar Steel, you can enhance your armor and weapons, giving yourself an edge in the game. As a result, you’ll have a better chance of survival and dominating the game. 

Whether you’re playing for fun or aiming to become a professional player, mastering Beskar Steel is a crucial step in leveling up your gameplay. So, get out there and start collecting this rare metal, and become a Fortnite champion!


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