Sprite Drone: Portable, Rugged and Waterproof

Sprite Drone

Sprite Drone:  Portable, Rugged and Waterproof

When you’re an outdoor enthusiast who needs professional quality aerial photographs, many of the drones on the market fall short of your requirements. The drones may be difficult to operate, or too easily be lost. Sprite drone has solved this problem with not only a uniquely designed drone, but one that can withstand rugged terrain, and water, yet still be portable.

What is the Sprite Drone?

The Sprite is a drone for a professional photographer, or outdoor enthusiast, yet still priced within reach for the hobbyist as well. It’s designed in a long cylindrical shape, with bright red at the top, and white for the body. It has four compact rotor blades.


Best features of the Sprite

The Sprite has autonomous autopilot, GPS, waypoint navigation, follow-me, and return to home settings. It comes with a built-in video camera that is 1080p full-HD video, on a stabilized gimbal. It has real-time telemetry, FPV ready, and is in a fully enclosed and compact, yet durable design.

Why Sprite is better

Sprite is built with fewer parts, meaning less chance of breaking. The coaxial rotors promise a quiet drone. The Sprite is easy to assemble, and has compact, folding rotor blades when it needs to be carried, or placed into storage. The Sprite is small, and can be easily held in one hand. When the rotors are tucked in, it can easily be placed into a backpack.

The Sprite is waterproof, so you can use it for flying, even when there is rain in the air. There are occasionally those mishaps where a drone may land in the water. It can be easily retrieved if that happens, and will still be fully functioning when dried off. It even floats on the water. Worries about losing your drone have suddenly decreased.

There aren’t any protruding motor arms, no exposed electronics, and no rigid propellers. It is made from polycarbonate. Any sensitive parts are sealed inside.

The Sprite’s advanced autopilot will enable it to have autonomous flight. Its high impact airframe is more durable than standard quadcopters. It doesn’t require any complicated tools. If you need to do a field repair, it’s quite simple. Its special modular design will allow you to easily switch payloads.

Fully customizable

Due to Sprite’s modular design it will be easy to upgrade when new technologies develop. New payload modules may also be attached. What parts it does come with can be quickly changed.

Software compatibility

The Sprite is compatible with common Ground Control Station software, including Mission Planner, DroidPlanner, and Tower flight control. They are free to download and use.

While this drone is marketed as a tool, rather than a toy, it looks fun enough to use for entertainment purposes as well. It’s definitely a great option for those who want an aerial drone to take professional quality photos, but are really worried about having to learn how to fly a traditional quadcopter. The Sprite will deliver beautiful photos and video, and be none the worse for wear.

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